Libra's Balancing Act

by Guru Rattana, PhD - Issue #4, September 24, 1999
Astrological Energies

Each part of the Zodiac contains a unique quality of energy. These energies are available for us to cultivate particular talents and powers. Each energy offers us opportunities and gifts. To access them we are obliged to learn certain lessons. Each is a path to higher consciousness.

In the human experience, each astrological energy is expressed at different levels of consciousness. Alan Oken refers to three levels of consciousness - (1) personality-centered individuals, (2) those awakening to the Soul-personality relationship and (3) Soul-centered individuals.(1) At each stage of our evolution, our life experiences challenge us to grow. As we learn our lessons, we move from personality to Soul awareness and then to the integration of our Soul qualities into our human awareness.

Stages of Evolution

To simplify, I am going to refer to these three stages of evolution as (1) asleep, (2) waking-up and (3) awake. Every individual must travel this path of evolution. We are often shamed by and resigned to what we consider our dysfunctions. This is especially true during the waking-up stage. Acting out and experiencing our dysfunctions is an integral part of the human journey. It is ironic that what we already know at the soul level, is what we have to learn at the personality level. Actually our task is to figure out how to embody our soul qualities.

I like to approach our human growth process as a necessary and hopefully exciting part of our liberation. My goal is to help us feel less embarrassed by our apparent limitations and less intimidated by our challenges. The exploration of each astrological sign is intended to help us navigate our lives so that we experience our goals as both accessible and attainable.

Paths to Higher Consciousness

Each astrological sign is a path requiring a discipline unique to itself. We usually focus on our Sun sign because it represents our most obvious lessons. However, to fully understand ourselves, we must realize that we each have all of these energies available to us. The extent to which they demand our attention also depends upon which energy rules our other planets, especially our Moon, our Ascendant and our Saturn. The New Millennium Being achieves wholeness as it integrates the energies and powers of each of the astrological signs into its human tool kit.

Resolution of the dilemmas and imbalances that we encounter on our human journey are found only in higher states of consciousness. Our innate urge for peace, harmony, meaning and joy pushes us to learn what we came here to learn so that we can experience exalted states of being while in a human body. Each astrological sign has its unique tests which, if met, will deliver us to our own liberation.

Libra's Territory is Relationships

In our First Issue we sought to understand Virgo's path to liberation. Virgo's territory is healing, health and service, through which it eventually SEES PERFECTION. Libra's territory is relationships. Libra's "evolution unfolds through the interplay of interpersonal dynamics".(2) Libra needs relationships to follow its path because it is through relationships that it learns its lessons. It is in the process of figuring out how to be in relationship that it achieves the equilibrium it seeks. It is through right relationships with itself and others, that it finally establishes the perfect balance in its own heart.

Libra's Evolutionary Path
Asleep Libra

Personality-centered or "asleep" Libra seeks (is obsessed with) relationships because it "needs" them to find balance within itself. At the lower levels of consciousness, Libra is looking for someone to fulfill needs that it cannot fulfill itself. Co-dependence is the archetype of the unevolved Libra. Eventually, the drama, traumas, loneliness and neediness created by unsuccessful partnerships serve to get Libra's attention. These dysfunctions are meant to wake Libra up to the following facts of life in Earth School:

  1. Whatever it is looking for in others, it must find in itself.
  2. Whatever is lacking in the other, is a reflection of what is lacking in itself.
  3. Whatever it wants from another, it must first give to itself.

The superficial quest for the perfect match which will "round it out and make it whole," sooner or later uncovers enough discrepancies to make Libra realize that this fantasy is a cruel illusion. Dependent, self-centered relationships never work like the storybook recipes.

Waking-up Libra

As Libra begins to wake-up, it learns that what we project is reflected back to us in our relationships. It also grudgingly realizes that our outer wars are a reflection of our inner wars. What it thinks it has sacrificed or given has too often been motivated by what it wanted in return. These are bitter lessons, but they are generally effective in propelling a humbled Libra to its next stage of Soul evolution.

Waking-up Libra becomes more aware of the true dynamics of relationships. It gains the ability to separate itself from others. It begins to be able to distinguish between its own and others' subjective and instinctual response patterns. It learns to recognize itself and others as independent beings, each with his or her own set of needs and desires. Energetic separation of self from others enables Libra to create safe, definable boundaries.

