Inner Taurus - Welcome to Physical Reality

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #118 - April 21, 2006
Planetary Alignments
Relief - Saturn went Direct in Leo April 5th

Saturn turning direct is indeed good news. Saturn is heavy even when it is direct, so its sojourn retrograde since November 8th, 2005 dampened our spirits, as well as the forward movement of our grand plans. Saturn is direct until December 5th 2006. If we play by the universal and natural laws, and our goals are directed by our hearts, we can now move forward with our plans.

While Saturn was retrograde our patience, perseverance and faith were tested. If we worked on developing our internal fortitude, without succumbing to negative stories, fear or doubt, we can now reap the rewards of both internal and external power and authority. Our new found strength can be used to help us get what we want.

Saturn certainly tempers our naïve and opportunistic fantasies about money. Saturn teaches us to be sensible and disciplined in our spending. Saturn did not invent credit cards, and would certainly not advise us to charge ourselves into debt. However, if we are willing to be realistic, the planetary energies now support us in creating and uncovering great deals. Jupiter in Scorpio, from October 2005 through November 2006, is implementing a restructuring of the laws of cash flow. This can produce a variety of results, which can be favorable, challenging and far-reaching. Those who work on learning their Taurus/Scorpio lessons can earn their place in the favorable category.

The period of financial duress is over for the time being. Taurus and Gemini (April through June 22nd) offer us opportunities to get the monetary part of our lives in order. Much of what was previously blocked is now available. During this favorable money time, we are well advised to strategize and implement our financial and career plans.

Taurus - Welcome to Physical Reality

Taurus, the first earth sign, awakens us to both the pleasures and the necessities of physical reality. The fire energy of Aries activates our spirit. We are excited about being alive. The earth energy of Taurus tells us our spirit lives in a physical body, and we are in charge of taking care of it. Taurus introduces us to the practical reality of basic needs - food, water, shelter, etc. To get these needs met, we have to establish a healthy relationship with the Earth plane. Unhealthy attitudes include neediness, scarcity mentality, greed, irresponsibility and unaccountability. Healthy attitudes include gratitude, abundance and sufficiency-for-all mentality, taking responsibility for ourselves, and being accountable for our actions.

Taurus teaches us about the material world. Our initiation begins with establishing material values, and taking care of our basic needs. As our initiation advances, we discover that all matter is conscious - including our bodies, animals, plants and the rocks, soil and minerals of the Earth. Everything is interconnected, interdependent, and held together by Spirit. As our perception opens to the oneness of the material and the non-material dimensions of existence, our values and priorities change. The more we are in touch with the spirit infused in our bodies and the Earth, the more we can experience the beauty and peace that the Taurus archetype holds so dear.

Re-Evaluation - Taurus New Moon April 27th

Both the New Moon and Full Moon signal a time of transition. Conditions are changing. Those who refuse to recognize and accept the changes will block their own progress, and possibly encounter serious difficulties. Those who accept, and are willing to accommodate to the shifting winds, will be carried along to greener pastures.

At the Taurus New Moon we re-evaluate our relationship with money, matter and material goods. Resource issues are on the front burner. What do we value and what price are we willing to pay to get what we want? What we get is related directly to how we value ourselves, our own self-worth and our self-esteem. Our attraction mechanism is internally generated by our level of self-acceptance and self-love.

Taurus exposes the inner/outer relationship in the arena of resources. The more we feel we deserve what we want, the more likely we are to manifest it. However, deserving is a tricky concept. Authentic deserving excludes entitlement attitudes. We aren't owed anything. We command by our presence. We attract with our radiant body. Taurus works for what he gets. It is through his efforts that his presence becomes strong. It is by his physical labor that he establishes an interactive relationship with the physical world.

We may feel we are on a hot plate in the arena of finances. Whether we actually are or not, the energies of the fixed grand cross (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo) are forcing a restructuring of resources. For this to happen, old patterns and attitudes that get in the way must be released. If you feel pressurized, that is exactly what is happening. An irresistible force is confronting tenacious habits and unworkable situations. The good news is that a new alignment is inevitable. We can facilitate this readjustment by being totally honest with ourselves.

