Gemini Loves Life

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #193, May 20, 2012

The clown of the Zodiac is taking center ring. The Gemini archetype is going to be a major force in our psyche for the next month and year, when Jupiter enters Gemini's ring June 11th. We move beyond defining our needs and getting them met in Taurus territory, into the arena of mental stimulation and 'entertainment'.

Planetary Alignments

When your mood shifts and you feel either stuck or mobilized to take action, check out what is happening in the heavens. At the time of new moons and full moons, solar and lunar eclipses, when a planet changes signs, goes retrograde, or turns direct, we are impacted in a variety of different ways. You are not going nuts. You are feeling the effects of planetary shifts. It all boils down to cosmic support for transformation and quantum shifts in consciousness.

A very good example is the impact of Mars going direct on April 13th after almost 3 months retrograde (since January 23rd). What I and others experienced was a flurry of activity, and a greater ease in finally moving forward. We have also felt a bit overwhelmed by everything that, all of a sudden, needed to get done. Since Venus went retrograde May 6th, the sense of urgency seems to have dissipated, but not the work load. Sound familiar?

Venus Retrograde - May 15th through June 27th

As with all astrological configurations, I am still feeling this one out. The energy is certainly less frenetic and more relaxed since May 15th. Sometimes we don't know what really happened until after it is over. I think this might be the case with Venus retrograde in Gemini. Who we meet from the past, and why, is going to be a surprise. Below we discuss some themes that are popping up for our examination and, of course, supporting our transformation.

Two Gemini New Moons

There are 2 Gemini New Moons this year. The first happens the day the Sun moves into Gemini. The second happens the last day the Sun is in Gemini.

Gemini New Moon, Solar Eclipse - Sunday May 20th

Eclipses happen bi-annualy in pairs, and signal major endings and beginnings. During a solar eclipse (which is an extra powerful new moon), the Moon temporarily blocks the radiation from Sun from reaching Earth and its inhabitants. The effect on the human psyche is that the thought patterns, that keep old programs in place, are disrupted. It is easier to reconfigure our consciousness.

The second Gemini New Moon on June 19th happens the day (32 hours) before Summer Solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer. Both solstices and eclipses are energetic gateways, that open portals for the influx of cosmic energies that accelerate human evolution.

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 4th

Lunar eclipses are extra powerful Full Moons. This one is intensified by the square formation of Neptune in Pisces with the Sun and Moon in Gemini, which can open us up to other realities, and allow us to get a clearer view of the bigger picture. Because both Pisces and Gemini are mutable, adaptable signs, it is going to be easier to go with the flow and makes changes in the way we perceive situations. The second factor intensifying this Full Moon is the rare Venus transit of the Sun on June 5th (see section below).

At the lunar eclipse, the energy of the Moon is available without the light it normally reflects from the Sun. We are thus able to penetrate deeper into our unconscious, identify subconscious programming, and connect with our instinctual feeling essence.

June 4th, just after the peak of the Full Moon Eclipse, Neptune turns retrograde, where it remains through November 10th. This inner movement facilitates our Divine Connection, dissolving illusions of separation and abandonment. As our doors of perception open, we are able to understand, and connect, at deeper more authentic levels of reality.

Venus Transits the Sun - June 5th

Just after the Full Moon of June 5th, Venus in Gemini moves across the path of the Sun. Venus/Sun transits are rare and happen in pairs. The last pair occurred in 1874 and 1882. The next pair will occur in 2117 and 2125. The first of the current pair was on June 8, 2004. The Venus archetype represents the Divine Feminine and is associated with many goddesses including Aphrodite and Shakti (the creative feminine power). Venus represents divine marriage, and the inner alchemy of the two universal polarities, which makes enlightenment possible.

The current Venus/Sun transit activates the Divine Feminine in the collective consciousness, empowering both men and women to feel deeply, liberate their emotional bodies, and open their hearts.

Jupiter enters Gemini June 11th, for its Once every 12 Year Passage

Jupiter and Venus in Gemini will be close through the middle of July - stimulating new possibilities, openings, connections and communications.

The Gemini Archetype

The first air sign invites us to develop a harmonious relationship with our dualistic mind. That might sound like an illogical and impossible feat, but Gemini's wise touchstone teaches us how - "Don't take everything so seriously or personally", and "Enjoy the adventure called life".