The "asleep" urge to use others and to be victorious gives way to the need for balanced rapport, harmony in human relationships, and the search for partners who complement, but do not substitute for one's path to wholeness. In this awakening stage, Libra is increasingly aware of the tension produced when its life is not in harmony. In order to create harmony, it cultivates fair play, searches for ways to balance conflicting interests and tries to help everyone get their needs met. Libra no longer feels left out or used when it learns to include its own needs and self in the "everybody" equation.

At the asleep stage, the basic conflict is between self and others. At the waking-up stage of soul evolution, the conflict is between "the world of the personality and the visions of the Soul". Libra becomes conscious of oppositions and the need to work with polarized forces in a way that creates harmony.(3)

Awake Libra

Libra's task is not to forego the personality in favor of the Soul. Libra's task is to balance and integrate all aspects of the Self. When the personality and the Soul are harmoniously aligned, awake Libra becomes an active and conscious servant of humanity. As the personification of the Law of Right Relations, Soul-centered Libra finds the common thread and the shared vision, which unite apparently opposing forces. Libra is more than the peacemaker, its energy serves humanity as the cohesive force that weaves a synthesis of interests in delicate and volatile situations. Libra accomplishes its goals by properly using its gifts of (1) the intelligence of the neutral mind, (2) the compassion of the heart and (3) the right use of will in making choices that align human and Divine Will.

Choice and Centering

When Libra is unconscious it is out of balance, it doesn't know it, and blames others. As Libra becomes conscious it is driven by the urge to find inner and outer stability. Libra becomes very sensitive to the anxiety and conflict created by opposing forces within and outside itself. As Libra battles its way from the lower to the higher self, it becomes painfully aware that it must do what it hates the most, it must make choices. In order to be able to make conscious choices, it must master the tools of (1) right judgment, (2) right expression of love, and (3) right use of will. The cultivation of these powers is an integral part of its path. With these powers it is able to make choices that align with the highest good for all. Conscious Libra is in perfect balance - not because it is perfect or has created a perfect world, but because it has found the place inside where Love reigns and Love decides.

Libra's seesaw experience is not just confusing, it is real. For Libra not only perceives the dualism of material reality; it perceives a reality beyond dualities. Libra perceives the reality of the Soul, and is driven to anchor itself in Soul consciousness. The wavering back and forth is part of the process of integrating Soul consciousness into its personality. The flux between the polarities is essential for Libra. Only by intimately experiencing the nature of contrasting but related attributes, qualities and energies can it learn how to harmonize them.(4)

Ultimate peace for Libra is achieved through marriage with its Higher Self. Libra's quest is to find this place of peace. Since this is an experience and not simply an idea, Libra must stop the mind and pause long enough to not only find, but to establish a relationship with this place within itself. What may appear to others as a blasi, non-committal or impartial attitude may in fact be part of Libra's process to experience the neutral mind and to connect to its heart. To find its center, it is necessary to pause, to assess, and to contemplate. It is in the interlude, in the space between thoughts, that the neutral mind is experienced.

Balancing Agent

Libra expresses itself as the balancing agent between polarities: Male-female, Self-other, Personal-collective, Soul-personality, Giving and receiving.

Walking the path of the balancing agent requires Libra "to develop the ability to perceive right values and fair judgment in dealing with others".(5) These abilities can be attained only when one's mental energies are balanced. Libra is able to apply the laws of the cosmos to human relations only when it is able to sustain a relationship with these laws within itself. When the mind is focused at the point beyond duality, it synthesizes and brings opposites into harmony. Libra is able to transcend personal differences and focus on collective inter-relatedness, precisely because it is mentally capable of holding a neutral center where opposites are transcended and blended in Oneness.

The Cultural Awakening of Libra

Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the Universe is in relationship all the time. In fact, everything is about relationship. Libra inherently knows this. Even a casual reflection on these scientific findings indicates that it is important to pay attention to what Libra is trying to tell us.

