The Sagittarius Path - Spiritual Workshop called Life

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #126 - December 3, 2006
Planetary Alignments
Sagittarius Gets Our Attention

Its Sagittarius' turn to get our attention. A stellium of planets in Sagittarius gloriously expands our spiritual horizons.

When the Sun enters Sagittarius we get a breather, after probing Scorpio pulled us into the depths of our psyche. Facing our fear of death, and trying to stay afloat in the murky waters of the unconscious, can be challenging. While the Sun shines in Sagittarius, we should enjoy feeling the satisfaction of completing another phase of our deep inner work. It is time to give ourselves permission to flow freely with our spontaneity. It won't be long before the work ethic of serious-minded, driven Capricorn interrupts our spiritual party.

Jupiter lifted itself out of Scorpio after a year of intense inner probing, and entered Sagittarius the 24th of November. It is making its once every twelve years journey through its ruling sign, through December 17th, 2007. Jupiter in Sagittarius will help us to be more optimistic about the future.

The intensity and seriousness of Pluto in Sagittarius is however still with us. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 1994 and will remain through December 26th, 2008. We have two years to complete our inner Sagittarius lessons, and to assess the impact, of this 13 year sojourn, on our inner and outer realities. When a slow moving outer planet reaches the end of its journey through a sign, it is meaningful to take stock of the long-term impact on personal and collective consciousness.

This issue of New Millennium Being can be used as a reference for working with and integrating Sagittarian energies through 2008. Pluto offers us the gift of self-empowerment if we do our inner work. Jupiter offers us good fortune, if we take action from a pure heart toward a grounded vision.

The Basic Nature of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is cheerful, optimistic, light-hearted, jovial, festive, playful, generous and confident in the future. The expansive Sagittarius enjoys and even amplifies the inspiration and adventures of life. However, the mind of this fire sign is so fast, that it can jump forward without totally experiencing the present moment. He is future-oriented and does not dwell in the past. He usually forgives quickly, because he is eager to move on to his next adventure.

Sagittarius seeks out, and even expects, peak experiences. I have a Sagittarius moon. I had a Gemini girl friend about 12 years ago, with whom the nature of all our activities together was to expand ourselves spiritually. Another friend commented that we acted like we needed to have a peak experience every day. Yes! Of course! We definitely agreed and, in fact, felt that organizing our lives around peak experiences and spiritual adventures was the best use of our time.

Sagittarius is grateful for being alive, and likes to count his blessings. He is optimistic, expects good things to happen, and usually attracts positive experiences. He is inspired by a vision and focuses on the larger goal. He enjoys the process of achieving his goal and then moves on to the next one.

Sagittarius possesses both extroverted and introverted energy. It aspires to greatness within and without. The Sagittarian archer, with arrow pointed towards the heavens (mounted on a galloping horse), portrays some of his other character traits - straight as an arrow, blunt, direct, sincere, honest, truthful, above board, and able to keep his word.

Sagittarius often achieves recognition, and even rewards, for his intellectual accomplishments, philosophical contributions, and innovations to education and higher consciousness.

The Sagittarius Evolutionary Journey
Over extended, too many projectsCalculates implications before committing
Scattered, lacks follow throughCan focus and concentrate
UnfocusedCan concentrate and take careful aim
Monkey mindCan organize thoughts and stay focused
Impulsive, acts precipitouslyEvaluates facts before taking action
Glittering generalizationsStraight direct communication, to the point
Blunt, hurtful directTruth, helpful
GullibleTrusts the truth
Prone to excess and risksExpansive, attracts good fortune
Projects blameLooks inward for causality
FanaticWise sage
Over-zealous Devoted to and listens to the truth
Dogmatic beliefsExperiences Spirit directly
Lose temper under pressureDiscipline replaces rage
JudgmentalShares wisdom
Needs to be intellectually superiorHumbled before the wisdom of Spirit
Needs to be appreciatedGrateful to be able to inspire others
Fear of imperfectionAble to share humanness
Limited viewpointSees the higher perspective
Righteous indignationLives the truth
Gemini Full Moon - November 5th

Full moons expose what is hidden or overlooked through denial and ignorance. A full moon in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis reveals mistaken information and deceptive beliefs. It illuminates the shadowy corners of our minds, so that we can investigate thoughts and mindsets that prevent clear, accurate and truthful thinking. It shows us where our arrogance, rigidness, judgmentalism and fanaticism bend our arrow away from the truth. Superficiality and duplicity, Gemini's immature expressions, are also exposed and will not be tolerated.

Uranus at 11° Pisces squares both the Sun and the Moon, forming a t-square with these mutable signs. Any planets in your birth chart within a few degrees of 11° will be impacted. We have been experiencing a whole series of t-squares of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Fixed signs are focused and committed. The fixed signs represent the four sources of human power and potential. The fixed signs need to learn, and teach us about, self-empowerment and taking responsibility for our own lives. (See Issue 123)

The Mutable signs represent a whole different dynamic. Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces) are fluid. They flow with universal energies, and must constantly adjust and align Earth energies with the will of universal laws. Mutable signs are volatile, hard to pin down and more accommodating to shifting energies and change. Their job is to make room for, and allow adjustments, that permit transformation. Mutable signs need to learn, and teach us how to align our energies with universal energies.

