Make the Divine Your Companion

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Number 91 - July 3, 2004

Dear Friends,

July 3 is my sixtieth birthday. As my 89 year old mother wrote me, How did you reach 60 so fast? It does seem incredible that so many years have gone by. When I was 50 I delighted that I had half of my life left. At 60 I realize that over half of my life is over. It is a sobering thought, but also very motivating. There are many things that I still plan to accomplish this lifetime. There are many people to serve, so that we can make the transition to a heart-centered world. I feel very confident that I will be able to complete my assignment. I am grateful for all the support, the partners, and the prayers that are making it possible to make our contribution.

Age brings so many gifts. We want to be able to enjoy the confidence, competence and consciousness that we acquire over the years. From the perspective of 60, the one thing that I would share with everyone is to take good care of yourself. Your life is very precious. What you do today will determine your quality of the rest of your life. We all want to live well, feel good and be happy. This is possible if we give our mental, emotional and physical health priority. Eat and sleep well. Choose love in all that you do, say and think. And devote time each day to your spiritual practice. We are so blessed to have the quick and effective technology of Kundalini Yoga. I definitely owe the quality of my life and my youthfulness to my daily Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice.

Yogi Bhajan taught us to make an offering on our birthday, so today I offer you a short poem that I wrote. It contains instructions on how to meditate and cultivate your personal relationship with the Divine. It is one I read in my classes between exercises and for meditation. As you read it, let your soul speak to you.

I thank all of you for being part of the web of love on the Planet. I hear from some of you and appreciate your feedback very much. Most of you I just feel your presence. Know that your presence does make a difference!

Many blessings to each of you,
Guru Rattana :+)

Make the Divine Your Companion

Enter the dark velvety cave of eternity inside your head.

The light of life will beam in your mind.

Let yourself be absorbed in the sea of Infinite space.

Waves of satisfaction and contentment will flow through your being.

Meditate on the changeless permanence of the Infinite

And be infused with peace.

Meditate on this imperturbable force.

Joy will permeate your being.

Meditate on the ever-present Presence.

Duality will dissolve and you will perceive the One everywhere.

Bow to what IS, WAS and always will BE.

The desires of your restless mind will be both stilled and fulfilled.

Contemplate the presence of the Infinite.

You will never be alone.

Fix your mind on the steady vision at your third eye.

Nothing can disturb you.

Listen to the sound of silence.

The unstruck melody of the Universe will resound in your ears.

Embrace the void of nothingness.

Discover that within you blooms the lotus of abundance.

Bathe in the nectar of the Name.

The resonating sounds will cleanse every cell with the vibration of purity.

Enjoy your heartbeat pulse through your body.

Your breath will harmonize with the rhythm of your soul.

Let your mind dwell on the Divine.

The Divine will serve as your companion.

Let yourself be held in the arms of the Eternal One.

You will never be alone.

Make the Divine your lover.

Your being will radiate the beauty and grace of Divine love.

Surrender to your Divine lover.

And you will be always in love.


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