Paradigm shifting with the Mul Mantra.

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #63, March 20, 2003

Following the publication of Issue 62 I have received many requests for more about the Mul Mantra. Here it is. It is time to use it to shift our personal and collective consciousness out of fear, lack and separation into a reality of love, trust and oneness.

The magnetic field of the Earth shifts at the time of each Solstice and Equinox. You may feel more tired than usual. If so, relax and get more sleep. Yogi Bhajan has told us to eat more onions, ginger and garlic for several days before and after these times.

The Sun goes into Aries March 20th and remains in the Aries sky through April 19th. March 20th is also the Spring Equinox. April 1st 11:19am PST is the New Moon in Aries (11°.) We are being greeted with a whole series of new beginnings. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and ruler or teacher of the first house of the astrological chart. At the end of our human journey through the Zodiac, we finally reach the home of Pisces where we connect with God and merge in God consciousness. The cycle or death and rebirth continues, and Aries greets us once again and we are reborn, wiser and more mature, or even in a new physical body, ready to begin a new journey. We have cleared a batch of karma, and with a lighter load we enthusiastically welcome our fresh start. Fiery Aries is full of Spirit and simply excited to be alive.

The Doorway is Our Ascendant

The doorway into our new life and the first house is called the Ascendant, or rising sign. Our personal Ascendant is determined by the sign that was coming up over the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth, i.e. the time of your birth determines your Ascendant. The sign of our Ascendant represents the glasses through which we view the world. This is how the world looked when we first appeared in this world. We carry this perspective with us throughout our life.

When we look through the glasses of our Ascendant, we also see who we are. We get a sense of our individual identity and who we are in the world. When we are at ease with this identity, we feel comfortable with ourselves and at ease in the world. When we are centered in our soul persona, who we are links up with this experiential world, in a way that attracts the kinds of circumstances and relationships that feed our spirit. We feel vibrant and self-confident. Our style is graceful and appropriate for who we are. We are enthusiastic about the life we are living, and comfortable with our role in the world.

Our Perceptions Determine Our Reality

Aries, the first house of our birth chart and our Ascendant all ask us to examine:

How we perceive ourselves and the world determines our reality. Our perceived reality defines the choices we make, the situations and relationships that we attract, and our ability to create happiness and achieve satisfaction in life. Each year when the Sun goes into Aries, when the Earth begins a new life cycle at the Spring Equinox, and when the Moon and the Sun join at the New Moon in Aries, we are offered another opportunity ask the above questions and to redefine ourselves, our world and our place in it.

Identifying Our Reality Box

We each live in our own perceived reality. To grow and expand we have to expand our perception of reality. Our reality is like a box. Our box gives us a sense of safety and security, but it also restricts us and limits our possibilities. When our safe haven starts to feel like a prison, it is time to expand our box or possibly figure out how to jump out of it all together.

We can identify the reality that is now operating within ourselves by probing below the surface of our limiting conversations. Do you ever make statements like:

If we examine these self-sabotaging affirmations at a deeper level, we begin to identify the box we have constructed to perpetuate these unsatisfying situations in our lives. Searching for the belief systems and attitudes that hold financial lack, poor health, unhappy relationships, etc., in place, prepares us to move out of victimhood into full responsibility for our own lives.

Getting Out of Our Box

To create another reality for ourselves, we must shift out of the paradigm that has created our current reality. We can't maintain the same mindset and thoughts and expect things to change. We can't continue to indulge in the same complaints and expect the Universe to guess that we would rather be happy than miserable. We can't continue to live in the same box that grew weeds and expect flowers to magically appear. Constant repetition of Only weeds grown in my garden does not make flowers grow.

The truth is that in a blue box, everything will always turn out blue. We have to get out of the blue box to escape blue. So what box are we living in? Many of us have imported our boxes from previous lifetimes. If you relax and let your imagination speak to you, it will identify situations that describe your box. How about the boxes of a monastery, a cave, a prison, a concentration camp? How about situations that could make us feel helpless, miserable and powerless – a servant, a slave, a sex-slave, a miserable marriage, a misunderstood innovator, and so on.

Now examine your imaginary box. It is true that, in the monastery, love relationships do not work. It is also true that, in the monastery, we will always be poor. We have taken vows of chastity and poverty. In a concentration camp or in a situation of servitude, we will feel powerless and even revengeful. We may also be prone to poor health. We are right about one thing – life will most probably stay the same in the blue box. We have to be able and willing to step out of our box as defined by our belief systems, mindsets and social programming, for things to be different. We have to change what is in our minds and hearts to change our reality.

