New Moon in Gemini: New Reality

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #68, May 31, 2003

Wow. This has been an energetically eventful week. To me it seems like yesterday's solar eclipse and New Moon in 9° Gemini graced us with an inauguration of a new reality. Something has definitely shifted.

Thursday seemed to be the featured meltdown day. Not only has the solar eclipse been active, but also so have the solar flares. If you feel like you are being burnt from inside, this is partly created by the effects of the massive solar flares. I am still feeling this effect myself and so are my friends. One way it manifests is wanting to take a long nap.

Thursday morning a friend called for emotional support. He was so angry he felt ready to kill. I felt the urgency of the matter and chanted "Hail Guru Ram Das, in the Name of Guru Ram Das heal my friend and heal the world".(1)

I also asked a few friends to do the same. By evening events and his mood had shifted. Friday he called me in a completely transformed mode. He was being supported by what had been a hostile work environment only the day and weeks before, and he said he felt nurturing energy from the Universe protecting him.

Forgiving Expressions of Love

Friday I felt differently too. In my meditation I started contemplating the concept of forgiveness. A new meaning opened up for me. I felt the words FOR and GIVE speak to my heart. I felt that I am certainly for giving. I couldn't quite figure out ness. But today I defined ness as anything that expresses the quality of love. So my new relationship with forgiveness is I am for giving anything that expresses the quality of love. The important thing about this is not my personal interpretation, but that the process changed my energy. Some old anger and resentment was replaced by a neutral, detached stance. I simply have the desire to be in an expression of love. The old triggers just don't set me off like they did in the past.

Protective Love

A couple of other friends whom I talked to on Friday also expressed that they felt very differently. One said she felt a soulful sweetness inside and a cuddly protective energy surrounding her. This was all in spite of the fact that she felt physical pain, from the emotional traumas of others in her immediate work environment. Another friend was feeling a cocoon of warm nurturing and was in real joy as she told me, I love my life! And this was in spite of the fact that she had just had her professional status challenged, by someone who questioned the accuracy of her financial advice to a client.

Out with Autocratic Control Trips

Well interestingly enough, the next story is about the above gentleman - chairman of the Land and Recreation Committee of a big condo/apartment complex, and in charge of a mult-million dollar budget. Last night was the monthly committee meeting open to residents. He announced at the beginning of the meeting that during the designated time residents could make comments, but that there would be no interaction from the committee or discussion of their concerns. The first person to speak during the designated time calmly and eloquently stated that, in all the other forums in which he had participated, the comments of residents or interested parties were open to discussion and feedback. He requested the same, at which point, everyone in the room stood up and applauded loudly in unanimous support.

The chairman gathered his papers and left the room. The group elected a new chairman, and proceeded with an open and friendly discussion about the residents common concerns. Wow. This seems like an historic event. The autocratic chairman dethroned himself after the support from the people was withdrawn. This is just one of many events that will awaken us to the reality, that authority figures and systems based on control are going to fall more and more into disfavor. People simply want to be in control of their own lives, and participate in managing their community affairs. Integrity and respect seemed to be installed as required norms for all interactions. My friends and I designated Friday May 30 as a day of confirmation of the end of autocratic control, and the installation of People Power. Another indication of the installation of a new reality.

Empowered People cannot be Controlled

This story reminds me of the first time I attended a class taught by Yogi Bhajan (in 1977). The message that grabbed me was about the power of Kundalini Yoga. He said that religious, political and economic systems can control people who are not in their power. They maintain their power by keeping empowerment technologies from the people. People who are empowered cannot be controlled. He was here to help make the technology of Kundalini Yoga available to everyone, so that people can be in control of their own lives. Those were my political days. I felt like I had met a true revolutionary. I had already realized authentic revolution happens in the consciousness of people. From that day on I had some real tools to works with.

Love or Chaos

The energy at this time is indeed intense. In the highest expression, it feels like we are being graced with Divine love. The only choice we have to make is not to resist it. Those who resist will manifest upset and chaos with the same energy that others find so supportive and loving. The Universe is flooding us with a source of support and comfort that we do not have to generate ourselves. What a relief! Outside support has arrived! And it is free, non-controlling, and available for all without discrimination or discussion. It is pure universal love! It is not only not threatening, it is fun.

I still stand by my advice:

  1. take care of yourself,
  2. give your well-being priority,
  3. don't take things so seriously,
  4. and practice Kundalini Yoga.(1)

Change happens so fast these days. Thursday was a meltdown day. Friday was warm cuddly day. What torments you one day can seem totally irrelevant the next. Ride the waves. Stay in your heart. Keep your center in your heart, not your head, and you will be just fine.

References and Footnotes

1. You can do the same by inserting the name, names or situations you seek assistance for. Guru Ram Das was the fourth Sikh Guru. He built the Golden Temple, which is known for its healing powers. It was built with four doors, one in each direction, so that people from every persuasion would feel comfortable entering. Guru Ram Das embodied the universal energy of healing, unconditional love and miracles.

2. There is a lifetime of Kundalini Yoga sets (kriyas) in my books available from Yoga Technology.


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