Pluto - Soul Growth and Soul Lessons

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #27, October 19th, 2000

Change can happen either through evolutionary growth or through sudden cataclysmic growth. But change will happen because change is built into the nature of the Universe and into the evolutionary necessity of our souls. When we resist change, evolutionary forces build up and we are obliged to change through shocks, accidents and various rug-pulling activities by the Universe. When we embrace change, the process can be gentler and smoother.

It is the evolutionary intent of our soul to grow, to transform and to evolve. Pluto is the planet that is assigned to the task of making sure that our souls evolve. Pluto makes sure that we will change one way or another. To change we must first understand our past. For it is our past which determines our behavior patterns, our belief structures and philosophical orientations. And it is the latter that anchor us into to our set ways of seeing ourselves, others and the world. "The way we are" gives us our deepest source of unconscious emotional security.(1) At the same time it is these past patterns that limit and block us, and must be metamorphosed if we are to grow and evolve.

Pluto obliges us to see the limitations we have created in our current and past lives, that must be transcended or eliminated so that we can free ourselves from our own mental and emotional chains. Pluto defines our soul lessons, and the experiences that we must encounter, in order to complete the evolutionary necessities of our soul this lifetime. Pluto is the catalytic agent that propels our desire to return to Source. In order to do so, we must systematically eliminate all desires, thoughts, beliefs and circumstances that keep us separate from Source. Pluto is the vigilante who makes sure that we whittle away all separating factors.

Pluto - Security and Polarity Point

Jeff Green in "Pluto - the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul", offers the most brilliant and penetrating explanation of how Pluto works and how Pluto soul growth can be facilitated. The sign and house placement of Pluto represent our evolutionary past. Psychologically, Pluto correlates to our deepest emotional security patterns.(2) The past is what is familiar to us. The past is what is known and comfortable. Our security patterns are unconscious. We naturally embrace them as our path of least resistance.

The natal position and sign of Pluto is an area where we naturally gravitate for security and for power. We identify with our Pluto because it is a compelling force, which makes us feel comfortable and powerful. If, however, we become too identified with our Pluto, we can create obsessions, which block our evolutionary development. Over identification with our Pluto can lead us to "feel stagnated, frustrated or wonder why the same lessons, the same mistakes, the same kind of relationships, the same problems occur over and over again".(3)

The key to breaking the pattern of obsessive behavior and overcoming our stumbling blocks lies in what Jeff Green calls the polarity point of Pluto, which is the house and sign opposite our natal Pluto. Our natal Pluto helps us become aware of and define "the problems, motivations, needs, desires, attitudes and security issues" that dictate our experiences.(4) The opposite sign and house indicates the path to creating the changes that foster resolution and transformation. As we embrace the path of the opposite sign and house, change automatically begins to occur, and we experience "automatic redefinition, evolution and re-expression" in our natal Pluto. With the insights and experiences of the opposite sign and house, we are able to approach our natal Pluto differently. In the process we are "reborn at a new level through death of the old behavior patterns".(5) Our inner and outer transformation occurs through an expansion of consciousness awareness.

The catch 22 is that our polarity point (the opposite house and sign) represents uncharted and unknown territory. Embracing our polarity point challenges not only what we are familiar with at a personality level, but also our deepest level of soul security. The alternative of remaining stuck in our old ways, or to the past, for security reasons is, however, eventually overridden by the urge of our soul to evolve, and the unbearable pain that we experience in repeating our dramas over and over. The strength of our resistance to embracing the unknown will determine the magnitude of the inner conflict and the problems that we create, which in the end oblige us to change. When we finally let loose, we are reborn into an expanded awareness of who we are. We experience a deep relief, freedom and power that makes our previously cherished resistance look ridiculous, and our excuses seem exaggerated.

In sum, our natal Pluto is where we naturally gravitate for emotional security. Our polarity point is what we "must develop to effect a metamorphosis of these pre-existing patterns in identity".(6) Development of our polarity point is a necessity for soul growth. We are at a choice to either cooperate or resist. It is wise, however, to keep in mind that the evolutionary impulse of the soul is to grow. We might as well embrace the inevitable rather than to resist it. Of course, this is easy to say. Few of us wholeheatedly embrace change. What we can do is identify ways in which we are willing to change, and ways that we resist change, and incrementally work with ourselves to expand our ability to welcome the unknown into our lives. Pluto specializes in evolutionary change if we are at least willing to work with the program.

