Aquarius: The Divine Revolutionary

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #12, January 25, 2000

Each sign of the Zodiac is an archetype, a universal thought form and an expression of the Universal Mind. Each archetype is an organizing principle in the human psyche, which manifests in the human experience as psychological needs, personality traits, emotional states, and mental attitudes and perspectives. Each archetype is part of the structure of human consciousness and a motivating force in the quest for spiritual growth, and indeed eventual enlightenment. Every Soul comes to Planet Earth seeking to embody the highest expression of all twelve archetypes. The human journey is the quest to experience this wholeness.

Air Signs

The nature of the gift and the essence power of each sign resembles the challenges that it must face and master to tap its gifts and embody its powers. For the three air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) the mind is the arena where the fight is carried out and the victory is won.

Each of the air signs is associated with one aspect of the mind, the exchange of information with other human beings and the interaction between the human mind and the Universal Mind. Gemini learns how to analyze, interpret, categorize and communicate information. Libra's path is to balance the polarities of the analytical mind and master the Neutral mind. Aquarius must learn to experience the Universal Mind and then act from this all-inclusive perspective of reality.

The power of air signs is based on the fact that thought is the basis of all manifestation. The air signs teach us that manifestation begins with an idea or a thought. The water signs add the emotional energy that gives the seed idea the nourishment to grow. The Earth and Fire signs take the action that brings the idea/desire into tangible form.

It is well known that concentrated thought has the power to produce physical changes from healing to moving objects. Focused thoughts even transcend the need for speech and are transmitted to other minds directly through telepathy.

The air signs aspire to intellectual creativity. Their goal is to master the use of thought as a creative act and to employ the conscious mind as a tool to integrate the psyche.(1) The creative power of the human mind comes from the fact that it is a hologram of the Universal Mind. The path of the air signs is to discover the Divine nature of the human mind and to then to learn how to utilize its enormous potential for Human Good.

Developing the capacity to think clearly, to align with the Divine nature of the mind and to use the mind in a positive and constructive manner is a daunting task. To attain this lofty goal the air signs must cultivate concentration, stability, thoroughness and detachment. They must learn to distinguish between divinely inspired ideas and experientially created opinions and desires. To perceive the Truth they must learn to transcend human ideologies and emotional entanglements.

One of the challenges of the air signs is to also get in touch with their feeling nature and to distinguish thoughts from feelings. To develop the faculty of detachment, they must be emotionally connected. This allows them to identify when they are using mental coldness and indifference as masks for fear and denial of their feeling nature.

The air signs demonstrate quite clearly that, when the human mind is restricted by limited perceptions and shut off from interactions with the Universal Mind, it becomes its own prisoner. It remains a victim of its own self-perpetuating and self-sabotaging thoughts. Mental isolation seeds loneliness, social isolation, fear of communication and a sense of one's own intellectual inadequacy. The frustration is constantly compounded by the fact there is no escape from one's own mind.

The air signs must explore the potentials of the mind. They must overcome the slavery to their mind and become its master. The only escape route is through their connection with the Higher Mind, which opens the rational mind to the Universal Mind. Self inquiry yields satisfying results when the light of the mind is available to beam into the dark crevices of the hidden and wounded psyche. The silent isolation that the unevolved air signs endure is overcome when they able to merge their conscious mind with the Universal Mind.

Human Unfoldment

The twelve signs of the Zodiac symbolize the progressive unfoldment of the Soul through the personality of each individual. Aquarius and Pisces are the last two phases of the human journey. They have earned a high degree of wisdom and inner freedom in their personal lives, and are now concerned with the future welfare of humanity. Their paths highlight the attainment of collective and transpersonal states of consciousness. In these last stages of human evolution, the individual personality is defined enough to permit a merging of consciousness without getting lost in the process. It is prepared to serve the group and take responsibility as a microcosm of the macrocosm of humanity.

The Aquarian phase of an individual's life journey corresponds to the later years in life. Through the intense trials and test of the first ten signs, he or she has achieved a strong sense of personal identity. The mind, body and emotions have been trained to act as an integrated unit, to serve the Soul purposes of the individual. The mind is stable and aware. The body is disciplined and healthy. The emotions are balanced and available to empower one's decisions and actions.