Honesty Requires Deep Listening

Honesty requires listening to and identifying our soul's motivations. When we are totally alone with our own heart, what do we really want? How do the directives from our heart differ from our learned assumptions about what we think we want to do with our lives? What fears get in our way and block our vision of what is possible? Deepening and widening our perspective is key, to both extricating ourselves from our current box and to moving gracefully to the next stage of our lives.

The other essential element is that we have to take back our will - again and again. Taking back our will means we have to set our own guidelines and make our own evaluations. If we feel weighted down, we can release much of the stress and pressure by being our own judge and our own authority. The truer we are to ourselves, the more free and empowered we become. The more we take back our power, the higher our vibrational frequency. The higher our frequency, the more we activate our radiant body, and the thus our capacity for magnetic attraction. The icing on the cake, is that the purer and brighter our vibration, the more we impact the collective field of the planet. We become an agent of change for the whole world.

Inevitable Transformation - Scorpio Full Moon May 12th

What we know is an infinitesimal part of the Universe. This fact may not seem too important, but how about considering the fact that we know only a small fraction of what there is to know about ourselves? We talk a lot about creating our own reality, but just how do we do that when we know so little about what we are actually doing? The Full Moon in Scorpio reveals yet another piece of our personal unknown.

This Full Moon illuminates what must die for us to live. Scorpio obliges us to clean house - physically, mentally and emotionally. Our unconscious is powerful; to a large extent it creates our reality. The more we can understand and shift what is going on in our inner basement, the more this hidden power can be used to serve instead of sabotage us.

Neptune in Aquarius squares both the Sun and Moon at this Full Moon. The power of Neptune is enhanced by the fact that it turns retrograde at 20° Aquarius on May 22. A planet must slow down to change direction. (planets do not actually change direction, but because of the vast difference in their orbits and rates of speed, from our perspective they appear to slow down, stop, creep backward, stop, and slowly move forward again.(1)) During this stationary period, the planet hovers over us, beaming concentrated and intensified energies, communicating messages relevant to the planet and its current sign. The planet acts like a searchlight that is sweeping the sky very slowly,(2) serving both as a clarifying and revelatory mechanism.

This time Neptune radiates unifying cosmic energy, that is received by us as either fog or illumination. Both our illusions and our intuition will be magnified. Aquarius asks us to identify and align around our personal mission. What contribution are you here to make, that will contribute to bringing healing and consciousness to the planet?

My Body, My Emotions - Spirit in Our Bodies

For millennia, most spiritual paths and religions were based on the idea that spirit and matter were separate. The body, and especially the lower three chakras, were considered bad. Instead of being encouraged to appreciate our human life, and to enjoy the richness of our physical experience, humans were taught to live in fear, shame and denial. The evolution of the Taurus/Scorpio dynamic is about changing this limiting paradigm.

The Taurus archetype gets us in touch with the fact, that the human body has the capacity to give us an experience of the Divine. However, we usually carry so much tension and negativity in our bodies, that our sensitivity to higher vibrations is blocked or shut down. The pleasure-loving Bull encourages us to take care of our bodies, so we can relax, enjoy our physical experience, and merge into oneness with nature and natural forces.

The archetypal Taurus Bull reposes in luscious green pastures totally connecting with the Earth. The Bull invites us to do the same:

  1. to regularly be in a pristine natural environment,
  2. to feel our body and the Earth energies connect,
  3. to experience the solid support of the Earth,
  4. to feel our body fall in love with the Earth.

Our Taurus assignment is to patiently and lovingly develop an intimate relationship between our body and the Mother Earth. As we do so, we access a state of profound relaxation, contentment, peace and strength. We no longer feel alone or isolated. We embrace and cherish our beautiful home - our body and the Earth.