Four Nodes of Creating Change

Green sets out four ways in which Pluto instigates the evolutionary change process:

  1. EMOTIONAL SHOCKS - One is by "producing emotional shocks in which some behavioral pattern, life situation or relationship is forcefully removed from our lives. This process is associated with cataclysmic change and produces an evolutionary 'leap'. This situation always occurs when we have resisted the cumulative evolutionary forces to the extent that this effect must occur in order to enforce the required growth".(7) Examples could be the unexpected loss of a job, lover or accident. Shocks force us to make wrenching psychological adjustments.
  2. FORMING A NEW RELATIONSHIP - Another is "by creating a situation in which we form a relationship to something that we perceive we need".(8) This could be a job, a lover, a friend, a possession, a spiritual path or new body of knowledge. The idea that we need something implies that we do not have something, or are limited in some way. In the process of fully engaging in the new relationship, we become or identify with what we think we need. In the process we learn something that we did not know before about ourselves and life. "The relationships that we form in this way help us transmute, metamorphose, grow and evolve beyond those existing limitations into new levels of awareness and self-definition. This process is associated with non-cataclysmic change; slow yet progressive evolution".(9)
  3. INDENTIFYING AND REMOVING LIMITATIONS - Pluto also produces or creates situations where "we become aware of some external or internal source of stagnation or limitation blocking further growth".(10) There is a crisis involved because we are not aware of what the block, is and we need to find out the source of the block. We evolve as we identify and are able to remove the block.
  4. AWARENESS OF NEW CAPACITIES - Pluto also acts as a catalyst to produce situations where we become "aware of a new capacity or capability that has been latent or dormant". Pluto triggers conditions "that give birth to some new impulse, idea, thought or desire. The process of actualizing or developing the new capacity creates an evolutionary or growth effect". This form of evolutionary change requires perseverance and will to internalize and actualize the new capability.(11)
Pluto's Rules
  1. Pluto presents us with choices. Our choices are determined by our desires. "Desires reflect our evolutionary state of condition, and the reasons for that state or condition. The responsibility for these conditions is our own. There are no 'victims'".(12) Our life situations and experiences reflect our own individual evolutionary needs, conditions and lessons. Pluto helps us understand how and why we have chosen particular environments, relationships and situations and helps us use them the grow.
  2. About "eighty percent of our behavior is conditioned by unconscious forces that are tied to past patterns in identity association.... These past patterns (are) linked to our unconscious emotional security needs, because of the familiarity that they represent; we automatically gravitate to those old patterns because they are what we already are".(13) Our reliance on old patterns creates stagnation and blocks to further growth. "The evolutionary force of the soul induces pressure to eliminate and transform these old patterns into new patterns. The old patterns represent security - the new patterns, insecurity. This transitional process between the old and the new explains many of the apparently negative behavioral characteristics associated with Pluto".(14)
  3. Pluto requires us to die and be reborn many times. In the process we are transformed and regenerated. The impetus for change is a combination of limitations and stagnation, rooted in old emotional security patterns based in the past, which condition our present and place limitations on our future. When the unconscious past forces prevent us from evolving, Pluto steps in. Plutonic change creates an evolutionary leap in consciousness, an expansion, in awareness; a new perspective and radically altered approaches to life.
  4. Pluto's ultimate goal is to connect us back to Source and to our Soul. "Pluto instigates evolution... through a relationship to something higher or more evolved than ourselves".(15)
  5. The co-existence of dualistic desires is linked to the basic desire of the soul to evolve - "attraction and repulsion, resistance and non-resistance, security and insecurity, death and rebirth". The psychological challenges associated with Pluto - "anger, fear, compulsion, guilt, jealousy, defensiveness, possession, compulsion, obsession, vindictiveness, manipulation, suspicion", and the positive attributes of Pluto - "regeneration, rebirth, positive willpower, positive motivation of self and others, non-defensiveness, changing as necessary", are both an integral part of the evolutionary process of Plutonian soul growth.(16)
  6. Pluto key words include - catalyst, catharsis, introspection, emotional shocks, penetrating introspection, internal conflict, death, rebirth and regeneration.
The Pluto Healing Dynamic