When the individual is fully developed, he/she is ready to sacrifice himself to the higher good of the collective. If the individual is truly a realized being, his/her selfless service is not really a sacrifice, but a further evolution of the Self. It is through serving humanity that he/she strengthens and maintains his/her connection with the Divine.

Mother Teresa offers us an example. She stated many times that she saw Christ every time she wiped a wound of the poor. What might appear as a sacrifice to those who have not attained Christ consciousness was an act that produced experiences that do not even come close to the uninitiated definition of sacrifice.

The Aquarian contribution is voluntary and inner motivated. The worth and the identity of the individual are not lost. Aquarius demonstrates how we rise above fate, align our will with Divine Will and in the process lead freer lives. It is through the use of individual free will that Aquarius makes the transition from personal to group consciousness.

The discovery of its Soul purpose is critical for both Aquarius and Pisces. Their full expression is realized only when they participate in the larger expression of the Divine through the collective. Because Aquarius and Pisces have no personal goals as such to achieve this lifetime, they feel lost and even worthless if they have not discovered their personal contribution, and are actively offering it to the world.

This does not mean that individuals with the Sun sign in Aquarius or Pisces will not have a personal life. There are many other factors in addition to the Sun sign that determine the experiences that one will seek out to find wholeness. But if Aquarius does not make a contribution to the collective, he will not fulfill his destiny path this lifetime. The weird behaviors sometimes acted out by Aquarians can be partially explained by their frustration and unconscious knowing that they are missing the mark. If they have not identified and are not actively involved in an area of service, they will not feel complete. The Aquarian spirit in all of us has a deep innate desire and need to be a valuable and valued part of the community.

For both Aquarius and Pisces, universal concerns are their concerns. Aquarius embodies the urge to serve. Pisces embodies the urge to merge. Both are motivated by an inner drive for group involvement and contribution. Both feel satisfied only when they actively assume their individual responsibility in serving the collective and creating and expanding group consciousness.

The Aquarian Influence

As I have mentioned with each of the previous signs, everyone has every sign in his or her birth chart, although the degree of the influence and the importance vary. Even if we do not have any planets is a particular sign, the possibility, and indeed the need, to master the highest expression of each energy is required for our wholeness. This can manifest in many ways.

I personally have no planets in Aquarius, yet some of the most important people in my life have been and are Aquarians. They have added pieces critical for manifesting my destiny and through my interactions with them I have learned many Aquarian lessons.

The energy of Aquarius is especially available when the Sun shines in the Aquarian sky between January 21 and February 18th. The Aquarian New Moon, this year February 5th, which is also the Chinese New Year, is an opportune time to set your Aquarian goals for the next year.

When the planets and the Moon are in a particular sign of the Zodiac an abundant dose of that energy is available. The moon cycles are very rapid. Every 2 1/2 days it passes through another sign. The amount of time that the inner or personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) stay in one sign varies between less than one to 2 1/2 years. The outer or impersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have a slower orbit. Uranus remains in a sign approximately 8 years, Neptune 14 years and Pluto 17 years. This is long enough to have a major impact on the minds and hearts of everyone on the Planet. Trends, social mores, political and economic institutions and technological change reflect the influences of the signs of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Uranus has been in Aquarius since January 13th, 1996 and will remain until December 30th, 2003. Neptune entered Aquarius November 29th, 1998 and will remain until February 4th, 2012. With 2 of the 3 outer planets in Aquarius, it is easy to identify all the Aquarian events in our lives, from the Internet, which has created virtual communities, friendships and business partners to the demand for the democratization of global institutions like the World Trade Organization.

The Aquarian Age

Each astrological Age lasts approximately 2000 years. (The ages go in reverse order from the Sun's movement through the Zodiac. The previous Age of Pisces will be examined in Issue 13). The transition from one Age to the next involves nothing less than a complete shift in consciousness and worldviews.

We are now in the cusp or transition to the Aquarian Age, which we will begin in 2012-14. (There are different opinions about the exact date.) For the next 2000 years, Aquarius will be the supreme astrological influence and transcendental frame of reference for human evolution and activities, and the expression of our consciousness. The collective human purpose will be revealed through the characteristics, nature and goals of Aquarius. It is therefore of utmost importance to understand the nature of Aquarius and the implications of its highest expression.

