Lunar and Solar Eclipses: Catalysts of Change

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #66, May 12, 2003

Eclipses are catalysts of change and the harbingers of transformation. Eclipses create change by disrupting the normal electromagnetic pattern of the Sun-Moon field.(1) This disruptive energy affects us, by challenging the status quo in our personal and collective lives. What we once held as sacred is exposed as no longer valid. Beliefs we considered unchallenged are now open to question. What we considered permanent is now vulnerable to the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Thursday May 15th, at 8:36pm PST, is the Full Moon in Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse. This is a Taurus-Scorpio eclipse, which is all about desires, resources, economic conditions and manifestation. The lower, unconscious expression of these energies manifest as greed, fear, attempts to control and to find security where none can be found. The higher, conscious expressions of these energies manifest as desire satisfaction, emotional contentment, the power to manifest and the ability to find security in our personal connection, between the finite and the infinite.

The Light of Our Soul Desires

When the Sun eclipses or covers the Moon, we have a chance to see our life in the full light of our soul. Hidden desires, unexpressed urges, and goals that we have stuffed, emerge and stare us straight in the eye. Whatever has struggled to get our attention is now in our face. The dreams we have nurtured for years are ready to be realized.

We become aware of what we came here to, our vision for our life is revealed, our mission is clarified, and our goals become well defined. This does not mean that our lives will instantaneously change, although this is a possibility. However, deep within we know that nothing will ever be the same again. We know that this is a time of realignment and repositioning. The reality shift has announced itself, and our job is to assess where we are at, define where we want to go next, and be willing to turn at the fork in the road.

A New Feeling Reality

This is a time to listen to and follow out instinctual messages, and to align our intentions with this new information. We need to fully indulge in seeing, feeling, tasting and enjoying what we truly want to create in our lives. The next few weeks are a perfect time for each of us to integrate the joy of living our life the way we wish and intend it to be, in our feeling, desire body. Our desire body is revealing to us the truth of our heart's desires. It is our job to pay attention, honor this information and be totally present to how this feels in our physical and emotional bodies.

Our reorientation depends upon our willingness and ability to supplement our mental, intuitive messages with full body feeling awareness. It is through our feeling awareness that we create our new reality and nurture it into being. Feeling awareness gets us in touch with and utilizes the juicy substance of our desire body for manifestation.

Zero Point Energy

Eclipses create an opening for change, by disrupting the electromagnetic field of the planet, and our personal electromagnetic fields as well. The Earth's energy field is zapped and so is ours.(2) Our energy levels are characteristically low during the days and even weeks around the eclipses.

We may feel disoriented, confused or zapped of energy at this time. We may have difficulty staying on course, focusing and remaining centered. If we push ourselves, we may get sick. Do not over exert yourself. Take time to relax and take care of your physical and emotional health.

This is a critical time to meditate in order to realign ourselves with the Earth's energies. In silent meditation, we can be present to the instinctual messages bubbling forth from our soul. It is not a time of dynamic action, so calm down and be one with the energy of the zero point in the manifestation process. At the zero point we can allow old situations, relationships and beliefs to leave, so that we can create the space and prepare the field for new opportunities to enter our lives.

As you allow yourself to simply be, enjoy how it feels to have what you know you really want in your life. Feeling at this deep accepting level is absolutely essential, for realizing our dreams and bringing our intentions into manifestation. So take advantage of the moment to feel real. It is very enjoyable to simply be present to how good it feels in your body, to let your desire body take over your awareness reality. Master this and also keep expanding this glorious feeling awareness, and you will manifest your dreams right before your very eyes.

Solar Eclipse May 30th

Friday May 30th is the New Moon in Gemini at 9:20pm PST, and a Solar Eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity. When the Sun is eclipsed we get in touch with our subconscious, and how we are either sabotaging or aligning with our hearts' desires. This is a time where our belief systems are exposed in the light of universal truths. If our beliefs align with universal truths, we allow the Universe to support us. If our beliefs about ourselves, the world and the cosmos are tainted with fear, guilt, ideas of scarcity and lack, we will block universal assistance through our misalignment.

So as you get clarity on your heart's desires for this lifetime, be aware of what beliefs and limitations in your consciousness prevent you from fully feeling them into existence. The lunar and solar eclipses are a package deal. The Universe is offering us yet another chance to clear the cobwebs, and to enjoy the exhilarating ride of the ascent into spirit, and the descent into manifestation. Riding your own personal wave in the ocean of existence is what life on planet Earth is all about.

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