What we think (Gemini), believe (Sagittarius), perceive (Pisces) and embody (Virgo), may be profoundly challenged and changed at this full moon. Surprising revelations and insights may radically shift our perceptions and assumptions. With the wild card Uranus in the mix, shifts of all kinds can happen. We can't sneak by in unconscious slumber. It is wake-up time on Planet Earth.

Jupiter, Venus and Pluto are also in Sagittarius. Mars joins the day after the Full Moon. Our box is not only going to be cracked open, it is going to disappear! We have to feel free and open to expand our horizons. Sagittarius expands both the truth and phony truth substitutes. Connection to Spirit will be more available, but fanaticism will also be on the rise. Some will explore more meaningful alternatives, while others will perpetuate denial by indulging in extremism, excess and violence.

The Gemini/Sagittarius Polarity

An understanding of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity helps us benefit from this full moon. Gemini and Sagittarius are the archetypal pair of communication and knowledge. To serve each other, they need to operate in their higher expressions.

The untrained immature Gemini can distort or edit the facts, show off with glibness and superficial logic, and offer phony statistics and selective facts that appear to support an unsubstantiated opinion. So caught up in looking at all sides of a situation, his hesitant stance can cause him to get lost in evaluation while opportunities pass him by.

The immature Sagittarian listens to, and worse yet, believes the trickster. His impulsiveness and gullibility makes him easy prey to arguments by authorities, eager to make a quick sale or easy conversion. The over-enthusiastic Sagittarius is prone to making glittering generalizations, and moralistic rationalizations, that just don't hold up. He can indulge in the pompous pontification of an over-zealous preacher. He can be persuasive and convincing, not realizing that others are counting on him, and can be disappointed when he doesn't follow through. Sagittarius tends to get excited, but lacks the fixity and resolve of the fixed signs to persevere. Haste makes waste, could have been spoken by a Sagittarian trying to give himself sound advice.

Integrating reason and action is the function of the Gemini/Sagittarius learning/communication polarity.(1):

Mature Gemini can help Sagittarius by objectively gathering the facts, and offering sound cool judgment. When Sagittarius learns to bring light, not heat, to a situation, he can help Gemini take action, make things happen and find resolution. Ideally, the Sagittarian focus on ethics and philosophy is grounded in Gemini's discrimination, objectivity, analysis and logic. Working together, they offer the ability to analyze and synthesize data into an integrated system and masterful vision.

In the ancient Greek school of Pythagoras, truth and wisdom were the goals of philosophy and education. During the first 5 years in Pythagoras school, students were hearers and not allowed to speak. The five-year period of silence required listening and eliminated useless chatter. (What a great idea!) During this time, students acquired the skill of receptivity, which facilitated the opening of the inner channels of the mind to hear and recognize wisdom.(2) When they were deemed ready, they were initiated and allowed to teach. They certainly learned "Don't speak beyond your knowledge, and weigh your words before you speak".

Where's My Sagittarius?

Like all the signs, not everyone has planets in Sagittarius, but Sagittarian energy is part of everyone's birth chart. There are three ways to identify where and how Sagittarian energy plays out in our lives:

  1. Locating the house or houses that contain Sagittarius, helps us identify the arena in life where we confront our Sagittarian issues and display our Sagittarian traits.
  2. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so the sign and house location of our natal Jupiter also indicates how and where we enjoy our expansive side, as well as define our experiences of Spirit.
  3. The 9th house is the house or territory ruled by Jupiter and associated with Sagittarius. Any planets in our 9th house are blessed with the enthusiastic Sagittarian spirit.

The above three ways all help us understand how and where we confront our issues of excess and naïveté, search to expand our horizons, long to know the truth, quest for Spirit, and enthusiastically share our light.

The Symbology of the Sagittarius Path

As I wrote in The Scorpio Path, no individual sign of the Zodiac reveals or determines our level of consciousness. Each can be expressed in the most childish immature way, or at the highest level of self-mastery. Our level of maturity and mastery is determined by our willingness and ability to learn our lessons, and to grow into adult expressions of our embodied soul. The possibility of all levels of mastery exist for each sign. Each is confronted by challenges and has lessons to learn.

The symbology of Sagittarius offers us a chance to embody higher consciousness in our human form, and to enjoy, from a cosmic perspective, our journey to discover who we are and why we have incarnated on Planet Earth.

Sagittarius, represented by the Centaur, has a human head and torso with the lower body of a horse. Sagittarius is a special breed of Archer, half horse, half human, with his arrow aimed toward the heavens. He symbolizes the integration of animal instincts and human qualities with Spirit. Exploring, understanding and experiencing our cosmic connections make it possible for the Archer to express Spirit on Planet Earth.

The Centaur loves to roam free through the forest. His don't fence me in spirit makes him prone to bachelorhood (and independent womanhood). In relationships, Sagittarius is loyal, but more interested in exploring the world than settling down. He is definitely not a home-body, and values exploration over stability.