In this issue I will cover the Pluto healing dynamic for two signs - Cancer and Scorpio. They are related because they are both water signs, and the Scorpio healing helps facilitate the Cancer healing. Pluto rules Scorpio, so this is an appropriate dynamic for all of us to investigate while the Sun is in Scorpio, from October 22 through November 20th. Although your Pluto will most probably be in another sign, these lessons relate to all of us in some way.

Cancer's Evolutionary Lesson is Inner Security and Personal Responsibility

When Pluto is in Cancer or the fourth house, one must learn the following lessons:

  1. How to create a sense of inner security within oneself that is not dependent upon external circumstances or other human beings.
  2. How to get in touch with the nature and causes of one's feelings, emotions and moods.
  3. To know and understand our basic emotional nature.
  4. To know and trust self first and then others.
Catalytic Life Experiences

Pluto in Cancer will precipitate some of the following life experiences, which oblige us to turn to ourselves for security and nurturing:

  1. Emotional shocks that bring suppressed emotions to the surface, which in turn oblige us to engage in deep analysis of our issues and force us back upon ourselves.
  2. Emotional needs that are not recognized or meet by parents or later by partners.
  3. Experiences that make us feel unappreciated, unnurtured and misunderstood.
  4. "The rug of emotional dependency will always be pulled out from beneath (us) when the degree of dependency creates a non-growth situation".(17)
  5. Emotional suffocation, nonfulfillment, suppression and denial.
Negative Mental/Emotional State

The Pluto-Cancer life experiences create negative mental/emotional states, which include the following:

Mature Emotional State

The Pluto-Cancer goal is, of course, to create a mature stable emotional state. As we learn our Pluto-Cancer lessons we develop an ability to integrate masculine and feminine traits. We are able to identify our personal goals and actualize them through self-determination. We become empathetic, nurturing, caring, loyal and sympathetic toward self and others. This all happens as we take charge of our emotional states, personal space and environment.

How Cancer-Pluto Lessons are Learned

The above diagnosis of our Pluto-Cancer lessons appears to be overwhelming. Indeed that is how Pluto gets our attention and forces our commitment to change. Fortunately there is a formula that can help us define what we must do to evolve into emotional security.

Our basic lesson is to learn how to be the source of our own internal security, "and to emotionally mature through actualizing and establishing (our) own individuality through (our) own efforts". We must learn how to minimize or eliminate external dependencies. We must stop relying on others to have our needs met. We must quit making our security dependent upon external situations.(19)

To achieve the above daunting goals we must get in touch with our inner emotional states. We must experience our emotions "because they are the source of self-knowledge and the path to inner security. The challenge is to become aware of the trigger or stimulus producing the emotions/mood/feeling, rather than just living it through without reflecting upon the origin or cause".(20)

To experience our emotions and the causes that triggered them, it is necessary to withdraw, to be left alone and to be silent. Once the awareness has surfaced from the subconscious to the conscious mind, the emotion must be processed, acted out or otherwise expressed. This alternating cycle between deep personal reflection and expression is a natural process that we and those close to us understand and respect.

The only antidote to emotional rejection and nonresponsiveness is to know and trust oneself, i.e. to understand at a very deep level the nature and basis of our emotional responses and to quit trying to find security from others, relationships or external situations.(21)

There is one sure way to identify our Cancer-Pluto patterns and tests. When we in any way try to get our emotional needs met by another, or develop an emotional dependency upon another, we automatically create that person becoming unavailable or taken away from us. We create rejection and abandonment because we have rejected and abandoned connection with ourselves. Disconnecting from ourselves and attaching ourselves to another is a sure formula for some form of termination of a relationship.

The only way to remedy this situation is to become vigilant in identifying when we disconnect from our own inner space, and train ourselves to turn inward instead of outward for attention, relief and nurture. When we are tempted to try to get attention from another, or in any other way get our emotional needs satisfied by connecting with another, we must first connect with ourselves. In this way, we can reverse the abandonment dynamic.