The Pisces-Virgo polarity was the underlying influence on humanity during the last 2000 years. The Aquarius-Leo (see below) polarity is now the dominant polarity that we must seek to understand and embody. The underlying Aquarian themes help us understand our inner urgings and the unfoldment of our personal lives, global events and collective consciousness.

The Aquarian Age will be characterized by independence, interdependence, invention and collective welfare. The Aquarian territory is science, technology, education and the mass dissemination of information. Aquarius creates concrete results in these areas through the creations of the Mind. His innovations and inventions are the vehicles through which humanity expresses itself. They are devoted to serving the common good. Aquarius creates channels and networks for the dissemination of information so group endeavors can proceed rapidly and efficiently.(2)

Aquarius teaches us that the highest expression of service through technological innovation requires group cooperation and a spiritual approach to life. Through the Aquarian influence we become aware that the microcosmic views of the individuals of a society are reflected in the macrocosmic, collective experience that we all share.

Aquarius demonstrates that there is a logical evolution of consciousness, necessary to achieve the cooperation and unity required to work at the level that will produce true Aquarian results. Individual consciousness must be infused with Spirit, which inspires and directs actions. The elevation of individual consciousness is the first step. Individual consciousness creates and merges with group consciousness. Group consciousness connects the group and its parts to Universal consciousness. It is the experience of Universal consciousness that nourishes, inspires and fuels collective action toward common goals.

The Aquarian Vision

Below I outline briefly some of the most important Aquarian themes this will guide us in the Aquarian Age.

  1. Right Human Relations
    Right human relations between individuals and between individuals and the collective starts with establishing a sense of right relationship with oneself. Goodwill is the cohesive force that is essential for establishing clear communication and positive cooperation. Right Human Relations include a voice for everyone and humanitarian solutions that honor the rights and needs of all.
  2. Personal empowerment
    The process of personal empowerment and self-actualization unleashes the creative contribution of each individual. It is through the development of personal will that individuals learn to hold and creatively use their innate powers. It is the individual's creative contribution to the whole that manifests the democratic and universal vision.
  3. Collective cooperation
    Through the unified focus and efforts of group purpose, not only do we deal with our common issues, the individual evolves through his or her participation. "The group helps to support and define the individual, refining and strengthening one's sense of self and personal creativity."(3) Together we tap the power that only mass participation and teamwork can generate.

    Aquarius elicits group cooperation by honoring diversity and allowing the personal freedom that unleashes the creativity of each member of the community. Aquarius achieves broad goals through complex political, social and technological networks and alliances.

    As the head of the World Trade Organization, Mike Moore (former Prime Minister of New Zealand) said recently, "We can only solve our mutual problems together". His eloquent and heart-centered interview on KPBS, more than 6 weeks after the events at the WTO Conference in Seattle early December 1999, made me ask why didn't this proponent of equality and fairness get the same press as the minority of demonstrators that smashed shop windows? This points out the obvious fact, that the level of consciousness of the people, the press and our leaders will all play a determining role in how the Aquarian themes are played out. We can create everything from an hysterical drama to uplifting and empowering cooperation that molds and models a new world, where everyone is listened to and honest attempts are made to meet the needs of all.
  4. Unity and Universality
    "We are all in this together" is not only a motivating factor but an experienced reality, as we get in touch with the unifying power of Universal Love. The spiritual awareness of the Divine spark that lives in each one of us leads us to manifest unity, synthesis and universality in our actions. The Aquarian Age symbolizes the evolution from Me to We, to a "What's in it for me?" society to a "What's in it for us."