The horse represents our animal instincts, which can be out of control, and our unconscious, which prevails until we train our mind to channel our primal energy to higher expressions, and awaken to the reality of our soul. In the Upanishads, when the mind is in control of the instincts, the horse symbolizes the Cosmic Self.(3)

The Discipline of Archery

The state of consciousness of the Centaur, and thus his success in attaining his goals, depends on the direction, focus, power, and accuracy of his aim. Archery is an ancient psychological and spiritual practice to develop patience, calmness and presence of mind. It is the quality of mental focus, the depth of awareness, and the stability of one's center that determine the reach and accuracy of the unleashed arrow. In the motion of releasing the arrow, the mind and body of the archer are one with the bow, the arrow, the motion and the target.(4)

In this mental and active art form, self-mastery and spiritual awareness are achieved as one learns to perform the ceremony as a dance. Your movements must spring from the center, from the seat of right breathing. Instead of reeling off the ceremony like something learned by heart, it will then be as if you were creating it under the inspiration of the moment, so that dance and dancer are one in the same. By performing the ceremony like a religious dance, your spiritual awareness will develop in full force.(5)

Sagittarius' Path - Education and Training the Mind

The arenas of life that interest Sagittarius include college teaching, higher education, travel, writing, spirituality, publishing, dissemination of information and wisdom, practical philosophy, ethics, law and justice. He has an instinct for the truth, and the ability to motivate and inspire others to search for their own truth.

Freedom is of the utmost importance for Sagittarius, and he knows that true freedom begins in the mind. His path is focused on the expansion of awareness. Highly motivated to elevate his consciousness, he seeks to bask in the light of the solar fire of Spirit.

A focal point of the Sagittarius path is education and training the mind. The undisciplined Sagittarian mind jumps from one thing to another. We must learn how to organize thoughts, think sequentially, pay attention and stay focused. We must also learn how to think imaginatively, without injecting our own fantasies or fanatical ideas. The blunt, impulsive part of us also needs to practice taking time, to think through what we are going to say before we blurt it out. Without training, we tend to be disorganized, unfocused and indulge in babble.

If we want to be free, we must tune our minds to the Spirit channel. To perceive Spirit, we must train our mind, body and emotions to tune into a higher dimension of reality. Perseverance and discipline are necessary to access the higher or neutral mind channel, where we can become aware of the Infinite mind. The ability to focus, pay attention in the moment, and listen and look deep inside are required. Centering and quiet concentration make it possible to connect with, and stay connected to, an experience of the Infinite.

Sagittarius is the Third Fire Sign

The fire signs teach us how to celebrate life. Aries represents the body, Leo the individual soul, and Sagittarius the universal Spirit. Aries' quest is for realization of the individual Self. Leo's quest is to experience wholeness through personal creativity. Sagittarius' quest moves beyond the individual self, to connect with the immortal Spirit that makes life in this human body possible. Aries experiences our soul that never dies. Leo learns how to co-create with universal energies. Sagittarius realizes that the One is the doer of all.

Air signs are spectators and observers that operate from the mind. Fire signs are doers, with a penchant for preaching and fiery activism. Fire signs are also impatient. Waiting means doing nothing. Waiting is wasting valuable time that could be used to advance their cause. Immature fire signs have difficulty postponing gratification. They often act instinctually, and regret the consequences of their precipitous actions. They must learn to wait, until all the facts are in, before choosing a course of action. They must train themselves to concentrate and take careful aim. The Archer must learn that his success depends upon where he aims his arrow.

The Healing Process of the Fire Signs

Immature fire signs put off facing their own issues, and prefer to project blame, but blame does not heal their wounds, even if someone else is at fault. In addition, the innate impatience of fire signs leads them to move on prematurely, without bringing their inner healing process to completion. To heal, we must expand our consciousness, to the point where we can connect with our instinctual power to heal ourselves. Inside ourselves, we find out that it is our connection with Spirit that offers the possibility of transformational healing.

Young fire signs are more interested in the outer than the inner world. The learning activities and environments that Sagittarius loves (workshops, education, reading and travel) can be both useful and used as temporary distractions. Immature Sagittarius often moves on to the next activity before deep healing can be completed. Young Sagittarius is more interested in travel and exploration of the world. As he gets older, his attention turns toward inward journeys and accomplishing specific goals. As he matures, he learns that time, patience, a higher perspective, the counsel of another wise one, and connection with Spirit are necessary to complete his healing journey and to manifest his vision.

Washing the Seven Stars Nine Times

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. Attributes of the number nine include completion, perfection and purity of thought. Following penetrating Scorpio and its arduous inner process of dealing with unconscious instincts and emotions, Sagittarius focuses on washing up, polishing the jewel and basking in the light of consciousness.

An ancient Arab philosopher/alchemist, known as Senior, is credited with the phrase washing of the seven stars nine times, which refers to the final phase in the alchemical process. The seven stars refer to all the known planets at that time - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The role assigned to Sagittarius, the ninth sign, is to complete the last phase of the purification process, until all aspects of ourselves are perfectly clean, spotless and shining in white purity.(6)

To bring our purification process to transformational completion is no small feat. Actually I think total completion is a bit presumptuous on the physical plane. However, we certainly can make significant progress, and live much freer and happier lives, if we are willing to face and learn our lessons.