Libra's path is to learn HOW to be in relationship with everything and everybody, especially itself. One of Libra's major lessons is that the nature of our relationships is a direct reflection of our relationship with ourselves. The recognition and loving acceptance of this universal truth is a critical step in Libra's quest to embody compassion, to experience the Love that binds us all and to have this experience in partnership.

In the past, our understanding of Libra and our attitude toward relationships and marriage has tended to be very superficial. Cultural myths have bated us to look for, and expect to find, ideal mates, who will make us feel completely happy. However, the blissful fantasies no longer (never did!) cover up our denial and the anguish that we experience in codependent relationships. As we become more conscious, we realize that to achieve fulfillment in relationships, we have to achieve fulfillment within ourselves. True marriage or merger with another is possible only to the extent that we merge with the Divine within and cultivate on-going relationships with our mind, emotions, body and spirit.

As a culture, we are awakening to the true nature of Libra. The isolation and frustrations that have too often accompanied the painful charades which we have called marriages have pushed us to search for relationship with different expressions of our selves - our inner child, our wild man or woman and our dream life. Blaming others has been superceded by the realization that our relationships reflect the inner neediness and conflicts that we project on others. Assuming responsibility for our "fate" is leading us to cultivate our own inner integration and wholeness and our own center, where we are able to make conscious choices for our own highest good. Realizing that we are at choice and exercising our Free Will allows us to enter relationships that offer both opportunities for mutual growth and spiritual union.

Libra's Characteristics and Energy

FAIRNESS: A friend told me, I choose to be fair. Libras can't help themselves. Why does Libra want to be fair? Because only when everyone is getting what they need will there be equilibrium in the world. There is no peace when there are winners and losers. There is no equity when there are haves and have nots. There is always duality when we are in our "rational" minds.

COMPASSION: Each astrological sign is associated, or ruled by, a planet, the Sun or the Moon. Venus is Libra's commanding Goddess. Libra says there is enough love to go around. In fact, Libra says that it is Love that makes the world go round. Libra is kind to everyone because it believes that everyone deserves to be recognized and get what they need. Libra is compassionate because it sincerely cares.

LOYALTY: Libra is a loyal partner, if its wishy-washiness doesn't drive its companion and itself crazy. It won't if Libra is loyal it its own heart and soul.

ELEGANCE: Libra is known for its elegance. Universal energy is elegant. Balance is elegant. One must be elegant to maintain poise and balance on the double-edged sword of life.

BALANCE AND ENJOY EVERYTHING: The scales are Libra's symbology. Libra inherently knows that polarities are the nature of the Universe. As Yogi Bhajan used to tell us "To prevent the bad is also to prevent the good". We can't have dark without light or light without dark. Without both, we wouldn't be able to identify either.

Libra's goal is not to find an inert point of boring equilibrium. Libra's goal is to find a way to enjoy all the experiences of life and still be able to maintain its own inner stability. To do so Libra must act from its own center.

Libra knows life is a test. The test is to see HOW we handle what comes our way. Our challenges don't go away, but we can learn to handle them in a way that we grow, learn, get more empowered and find more peace. The more peaceful we are inside, the easier it is to balance what is on our scales. In fact the more stable we are, the fuller we can fill BOTH scales and add more joy to our lives.

What is Libra trying to Balance?

Libra likes to add more and more beauty to its life. And the way to do so is to be able to balance more and more on its scales. Libra realizes that it can do this only in the heart - where it knows what and how to choose, where it is at peace no matter what happens, where it is not thrown off balance by others' demands or its own conflicting desires.

Libra's balance is dynamic. It is looking for stability, but not for static nothingness. Libra knows we need both sides of the scale to achieve balance. We need both day and night to keep the scales of life in equilibrium. We can't have one without the other. We wouldn't want either one alone. Libra's quest is to have both and not let either distract it or throw it off center.

Learning how to Avoid Conflict

Everyone knows Libra does whatever possible to avoid conflict. Libra wants to learn with the least pain and struggle. Aries invites us into the ring to fight it out. Libra says there is another way. Libra the peacekeeper says, "Let's talk it over. Let's listen to both sides. I am sure everyone can win".

