Stillness and Silence at Solstice

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #99 - December 21st, 2004

Nature pauses to partake of a moment of silence,

Making us aware of the possibility of peace on Earth,

Softly wishing that we may join her in this prayer.

In the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice is December 21st. The shortest day and the longest night of the year invites us to go inward and be with ourselves. The Sun also goes into Capricorn on the 21st. The last Earth sign invites us to connect deep within our body and to celebrate our human life on planet Earth. Mercury goes direct late the 19th on the West Coast or early the 20th any place east. While Mercury changes direction, it is possible for our mind to calm down and let go. It is a time to be still and silent. It is a time to listen and feel deeply. It is time to experience peace.

I offer you the following poem to move into the gentle unity of your soul. In this place of peace, many we join together in prayer for peace within all and for peace on our planet.

May the beauty and peace of the Infinite be with you now, in the New Year and always.
Guru Rattana

Stillness: Stand Still

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Stillness is the winter of our spiritual journey. It is the time

to disentangle ourselves from situations that are

creating confusion

zapping our energy

leading us astray

to identify where we block ourselves and evaluate our situation.

Standstill is a directive to stand still

to observe what is happening

to be with what is so

to find out the truth.

When we stand still we can

calm down

achieve clarity

establish connection

take a position.

Stand still is the antidote to agitation.

Agitation is born from dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction breeds impatience.

Impatience spawns frustration .

Frustration depletes our energy.

In stillness

we become aware of the tight restraints under which we live

we discern where the pay back is not adequate for the energy spent

we are in touch with our space that has created the incongruities

we recognize our power to create a space that attracts to us what we want.

Stillness is a time of withdrawal, where we

look at what we are doing

assess the implications of our actions

sacrifice our illusions

submit to our higher guidance

surrender to the Divine.

Withdrawal is a time to patiently accept

the death of the old

the gestation of the new

the process of growth called life.

It is the time to reach within instead of out. It is a time

to examine and release outmoded habits

to shed and cleanse the debris in our environments and in our minds

to discover what we are holding on to that we best relinquish

to reconnect with our inner life

to reaffirm what is real

to sacrifice our ego for our soul.

It is a time of acceptance, not of blame.

It is a time of observation, not of anxiety.

It is a time of calculated caution, not of stubborn will.

It is a time wisdom, not of action.

It is a time of courage, not of fear.

It is a time of change, not of retrenchment.

It is a time of transformation, not denial.

It is a time of prayer, not self-pity.

It is a time to trust, not to doubt.

It is a time of gratitude, not greed.

It is a time to examine our impatience and our inability

to be still so that we can connect

to accept so that we can ascertain

to let go so that we can be assisted

to surrender so that we can know

to die so that we can be reborn.

To be truly still is to relinquish control.

When we do, we realize that something is transpiring

that we are not in charge of

that exists independent of our will

that is eternal and pervasive

that consistently continues no matter what we do.

In stillness we connect to our foundation.

We find our roots.

We achieve stability.

We anchor ourselves on solid ground.

In stillness we turn our attention to our Self.

We discover our core.

We are reduced to zero.

Beyond the I we discover the am.

Stillness is experienced inside. Inside is where

we explore

we discover

we create.

From our inner stillness is birthed





From our inner stillness

guidance is received

the vision becomes clear

the plan unfolds

the seeds are sown

the roots grow.

The goal of stillness is to attain peace. From stillness

we connect with our inner power

we mobilize our inner resources

we align our energy for action

we move from a place of eternal satisfaction.

The gifts of stillness are

effortless containment

expanded consciousness

unquestioned contentment.

For deep within our solitude

we are restored

we are renewed

the ice melts and spring is born.

We wake-up to find ourselves standing




in the center of our heart.


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