We humans repeat our stories innumerable times (years and even lifetimes), before we recognize and accept how and why we recreate these repetitious scenarios. A one-time therapy session is definitely not sufficient to uncover, deal with, and take responsibility for our dysfunctions. We have to recognize the patterns that perpetuate our programs. For instance, we must understand how and why we manifest dysfunctional, codependent relationships, and not just blame a string of partners for taking advantage of us, or why we repeatedly attract abusive work situations, and not just criticize our offensive bosses.

Sagittarius helps us get in touch with how we project our human issues, as represented by the seven planets, onto the outer world.(7) (See Issue 125 for a discussion of denial and projection). Our self-knowing process engages us in yet another aspect of our spiritual journey, where we must transcend even our useful patterns and connect with Spirit.

The Purification Process Directs Us toward the Light

Scorpio in excess demonstrates that fixation on our sabotaging programs can be debilitating and destructive. Virgo in excess demonstrates that purification can be pursued to the point of empty sterile sanitation, eliminating even the heart. The contribution of Sagittarius is to make sure that we open our heart and keep it open. Purification for Sagittarius means that our heart is free to celebrate every aspect of our life to the fullest.

Sagittarius teaches us to use the fiery passion of the heart to set ourselves free from our enslaving, unconscious projections. Our goal is to live conscious, joyful and spontaneous lives. The Archers penetrating arrow leads us deep within to find our authenticity, our will, and our soulful passion. In the heart of our soul we connect with Spirit. Scorpio teaches us to embrace our journey into the unconscious. Sagittarius teaches us that the inner darkness (void) must be filled with the fire of Spirit, for lasting transformation to occur.

The experience of purity is a result of an intense presence of Light and its effects on our body, mind and emotions. Other sensations of Light can be felt as clear, clarity, clean and free.

The Seeker and the Mature Sage

Sagittarius seeks wisdom. Wisdom is attained as the mind is trained to detach, look within, center, and go into the neutral zone where it can receive information from the universal mind. The Sagittarian sage teaches us that it is the job of the higher mind to remember the Infinite. Ignorance is not remembering. Wisdom is remembering.

When the human mind connects with the universal mind, we become wise. The mature Archer is a sage with a generous disposition. Educated and knowledgeable, he is a scholar and a teacher. Insightful, with the gift of prophecy, he is sought out as a counselor and advisor. Connected to Spirit, he administers both just judgments and healing, and engages in right action.

The Sage knows that to achieve self-mastery and humility, he/she must constantly attune him/herself to Spirit.

Truth is the Target

The fire signs have both masculine and feminine qualities. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is exalted in Cancer, the archetype of the Great Mother.(8) Kwan Yin Bodhisattva, the Great Mother in the Buddhist tradition, is the embodiment of both Wisdom and Compassion. Kwan Yin is often depicted riding a cloud with her bow and arrow. Like the Sagittarius archetype, she teaches us that we can rise above evil, if we point our hearts in the direction of Spirit. Instead of directing our vengeance at the doer of evil, we release evil from the curse of darkness with the Light of Spirit.

As the warrior mode of Kwan Kin demonstrates, the archetypes that search for integrity, sincerity, honesty and right judgment, aim their arrows at the Truth.

Zeus, Jove, Jupiter

For the Greeks, Zeus was the god of the Highest Truth. Later, Zeus was known to the Romans as Jove or Jupiter.(9) Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, Zeus was the All Seeing, the All Wise and the All Highest, who was experienced as a force or a Sacred Presence found everywhere. However, this presence was more than a peaceful backdrop to life. This presence is the sacred spark of (Spirit) life itself, which makes itself known by the illuminated spark of energy in lightning and thunder, weather changes, the wisp of the wind, the flight of an eagle, the light of fire, and the twinkle of the stars.

Humans experience Spirit as a spark of enthusiasm, the impulse to move forward, the motivation to quest toward a goal, the energy to get things done, and to engage in daily activities and chores. We feel the force of a sacred presence everywhere in our being - in our heartbeat, our breath, our body rhythms and our movements.

Sagittarius is our inner Zeus and our inner Jupiter.

The Many Aspects of Zeus and Sagittarius

The God Zeus had many different titles and attributes, which are reflected in the Sagittarian spirit.

(1) A free spirit attitude. With an adventurous desire to expand horizons, Zeus and Sagittarius have a restlessness urge to experience as much of life as possible, and a need to see the larger picture. Only his endless adventures satisfactorily utilize his abundant energy and bring him satisfaction. (Relaxation for Sagittarius is not sleeping in front of the television, but taking a walk, running or engaging in some physical activity.)

(2) Role as protector of social order. Zeus' moral power was credited with upholding the social order on Earth. It was this higher moral authority that franchised and gave authority to the Kings, who were in turn expected to live up to their responsibilities, keep their oaths, as well as protect their subjects from danger.(10) The loyal and dependable Archer often positions himself as the upholder of ethics, truth, honesty and morality.(11) Many a Sagittarian devotes his/her life to crusades against injustice and discrimination, and finds innumerable ways to defend and protect the weak and innocent victims. We often see those endowed with a strong Sagittarian spirit devote their lives to larger causes, at the expense of family time together. Their effectiveness as catalysts for change is enhanced by their ability to see and tell the truth.