Transformative Scorpio

Of all the signs, Scorpio has the capacity to access and transform the deepest levels of our subconscious programming and power. The Scorpio archetype helps expose and heal the subconscious blocks, that get in the way of our peaceful, loving connection with our bodies and the Earth. To quote Yogi Bhajan, "There are three areas where the subconscious can lock your mind and you will not be aware of it. You can be interlocked in your insecurity, your incompetence, or your projection of your personal reality".

The Taurus/Scorpio dynamic, at this Scorpio Full Moon and Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, reveal another level of hidden realities. Both Taurus and Scorpio help us align and flow with the cycles of life, and with our endless emotional expressions. Our task is to do something every day, to free both our physical and emotional bodies, so that we can joyfully synchronize with the natural rhythms of our body, the Earth, and the Universe.

The Taurus/Scorpio Dynamic

The Taurus/Scorpio polarity is about creating, sustaining and transforming our inner and outer resources. The underlying evolutionary theme is to extricate ourselves from personal and impersonal insecurity. Insecurity keeps us in the fear mode, and scares away opportunities. Fear expects and thus attracts rejection. When we feel secure inside ourselves, we attract good things, and bad things go away. When our physical and emotional structures support, instead of sabotage, us we can attract and enjoy the good life.

Of course, both our inner Taurus and our inner Scorpio love the idea of relief from the stress and struggles of physical existence. However, the process of releasing the fear that prevents our inner alignment, takes commitment to the task and discipline to keep on going. Fortunately, the persistent Taurus and the penetrating Scorpio (both fixed signs) are strong in these qualities. It is in learning to handle and overcome our challenges that we become strong. This pair knows that the Earth and the Universe serve those who have a goal, and are constantly making an effort to reach it.

Kundalini Yoga - Our Body is Our Barometer and our Messenger

Above we talked about honesty with ourselves. The question is, how to get deep enough into our psyche to achieve this honesty. How can we penetrate through the blocks that interfere with our reception to this information?

Our body is a very sensitive instrument, which acts as both a barometer and a messenger. Our muscles, emotional responses, energy level and breath all communicate with us. Taurus encourages us to be present to the sensations in our body, and to train ourselves to use them to get in touch with our personal truth. As we allow (instead of trying to control) the way we feel, we can access a deep level of knowingness that is available to us in no other way. Our job is:

  1. to cultivate body awareness,
  2. to allow all our sensory feelings, without control or judgment,
  3. to listen to the knowingness that they express,
  4. to trust their messages, and
  5. to act according to their directives.

For one day conduct your life using the guidance of your body. Your touchstone is I know only what I feel. Your self-awareness will expand dramatically. You will realize that you really do know what to do, and you really are guided by your soul through your body and emotions. Coming to this deep understanding is very satisfying. Be sure to take time to enjoy this internal satisfaction.

Meditation on Body Consciousness

This month we will take advantage of the earth energy of Taurus to cultivate body consciousness. Practice is the way. Pick any Kundalini Yoga set and do it every day for this month. You can also switch sets, but do practice every day. Sets relating to the hips and legs are good for grounding.(3) After each exercise, bring your attention to your body. Below are some guidelines for cultivating body consciousness.

Start with your body, not your mind. If you start with your mind you will get (stay) distracted. If you are thinking about your body, you are in your mind. You have to be non-verbal to get into and stay aware of your body. Of course, your mind is going to distract you. Notice how you use addictive thoughts to escape feelings and body consciousness.

The following are guidelines that you can adapt and expand upon:

Taurus/Scorpio Touchstones

Taurus - What I feel is real.
Scorpio - And it isn't always comfortable.

Taurus - What I feel is what I know.
Scorpio - And there is a lot you don't know. Stay tuned.

Taurus - Harmonious consciousness is achieved by loving every aspect of ourselves in our body.
Scorpio - Even if we don't understand it, we can still love it.

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3. Good sets for the hips are to be found in my manual Relax and Renew 2nd Edition.


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