In Gemini territory we learn by exploring all aspects and details of life. The Twins make sure we see both sides of every situation. Dualism is built into the Gemini field of vision. In lower consciousness, dualism computes as black or white, good or evil. Extreme polarization is the Gemini curse and the source of endless conflict and confusion in our dualistic mind.

The play of opposites serves a very important function. It offers us options so we can identify what works for us and what doesn't. Through our interaction with the many aspects of our immediate environment, we learn to discriminate between what lines us up with our soul and our gifts, and what delivers us to more pain and problems, and obliges us to revisit the same karmic lessons over and over again.

We are all programmed by our family, culture, mass media, teachers, peer groups, and religion (if any) to look at reality in certain ways. Our mental concept of what is real, true, right, and righteous is limited, and in many ways distorted. The Gemini path is about opening our mind to broader perspectives. To mature, we must move beyond our limited mindset that was formed by what we were trained to believe. Gemini's evolution is guided by listening to our intuitive intelligence, which tells us our truth and links us up to our heart.

Our Mind and Our Reality

Gemini's territory is the mind. Gemini's path focuses on the development of communication and intelligence. The Twins express through pairs - two eyes, ears, hands, legs, and two sides of the brain. Sensitive perception is the faculty that Gemini must cultivate to awaken to deeper, more meaningful, and more authentic levels of reality. To do so, we turn our senses inward where we awaken to deeper levels of human intelligence, and access higher knowledge, which is a more comprehensive and sustainable foundation for problem solving than the tenuous balancing of opposing interests or win-lose.

Immature Gemini can waste its mental energy by talking too much, gathering excessive information, and getting stimulated by too many indiscriminate activities. Gemini's path is to awaken, and use, a variety of mental skills that tune us into the Truth. Gemini's path leads to the synthesis of intuitive and instinctual wisdom in the heart.

While Jupiter is in Gemini, we can awaken to new dimensions and new depths of knowing. If we pay attention, sabotaging patterns can be revealed. If we are willing to give up negative mental/subconscious habits, we can liberate creative energies that become available to manifest, and live life more productively and efficiently.

In the higher Gemini frequencies, we attentively listen to and learn from each other. Our synergy generates new creations and solutions.

Polarities or Polarization?

In the Gemini arena we are excited about life, and welcome new life experiences. We explore duality and learn from diversity. When we can see God in all, we experience that polarities complement, not fight, each other. They dance together. They do not compete with each other.

Currently, duality seems to havee reached an all-time low - extreme polarization. There are so many examples where politics and religion are radicalized to the point of senseless stupidity, childish name calling, and ideological posturing that intentionally distorts the truth. Common tendencies include unwillingness to listen to other opinions, which are judged in insulting terms instead of being thoughtfully evaluated. Not only is there an unwillingness (and maybe in an inability) to understand other viewpoints, the ideologues can't even calmly and rationally explain their own positions. Behind the mental gibberish, the actors engage in emotional tantrums. They are two-year olds in adult bodies, trying to get their way by any means possible. There is no logical sequence, or well thought out analysis, of the implications of what is being espoused.

The only thing that can change things is an upgrade in consciousness, and this is true for all global, national, and personal issues and dilemmas. There is no resolution when we look with the same eyes that created the problem in the first place. We have to find answers at a higher, more inclusive, truthful level, and the truth is accessed not only in our mind. We must include instinctual knowing, that comes from being in our body and being present to the flow of our emotions. In other words, we have to include our receptive, feminine faculties. The Venus factor is helping us do so.

Breakdowns often proceed breakthroughs. This scenario plays out in our personal lives, in relationships, and in political and economic arenas. Currently radical stupidity is dominating center stage. We hope and pray that those representing the highest good of all concerned will soon step into the ring.

Change is inevitable. How change happens is our choice. We can evolve willingly or we can evolve kicking and screaming like a two-year old. The question is - Do we access and stand in, and act from our truth now, or later? Higher wisdom is always available. We are advised to access it, use it wisely, and to not waste our energy and resources on tantrums.

What am I going to Do when I Grow Up?

The concept of growing up presents us with challenges and dilemmas. Gemini is the eternal child, the puer who resists growing up. Maintaining or returning to our childhood playfulness is a good thing, but a less serious attitude must be accompanied by maturity that results from learning our lessons. In Gemini territory, learning happens by being in touch with the reality of everyday life.