    "Win-win" is another Aquarian motto. Aquarian solutions do not cut up the pie between competing interests after long legislative and legal battles that cost lots of money and favor the wealthy and those in power. Aquarian solutions expand the pie, which is baked with the efforts of diverse interests joining together to achieve common goals and visions.
  5. Revolutionary Evolution
    We recognize humanity's potential contribution to human progress. We become acutely aware of how social conventions and economic and political systems limit human potential. We are energized to make the necessary changes to uproot intolerance, allow more freedom of expression, and eliminate practices and reform institutions that create haves and have nots. As our eyes open, we begin to perceive life and how we can create collective reality differently. As our minds expand into collective and transpersonal consciousness, we tap the power to constructively act to solve global challenges.
Aquarian Symbology

Aquarius is a human sign. Aquarius is the common man and woman. Aquarius supports democracy and the decentralization of power. Aquarius represents the highest expression of the human consciousness, the opening of the heart center and creation of a heart-centered world.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer, a man or woman bent down on one knee holding an upturned urn on one shoulder. The vessel is open at both ends. Aquarian mind focuses universal energy in such a powerful way that it manifests in the solid form of water, which flows into the collective life stream as Grace and Love.

Aquarius is a state of being and a state of mind. The Water-Bearer represents the human capacity for enlightenment, which opens it to channel universal consciousness from Heaven to Earth. It is the vehicle for the expression of the Universal Mind. It is the observing mind that can interact with cosmic knowledge, and hold the mental space open until "the intellect makes a quantum leap to another level of understanding."(4)

The Aquarian mind is an open receptacle for the infusion and diffusion of universal energies. The Universe is able to act through Aquarius because he has surrendered his will to Divine Will. Aquarius is a mouthpiece for Divine revelation and wisdom. His words reveal the Truth, shock people out of denial, awaken the drowsy and illumine those ready to be set free.

Aquarius embodies the frequency that attunes us to the Infinite. It links us to the Universal Mind. The Water Bearer demonstrates that at the core of the human psyche resides Universal Consciousness. The vase of the Water Bearer symbolizes the portal to the Absolute. It is the channel for Divine Will. The water also represents the purity of mind that is open to receive Divine assistance. The Water Bearer has returned to the innocence that willingly allows his life to be directed by a higher power.

Intuition and the Universal Mind

Aquarius is the Knower. As a result of his connection to the Universal Mind, Aquarius is a true original thinker. He perceives novel possibilities and holistic solutions. Aquarius lives in the dimension of reality where radical ah-ha experiences are the norm.

Aquarius fuses the intellect with the intuition. Aquarius has a clear mind, which is able to think in categories and instantaneously process and synthesize information. It can also align all factors in their proper order to produce all-encompassing visions and solutions. The Aquarian mind can "blend and synthesize a myriad ideas, then categorize and distribute them through an overall, ordered structure."(5) Aquarius at work takes a little from here, there and everywhere. He then shapes all the ingredients into a perfected recipe for his creative project. Aquarius presents original results that delight a wide cross section of people.(6)

Practical application combined with original thinking are Aquarius' forte. If you have a problem to solve that can only be resolved at the next highest level of perception and inclusion, give it to Aquarius. He will delight in the challenge and come up with the most obvious yet, unpredictable result.

Spirit flows freely through the Aquarian mind. Universal knowledge is intuitively available because the mind in unfettered by logic or calculation. It is this direct connection with Source that gives it the freedom to be unconcerned with approval or validation, the capacity for objectivity and detachment, as well as a non-judgmental attitude. It perceives the reality that each individual is unique and honors everyone simply because they are human. It is tolerant, open-minded and egalitarian because it lives in the reality that transcends artificially created separations. Aquarius is concerned with goals and ideas that unite humanity because he has a direct experience of our oneness.

Levels of Consciousness

The level of consciousness that manifests in one's life (and on the Planet!) depends upon the stage of evolution of personality and the Soul. We have divided this continuum into 3 phases (1) asleep, (2) waking up and (3) awake. (1) The asleep person encounters a series of life experiences that serve to initiate the awakening process. One or more crises force the individual to look seriously at his or her life. (2) Through self-examination the individual works to eliminate barriers and to cultivate hidden talents that serve to align the personality with the true expression of its Soul. (3) The awakened initiate passes his tests for the last time, embodies the transcending qualities of his Soul and dedicates the rest of his life to serving Humanity.

The Aquarian Path

Aquarius must move from an unconscious vacant mind to an aware, expanded connection with the Universal Mind. Aquarius must substitute superficial gestures with allowing attitudes. Aquarius must reach the zero point in his mind where nothing pops into infinity.