(3) Impersonal spirit. Zeus was experienced as a reassuring presence that was felt everywhere. His dynamic creative force made people feel alive and hopeful. He also engendered hope through a feeling of deep peace, calmness and timelessness.

Zeus and Jupiter symbolize the Light of enlightenment, the causal energy, which is both the source and the effect of creative power.

Transforming Big Vices into Big Virtues

Greeks attributed many positive attributes to the archetypal ideal Zeus magnanimity, majesty or power, beneficence, abundance, spirituality, gravity, joviality or optimism, justice, truth and wisdom.(12)

As we might expect, big virtues come with big vices. The negative traits attributed to Jupiter, Zeus and Sagittarius include arrogant, proud, negligent, embarrasses others, overly optimistic, wasteful, verbose, extremist, provocative, extravagant, not critical, fanatical, lazy, irresolute, self-loving, pompous, ostentatious and opportunistic.(13)

Fanaticism is generally closely linked with deep inner doubts which are born out of fear.(14) Rather than stop and experience fear and anger within our own psyche, our fiery nature instead overreacts and externalizes this energy onto the outer world. In Zeus-like fashion, we become ill-tempered, emit stormy explosions, and react in a lightning-bolt fashion, which is way out of proportion to the situation.

The Sagittarian Healing Model

The benefic Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, shines with the brightest light. Light is the key ingredient of the Sagittarius healing model.

The fire signs know all too well that we must free ourselves of our negative emotional programming, but this process is radically different from the Scorpionic probing. For Sagittarius, darkness is transmuted with Light. Shining Light into darkness provides therapy, and purification happens by opening our mind and heart so that we can witness the Light and the goodness of our soul.

The technique is simple - Light eliminates darkness. Direct and bright as the noonday Sun, the rays of our heart remove all shadows. Sagittarius teaches us that an open and liberated heart makes it possible to reap the cornucopia of abundance, available through Jupiter's generosity and the blessings bestowed upon an illuminated Spirit.

Justice, Truth and the Cosmic Order

Higher Justice is part of the Sagittarian quest for the Truth. Pythagoras said that justice is a hope that cannot deceive us.(15) For Sagittarius, Justice is experienced as the harmony and order that is possible by upholding and living by Cosmic Law. Compensating the victim, and retribution, are lower interpretations of justice that attempt to find solutions to worldly injustice. However, when both the cause and the solution are motivated by fear and anger, higher law and order are never the result. Litigious actions and retributive attitudes set off, and perpetuate, a vicious cycle where only the lawyers profit.

Fiery Sagittarius must make sure that his outrage, over injustice and tendency to overreact, does not interfere with his instinct to find the truth. To learn this lesson, he teaches us that justice begins within. Only with the discrimination, detachment, impartiality AND compassion, which is possible in a neutral mind merged with a pure heart, can we penetrate to the Truth.

If we honestly judge ourselves, rather than project our emotions outside ourselves, we can find Justice and Truth within. Cosmic Order is served not by vindication or financial compensation, but by seeking to restore harmony within ourselves. Sagittarius is quick-tempered, but does not hold grudges and is quick to forgive. Forgiveness is an essential ingredient, and the master strategy for working toward Justice in an imperfect world.

The Sign and House of Spirituality

Sagittarius and the 9th House are the territory of religion and spirituality - in the broadest sense of reconnecting with Spirit. A way of life involving a philosophy of self is required. The wisdom of daily living includes not only ethical morality, but an instinct for the truth, over logic.

Religious dogma, listening to sermons and the unfocused, empty performance of rituals, are lower end expressions of this energy. Less than optimal expressions also include judgmentalness, arrogance, narrowness, fanaticism, misdirected crusading zeal, blind spots, bigotry, fighting blindly to protect narrow interests, smugness about talents, outrage if challenged, fantasizing about the future, philosophizing when action is necessary, procrastination, and waiting for things to happen.(16)

In this arena of life we need to have faith, but in a crunch blind faith won't pull us through. The Sagittarius journey involves an expansion of consciousness that makes it possible to think objectively, form our own views, find our own truth, and have an experience of Spirit that makes authentic faith possible. In the higher mind, universality, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness become real, and cease to be phony dogmas.

The ninth house can also be considered the soulmate house, but not in the traditional sense of finding the other half that makes us whole. In our personal experience of the Divine, we find and merge both the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves. We experience completeness in our own psyche, not by linking up with a partner. Instead of projecting a spiritual ideal upon a mate, we find this experience by merging our head and our heart.

The Sacred Four and the Workshop called Life

Sagittarius teaches us that Truth is more than adding up the facts. Truth is a path. Truth is what binds the parts and unites the whole. (Pythagoras(17)). The alchemy of attaining our highest expression involves integrating the human expressions of the sacred four - the four elements:

  1. Air - thinking, mental,
  2. Water - feeling, emotional,
  3. Fire - Spirit, intuition,
  4. Earth - sensation and the senses.

Sagittarius invites us to experience all the four elements, and how they manifest in the physical dimension.

While the Sun is in Sagittarius, we are supported to pursue spiritual practices that allow our inner Light to shine, to expand ourselves beyond our individual Self, and to experience universal Spirit. In this final stage of alchemical purification, mortality and immortality merge our experience of body, mind soul and spirit.