People often go to astrologers, psychics, and counsels to get help in identifying their path or mission in life. Astrologers can see patterns, identify lessons, and explain archetypal themes that we must learn to express in more conscious ways, in order to achieve greater levels of maturity. However, there is no simple, predestined answer to 'what should I do with my life?' We discover our mission with life experience and as we get more in touch with our soul. Over time, we grow into our destiny.

If I had asked the question "What will I be when I grow up?" in my 20's and someone had suggested that I would be a teacher of spirituality and consciousness, I would have responded, "What's that?" I certainly had no intention becoming a spiritual teacher. My destiny path and self-concept hadn't evolved to that point.

We are called upon at each moment to experience life to the fullest. We evolve into being who were are meant to be as we respond to life situations, as we learn, grow, and transform. At certain times in our life, we are guided in divine timing to change direction, to leave the past behind, and to venture further into the unknown future. 2012 could be one of those special times.

The Career of being You makes You Happy

Growing up is about becoming more and more conscious of who we are and what we like. The more authentic we become, the more we choose to do what we love, and the more we can be what we came here to be. Sounds easy, but there is a distance that we must travel to our destiny. The road to our true calling is long and winding. The itinerary is filled with challenges. We move on only when we have learned the lesson of the current segment of our journey. Each segment is rich with experiences, that awaken another piece of our potential as encoded in our soul.

"What am I going to do with my life?" defines our contribution. Our contribution must make us feel good about ourselves. If we feel used instead of uplifted, we are talking about servitude, not service. Making our contribution helps others and adds value to the collective, but it is also very much in our own self-interest. Self-interest doesn't mean selfish, it means authentic and real. Authentic and real unleash self-motivating and self-supportive energies, that help us find and offer our gifts. Finding, using and offering our gifts makes us happy. Happy is Gemini's ace card. If we are happy, we are spreading love.

A woman in one of my Teacher Training Courses described her experience as learning how to be a human being. That's it! Our caliber as a teacher is computed by our caliber as a human being. Being a teacher is about being able to hold the neutral space of love, so that our presence helps our 'students' awaken to their essence, and to become more conscious and aware of who they are. Whether you are a teacher or have another profession, cultivating a neutral, loving, radiant presence advances both your career and your happiness.

Our Venus Counselor - Define and Do What You Love

It is time to consult our Venus counselor. She reminds us that we have many skills, but it is not our skills that determine our calling (just because we are good at cooking doesn't mean that we are going to be a chef). The truth is, that we don't engage in something unless we really want to. Our heart, not our head, decides. Our calling is a seed that we must nurture with love.

Counselor Venus reminds us that we are really only happy when we do what we love. Venus retrograde invites us to listen to our hearts, to be honest about what we love, what makes us happy, and what makes life worth living. Just being honest with ourselves is a great relief. We are so used to making excuses, being in denial about our preferences, and submitting to what someone else wants, to keep the peace or to be accepted. Give up denial for 6 weeks and see how it feels. You can liberate yourself from a lot of anguish and pain.

Our Venus can be in any of the 12 Zodiac signs. Find out the sign of your Venus counselor and listen to her messages. Venus doesn't tell you what you are 'supposed' to do. Venus helps us identify what we really like. Our Venus identifies what brings us peace, helps us relax, and makes us feel satisfied. Venus counsels us to listen to our heart, and to do what makes us happy. The goddess of love promises that if we do what we love, we will be successful, creative, prosperous, and content.

During Venus retrograde in Gemini (between May 15th and June 27th), be available to reassess your values and relationships. Look at how your attitudes and thoughts impact how you create your reality. Listen deeply, to uncover the secrets that you hold in your heart and identify what really matters to you. Your heart is the home of your Venus counselor.

What Is Your Inner Conversation?

Gemini reminds us that we will be more successful if we expand our definition of what makes us happy, and if enjoy what we are doing in the moment, even if it doesn't fit strictly into what we wish we were doing.

Our destiny is birthed from our soul as we have a conversation with life. What is the nature and message of your conversation with yourself and your life?

Communication and understanding are major Gemini themes. We may wish to be understood by others, but first we must communicate with and understand ourselves.

During Venus retrograde, monitor/observe/feel how you interact with others and how you interact with yourself. Two of our worst habits are:

  1. operating under self-imposed pressure and stress, and
  2. negative self-talk.

It is time to give them up!

Hone your ability to detect self-deception. Identify your blind spots, resistance, and rigidity. This inner honesty will make it possible to be clear about what you want and why, help you give up negative self-communication, and make yourself clearly understood because you can talk directly and honestly.