The unfoldment and internalization of consciousness of Aquarius is concerned with the relationships between individuals and the collective and the experience of the common bonds that binds us together. The personal yields to the transpersonal for the betterment of the whole, through honoring and caring for all individuals.

Asleep Aquarius bears the weight of his egocentric antics. As awakening Aquarius becomes aware of world suffering, he uses his creativity to help humanity through art, social action, and inventions. Awake Aquarius perceives the Divine Plan, holds a planetary vision and works towards the alignment of global action with the Plan. The World Server dedicates his life to planting the seeds that will awaken humanity to the experience of Oneness and Love. The enlightened and dedicated Water Bearer distributes to all the Love and Wisdom that will save the world.

Aquarian Needs

Aquarius has four basic interconnected needs:

  1. The need for awakening, revelation and enlightenment.
  2. The need for liberation, emancipation and breakthrough.
  3. The need for change, progress and reform.
  4. The need for perspective, overview and radical objectivity.(7)
Service and Universal Love

Aquarius has a deep desire to serve and to be all things to all people. Asleep Aquarius serves himself by trying to get attention through egocentric and attention attracting actions. As Aquarius awakens he discovers a deep urge to devote his life to world service. He also discovers that he is endowed with gifts that make him an extremely capable innovative leader. Aquarius feels compelled to promote reform, champion a cause and implement change.

Awakened Aquarius embodies the magnanimous energies of Universal Love and the Wisdom of the Higher Mind. Aquarius is a vehicle for the impersonal, detached Universal Love, which is the cohesive glue and Divine Energy that is present in every living creature. By his very nature, Aquarius is compassionate toward and honoring of all humanity. Awake Aquarius has an infinite amount of energy because he does not let personal, romantic, exclusive love inhibit the flow of the cosmic juice through his being. Awake Aquarius' Love is pure, potent and devoted to a Higher Cause.

Aquarius consciously devotes his life to serve humanity. He experiences the meaning and beauty of the collective and perceives the function and power of the group to create a better world. Aquarius bears the water that inspires all people (each one representing the highest expressions of all signs of the Zodiac) to make their unique contribution to the world.

Aquarian Temperament

Aquarius can shock us either by presenting us with the bizarre or by exposing the truth. If Pisces is "cool", Aquarius is "rad" and the more radical the better.

Aquarius is purposeful, yet carefree. As well as a World Server, he is also a curious adventurer. His motto might be "I am here to be a servant of God and to explore the wonders of the world." Aquarius plays many roles and has many guises. He can be an angel, a magician, a revolutionary or an eccentric gadfly. Aquarius lives in the dimension of reality where serendipitous happenings are the norm. He lets things happen because he knows that they do when the human mind is aligned with the Universal Mind. Aquarius simply knows.

Leo and Aquarius

Each astrological sign has an opposing sign, which is in fact its complement. In the Asleep stages of consciousness, the opposing signs appear to satisfy mutually exclusive needs and thus pull an individual in different directions, vying for attention and dominance. What seem to be either/or choices or scenarios can in fact be resolved only by integrating both, where the two halves become a whole. The integration of the two energies and perspectives produces powers that cannot be achieved alone.(8) The blending of two seemingly opposing principles creates a synthesis at a higher level of complexity than is available to the parts expressed separately.

The trick is that to produce a complex whole, each part must first be fully developed and embody its respective principle. Leo is the archetype of Self, identity, self-esteem and personal will. Leo cultivates the ability to focus enough attention to open up to the experience of Divine Will. It is through the exercise of personal will that one aligns with Divine Will. It is through the identification of the personal Self that one is awakened to a transpersonal Self and identifies with the whole or the cosmos. Thus the gifts of Leo are an integral part of tapping the gifts of Aquarius. Together Leo's individual consciousness and Aquarius' collective consciousness merge into cosmic consciousness.

