A Time of Connection

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #40, December 28, 2001

Dear Friends,

The touchstones I use for this time of year are SILENT and STILL. We know that Winter Solstice, December 21st, is the shortest day of the year (northern hemisphere). Energetically that means that this is the time of the year to be quiet, to relax and to rest. This is especially true the days before Winter Solstice and the day of Winter Solstice itself. Quiet meditation is one of the best ways to align oneself with the planetary energy shift that occurs each December 21st.

The end of the year is also a good time to reflect and evaluate the past year, and to prepare and plan for the next. I find that a sincere and detailed acknowledgement of what I have accomplished during the year, brings me a feeling of deep satisfaction and a sense of completion. I take stock, of not only my physical accomplishments, but also my emotional and spiritual accomplishments. This inventory helps me appreciate how I have grown and matured during the year.

This year I feel very satisfied with the global outreach that Gordon and I have created. I am infinitely grateful to Gordon for his daily dedication to keeping our sites and these lists functioning, and all the Internet logistics this requires. I am also grateful to everyone of you for participating in your own special ways. The more you bring light into your own lives and practice spiritual disciplines like Kundalini Yoga and meditation, the more peace we bring to the world.

I recommend silent meditation during this time of year. Any pranayama exercise will help you get into a still, silent space. Sitali Pranayam is a great exercise for the season since it strengthens the immune system and cools fevers. This is done by curling the tongue so it sticks out of the mouth. Inhale through the curled tongue, exhale through the nose. Do 5 or 11 minutes. Then sit quietly and meditate on the still, silent place within. Another breath that creates this space is Breath of Fire with the arms stretched out to the sides, palms up, arms parallel to the ground. Do breath of fire for 2-3 minutes and then again sit silently. When you lose your still place, repeat the breath or do another Kundalini Yoga exercise. The trick is to take advantage of the quiet place immediately after the exercise, meditate until you get distracted, and then do another exercise or breath to align your energy and pull yourself inward.

I wish every one of you an awesome inner divine connection for the holidays, and one that continues and expands during 2002.

Below I share a poem I wrote about this special time of year.

Many blessings and peace,

Guru Rattana

The Holidays: a Time of Transition

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.


of completions

to say good bye

to be at peace with what is.

A time to let go

to unwind

to resolve

to relax.

A time to clean out

to purify

to disengage

to consolidate.

A time of gratitude

to appreciate my many gifts

to be in awe of the miracle of life

to be thankful for divine good fortune.

A time to be alone

to examine my goals

to know who I am and

what I am here for.

A time to develop a relationship

with Self

with the unknown

with God.

A time to be satisfied

to acknowledge my accomplishments

to appreciate lessons learned

to solidify my foundation.

A time to go inside

to find peace and focus in my center

to prepare to move on

to get guidance from within.


of plans for the future

to say hello to new hearts

to be excited about what can be.

A time to open myself to new possibilities

to expand my perspective of reality

to be reborn as who I really am

to venture out of my limited mind.

A time of adventure

of new horizons

of exploration

of discovery

A time to ask for what I want

to decide to be open to receive it

to engage my actions to manifest it

to trust it will happen.

A time to grab on to my dreams

to tap and own my power to create them

to join together to support each other

to unleash new possibilities.

A time to set new goals

to conceive a new project

to solidify the design

to make my vision real.

A time to jump into a new dimension of existence

to cut through the obstacles of my belief system

to conceive a new paradigm

to build a new framework for the future

to create forms for a new physical reality.

A time of accountability

of revising my priorities of what is worthwhile

of purposefully thinking how to realign my actions

of accepting responsibility for a richer life.

A time freedom

of rejuvenation

of new freedom

of renewed joy.


to light the flame in my heart

to feel the presence of my Beloved

to know that I am not alone.

A time to fall on my knees as a child

to surrender

to higher love

to God

to Guru

to turn my life over

to a power greater than me

that resides in me

that is part of me.

A time to connect with the Divine

to renew my hope

to revitalize my faith

to rebuild my trust.

A time of spirituality

to escape the material world of things

to find refuge in world of the Spirit

to open my heart to connect with




A time to accept the guidance of all Masters of the Light

who came to show us the way

to free us from our self-inflicted bondage

to manifest heaven on Earth

to feel love in our hearts

to bring light to our minds

to illumine the path of joy

to rekindle the flame of our innocence.

A time to pray to be blessed with the grace of God.

A time put on another pair of glasses

to climb to a higher vantage point from which to view life

to tune into and live by Universal Truth

to move to the next octave of being

to be open to a more profound conscious awareness.

A time to be patient and see the perfection

to perceive the light in everyone's heart

to talk to their hearts and not to their heads

to see the hope and not the pain

to see the Soul and not the game.


between the old and the new.

With care I gently place

the events

the experiences and

the memories

of last year in a neat package.

I tie it with firmly with a bow

seal it with a kiss

mark it "Lessons Learned and Gifts Received" and

place it under the green tree of life.

The generous tree of life greets me with another package

which eagerly awaits my accepting embrace.

I reach out and receive the gift

with the bright curly bow

wrapped in shiny smiling paper

marked "New Challenges and New Opportunities

for the New Year."

With gratitude I understand that when the past

is lovingly taken care

of is gracefully completed

is sincerely acknowledged

is reverently blessed

the new can be born from

a clean slate

a fresh view

a pure heart.

I embrace the innocent joy of a child.

I am ready for a new adventure

Poem 145, December 14, 1993 - Copyright by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.


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