Gemini: Upgrade Your Inner Conversation

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #105 - May 21, 2005

The Sun moved into Gemini Party Land May 20th and will party on through June 19th.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is May 23rd at 1:19pm PDT (8:19pm GMT) at 2° Sagittarius.

The Gemini New Moon is June 6th at 2:56pm PDT (9:56pm GMT) at 16° Gemini.

The Dance of Life

The Fool, the first Tarot card, symbolizes the beginning of our human journey. The Fool is so excited about being alive that he doesn't notice that he is about to dance right off a cliff. The Fool is about to be rudely awakened to the fact that life is not quite as simple as he thought. Similarly, during the Aries part of our human journey, we often have to pick ourselves up after falling off one cliff after another.

As we move through the various phases of our life, symbolized by the 12 Zodiac signs, we are confronted with challenges that help us figure out how to master our navigation. As we get older, we ask ourselves how we can maintain our playful innocence and also attain maturity? How can we learn to navigate life as a dance instead of onerous drudgery?

An awakened Gemini is adept at the dance of life. When the Sun moves into Gemini, we feel lighter and happier. We find Gemini's joyful spirit refreshing and relaxing. Gemini seems to be able to detach from emotional trauma. The Twins don't take things so seriously or worry very much. So what is Gemini's secret? How can we cultivate this spontaneously alive and joyful consciousness?

Taurus: From Need to Have

In Taurus territory we learn to identify our needs and how to get them met. The contented Taurus Bull is relaxed and carefree, because he has succeeded in moving from NEED to HAVE. The wise Bull teaches us that we have needs and that they are real. We can't deny our needs. We don't want to deny them. If we lie to ourselves, we lie to the Universe. If we lie to the Universe, we can't manifest, or we manifest that which we don't want.

Gemini and Mercury

Gemini jumps in just-in-time with some very valuable information on how to get our needs met. Gemini teaches us how to communicate with ourselves and the Universe. Gemini's Mentor Mercury is the mythic Messenger between Heaven, Earth and Hades. Mercury is our guide between worlds and between different levels of consciousness.

Mercury shows us how to make the connection inside our mind to manifest what we need. To do so, we need a bridge that connects non-physical reality with physical reality. The science of sound is about how to talk with ourselves, and the Universe, in an honest and beneficial way. Specific mantras connect with universal forces in a way that facilitate our ability to manifest. Mantras align our mind and thoughts with the universal mind. They encode universal truth into our cellular structure.

The Air signs teach us how to break through the obstacles created in the mind. The Gemini Twins symbolize the dualistic nature of the mind and the quest for the unification of opposites. The Twins also represent the duality between the conscious and unconscious, and between our logical/rational mind and intuitive/emotional instincts.

Gemini and Sagittarius Invite Us to Expand Our Minds

Fiery Sagittarius and airy Gemini are a delightful pair. Gemini keeps Sagittarius informed. Sagittarius directs Gemini toward deeper meaning and higher perspectives. Gemini and Sagittarius make us aware of how our attitudes and thoughts mold our reality. We have to eliminate limiting beliefs to discover our truth. As we change our attitudes and witness subsequent transformation in our lives, we discover our power. While the Sun is in Gemini we are invited to forge new connections inside our minds. It is time to examine what we are broadcasting out to the world and to the Universe. It is time to alter our reality by altering our thoughts.

The Sagittarius Full Moon, May 23rd, invites us to move up a notch in brain functioning. In our reptilian brain we act from primal reflexes. This is our instinctual animal nature. In our rational mind we think, analyze and discriminate. In our frontal cortex we have the capacity to connect with the Universal Mind through meditation. From the point of operation of our reptilian brain, we simply defend ourselves and do what we have to do to survive. In our logical brain we can identify alternatives and make choices. In our meditative mind it is possible to access a neutral point of view, and to attract solutions unavailable to our lower minds.

How to Transcend Mental Conflict

To achieve the peace we all crave, we have to transcend mental conflict. This Full Moon and New Moon invite us to take a big step forward in our quest for inner peace. We are given another opportunity to expand our minds into the higher realms of reality, truth and being.