The Aquarian personal foundation must be solid and steadfast in order to effectively devote his life to world service. He must have integrated and consolidated his energies. He must be fully anchored in his own identity before opening his heart to the outer world. The Leo-Aquarian duality is resolved when the individual Self identifies with the Collective self or humanity at large and becomes whole. The paradox is transcended when one realizes that one is not what one thought. Self-realization happens as we expand our identity. Leo is individual creativity. Aquarius is evolutionary change. Synthesized they emerge at the higher octave of co-creation. They become the creative instruments and expressions of Divine Will, discovering that "creation is evolution." (As Teilhard de Chardin put it.)(9)

(Everyone can learn more about their Sun sign by also examining the attributes of its opposite: Virgo-Pisces, Libra-Aries, Scorpio-Taurus, Sagittarius-Gemini, Capricorn-Cancer.)


Each astrological sign is mentored by one or more planets. Uranus is the Master that inspires Aquarius. Uranus is the Planet of surprises. At the lower end, the surprises are not so much fun i.e. accidents, losing your job, unexpected natural disasters. At the higher end are magic and miracles. And what greater surprise than to awaken the mind and find that reality is nothing like what you thought it was. What greater miracle than to transcend the illusion of separation and merge in the cosmic Love that binds us all?

Uranian energy is very quick. Uranus is the planet of earthquakes and sudden, unpredictable changes. Uranus is the Planet that shakes up stable patterns. It provokes unexpected changes that disrupt our comfort zones, break up our habitual rhythms and destroy our security blankets. Uranus alters circumstances and creates psychological disorientation that catapults us into unknown territory. And through it all, Uranus enjoys mind-blowing scenarios that precipitate major changes. It finds instability exciting. It worries little about playing it safe.

Uranus cannot tolerate feeling boxed in or held back. Uranus must free itself from restrictive conditioning and gain access to the highways leading to the cosmic dimension of reality. Uranus specializes in flipping the switch that sets us free.

Asleep Aquarius

Asleep Aquarius does not have an anchored sense of self. Lacking a coherent self-conscious magnetic center, he will attract a myriad of unrelated and perhaps worthless situations to himself. He is unable to differentiate, discriminate, prioritize and chose not to participate in those encounters that do not serve his best interests. What will later become detachment now manifests as an airy, empty, even flippant attitude towards life.

Asleep Aquarius in not practical, diffuses his attention and wastes his vitality in a maze of confusion, which often produces unnecessary complications in human interactions. The painful fallout from indiscriminately making and losing "friends" is part of Aquarius' wake-up call. Aquarius must learn the lesson of Right Relations before he can establish true equanimity in relationships. Exhausting himself in the process of trying to be all things to all people is part of his leaning process.(10)

Aquarius is keenly aware of others and sensitive to group process. Without a firm sense of self, however, he may be drawn to join sects or cults where group identification substitutes for individualization. Aquarius likes to represent something more than himself and to stand for collective values. Asleep Aquarius will try to satisfy this need by merging with an unconscious mass, and by giving importance to the order and ceremony of groups lead by charismatic leaders.

Unconscious Aquarius personifies the objective, scientific intellect in its most limited and sterile definition. In this case, the air element is not allowed full circulation or interaction with universal thoughts and information. The result is a narrow worldview and interpretation of reality, not a synthesis of complex information.

Asleep Aquarius has a very superficial sense of self. He seeks constant attention through unpredictable, outrageous actions, unconventional dress and provocative behavior. He projects himself into society in a diffused and confusing manner. There is no logical explanation for his actions because he does not use the constructive qualities of the rational mind. This egocentric, even sociopathological, personality needs self-discipline and direction.(11)

Asleep Aquarius tries to cover up his fear of inadequacy by glamorizing his uniqueness. His pride motivates him to try to demonstrate that his differentness is a virtue not a shortcoming. He is unconscious that he has more meaningful choices than to try to be superior or to have no equals.

Asleep Aquarius may become a social butterfly, cramming his life full of social activities, which leaves him little time to be alone, and thus ironically, no time to get in touch with his uniqueness. He tries to demonstrate his belonging by joining many groups and finds himself identifying and espousing the ideas of the group rather than his own (which he may not even know.) One of the greatest Aquarian tragedies is that he may end up following someone else's dream rather than his own. He may become a follower rather than the leader that he was born to be.