How DO we negotiate life in this conflictual world, not to mention, of course, our conflictual minds? (Notice there just might be a relationship between the two!) Libra knows that the trick is to rise above the conflict. To do so we must operate from our neutral mind. We must observe the world from the vantage point of the lighthouse of our Soul. When we truly observe, without attachment and judgment, there really is no conflict. We are simply watching the play of events and working things out along the way. We may even be amused as we watch the cosmic play of events unfold.

The Tao says that the fastest way to enlightenment is through non-judgment. Libra must have written this line. When we aren't judging and trying to figure out what's right and wrong, good and bad, pleasing or displeasing, we are operating above the level of conflict and duality. We are in another zone of reality where things are just the way they are at the moment. It is in this zone of reality that Libra loves to hang out.

How does Libra Achieve Balance and Make Choices?

How can Libra extricate itself from its indecisive stalemate? How can Libra keep the scales from tipping too far in one direction? Libra needs to know HOW to make choices. Libra needs an invariable touchstone by which to evaluate options and make decisions. Libra's touchstone must be integrated into its being. For Libra, its touchstone must be based on universal truth and reflect its personal Soul truth.

Here are a few examples of how I have observed Libras maintain balance and make choices. One woman chooses the event that can not be repeated at a later date. Because she chooses what she will enjoy the most, she minimizes the possibility of feeling she made the wrong decision. One man wears only white bana (spiritual dress) at all times to keep him centered in his Soul identity. Both are, by the way, in long-term stable marriages.

A decisive Libra woman calls upon (and trusts!) her neutral mind to make decisions. "If I feel indecisive, I look at what's the worse case scenario if I do this? If I can live with it, then I'll take a chance and make the move. If I am still uncertain, I meditate in the morning that by noon the correct answer will come to me - or what is the best approach to handling a situation. That has worked fabulously for me. I generally feel quite confident about the answer that was sent to me and therefore the delivery of the action feels secure".

Basic questions that can serve as touchstones include the following - Does this situation enhance my Soul growth? Is this opportunity related to my Soul purpose? Which choice will further my goals and increase my happiness? Will this choice make me feel more at peace and more empowered?

Everyday Tests

Every day we face issues that necessitate the need for Libra's higher perspective, and every day we find out where we are on the scale. A recent example concerns this newsletter. Unknown to us, our service was programmed so that responses to the original mail were sent to everyone on the list. When several people failed to follow the instructions on how to "unsubscribe" and wrote to the whole list, a chain reaction was set off with everyone getting "unsubscribe" and complaints. We found balance by finding another service. In the meantime, it was interesting to watch how people reacted. The reactions ran the gambit from irate to amused.

In the context of Libra, the question is how can we get back to a sense of equilibrium? Can we re-establish balance before we spill the contents of our silver platters? Even better, how can we not be thrown off balance in the first place?

Libra knows that balance is achieved only on higher ground. There is no balance at the level of day-to-day problems. Our challenges throw us into the cauldron of polarities. Scorpio knows life would be boring and meaningless without the fire that burns us into our own purity. Libra prepares us to confront the intense process of death and rebirth that is required for the mastery that we aspire in Scorpio's territory. Libra is about accessing a mental place where we feel safe and detached enough to jump into our own emotional pit.

Neutral Mind and Heart

Libra's gift is perspective. To attain and maintain an all-inclusive perspective, Libra must cultivate the neutral mind and open its heart. Higher ground is found in the heart and in the neutral mind. Higher ground is found in one's relationship with one's Self.

It is in the neutral mind that we are able to gracefully step aside when we are thrown curved balls. It is in the neutral mind that we do not get sucked into the drama of human mistakes and ignorance. It is in the neutral mind that we do not let ourselves become a victim of faulty systems and pettiness.

The Buddhists have a great attitude that helps them gracefully move through life's challenges. Every time something happens to them, they are grateful that they get to pay off more karma which moves them closer to freedom. I use that concept a lot. In the above situation, I was grateful that I got to experience crazy communication energy as a faulty program and mess up based on a mistake. There was no maliciousness, no computer breakdowns, and no injurious accidents. The crazy energy will visit everyone. Libra knows that HOW it visits us depends on our attitude and our mental perspective.