The other good news is that the more we focus on ourselves, the more we build up our charismatic power. In this way we attract to us who and what we need through our own magnetism. The Cancer-Pluto lesson is to master the art of attraction and to release going after something or somebody because we are inherently needy.

Avoidance Strategies

The Pluto-Cancer lessons are some of the most difficult to accept and to learn. To avoid these lessons, we develop avoidance strategies. One of the most common is the manipulation of others to try to emotionally get our needs met. We also try to get our needs meet through demanding child-like attention, or by creating others being dependent upon us.

We may try to control and dominate others by identifying and focusing on their weak points, and in the process make ourselves indispensable to them. In this way we protect our own vulnerability and emotional insecurity. We learn to dominate situations in an attempt to feel secure and to get our dependency needs fulfilled. But our needs cannot be fulfilled in these ways, because those we draw to ourselves are unable to meet our needs. Denial and dependence produce neither security nor resolution.

Complementary Strategy and Resolution - Capricorn

Fortunately, the opposite sign to Cancer, Capricorn, can help facilitate our emotional healing. Capricorn teaches us that self-determination and accepting responsibility for our own actions and life situation leads to emotional maturity. Learning to financially take care of ourselves is a requirement for becoming an adult. Capricorn teaches us that as we learn to integrate our own individuality and personal authority in the world through career and work, we can achieve the personal satisfaction that we are searching for.

The Cancer-Pluto strategy must include the attainment of financial security and the ability to support oneself. There is no more basic way to reduce dependencies and create a basis of inner security than to be financially viable and independent. This is a very basic earthly path that has profound emotional and spiritual rewards. We naturally trust ourselves. We stop blaming others for our situations and problems. We are able to identify how we have created our life situation. The context of our work offers us a living mirror, which helps us get in touch with the sources and causes of our deepest emotions and feelings. As we gain awareness of our feelings, we are more and more able to develop a relationship with them. As the causes of our emotional reactions become known to us, we become more comfortable with our emotional states and use them to our advantage and as information, instead of being controlled and swept away by them.(22)

Evolutionary Lesson - Transformation by Transcending Limitations through Direct Experience

Pluto and Scorpio teach us several very important lessons:

  1. To face and understand our limitations and to accept the parameters of who we are, as opposed to who we are not or cannot be. To experience our uniqueness and the dynamics of our soul as expressed through our personality.
  2. To experience our limitations or powerlessness and then to transcend these limitations. In the process to experience an innate sense of power. Our sense of powerlessness comes from sensing what we have not yet become or not yet known or experienced.(23) The sense of power comes from integrating a new awareness and energy into our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual make-up.
  3. To transform our personal limitations by developing direct relationships with people, things or symbols and energies that embody what we want or need in order to evolve beyond our personal limitations.(24)
How to Cultivate Transformation

The transformation takes place because we become aware of universal forces that exist beyond our limited experiences. Initially we perceive these forces to be outside ourselves. The Pluto-Scorpio lesson is to directly experience these forces, to integrate them into our consciousness, and make them a part of our conscious energetic being. This is far from a mere intellectual process! We must actually energetically merge with "other sources of power in order to effect metamorphosis beyond our perceived personal limitations".(25) We must learn how to actually absorb the energy of symbols of power by cultivating a direct personal relationship with them. In doing so, we become what we have developed a relationship with.

Pluto-Scorpio power symbols include icons, images of spiritual masters and deities, yantras, various religious and spiritual pictures, power animals and angels. The powers that they represent and embody are cultivated through rituals, magic, sex, meditation, yoga, the martial arts and other practices. These practices are enhanced by the use of mandalas, mantras, symbolic diagrams, artwork, music, gemstones and objects that represent power such as money and status, books that contain a system for transcendence, or a body of knowledge.