Awakening Aquarius

Awakening Aquarius is often viewed as a "lone wolf" that does not fit into the group. He is aloof and isolated, not out of lack of interest in others, but because casual friendships and superficial social interactions do not fit his personality. He may feel and behave as an outsider because his sense of separateness is genuine. Aquarius does not conform to popular socially acceptable behavior, not because he wants to be different, but because he IS different. Aquarius' inability to act the part in artificially friendly social situations reflects his inability to be dishonest to himself and others. Aquarius feels at home only in groups that share a deeper bond where the link is of an inner, not an outer nature. Awakening Aquarius may conceal a deep loneliness that longs to play a significant role in a larger whole.

Aquarius' goal is to move from feeling alone in a crowd to experiencing a sense of belonging even when he is alone. Awakening Aquarius is often driven to be alone, not only because he feels he will not be accepted, but because he is attempting to establish the inner connection that will truly align him with group consciousness. It is not social charm (although this electric personality may have a lot of it), but a deep inner connection to humanity that magnetizes deep and lasting friendships to Aquarius.

Aquarius seeks deep and meaningful sharing and interchange, which is only possible to achieve at the end of an inner journey. It is the search into oneself that leads one to connect to the hearts of others and to join together in a place where we experience the oneness that breathes through the wonders of our uniqueness.

Aquarius will never overcome his perceived isolation in the prison of a narrow mind. The Aquarian challenge is to open his mind so that he can actually realize, experience and embody Oneness. It is through this inner illumination that the Divine Plan will move from a mere theoretical vision to a reality that guides his actions.

Awakening Aquarius must learn to feel secure in his own personality by anchoring himself in his own center. From his own center he can move outward and develop a conscious awareness of the dynamic interplays and dynamics of human and universal energies. Aquarius must train himself "to remain conscious of the whole relative to his own level of participation" as he expresses himself through his creative endeavors. It is part of his awakening process to take from all the various streams of human life and bring these expressions of creativity back into himself. In the process he furthers his own inner awareness and cultivates his own wholeness. After gathering and synthesizing in his own heart, he again shares the new level of assimilated information.(12)

Awakening Aquarius must reorient his life from one who uses society for his personal benefit to one who devotes his life to serve others. Awakening Aquarius becomes aware of his urge and indeed capacity to unite disparate points of view and align them to further the common good.

Awake Aquarius

Awake Aquarius' life unfolds through a profound universal connection to the Plan and to the Truth. When this connection is real, it translates as a genuine and inclusive interest in humanity, compassion for every human being and eagerness to work toward the common good. For Aquarius to be conscious of and unfold his true potential, his sense of commitment to and participation in the collective must be founded in a real experience inside himself. There is no substitute for this experience. Mental concepts cannot substitute for, and in fact interfere with, the attainment of the Universal Mind.

Awake Aquarius uses his natural gift of networking to align the individuals in a group around a unifying goal. Through his creative efforts, Aquarius will make his mark on the world. "The outpouring of (his) creative self-expression" synthesizes the personality and the Soul into a cohesive unit.(13) Aquarius unites the body, mind and emotions into a unique expression of the Soul.

Social reformers, revolutionaries, inventors are driven by the Aquarian need to work toward freedom and equality. Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Galileo were all Aquarians. Oprah is also an Aquarian.

Awake Aquarius is the Knower. He teaches us to trust the process of life. The Water Bearer demonstrates that the reason for our existence is to grow beyond our perceived boundaries and expand beyond our illusory limitations.

Awake Aquarius is the observer, the objective witness that allows all thoughts, emotions, and impulses. It is the allowing process that enables change to occur and freedom to result. Because Awake Aquarius is emotionally detached, he is able to perceive the Truth in each situation and to allow evolution to occur at just the right moment of Divine Timing.

Aquarius teaches that the more we are in touch with the Self the more we are in touch with the Universal. Individualized consciousness becomes universal consciousness. The greater our connection with the Self, the greater our awareness of the One that is the Self. Expanded awareness inevitably leads one to serve humanity.

Aquarius teaches us that the only way to change the world is to change oneself. Revolution begins within and is accomplished when the Soul of each individual shines for all to see. Aquarius is about waking up and staying awake.