The Reality Above Conflict

Libra is often experienced, and I feel misunderstood, as trying to avoid conflict by being detached and uninvolved. This is both experienced and interpreted as avoiding the real issues, covering up the conflicts with niceties, and attempting to pacify others and even itself. Although the above is true for asleep Libra, I believe that Libra inherently knows there is another place to go and is trying its best to get itself and others to that place.

If issues are dealt with compassionately, there is not only a better chance of resolution, we get a chance to be in our hearts, which is where Libra longs to hang out all the time. If daily annoyances incite major emotional reactions, the chances of being in the cozy heart space diminish dramatically. And picking up the pieces of the shattered glass is more than the lover of beauty can tolerate.

Libra is not about denial. Libra is trying to tell us that there really is another reality where love exists, where we are all One and one with the One. Most of us don't believe it, because we haven't experienced it. We can't get out of our mental trips long enough to find our hearts.

The Detachment Paradox

Libra personifies the apparent paradox that we have to be detached to be in a viable relationship. Actually it makes a lot of sense when we understand the true nature of detachment. Detachment is being able to look out at the world from our own inner eye. Detachment is being able to define our own energetic boundaries, to contain our own energy, to maintain our own perspective and position. When we have our own definition of self, we can separate our thoughts, feelings and responses from those of others. If we can't, relationships become entangled messes of interlocking neuroses and psychic garbage.

In my Sexuality and Spirituality courses I use the images of two sponges vs. two crystals. What type of relationship would you prefer? A relationship between two crystals, independent beings who by maintaining their own identities are able to produce an independent third force? Or a relationship between two sponges who produce an amorphous, confusing mess? Not surprisingly, everyone prefers a relationship between two crystals. However, not everyone is willing to commit to the work that it takes to achieve this type of partnership.

The process of detachment reorients our perspective from outside-in to inside-out. It is becoming more and more clear that we must find and hold our own stable center, or our energy will be used and abused by others. (To get our attention, of course!) Instead of going into the victim mode, we need to take responsibility for anchoring our consciousness inside ourselves. Awake Libra is able to look out from its own Soul into the Soul of others.

In the Heart Everyone is Included

I remember once after doing my daily healing meditation, I placed one person in my heart and then another and then spontaneously all these people popped in. It was beautiful. Everyone was there and there was room for all and for more. I think Libra was smiling at me.

I think one of Libra's secrets is that it has an access code to the heart and a delete button. Libra uses the delete button to erase the irrelevant emails and move on. Libra smiles at everyone and in the process keeps its own heart open.

While most of us are ducking it out and sleeping, Libra is in stalemate trying to choose between two alternatives. Exalted Libra is showing us a third way - the neutral mind and the heart.

Inclusion, Abundance and Infinite Possibilities

Libra wants to have its cake and eat it too. Libra wants both because it knows this is possible. To choose between two alternatives is not only a tragedy because one is excluded, it is a tragedy because the synthesis that is obtained in the merger is foregone. It is the possibility of the higher reality of Oneness that Libra quests for. In the mundane, asleep world, this plays out as being unable to make decisions without feeling restricted or limited.

In mundane reality, asleep Libra does drive itself and others crazy. This is to be expected as Libra tries to find its unique path to enlightenment. Libra is not of the mundane. Libra personifies the elegance of the Universe. Libra's spiritual quest is to personify this elegance in both its outer appearance and its inner resonance.

Libra doesn't like to prioritize or evaluate because it does not recognize a hierarchical structure. Libra feels limited by a plan and specific focus because Libra lives in the moment of THE PLAN. Libra lives in the field of infinite possibilities. Why exclude something if everything is already included?

Libra wants everything now because it already exists. Every spiritual path teaches us that the state of higher love "existed in the past, exists at this very moment, and has always existed". Master Libra says, "Relax, smell a rose and enjoy it at this very moment".

Libra's Path to Enlightenment

Each sign shows us a path to freedom and liberation. Libra loves multiplicity and plurality because it experiences the reality of infinite possibilities. Libra avoids conflict that creates emotional turmoil, because one has to be very still to remove the veil and witness that everyone actually can get what he or she needs. Libra knows we live in an abundant universe. Libra avoids sacrifice, compromise and tension because these states pop us right back into duality.

