Three Eclipses in One Month - More Good News!

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #20, July 15, 2000
Review of May Events

May 28th Jupiter and Saturn came together at 23° Taurus - the sign of comfort, security, artistic endeavors and pleasure. The 'Big Conjunction' happens once every 20 years and is the kick off date for a new era of social destiny. The next few months are a time where we are inspired to recreate our lives. Now is an optimum time to plan, create, design, implement, and give form to our hopes, dreams, and ideals. The seeds we plant at this time will determine what we grow the next 20 years. The Light made available during the eclipses in July will greatly facilitate our task of moving forward in our lives.

Another rare astrological phenomenon is taking place during the month of July 2000 - three eclipses in one month! The last time there were three eclipses in one month was in December 1694. The next time will be in December 2848. This time there are two Solar Eclipses - July 1st and July 30th and a Lunar eclipse on July 16th.

SOLAR ECLIPSES happen at the New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign and degree in the sky. The shadow of the Moon covers or eclipses the Sun. The Sun represents our ego, pride, heart and conscious mind. When the Sun is eclipsed, we are more aware of our subconscious desires, our emotional needs and hidden resources in our unconscious mind.

LUNAR ECLIPSES take place when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky, at the same degree and in opposing or complementary signs. The Full Moon is hidden by the shadow of the Earth. The Sun dominates the sky. Lunar eclipses grace us with a moment of clarity when we can realistically and accurately assess our lives. Transformative personal revelations often happen during the illumination of the Full Moon. This time, clarity of the heart is aided by the slow movement of Mercury (the mind), which has been retrograde since June 23 and goes direct Monday July 17th.

Intense Light

Eclipses are gifts of intense light from the heavens. The alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth during Solar and Lunar eclipses creates a unified force field, which produces a portal of light. The portal creates an opening for the Earth and her inhabitants to be flooded with Divine Light, which normally cannot penetrate the veil of mass consciousness. Our ability to receive this influx of Divine Light is facilitated by the fact that millions of souls are more open and receptive to higher frequencies than ever before. Those who have done their spiritual work are able to quickly assimilate the Light into their beings and use it to propel themselves forward in their earthly endeavors. The illumination of the eclipses opens us to new possibilities, clears old thought forms from our minds, and imprints us with dynamic resolve to make changes in our lives.

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse - July 16th

Lunar Eclipses are a time of maximum light and acute polarity. The polarity of the total lunar eclipse July 16th is between Capricorn (the Moon) and Cancer (the Sun). The dominating Sun illuminates us with objective insight on where and how to balance our professional (Capricorn) and domestic (Cancer) lives. The Cancer Sun, Mercury and Mars draw our attention to emotional, family, domestic and inner concerns. The Capricorn Moon helps us organize and stabilize some aspect of our work or professional lives. This combination facilitates the desire for and the possibility of achieving balance in our lives.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse - July 1st

The Cancer New Moon and the Solar Eclipse July 1 open a new doorway in the area of home and habitat. The desires to be nurtured, and to create emotionally safe and healthy environments, come to the fore. You may come to the realization that it is time to move, or to feng shui and clean up your home. In whatever way the Cancer Moon interacts with your psyche, the New Moon reveals a favorable direction in which to process, and the eclipse furnishes the impulse to act and the promise that if we do so the results can be lasting.

Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse - July 30th

The Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse July 30th opens our hearts and urges us to passionately pursue projects of creative self-expression. Leo teaches us not to hold back, because the lion-hearted king (or queen) knows that we create our own reality. If we write our own biography, why not choose the plot that suits us best? No reason why not!

The impact of the three July eclipses can be summarized by several key phrases:

Courage and Self-Confidence

We are being silently empowered with strength and courage to move forward in our lives. The higher frequencies of Light help us find the self-confidence to take on leadership roles, in order to make the contributions we came here to make.

Turning Point

We may be opening up to new pathways that are completely different from what we are doing now. (And loving it!!)

Let Go

We are being given an opportunity to let go of old behaviors, beliefs, relationships and situations that are unproductive and destructive, and no longer serve us and our higher purpose.


The influx of Divine Light onto the Planet will help us re-evaluate our priorities, define our direction and establish a course of action that is in alignment with our life purpose.

New Pathways

We will begin to perceive new ways of doing things and be empowered to chart new pathways in new territories. As we find new solutions to old problems, we will no longer see life as an insurmountable struggle, but as an exciting challenge with viable opportunities to grow and excel.

Clarity, Guidance, Truth and Certainty

The influx of Light produces clarity in our minds which helps us make decisions and act with certainly. We know we can trust our guidance now because the Light of the Truth is our guide.

Relief and Relax

Somehow we will feel more whole and balanced than before. This is partly due to the fact that we are becoming more consciously aware of who we are, and what we came here to do, and being supported in doing our destiny. There is a wonderful sense of relief when you know you are doing your destiny path, and that the Universe is supporting you all the way.

Openings and Assistance

The eclipses create openings that bring in unexpected and certainly much appreciated assistance. Did you ever say, "Just give me a break!"? The eclipses can set off a series of miraculous happenings. Be open to the unexpected, be accessible to receive, and be willing to simply pick up and go when the call comes. It is your turn this time. And don't hesitate to make the call yourself. Someone is home.

New Perspective

As our pituitary and pineal glands begin to secrete, we are becoming more intuitive, heart-centered and awake to soul consciousness. We will find ourselves thinking in less conflictual and more harmonious ways. We will see ourselves and others as divine creatures. New ways of thinking and acting will produce more positive and exciting circumstances in our lives.

Eclipses affect us whether we are aware of them or not. It is not necessary to consciously grasp the power of the moment to receive the benefits of these eclipses. Everyone on the Planet is being bathed in the Divine Light. The changes produced by eclipses are permanent. This is indeed more good news! The New Moon July 30th is a good time to write down your goals and intentions for your new life! Enjoy.

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