"I Am" Leo Meditation on the Self

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #23, August 22, 2000

"What?" you might ask. The Sun moved into the Virgo sky today. An edition on Leo? Just a short one, to incorporate the effects of Leo in our consciousness, and to point out that the gifts of a sign are often consolidated in our consciousness at the end of the Sun cycle in that sign. There is a lot of power in claiming the energy of a sign before shifting our energy and our focus to our next lessons.

Issue 24 on Virgo and Humanology will be in your mailboxes soon. I am also currently writing a second issue on Virgo, Issue 25, which expands the analysis to include all the categories that I used in exploring the other signs. This issue will be out in about a week.

Leo "I Am" Meditation to be the Self

Yogi Bhajan taught a meditation this summer at the Kundalini Yoga Master's Touch II Course, which I experienced as a Leo meditation. It was taught while the Sun was in Leo. Today, August 22, the first day of Virgo, I felt the affirmations of the meditation internally incorporated into my psyche.

The me within me is the purity. The me within me is the reality. The me within me is the grace. I AM the master of the space.

I experienced a deep level of I AM. Instead of praying to Guru Ram Das outside myself during my morning meditations, I experienced myself as part of Guru Ram Das. I felt a hand extend to me and make me part of the Guru Ram Das vibration.

The day before, the last day of Leo, I had a powerful urge to shift my consciousness and to train my mind to elevate me to a new way of being, where I celebrate life at every moment. I committed to ferret out ALL thought forms of guilt and fear, to release the past and to live in the present. Today my consciousness has shifted from prayer, in terms of wanting and asking for something from outside myself, to an awareness of what already is, to what I already have and to who I already AM.

I am experiencing a powerful shift to I AM consciousness. I am being guided to use I AM in my thoughts and speech as a guide to monitor and train my mind.

As we move into Virgo, I understand that this shift can be more fully embodied (Earth) by using the mental acuity of Virgo (ruled by Mercury and the mind) to consolidate this I AM consciousness into all aspects of my being.

Virgo can make us very serious about our healing process. Just so I don't forget the joyous summer days of Leo, I have found a picture of the Sun and written a message from Leo on it: "Today and every day I CELEBRATE who I AM".

The complete meditation given by Yogi Bhajan is as follows:

Sit with a straight spine hands on the lap in Venus lock (the fingers are interlaced with the right thumb over the left thumb and the other fingers alternating accordingly). Repeat out loud for 11 minutes:

"The me within me is the purity.
The me within me is the reality.
The me within me is the grace.
I am the master of the space".

Keep repeating for 11 minutes or more if you desire. Do for 40 days or longer and record your feelings as you go along. You may catch yourself doing this meditation automatically during the day or wish to use it as an on-going affirmation in your mind during your daily activities.

Many blessing to all you great BEINGS in there,


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