One Sacred Moment in Time and Space

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #44, July 3, 2002

Today is my birthday, so I decided that I wanted to offer everyone a gift. The following gift is offered to you that you might choose to experience Love. It is interesting that we all say we want love, but in reality we are the one's who choose to live in that experience or not. The experience of love is available to everyone at every moment. The human path is a journey of many choices. We have to drop our attachment to our thoughts and beliefs, to have and maintain this experience.

We have entered this human body for a short, scared moment on Planet Earth.

Each moment is precious

At each moment we make choices

on how to navigate our soul through time and space.

Our soul seeks to experience love in the human form, in physical reality.

Each choice determines our past, present and future.

What we experience is what we create.

Our gift and our challenge is to use our free will to choose love.

For just one moment, unleash your grip, relax

And let the unknown work for you.

For just one thought, release control of how you think things ought to be

And take a glimpse at the way things really are.

For just one glimpse, step back, jump out of your box

And observe a perspective so much vaster than your mind's view.

For one complete minute, look to the horizon, allow your breath to be automatic

And feel the infinite feed your being.

For one heartbeat stop holding on. Let go.

And feel the universal energy that is always available for you.

Give yourself one precious experience in time and space. With all your heart, body and soul

Surrender into the arms of the unknown.

Indulge in the panorama of the cosmic perspective.

Breathe in the wine of cosmic vitality.

Cuddle in the embrace of the infinite.

Soak in the nurturing presence of Divine Love.

Trust that you are taken care of. Know that you are loved.

For one precious moment, choose Love.


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