Live and Love in Consciousness

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #46, August 8, 2002
Leo New Moon

Just before the New Moon in Leo today, I made my last notes in the journal I began at Summer Solstice in New Mexico. The New Moon in Leo, at 12:15pm PST, is the beginning of this, my new journal, which I am going to entitle Live and Love in Consciousness – very Leoish.

The days before the New Moon are very inner times. If we take advantage of them, we can receive invaluable insights that direct our journey after the New Moon's launch of a new year in another area of our life. My inner guidance during this time was rich and supportive. The Leo Sun burned deep inside to awaken my heart.

I got so many significant messages. The first was that it is time to definitively change channels, and step into another dimension of reality. We are living in a powerful time of transition. The energy of this time is pulling us into the consciousness of consciousness. Consciousness is definitely a better place to be than unconsciousness. We all have proof of that. Unconsciousness gets us into so much trouble. The pain it causes, and the time and effort that it takes to extricate ourselves from the problems we create for ourselves, is ample reason to choose another mode of being.

Of course, if the decision and application was simple, we would have all made it, and changed our lives a long time ago. Consciousness is an extremely challenging path. We have to make the choice at every moment. We have to train ourselves to live in the present moment. Being responsible for our own consciousness is a full time job. As overwhelming as the task is, it is still by far the best option, but it requires practice "in the field" to fuel our commitment to cultivate our relationship with consciousness, and to definitively enter into this expanded reality.

Consciousness versus Story Channel

The first thing we need to do is to identify and discriminate between (1) our consciousness channel and (2) our story channel. We are used to being in our story channel. We have a story about everything. Stories are our limited ego's opinion about what is happening, our special version of what is right or wrong, and our judgment or interpretation of a situation. Our opinion about what happened, or what should happen, positions us as either a victim or an expert. We are all masters of the story channel; or as one student admitted, the story channel has mastered him.

The consciousness channel is completely different. Instead of making up the story in our own minds, we listen to a "higher" interpretation. We get guidance. The conversation is deeper, richer, more pleasurable, more relaxing and definitely more useful. It is like a third party opinion. The third party is God, our guides, our soul, our higher self, the Universe, whatever more knowledgeable authority you feel is guiding you at the moment.

Our first task is to learn to discriminate between conversations. Our second and on-going task is to change channels. As we do so, we step into another dimension of reality.

The conversation in the consciousness channel is distinctive. The advice we get may not be what our ego wants to hear, but we know that the advice is wiser than our limited perspective. It feels different. The conflictual tone is absent. We are given information so that we can relax and live in a trusting state of mind. The messages often assure us that we are being taken care of. Even when we are given specific information, somehow, if we stay in our consciousness channel and don't revert to the story channel, we don't get attached to the form or the specific outcome.

Our lesson is to have no expectations or attachments to how things play out. We realize that all the actors, including ourselves, are doing what they need to do to learn their lessons, pay off their karma or get prepared for the next act in the play. Everything seems in Divine Order, as indeed it is.

It is interesting to observe that we get satisfaction simply from being in the consciousness channel. As we relax into it, we are able to trust IT. The more we trust, the better we feel. Letting go feels so good. To not have to control, monitor, guide, or take care of others and situations is an awesome relief. We are free to tune into what IS and gracefully LET EVOLUTION TAKE PLACE!

Stories R Us

We all have stories about ourselves. Our stories determine our projection into the world, i.e. our stories are us. Scary! ☺ We also have stories in our head about relationships with other people. The New Moon in Leo invites us to examine these stories and change our inner conversation. Instead of being in a position of discussion, bargaining or negotiation with someone else, Leo invites us to create a position of self-value inside ourselves. Leo urges us to define our value, and to take an inner stand for ourselves based on our Divine essence. Leo encourages us to coolly contain in our own consciousness an unwavering commitment to ourselves.

Leo teaches us that we are the ones who have to commit to ourselves, to make the way for commitment in partnerships. Our commitment makes commitment in relationships possible. We define the territory and parameters inside ourselves. No partner can move farther than his or her potential mate. Our inner stand determines the level at which others can interact with us.

Once we commit to our own value, others will interact with us based on our projected self-worth. It is fun to watch how others respond to our inner position. There is no guarantee how they will respond, and it won't matter if we stay in the consciousness channel. If they resonate with our true essence, they will respond favorably. If they feel threatened, they may choose to not have us in their lives. If we truly value ourselves, we will welcome the opportunity to take this stand, and the clarity that it brings forth in relationship. Instead of being attached to preconceived outcomes, we enjoy watching how others take their cues from our inner stance.

Our inner definition of spiritual self expands our radiance and re-defines our projection. We attract what we project! The good news is that we have the power to turn everything around inside ourselves. Leo invites us to make our conversation about our commitment to self. Leo urges us to commit to our radiant essence and to the purity of our soul identity. Leo says open your heart to your shining light.

While the Sun is in Leo (July 22 through August 22) is a perfect time to cultivate our self-definition, and anchor it in our psyche. With a strong mind, practice holding a quiet, satisfied, integrated energy that radiates from your heart. As you do so, you will be reminded that the ego has its endless stories. However, you will also find that the soul conversation is about recognition and alignment with our spiritual essence. Alignment creates a deep sense of satisfaction. Inner contentment expands our projected radiance. The best way to maintain our inner stand is to LOVE AND ENJOY BEING OURSELVES. Love and enjoyment increase the power of our connection to our soul.

Leo is a master of individualization. Leo teaches us to recognize and claim our Divine Identity. As we meditate on our true essence (spiritual name if we have one), we move from karma to dharma. We move out of duality into oneness with the Universe and ourselves. Leo says the next step is yours!


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