We are given an opportunity to take time to reflect on our philosophy of life, and to gain a higher understanding of existence. This is a time to aim our arrow of intention inward, where we can get in touch with Spirit within through introspection and meditation.

The Spark of Spirit

Sagittarius introduces us to the various forms and experiences of Spirit - Shakti, prana and the Kundalini. Sagittarius teaches us to feel the fire of our life force, and to recognize it as the primal power, and the spark of creation, that animates our human body. We realize that it is the spark of Spirit that makes movement, and indeed life itself, possible in the physical world. The spark of Spirit in our inner space transforms pride, arrogance, extremism and immoderate behavior into temperance, prudence, humility and justice.(18) The ultimate justice is to experience our birthright to happiness, satisfaction and peace.

It is Spirit that blesses us with the gifts of Truth and knowledge, and delivers us to the wisdom of sweet surrender to Divine Will. We understand the deeper meaning encoded in the words of the Saints and Gurus, who realized that God makes it all happen. God's Will is supreme. God is the giver and doer of all. We leave our naïve attitudes of control and move into deep gratitude and appreciation. The words we choose to identify this all-pervading force no longer matter. What is important is our experience, that makes it possible to relax and enjoy a higher quality of existence.

Sagittarius' Paradox and Lesson

Sagittarius needs to be free, yet he also wants to be acknowledged and appreciated. If we are dependent upon the recognition of others to validate our intellectual authority, we are not free. So how does Sagittarius resolve this dilemma?

If we have the emotional need to have our intellectual superiority confirmed by others, we may act in ways that are self-serving, and communicate in ways that attempt to prove our rightness. We may alienate others with our hidden agenda of needing them to agree with us. If others notice that we aren't listening and considering their opinions, we may appear arrogant and disrespectful. The connection we need with others suffers.

We can shift this sabotaging scenario by carefully listening to the opinions and needs of others. Our goal must be to share relevant information and insights that assist and inspire. Sagittarius has the ability to perceive higher needs and the broader perspective, which add a deeper meaning to the interpretation of the challenges in people's lives. Even better, he has an optimistic approach which elevates the mood of the discussion. With an uplifting spirit, he has the innate capacity to help others develop self-trust, and have faith in themselves. Adding the kind manner in which Sagittarius honors other human beings, and the spontaneous way he shares his perceptions, appreciation and acknowledgment naturally result. In addition, he finds the internal satisfaction he seeks, and feels rewarded when participating in helping others improve their lives.

From Fear of Imperfection to Sharing Our Humanness

Sagittarius' need to appear perfect, and fear of exposing his weaknesses, makes him hesitant to share his humanness. He learns that closeness with others is achieved precisely because we are willing to share our humanness. We also need to give up our tendency to hide behind philosophizing, which only annoys others rather of reaching into their hearts. What he must realize is that his sincere striving spirit itself inspires others. People already see the nobility, and feel the radiance, of this spiritual warrior. Instead of worrying about his perceived imperfections, Sagittarius needs to stop harsh self-judgments, and critical evaluations of his performance. Besides engendering a feeling of self-worth, a less self-critical attitude helps him take action and achieve tangible results, which can be stymied by the need to achieve an ideal product, outcome or image.

Sagittarius becomes less lofty, and more real, by communicating at deeper levels with fellow human beings. The more we listen at the level of the soul, the more we also get in touch with our own soul. Hearing what others are really needing and asking helps us identify our own needs. Our spontaneous intuitive responses help both others and ourselves find our truth. At this deeper level of sharing, we feel more secure within ourselves and closer to others. Our insightful intuitive knowing has a universal tone, which projects openness and acceptance. It allows others the freedom to apply what they are hearing, in a way that is uniquely suited to their lives. Our non-judgmental, compassionate wisdom is easy for others to accept, and this is the acceptance that Sagittarius needs and is looking for.(19)

From Righteous Indignation to Living the Truth

The Sagittarius path is to be an example of living spiritual truth. The problem is not our sincerity, but possible blind spots that cause us to make blunders, which may subject us to what appears to be unfair treatment, punishment or retribution. When we learn to play by the higher ethics of society, and cooperate with kindness and respect, our blind spots disappear. We no longer experience society as unfairly inhibiting our freedom.(20)

Sagittarius prefers to chart his own course, unfettered by external authorities and social demands. Obviously when we insist in being a law unto ourselves, we may be socially isolated, experience a sense of loneliness, and feel that we are not understood by others. However, we may feel this way because of what we must do this lifetime to follow our soul's mission. Our highest priority is connecting with the truth, and sharing it openly with the world. This is not always comfortable or socially/politically correct. It is our job to distinguish between indignant righteousness and the rightness for our soul path. We have to move off of our righteous mountaintop to engage in right action for social justice.

Angry indignation at systemic injustice can propel us to take action. However, we must carefully monitor our attitude, and bring it into alignment with universal laws. Sagittarius has to learn that the negative charge of toxic emotions sabotages the best of intentions. Negativity feeds the corrupt system we are attempting to change. In order to be supported by the Universe, we have to flow with instead of against cosmic energies. We will not feel isolated or alone if we abide by the unspoken universal rules of harmony and non-judgment.