To incorporate new associations and vistas into our reality, we have to examine our internal conversation. How are we talking to ourselves and to the Universe? How we talk is how we relate. How we relate determines what we create. It is no secret that our minds are generally in conflict. It is also obvious that we experience conflict in our lives.

Since our inner reality creates our outer reality, we need to seriously examine what our mind is doing. Inner conflict is a natural consequence of both our primal instinctual mind and our untamed dualistic mind.

To transcend the conflict, we have to access our neutral mind. In the neutral mind, duality transforms into polarity. Instead of a standoff or battle between right and wrong, this way or that way, we find a dance between the universal polarities of stable and fluctuating, eternal and evolutionary.

Upgrade Your Internal Conversation

While the Sun shines in Gemini, we can upgrade our internal conversation. All Divine Mantras perform this function. We just have to commit to chanting them every day to reprogram our minds. We also need to listen to what we are telling ourselves, and then use mantras to neutralize negative self-talk and encode a higher grade dialogue.

Listening is a critical part of transforming our mind. We don't just mindlessly repeat mantras; we listen to the sounds we are making. We feel the impact of their vibration in our body, and we listen to the space in our minds when we finish our recitation. Listening helps shift our mental faculties to neutral. Training yourself to listen is an important part of cultivating and maintaining access to the neutral mind. As you gain access to this channel, you certainly want to be able to hear its messages!

Kundalini Yoga - Triple Mantra

Triple Mantra tunes our mind into the cosmic dance. As we chant this mantra, our mind talks to itself in a cosmic way. In the process, we connect and surrender to the universal dance of polarities.

Triple Mantra reprograms our mind so that we can operate from the neutral mind - so that we can move out of duality into the dance of universal polarities. Triple mantra clears all types of mental, psychic and physical obstacles in one's daily life. It protects against accidents. It cuts through opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. It strengthens the mind and magnetic field and keeps negativity away.

This mantra opens us up to be guided by faith instead of fear. If we are guided by fear, we block ourselves. If we are guided by faith, we open ourselves up to expansion and creation.

Triple Mantra consists of 3 mantras that are recited in sequence.

Mantra I

Ad Guray Na meh
Jugad Guray Na meh
Sat Guray Na meh
Siri Guru Day Vay Na meh

I bow to the primal guru
I bow to the truth throughout the ages
I bow to true wisdom
I bow to the great unseen wisdom

This mantra puts you into the mode of acceptance and surrender to universal truth and wisdom. It surrounds you with a powerful light of protection. Your aura protects you by becoming light and clear.

Mantra II

Ad such
Jugad such
He BEE such
Nanak hose BEE such

Mantra III

Ad such
Jugad such
He BAY such
Nanak hose BAY such

Both parts two and three translate as -
True in the beginning.
True throughout all the ages.
True even now.
Pure one, the truth will always be true.

Both forms of this mantra align our energy with the Truth. Together they balance allowing and participating, and achieve a union between passive and active. The complete mantra solidifies the cosmic dance within us.

Mantra II. The first with BEE also puts us into an accepting, allowing and surrender mode. This is the last four lines of the Mul Mantra. This mantra embodies the vibration of stability and eternal truth, i.e. that which never changes.

Mantra III. The second with BAY is active. This mantra embodies the active, creative, evolutionary aspect of the Universe. It breaks through energetic blocks and opens the space for things to happen. It also aligns your energy field so you can attract opportunities and take advantage of them.

Chant the suchhh like the hiss of a snake and feel it in your spine. The first form of the mantra is chanted softer. The second is chanted in a more emphatic tone.

When you are finished, sit quietly and LISTEN inside. Simply LISTEN. This is an important part of the meditation.

The complete sequence is recited in a monotone. You can also chant it to the CD Triple Mantra by Gurunam (clip below). This is a very powerful and inspiring recording, incorporating the rhythmic principles of Kabbala.

Chant this mantra for 11, 15, 22 or 31 minutes for 40 days to be able to call upon it.

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