The critical factor is that the person must unite him or herself with the energy of the symbol, sound, person or thing in order to produce "an alchemical fusion that permits transmutation of an existing limitation".(26)

Pitfalls and Problems

There are several intrinsic challenges in the Scorpio-Pluto path to transformation. One is the tendency toward compulsive behavior, which can manifest as a compulsive fascination with death and experiences considered taboo. This can be an expression of an unconscious, or even conscious, death wish. Another is that one is tempted to flirt with negative energies, and misses the point that these experiences are to liberate him or her from karma, not to create more karma. One can also become addicted to the symbols or objects. The idea is to integrate their power into oneself to overcome limitation, not to create one more limitation. The goal is not to become dependent upon them for power or to use them as a substitute for personal identity, but to become energetically more powerful within oneself.

Sexuality is a Pluto-Scorpio tool. The pitfall here is that sex can be used to manipulate and control others, and to try to get energy from others, which in turn creates attachment and dependency upon the other person or object. When relating to another person sexually, the purpose is not to take power from the partner, but to connect more intimately and fully with one's own soul. Basically the power we are seeking is already within ourselves. The symbols, persons, situations we use are tools to facilitate our awakening process. When sexuality is used in a spiritual way, we can raise our energy up our spine and consciously unite with the Divine. In the process, we transcend our ego boundaries and death itself. Again the goal is not dependence upon a partner or on sex itself, but inner self-reliance and direct connection to Source and our divine nature.

The Pluto-Scorpio path is a difficult one because it continually promotes and provokes confrontation. Cycles of power, powerlessness and conflict are endemic to the territory where the primal impulse is to identify, transform and eliminate all limitations within oneself. Continual death and rebirth, experience and awareness is the name of the game. The basic need it to eliminate all barriers and desires that prevent us from a direct and continual experience of the Infinite.

There will also always be a dynamic tension between the two conflicting desires for separateness and for unity. Each soul needs to stabilize itself and define its boundaries so that it can consolidate its growth at each stage of evolution. Simultaneously with this desire for separation, the soul desires to return to the Source by eliminating all boundaries. To release the limitations that keep it from merging with the Infinite, it must be willing to destabilize itself.(27)

Internal and external conflicts arise when we become aware that the boundaries that we have created, instead of serving to consolidate our power are now blocking further growth. The intensity of the conflict is in direct proportion to our resistance to change. We resist because we feel that our security patterns are threatened, as indeed they are. We are experiencing a boundary or a definition of self that is no longer an adequate expression of who we are becoming. Our soul is obliging us to expand our experience of Self. Our emotional anguish, mental conflict, physical discomfort and even illness and spiritual challenges, oblige us to pursue our personal process of growth. Whether we like it or not (and we usually don't), whether we cooperate or not (and we often don't), our soul runs the show. Our soul dictates that we will be challenged until we acquiesce to remove, one by one, all limitations that prevent us from total union with the Divine.

Understanding Why

Scorpio and Pluto major in psychoanalysis. They insist that we understand WHY? They help us delve into the depths of the human psyche. They want us to know why we are the way we are. They help explain personal and transpersonal truths. They oblige us to understand our motivations, desires, intentions, emotional patterns, stages of evolution, archetypes and symbols. They help us penetrate to the core of our emotional, mental and spiritual being. They push us to understand the problems that we create and the blocks that we construct so that we can eliminate and transcend them.

Direct Experience

Pluto and Scorpio demand direct experience of whatever symbol, form or source of power we are using to transform ourselves. A deep penetrating understanding of the issues at hand are of critical importance, but they are only a prerequisite for the real thing. The real thing for Pluto and Scorpio is the actual in-the-body sensation. Pluto and Scorpio require us to "see, feel, taste, touch, smell or hear directly the object of the transformative symbols" that we form relationship with. They invite us to "merge, penetrate and unite with the symbol that represents the source of power or object of (our) desire". They teach us that it is only through direct experience we can "merge with the transformative symbol and become the symbol itself".(28)

Direct power can, of course, be used negatively or positively. In the negative case, an individual will attempt to manipulate and control the energy for egotistic purposes. In the positive case, the individual allows the energy to enter his or her being. The effortless merging creates "an alchemical fusion (metamorphosis) that takes place of its own accord".(29)

There are many ways to create this alchemical fusion. Yoga, meditation, prayer, tantric sex, the internal martial arts, Tai-Chi and various other spiritual practices and rituals, were all created to offer a direct experience with Divine energy. The level and depth of transformation is influenced by an individual's attitude, commitment, focus, motivation, karma and evolutionary state.