Libra tries to reduce the differences between people to get us into the heart space where we experience our common bond. It is in our hearts that we experience the Higher Love that Libra is talking about. Higher Love is not a passionate emotion. Higher Love is the basic fabric of the Universe. Higher Love is what makes all life possible. Higher Love is everywhere, all the time. Libra nudges us to tune in and get with the program.

In the neutral mind and heart, Libra elevates us above belief systems. Beyond dogmas, there is no one or right way. There are many appropriate ways and combinations thereof. There are no fixed rules. There is only what works to bring harmony to a particular situation. Libra nudges us to move past mental constructs so that we can experience the reality of the moment. Libra shows us a reality beyond right and wrong, where many truths enrich our experience of life. Libra instructs us to live by universal laws and be grateful for what we have.

When Libra wakes up it is in love; not because there is someone else there to hold it but because it is being held in the arms of the Divine Beloved.

Libra, Sun and New Moon, October 9th

The best time to cultivate the gifts and powers of a particular sign is when the Sun shines in that segment of the Zodiac. Every year the Sun is in Libra from September 23 through October 22. Both the Sun and the Moon will be in Libra October 8th and 9th. The New Moon in Libra October 9th is a good time to set intentions for the upcoming year in the area of relationships with self and others. It is also a propitious time to set goals and begin practicing techniques that foster mental stability and balance.

Air, Breath and Mind

At what level do we meet our challenges? At lower, asleep, levels of consciousness:

Libra is an air element and operates in the mental realm. Libra's liberation is in the neutral mind. Libra's quest is to find a place of mental stability.

Libra is an air sign. Air is breathing. The element of air is associated with the heart. And it is well known that the mind follows the breath. Libra's primary relationship must be with its breath and its mind.

The following Pranayama meditation balances the two hemispheres of our brain which allows us to access our neutral mind. In the neutral mind, our heart and mind become one.

Meditation for Balance and Clarity
Alternate Nostril Breathing

Directions: Make a U-shape with the thumb and middle finger of the right hand.
Block the right nostril with the thumb.
Inhale through the left nostril.
Block the left nostril with the middle finger as you release the thumb from the right nostril.
Exhale through the right nostril, and (still blocking the left nostril), inhale through the right nostril.
Block the right nostril again, and exhale through the left nostril.
Continue for 3-11 minutes.(6)

Mentally, inhale SAT and exhale NAM. (I call upon the Truth)

Benefits: Alternate nostril breathing makes you feel calm as well as energized and centered. It is excellent for clearing the sinuses. I know 2 people who totally eliminated sinus problems by practicing this breath 5 minutes 2 times a day for 1-3 weeks.

You can make this a third eye meditation by placing your forefinger on your forehead and using a slight pressure to pull your attention inward to the still place inside your head.

To end: Inhale through both nostrils, hold 10 seconds or as long as you like, and then exhale. Do this 2 or 3 times. Take advantage of the held in breath to experience the deep peace within.(7)

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Connecting the Head and the Heart

Meditate: Relax with your hands on your knees, thumbs lightly touching the forefingers.
Silently meditate on your breath.
With the eyes 1/10th open, look at the tip of your nose with both eyes.
This focus causes the optic nerves to cross at exactly at the third eye.
You will feel a slight pressure or concentration of energy at the third eye.
Bring your attention to this point of inner balance.
You will notice that you can maintain this focus as long as your eyes are looking down at the tip of your nose.

When you feel stable at the third eye, let the downward focus of your eyes make you aware of your heart-center. Feel the waves of the breath in the chest and the heart. When your connection with your heart is stable, gently let the breath connect your heart and your head (third eye.) Sit in total peace as the two points merge as one.

How will you know if you are there? There is no discussion! There is only the experience of peace, harmony and wholeness.

Asking for Clarity

If you are indecisive about something and seek clarity and resolution (Do you ever notice this happens to more than just Libra's?), add the following process to your meditation:

Sneak Preview of Future Issues

After learning that Virgo makes us aware of what we need to heal and, in this issue, Libra shows us a safe place to go while we are going through our healing crisis, we will discover that Scorpio is the healing crisis, making us jump into the ring of fire. Then Sagittarius shows us how to expand beyond the crisis. Sagittarius says, "This can be fun". Capricorn assures us, "This is work".

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