Index - Basic Astrology

15Aries - I am Myself
16Taurus - I Desire the Light
18Gemini - My Inner Child is my Twin Soul
19Cancer - In the Sanctuary of my Soul
21Leo - I am The One
25Virgo - Perfecting Humanness
04Libra's Balancing Act
05Scorpio, Born Again and Again
07Sagittarius - Vision for the New Millennium
11Capricorn - Ascent up the Mountain
12Aquarius: The Divine Revolutionary
13Pisces - Wake-Up and Stay Awake
34Mercury - Messenger of the Gods
26Venus - Goddess of Attraction and Higher Love
32Mars - Deliver or Destroy
28Jupiter - Santa in the Sky
29Saturn - The Alchemy of the Soul
30Uranus - Wake-Up and Stay Awake
31Neptune - Me and God are One
27Pluto - Soul Growth and Soul Lessons
33Earth - Taurus Connection
35Moon Shine and Enneagrams
36Here Comes the Sun


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