Scorpio and Pluto oblige us to make wise choices about who and what paths we involve ourselves with. Commitment determines our level of experience. Pluto demands commitment. Therefore, we must choose paths and partners who resonate with our own evolutionary needs and soul desires. Pluto obliges us to make appropriate choices. We must have the wisdom to not only choose wisely; we must have the will to exclude whoever and whatever does not work for us. Selection of the appropriate partner and path are of essence for Pluto.

The catch 22 is that we will select a relationship or a path, which embodies an energy that we need to awaken, that we perceive as a need that is not met. The trick is to not fall prey to the temptation, to try to manipulate or to become dependent upon the person or path that is our transformative power, and to be able to release it when it no longer serves us.

Tantric Sex and Relationships

Tantric sex is sexual union used to transform power and cultivate union with the Divine. Libra is associated with legal and practical marriage. Scorpio and Pluto are associated with the marriage of merging of two souls.

The basic problem generated by Pluto-Scorpio is using or manipulating others to get one's needs met. Also one's needs keep changing. Therefore, relationships are logically maintained only as long as they meet one's needs. There is, of course, an inherent dilemma in this situation. Scorpio needs commitment on the one hand, and on the other hand Pluto demands growth and evolution. So, what to do? The need for change manifests in secret desires and attractions to other people and situations. Temptation symbolizes the need for transformation and evolution. Where there is stagnation, there are demons that manifest in direct proportion to our unwillingness to confront the current limitations in ourselves, our partners and in our relationships.(30)

Green outlines three strategies to deal with this inherent dilemma:

  1. The first is what he calls the "black widow" archetype, where an individual manipulates and maintains a relationship for as long as it serves his or her needs and then moves on.
  2. The second he calls the "diehard" archetype, where an individual maintains a situation to the bitter end. He or she resists change even at the price of sanity and peace.

    Of course, neither of the above are clear cut or easy options. One may have karma to pay off and need to remain in a totally dysfunctional relationship. The choice may also be between foregoing commitment and moving on or being destroyed by the relationship.
  3. Optimally, we would be able to choose relationships where both partners are able and willing to evolve and change. The price we would pay for giving up some level of "for life" security would be the commitment to helping liberate each other. Fortunately the growth of each individual is usually accompanied by the growth of the relationship. One of the goals of the relationship becomes the spiritual growth of the partners. Problems and issues have to be faced instead of denied, which is never really easy. The good news is that growth and expansion are promoted.(31) Instead of silently breeding and building negativity through unexamined, unexpressed and unresolved conflicts, the energy is unleashed and experienced as freedom and empowerment

In the latter case, which I call a tantric relationship, personal security is found in direct connection to Source, not from the presence of the partner. Lining up with the Infinite is the game and the goal of the relationship. Building a connection with subtle universal energies is the focus. The commitment is to an on-going process of establishing a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Divine.

Programming that impedes our pure connection will definitely have to be faced and worked through. It is necessary to identify what breeds negativity, pushes our reactive buttons, fosters denial, generates resistance and activates old wounds that need healing. At the same time we are able to identify behaviors and attitudes that release resistance, create connection and promote relaxation. The work is worth it, because with each step our alignment with the Divine becomes stronger and more compelling.

When our goal is connection to Source our energies merge, not to create codependence but as a third force from which we can co-create and make a powerful contribution to the world.

Taurus - Polarity for Scorpio

The polarity point for Scorpio is Taurus and the Second House. Taurus teaches us to become totally self-reliant. Taurus teaches us how to identify our own needs, our internal values, and to use our own resources to take care of ourselves. In this way, we minimize our compulsive dependence upon others. We look within ourselves for our own symbol of personal transformation! In the process we become emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually self-sufficient. As we become self-sustaining, we attract partners who are also self-sustaining. Together two self-sustaining individuals are able to "participate in a committed, growth-oriented relationship in a nondependent, non-compulsive way".(32)

Self-reliant individuals do not need to manipulate each other because they are not dependent upon each other. Self-motivated individuals inspire and encourage each other to fully realize themselves. Dancing together we enjoy discovering the mysteries of life.

