Love Yourself Today

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #76, November 8, 2003

The astounding alignment of planets called the Harmonic Concordance is Saturday November 8th. For the last week I have had the feeling that, in ways that we do not know, our lives are being transformed forever. For some, the transformation is all too obvious, i.e. for those who lost their homes in the fires in Southern California, or their loved ones in accidents and wars. For most of us, we could sleep through the moment on November 8th and not notice anything special. However, I am noting that, in some way we, are each receiving a wake-up call. The calls are from our souls. The energy shift is subtle. We must tune into it. We must be quiet so we can listen to our own hearts, so we can hear the message of our souls.

Internal Shift

What I am noticing with myself, and hearing from others, confirms a deep internal shift. A new student came to my Kundalini Yoga class Wednesday night, and said she was there because for the first time she could say yes to coming to class. The common theme is that it is now possible to shift our internal responses in a positive way. Our resistance is dissolving and we are opening to new possibilities.

A girl friend explained today that she is no longer trying figure out how to make happen what is not happening in a relationship. To do so would be to perpetuate dissatisfaction, and she is simply choosing to be more loving toward herself. When we create dissatisfaction in our minds, we are not loving ourselves. What is shifting is our ability to love ourselves.

We all have the habit of focusing our thoughts on what we think should have happened, what we want to happen, and what would happen in possible scenarios. The alternative is simply to notice what is happening. We can notice and accept the way people are, and how they behave, without trying to change what is obviously out of our control, and often none of our business. We all know this. What is different now, is that the stranglehold of old thought patterns is loosening.

This morning in my meditation, I became aware of the energy that manifests as tension in my body. I also became aware of how I could use this same energy as a context or container for my delicate inner self. As I let this male energy create a feeling of support and protection, I could feel my physical and emotional bodies, and feminine energy relax. I think it is a Cancer thing, to use emotional energy to create an energetic barrier, to protect our vulnerable inner being. Each sign and each person has his or her own way to create a sense of self-protection. You may feel invited to examine your own, to investigate how you are consuming your vital energies in fear or anger, and to embrace more satisfying ways of using your soul power.

I also noticed how this old energetic pattern is related to my own version of creating and perpetuating a malaise, by thinking certain things should be different than they are. It is a habit that does not serve me, and somehow, I could look at it and know that with loving practice I could and will give this up.

Self-Love Revolution

When we contemplate the idea that things will never be the same again, we often think about miraculous external events in our personal and collective lives, but what about an internal shift that could make this possible? What if we each started loving ourselves just a little bit more every day? So for those who are asking, "What should I do during the Harmonic Concordance?", my answer is love yourself in a special way. Yes, simply care for yourself. Allow the Light energy that is gracing the planet to shift one thought pattern inside your mind, even for one conscious moment; and simply enjoy the process. Be patient with yourself. Don't expect a miracle. That is another form of not loving yourself.

Be kind, caring and loving toward yourselves. Creation, evolution and revolution all involve purification of our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Purging of old thoughts, behaviors, relationships and circumstances is a necessary part of preparing ourselves to vibrate at higher frequencies. Leaving old baggage behind is required to make a quantum leap forward. As we release old patterns, we will be able to use our energy differently.

Not only are the planets lining up today, but so are we. We are being gifted with a lot of assistance. Ask for help and allow yourself to receive it. Hold yourself in a special way on this special day. Love yourself by allowing yourself to absorb the Light and Love that is infusing the planet at this time. Feel the tingling, the heat or other sensations, radiate in your body. Whatever you feel, stay focused on loving yourself. Today and every day, we can create a self-love revolution - a revolution of the heart.


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