From Aloofness to Connection in Relationships

Our fear of not appearing right confounds the rational mind, and causes it to lose touch with the logic that it is trying to express. Empty moralistic theories fall on deaf ears. Sagittarius has to learn to identify emotionally motivated communication, and calm himself down, so that he can access inspired perceptions that add a higher meaning, and not more judgment, to a situation. Two-way sharing and listening to each others feelings, needs and requests, are the other pieces that facilitate connection.

Sagittarius needs to commit to being present to himself first, before he can be available for others. Without a deep self-knowing and self-grounding, Sagittarius can experience an empty feeling of rootlessness in social situations and in relationships. Boundaries are necessary to not encroach upon his need for freedom. With appropriate boundaries and a grounded foundation in self, he can not only trust himself, he can find freedom in relationship.

Sagittarius eventually learns, and can teach, that personal alliances require a larger perspective, out of which they expand, evolve and discover and achieve their goals. Trust in a higher purpose frees partners from limiting expectations, and makes partnership more exciting and rewarding.

Self-Mastery through Teaching

Intellectual competitiveness, that implies that others' beliefs are based on inferior understanding and intellectual ability, can alienate them.(21) Demonstrations of self-righteous authority actually cause us to lose energy. However, we gain energy and self-confidence by inspiring others to reach their own intellectual heights.(22) Things get even better when we relax into opening the space, for listening to and understanding others points of view, acknowledging their contributions, and even integrating their ideas into our own position.

Sagittarius is deeply interested in philosophical and spiritual studies. However, at some point he must learn to trust his own insights, and the wisdom that flows through his mind from the universal mind. For in the end it is not intellectual authority from books and academic training that fulfills him. Rather, it is the cosmic wisdom that is always available to answer our questions. To reach this level of wisdom, he must share his knowledge through writing and teaching.

It is through teaching that Sagittarius achieves self-mastery. Teaching with the sincere goal of uplifting and inspiring others, opens the space for knowledge and insights to flow spontaneously to his receptive mind. His true joy comes from the realization that it is a humble mouthpiece for cosmic wisdom. Becoming a teacher and sharing new ideas and approaches takes a leap of faith, which is rewarded by deeper self-trust, and a more profound relationship with Spirit.

Sagittarius must Walk the Talk

Sagittarius must learn that it does not have to prove, explain or justify his knowledge, or lack thereof. All he needs to know is that his soul possesses the skill, the desire and the responsibility, for manifesting and sharing with the world the higher energies and wisdom of Spirit. This can be done through teaching, writing and social action, but it must be done through example. It is his job to walk the talk. It is his spiritual presence that serves and uplifts. His commitment to his spiritual path and the integrity with which he lives his life is what inspires others. It is our identity as a sage - a wise one - that creates our social identity and makes our contribution to the world.

Path to Freedom - Surrendering to the Truth of Spirit

Sagittarius must learn to release both outmoded beliefs, and attachment to structures that define right conduct and truth based on outer authority.(23) He has to surrender to the Truth of Spirit, not to the truth of individuals, or institutions that exist to control and benefit from others naïveté, ignorance or weakness. He must transcend political, spiritual and philosophical doctrines and dogmas, to be free and to help others set themselves free. The fear of disobeying a higher spiritual authority can be overcome only by direct personal experience with Spirit.

We can let go of martyr-complex subservience, stemming from the fear of spiritual punishment, only by our direct connection with the Divine. Only when no one can control us are we free to obey cosmic laws, and align ourselves with Divine Will. This freedom to connect directly with our personal spiritual truth, makes it possible for universal energy and truth to flow through us. As a result of integrating Spirit into our being, we help bring more liberating attitudes, experiences and institutions into the world. Helping others to gain this understanding and experience is our mission and our gift.

From Preacher to Teacher

Immature Sagittarius can be an over-zealous missionary, who imposes his beliefs on others with total disrespect for their needs, choices and culture. Mature Sagittarius inspires through example, knowledge, vision, radiance and devotion to the real thing. He knows that authentic devotion is not worshipping belief systems, dogmas or idols, that justify not taking responsibility for our own Divine connection.

Mature Sagittarius is not a follower, and is not looking for followers. A visionary and a perpetual student himself, he wants people to know themselves, and be the source of their own inspiration. He encourages people to rise above blind doctrinaire beliefs, and subservience to external authority figures. The wise sage says, Don't follow me, follow your own heart. Don't believe in me, believe in yourself. Don't ask me for the answers. Find them within yourself.

One of our students arrived at our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and announced, "I have lots of questions". At the end of the course he told me, "I have no more questions. If I need to know something, I will know within myself". I was thrilled!

Fulfillment depends upon real personal experience, which transforms and expands one's consciousness. When pretensions are replaced by surrendering to our experience of Spirit, we can relax, quit trying, and actually live up to our ideal. We cultivate the foundation upon which spirituality becomes real - knowing Spirit within our mind, body and heart.