The Tunnel and the Bridge - Kundalini Yoga Mantra Meditation

Scorpio-Pluto teaches us that union with the Divine is not a matter of faith or belief. Empty rituals and rote routines do not make the direct connection happen. Pluto-Scorpio teaches us that we must patiently cultivate the subtle connection with our emotions, and then use sound, music, the breath, sensation or movement as a bridge to connect to infinite awareness.

Cancer gets us in touch with our emotional body. Scorpio facilitates our direct experience to the infinite, by linking the slower vibrations of the emotions with the higher infinite vibrations. Pisces stabilizes us in the absolute - the sound and space that is always there.

Mantras are one method that can be used to soothe, elevate, integrate and stabilize the emotions, so that we can move to the higher frequencies. Mantras clear old subconscious patterns, clear the mind and purify the emotional body, so that we can become emotionally self-sufficient. We are able to maintain the connection with the Divine and our Soul when we are emotionally stable, self-contained and independent.

Scorpio is the tunnel and the bridge to the other side. Scorpio is the tunnel because he exposes the deep reasons why we are blocked and what we have to do to liberate ourselves. Scorpio teaches us that we must expose and re-experience the original cause of our problems in order to release the energy and move on. Once the source of the pattern has been identified, we can free ourselves from unconsciously re-enacting it.

Scorpio is the bridge because the various symbols and techniques that he offers link and connect our emotions and personality to our soul. The music, mantra, breath, rhythm and various other symbols and techniques that Scorpio offers, connect the densest and lightest energies in a way that we can hold them in our consciousness and in our bodies.

Any mantra will do. There are different mantras, music, pranayamas and techniques that are appropriate for different situations and needs. Pick one based on your gut feeling, and practice sensing the energy in your body and spine. Let the mantra soothe your emotions. As you feel calmer, bring your attention to the cosmic sound that you can hear if you listen within, and the cosmic space that you can see and sense if you feel and see within. Notice that as you calm yourself down with your chanting, that it becomes easier and easier to maintain your connection with the infinite vibration, and to simultaneously feel calmly present in your physical and emotional bodies. This will take some practice. All mastery does. Pluto and Scorpio invite you use this month to move beyond your perceived limitations and expand one step further into the awareness of your soul.

Pluto-Scorpio Liberation

Meditating this morning I experienced that what I normally perceive as limitations - my body, my emotions and who I am - became a source of pleasure, comfort, security and power. It felt good to be in my body. My emotions gave me a sense of power. It was comforting to simply be present to myself. I felt cozy with myself. I realized that our body and our emotions are how we stay present and "be here now." It is by experiencing our body and emotions that we connect to the infinite in the physical form.

In sum, the resolution of Scorpio's conflict and duality is in the realization that what we have experienced as limitations - our body, emotions and who we are - are our sources of power, not our problems. I experience this realization as an incredible relief and release!

Scorpio offers us so many techniques, which if practiced with gentle awareness, allow us to relax into who and what we are. Scorpio offers us the opportunity to cultivate and enjoy many forms and levels of energy. Scorpio tempts us to experience our soul. Scorpio teaches us to attach ourselves to our own energy, to allow the dance of energies to pulse though us, and to consciously embody what is, was and always will be. Our direct experience helps us transcend our conflicts and removes our resignation. We begin to appreciate and enjoy our on-going experience of existence itself. This experience creates inner peace, acceptance, detachment and a liberating sense of power.

Scorpio teaches us that liberation in the human form may not be as complicated or as inaccessible as we made it out to be. We simply have to learn to hold, enjoy and play with the energy in our bodies, snd there are so many choices of techniques and modalities that activate, excite, engage and soothe our energy bodies. Life is happening in, around and through us at every moment. All we have to do is to take advantage of and tune in to what is.

Here I am still sitting on my yoga mat. I haven't gone any place. But something in me has changed forever. "Where ever I go, here I am" has taken on a new depth of meaning. I rejoice in my aliveness. I relax into my beingness. I celebrate who I am. As my phoenix soul rises, it winks at the ashes of my limited ego perceptions of who I am and what life is about. I acknowledge the gift of feeling good simply being me.

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