So what beliefs and attitudes keep us in the monastery, in the concentration camp, in servitude? We have to identify how we have built our box in order to be able to take down the walls. We have to define our paradigm, before we can construct a new one that will support us in shaping a happier life. We have to realize and own that our box has been built and kept in place by fear, thoughts of lack, powerlessness and separation. We have to choose and train ourselves to live in an internal world built on compassion for all living beings, connection to infinite love, and responsibility and oneness with all life. Changing our internal world is a precondition for changing our external world.

Realities of Separation and Oneness

Today it is most appropriate to ask, why are we at war again? Why don't we live in a peaceful world? The most basic belief, that limits our personal reality and creates such destructive political and economic realities, is the belief in and perception of separation. Separation is born out of judgment of right and wrong, good and evil. We build boxes to protect ourselves from the bad guys. We build walls to keep the unworthy out of our territory. We build economic systems to exclude others from the bounties of the earth.

The basic problem is that if we exclude others, we also exclude ourselves. If we judge others, we will also be judged. If we try to limit the happiness of others, we also limit our own happiness.

The most radical and effective way to shift our reality, is to make a quantum shift from a reality of separation and division to a reality of oneness and inclusion.

As I mentioned in Issue 62, the Mull Mantra is a master paradigm shifter. The integration of the essence of the Mul Mantra delivers us from a mindset of separation into a reality of oneness with all creation. The Mul Mantra defines another reality, helps us construct another context for our life, and gives us a vastly expanded sense of our own identity.

We create boxes in an attempt to feel safe. In the context of oneness we experience authentic safety, because we are one with all that is. Nothing can threaten us because nothing is external to ourselves. Our judgments of others are superceded with compassion for all other souls (no exceptions). We realize that each one of us is seeking happiness and love. We discover that the haven of divine consciousness is infinitely more secure and dependable than our shabby blue box.

The Mul Mantra is a Paradigmn Shifter

To use Kundalini Yoga to permanently shift our reality, a disciplined spiritual practice is a necessity. The chanting of any divine mantra will link us to expanded realities. The Mul Mantra is a great paradigm shifter. The meaning and vibration of this mantra create an open neutral space, where we can tune into eternal oneness and infinite possibilities.

Get a jump-start on the Uranus in Pisces Reality Revolution, and set yourself free, with the master liberator Mul Mantra. Heal your own wounds of separation, and you will make a powerful contribution to changing the collective consciousness of separation, that is the foundation for the current insane war in Iraq.

Rebuilding Your Reality

The Mul Mantra is the first chant of the current Sadhana chants. It is a self-teacher. Be with it. Chant it. Absorb it. Become it. Live with it in your heart.

I offer the following reality rebuilding process. Feel free to expand upon these suggestions:

When we connect through oneness with Source, the nature of our circumstances and relationships change. The more we keep our connection, the more we feel connected to others. Notice that, when you lose connection, how you also feel disconnected from others and yourself! The more we maintain our expanded identity, the more we relate to others in the same way. Cultivating a new reality is interesting and fun. It is the feeling of joy that we start vibrating that fuels the shift.

The Mul Mantra: The Root Words




What is the nature of God?
EK ONG KAAR The One. It is one. It is the universal creator. The One supreme being is unmanifest and manifest. It is the conscious spirit that pervades all forms. It is the creator of all. It upholds all creation. This universe is the abode of the true One And the True One resides in it.

How can the indefinable almighty be defined?
SAT NAAM Truth is Its Name. The eternal truth. It is the truth.

KARTA PURAKH It is the primal creative Being. Its force is the uncaused first cause of everything. Everything emanates from this force. All existence is made from the same substance.

Because It is the creator of all and has no equal. It has nothing to fear or to envy.
NIRBAU Beyond fear
NIRVAIR Beyond vengeance

Because It has a sure existence and is above causation, It is not subject to the cycle of birth and death.
AJOONEE Beyond birth It is never born.
SAIBHANG Self-existent. It is self-creating.

How can I receive this state of being?
GUR PRASAAD By Guru's Grace It is attained by the guru's grace.

How can grace be reached? What is the means to salvation? How can one realize oneness with God? How can one unite with the Beloved? How can this state be maintained?
JAP Meditate. Recite His Name. Repeat the Word.

You will experience the timelessness of God. The truth is timeless.
AAD SACH True in the primal beginning He existed before time.
JUGAAD SACH True throughout all ages He exists through time.
HAI BHEE SACH True here and now He exists at this very moment.
NAANAK HOSE BHEE SACH Nanak, forever and ever true He exists beyond time.


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