Aquarius is the Divine Revolutionary. It is the Aquarian connection that seeds our urge to feel part of a larger whole. It is the Aquarian individuality that drives us to define our contribution. It is the Aquarian spirit that links us up with others and forges alliances to accomplish our common goals. It is Aquarian energy that helps us tap the power of the group. Aquarius knows that "When two or more are gathered in His Name, there is Love." It is the Aquarian impulse that holds the vision and works towards the creation of a sustainable, equitable and peaceful New Millennium.

Key Attributes
IndiscriminateDirectedActivating vision
ReflectiveInventiveBirth of New Archetypes
AnarchistRevolutionaryKnower of the Plan
Chaotic movementPurposeful movementCyclic movement
Pranayama to Tap the Universal Aquarian Mind

The mind follows the breath. All signs must master the breath. For the air signs it is not only a requirement, it is first priority. All pranayama or breathing exercises are effective in opening the channels in the mind. The breath also gives us a mechanism to watch and to direct the mind.(15)

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is a distillation of the wisdom and experience she has gained from a lifetime of study and practice of Kundalini Yoga. This book should occupy a prime position on the bookshelf of everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and understanding of meditation and its role in spiritual transformation.

•Easily accessible for beginners

•Illuminating for those who want more

•Profound and penetrating for seasoned practitioners

Each thought is an opportunity to pay attention, to observe, to allow, to release and to move on. Each inhale and exhale is a gift that can bring awareness and focus and can help us be present in our body and connected to universal energy.

There are no shortcuts to training the mind. Commitment and dedication are required. Fortunately there are powerful technologies that make this formidable task possible:

  1. Kundalini Yoga, other forms of yoga and the martial arts align the physical body and help balance the emotions so the mind can begin to let go and relax.
  2. The breath is the most obvious and readily available tool. Pranayama exercises allow us to enter directly into the realms of the mind.
  3. Jappa or the repetition of Divine thoughts is another tool that can be used at any time. The internal or vocal repetition of mantras focus the mind on a Divine thought and reprogram the subconscious mind.
For Quick Stress Reduction

Slow your breath down to 4 or less breaths per minute. Your mind will begin to relax and move into a meditative state.

Cultivating Your Internal Divine Connection

One of the yogi's goals is automatically and mentally repeat a mantra on the inhale and exhale of each breath. Yogi Bhajan teaches us to use the seed mantra SAT NAM. Inhale SAT - the Truth. Exhale NAM - to call upon, to name or to identify with. This is an easy, yet powerful, practice that you can use at any time of the day or night when you need to calm your mind and return to a more peaceful mental/emotional state.

One Minute Breath

Yogi Bhajan has given 3 meditations to practice daily for the next 14 years (during the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.):

  1. Eleven minutes of Kirtan Kriya or SA TA NA MA Meditation.
  2. 31 minutes of Sat Kriya.
  3. Eleven minutes of One Minute Breath.

The sequence for One Minute Breath is: inhale for 20 seconds, hold the breath for 20 seconds, exhale for 20 seconds.

Observing your mind during the One Minute Breath helps cultivate the powers of the mind and tune into the Universal Mind. One Minute Breath makes us fearless by helping us overcome the fear of death. It also gives us unlimited energy and links us to the universal energy of Love that flows on the breath. It is through the breath that the Water Bearer transmutes the spirit of Love into the substance of consciousness or water.

Sounds easy, but for many people it is not and will take practice. There are a few tricks that will facilitate the accurate performance of this breath:

  1. Proceed this pranayama with Breath of Fire or Long Deep Breathing alone or in yoga exercises.
  2. Relax the body while breathing and holding the breath.
  3. Create a base in your lower triangle below the navel point that does not participate in the breathing process. This means that you will not completely fill your belly with air. The breathing will be from the navel center up. This will prevent a rapid inhalation or exhalation, which will allow a slower deeper breathing pattern.

If you figure out any other tricks let us know. Start with the amount of time you feel comfortable with and work up. Don't worry, you have 14 years to perfect this breath. A timer, mentally repeating a mantra that takes 20 seconds or following a mantra tape that has definable 20 second intervals are all most helpful.

The practice of the Kriya for the Navel Center is explained fully in my online Kundalini Yoga course, Lesson 10. It will be most useful to check this out before doing the One Minute Breath. It will help you define and hold the navel center during the breathing.

Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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