Gemini's light-hearted attitude teaches us to not take everything so seriously or personally. Transformation does not have to be as painful as we often make it. Add the fun factor, and it is easier to change.

The Field of Love - Venus/Sun Transit

The Venus/Sun transit, and the other supportive cosmic configurations, open up the space of love on Planet Earth. We can talk about love, but the reality of love is a feeling experience that is possible only at a higher vibrational level than fear. If we live in an electromagnetic field that vibrates at the lower frequencies, we are simply not going to experience Love, and our reality is going to be defined by the lower expressions of fear - anger, greed, egomania.

Venus is exposing the core and cause of humanity's most fundamental problems. When we live in the matrix of fear, we:

  1. don't feel loved,
  2. don't love ourselves, and
  3. don't think that we matter.

The solutions are energetic. We have to feel the vibration of Love resonate in our physical, emotional, and subtle bodies. We FEEL Love. We don't think or visualize Love.

This is why chanting mantras is so powerful and transformational. Chanting Divine Mantras upgrades the vibrational frequency, both in us and around us, creating a field of Love. The field of love opens our hearts. In the field of Love, self-love and self-nurturing are possible. Mantras are the most powerful self-affirmations, because they do not interlink with our subconscious. They clear our subconscious and open our mind and heart, as we participate in building the field of Love.

Evolutionary, Developmental Stages and Themes - Summary

This issue is the fifth in the series investigating the illusions that we must identify, and overcome, to tap the powers and gifts of the 12 Zodiac archetypes. Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years presents us with the themes of denial, illusions, truth and reality. In this issue we look at the seven developmental stages and evolutionary themes in relation to the Gemini archetype.

Gemini Lessons

Two evolutionary Gemini themes are about:

  1. discovering the underlying logic and laws that operate in physical reality, and
  2. connecting with the divine intelligence, that brings order and meaning to existence.

Gemini's encounters with the diverse aspects of life challenges us to:

  1. decode the mechanisms that order all life,
  2. identify the meaning that runs through the river of all life experiences, and
  3. discover the unifying laws that connect the endless fragments of existence.

Gemini's gift and challenge is to simultaneously use the:

  1. logical left hemisphere of the brain to make sense of the individual pieces of the puzzle of life, and
  2. integrative faculties of the right brain to uncover the unifying, holistic nature of existence.

Then we have to apply this synthesized wisdom to our life situations.

[1] Innocence and Naïveté - Illusions

In our state of innocence we are playful and carefree. Life is an adventure with an infinite number of things available to explore, and to do. We are indiscriminate in our openness to new experiences. We trust and openly share with everyone. We find common ground in the moment, and then move on to our next encounter. We feel no responsibility or attachment to the past, and easily adapt to new situations, which entertain us for another brief moment. Jumping from one encounter to another sows the seeds for the illusion 'I don't matter'.

[2] Wake up and Pain - Circumstances

Our inner Gemini becomes disillusioned, when we discover that the world (our playground) is much more complex and challenging that we expected. We can feel disoriented when we have to face the consequences of our actions, and can't just move on to the next entertaining event. Our sense of entitlement is challenged by the burdensome responsibility for our actions, and for ourselves. We can feel confused and cheated when those we considered friends prove untrustworthy, and take advantage of our naïveté and gullibility. We can feel overwhelmed by complications, when we have not yet acquired the ability to manage the details of life.

We can be overwhelmed by too much information which has no real meaning, or relevancy. We can become burned out by too many activities that have no unifying purpose that leads us to a goal. We can suffer from nervous disorders as a result of over stimulating our nervous system, and over taxing our body. Too many people, too much information, and endless pursuits can become too much for even Gemini to handle.

Gemini can cause its own rejection by indulging in the Twins most annoying tendency - talking too much. This mental sign engages in endless mouth activity, because it uses talking as a means to empty its active mind of random thoughts, and as a way to release emotional energy that needs to be expressed. Excessive self-centered talking negates real communication, because there is no listening or exchange. When we are not sensitive to others' feelings or when we are just entertaining ourselves, our jokes can provoke instead of being received light-heartedly.

Life circumstances, that result in various forms of disillusionment, uncover the superficiality of our communication and mental vs heart-centered interaction with others.