Freedom requires not only intellectual independence, it requires spiritual independence. We must go beyond our fear of surrender, to reach new levels of awareness, and to obtain true freedom. True power is experienced when we transcend our fear of surrender, which is possible only when we have an inner experience of Spirit. To know Spirit is to have a taste of what we are surrendering to.

We are able to risk being misunderstood by others, when we are able to validate ourselves. When our limited ego does not identify with the wisdom we receive, we can allow the truth to be spoken through us. We humble ourselves to listen to the universal mind, and share, without the need to be right or offended if others do not agree. Our goal is not to convince, but to inspire and to awaken hearts and minds to the ecstasy of the Divine

Master Strategy - Elevate to a Higher Perspective

Sagittarius' master strategy is to elevate his mind to the place where a higher perspective is available. Light in the mind removes blind spots caused by limited beliefs, dogmas, mental rigidities, negativity, naïveté, righteousness, over-zealousness and gullibility. When we clear our mind of opinions, judgments, rights, wishful thinking, should have's and could have's, we open our intuitive channel to give us lots of valuable information.

It is a relief to realize that we always know our truth. We just have to listen. In our higher mind, our intuition speaks to us. We don't have to figure things out. Answers and insights simply flow. All we have to do is listen. When we do get around to paying attention to our inner voice, we realize why things happen in a certain way. We understand the meaning behind events, and we perceive the hidden motivations and agendas propelling a situation.

We just have to ask - What does this fact mean? What are the implications? What are my choices? What is the best action or non action to achieve resolution or my goals? Asking and listening can be both uplifting and enlightening.

The "ahas" of I get it now, remove the mystery, the blame and our victimization stories. We find out that a situation is not as serious as we thought, or perhaps it is more serious than we thought. Either way, we have accurate information upon which to base appropriate action.

Relationship realizations can include many variations between two extremes:

  1. This is nuts. This relationship is not meeting my needs. My neediness and lack of self-esteem is the source of my choice to put up with abuse for peanuts. Or
  2. If I would just let go of my need to be right and be in control, have things exactly the way I think I want them, and be more understanding, kind and relaxed, I would be able to appreciate and enjoy the love, support and freedom that I am receiving.

Once we realize that we can trust our intuitive messages, our next step is to follow through with right action. When the clouds of doubt, fear, uncertainty and confusion lift, our emotions calm down. Getting to the truth is a relief. Inner wisdom is relaxing. From a higher perspective we are able to let go, forgive and move on. When the elements of resolution become available, we find peace within and are empowered to act.

Altitude Shifts Attitude

An expanded view helps us identify what we need to learn. We see the gifts hidden in the challenges. Light, clarity and objectivity also help us get in touch with our purpose, our goals and our mission. When we access the higher mind or neutral channel, we tune into a state of natural happiness. Altitude shifts our Attitude. We feel grateful and blessed. Forgiveness is possible. Freedom feels natural.

Sagittarius teaches us that if we relate to a situation as an objective fact, and not as a problem, we open our mind to alternative perspectives, where useful insights are more readily available. Problems are never solved at the level at which they were created. Instead of viewing life's challenges as problems to be solved or fixed, we can change our perspective to:

  1. an objective view of a factual situation,
  2. reality at play,
  3. the Divine dance,
  4. a puzzle,
  5. an opportunity,
  6. the next piece of a puzzle, or
  7. an adventure in consciousness.

A higher perspective, no matter how we choose to access it, opens us up to a place where we are able to trust that there is a pathway through every problem.

Sagittarius' Touchstones
Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is a rich and unique compilation of the core teachings and Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations of Yogi Bhajan.

The new Second Edition, revised and updated,is ready to welcome a whole new generation of students to this life-changing technology. It offers powerful and effective techniques to both teacher and student, to empower your lower chakras and open your heart to unconditional love.

Contains literally dozens of meditations to access heart and soul consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga - Meditation to Elevate Your Attitude

When the days are short, and the sun is hiding under a gray sky (in the northern hemisphere at this time), we can generate more energy with exercises that use the breath of fire. One of the sets that I recommend is in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition, page 54 Sun Energy. Follow this kriya (or any other vigorous set) with the following meditation. (Also found in Transitions on page 141.)

Before practicing this meditation, take one challenge or situation in your life, and set your intention to elevate it to a higher perspective.

The meditation for Primal Power heats up the spine and the entire back, and brings light to the mind. This meditation uses the root lock and the breath to activate your kundalini and get you in touch with Spirit.

Sit in easy pose with hands on the knees, thumb and forefinger touching, eyes looking at the tip of the nose.

Inhale while pulling in the navel and contracting the anus, perineum and the pelvic floor, i.e. applying slowly and methodically the root lock from deep within.

Hold briefly and then release the locks.

Breathe so that you mentally listen to the sound SAT on the inhale, and NAM on the exhale.

Feel the prana flowing in and to your navel center. When you feel consolidated at the navel, feel the energy move up your spine and into your mind. Experience the light and clarity in your mind. At the end, consolidate and ground yourself by being very present to the energy of Spirit in your navel, spine, mind and whole body.

Do this meditation for 5 to 11 minutes. When you are done sit quietly and listen within. Do not expect to hear answers to your situation. Simply listen. Insights may come at this time or later. Train yourself to be available to listen to the neutral channel of your mind.

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