[3] Accepting the Evolutionary Nature of the Human Journey - Effort and Lessons

Gemini needs to learn communication skills, which above all require listening to others and to one's thoughts - what we are saying to ourselves. Geminis need to learn how to evaluate and discriminate, so we can identify the impact of our words before we speak, and the consequences of our behavior before we act. Then our social interactions can be more authentic, appropriate, and heart-centered.

We have to learn to discriminate based on what we really love and choose to do with our lives. Limiting our choices is a hard one for anyone with Gemini energy. A Sagittarius once commented that she found "Gemini's toleration level is disgustingly high". That is one way to illustrate the balance sought between the Gemini and Sagittarius polarities.

We have to learn to make choices, accept physical, mental and emotional limitations, and let go of our compulsion to know and do everything. We need to find a balance between stimulation and relaxation. We have to adjust a stressful lifestyle to accommodate our personal physical and emotional needs.

[4] Ego Definition, Separation and Individualization - Empowering Self

Our major Gemini lesson is to become aware of how we use our mind, and to break debilitating mental habits. Our cells compute what we say and think. That is a scary fact. Gemini says - if you want to liberate your negative karma, liberate yourself from your negative self-talk.

Our mind is very creative, but it must be directed towards intellectual pursuits that have value, such as writing, learning languages, teaching, defending worthy causes, and inspiring others.

We must train our mind to listen within, where we access our inner authority. As we establish our centering mechanism, we are able to learn from, but not get lost in, our many life experiences.

We need to trust ourselves and be less swayed by others' opinions. We need to stop and engage in careful reflection, so that we can live from our own integrity. With discrimination, we can overcome the impulsive habit of accepting things at a superficial level, or going along with what others want in order to be accepted or fit in.

[5] Developing Awareness and Consciousness - Higher Perspective

The Air signs awaken us to the higher meaning, expanded perspectives, and more elevated use of our mind. An ultimate goal is to liberate our mind from thoughts and beliefs that chain it to fantasies, illusions, and lies. We have to defy self-generated and culturally induced victimhood. The Gemini paradox is, that it is only by using our mind that we can set our mind free.

[6] New Territory and an Expanded Reality - Spiritual Connection

Our spiritual journey takes us inside ourselves, where we can identify the higher logic within which all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Higher truths help us connect with the unifying vastness of reality. We find inner peace when we can synthesize our previously created conflict and confusion. When we can decode the truth and logic behind mystical concepts, skepticism no longer controls our mind, and we can give up resistance to that which we now understand. Understanding spiritual codes and symbols infuses life into abstract ideas.

[7] Work is Worship and Life Is Sacred - Mission and Destiny

All the capacities that we develop to deal with life, position us to be in service of peace and love. Gemini is so versatile that our choices are unlimited. What is important is our attitude that uplifts others with our cheerfulness, our humility, and our ability to rise above drama and not take things so seriously.

Those with Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will always seek, and have, a multitude of life experiences. One example is my Gemini niece, who began her teaching career a few years ago. Now in her early 30's, she has already taught high school, middle school and grade school, including the diverse subjects of English (her major), history, English as a second language, physical education, every subject when she was teaching 5th grade, and now 'special education'. After earning her masters' degree, she continued to add additional certifications, which qualified her to teach in these diverse situations. What makes many of us dizzy makes Gemini very happy.

I share this Gemini adventure because Gemini's need to know that they will always want, love, and attract variety in their lives. And thank you Gemini's for reminding us - variety really is the spice of life.

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Kundalini Yoga - A Splendid Experience Meditation for Inner Happiness

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Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru,

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru,

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru,

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru.

Then, completely exhale, and with the breath held out, repeat the mantra at the same rhythm and rate. Continue for 11 to 31 minutes.

Be attentive to maintain the connection between the palms. Do not let the fingers or palms separate.

Comments: By chanting this mantra of ecstasy, you awaken to your natural happiness within. This meditation elevates the tattvas/elements to neutrality, giving you a splendid experience! The pranayama, mudra, and mantra create an interlock with your own magnetic field, making it possible to experience your unique soul vibration. The beautiful experience helps you remember/feel your authentic identity.

Make this meditation 'my meditation' and commit to do it every night before going to bed, come what may. You will experience a tremendous change in your destiny. Each dawn shall bring a message of freshness and opportunities. Offer this meditation to your soul and to the Divine, and receive opportunities and grace in return. When you purify yourself with this meditation, you can experience your own pure essence, and thereby eliminate hassles and become healthy, happy and honorable!

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