Scorpio Lessons - Emotions and Evolutionary Change

By Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #140 - October 23, 2007
Planetary Alignments

SuperMoon is the term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle 30 years ago. The term refers to New or Full Moons that occur when the Moon is at or near its closest approach to the Earth. SuperMoons happen 4 or 5 times each year.(1) The Moon's orbit around the Earth is elliptical, which means that its distance from the Earth varies. The Moon appears bigger in the night sky when it is closer to the Earth.

The current SuperMoons, all full moons occur(red) on September 26th at 3° Aries, October 26th at 2° Taurus, and November 24th at 2° Gemini. Wow, three SuperMoons in a row! The Moon's close proximity to the Earth increases the intensity. I have heard others express, and have felt myself, the intensity of the Aries/Libra Full Moon, and there are two more! The Taurus Full Moon is impacting us at this moment.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses also generate intense energy. They come in pairs and happen twice a year. There was a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Pisces, August 28th, and a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo, September 11th.

Both SuperMoons and eclipses create energy for deep transformation and change. I assume you have noticed! A SuperMoon is a strong signal for geophysical disturbances - tidal surges in Earth's atmosphere, oceans, and crust, that correspond to severe storms, unusually high tides, and moderate to severe seismic activity, including volcanic eruptions and Richter Scale magnitude 5+ earthquakes.(2) How about raging fires? Five days before the SuperMoon, raging fires were already out of control in California.

If Mother Earth is quaking, volcanoes are erupting, tides are surging, fires are raging and weather patterns are severe, we can be sure that humans are also dramatically impacted. Our discussion of Scorpio will help us understand how we can deal with the intense impact of these powerful tidal waves of change.

Scorpio and the Alchemy of Transformation

Both the Taurus Full Moon and the Scorpio New Moon support Scorpio's mission to provoke dramatic and deep inner transformation. Scorpio is one of the principle archetypes of spiritual alchemy. The evolutionary goal of spiritual alchemy is to transmute our darkness into Light, to move from an unconscious state to a conscious state.

Darkness or black refers to our ignorance of non-physical reality, and our bondage and attachment to material reality (our body, things, and limited ego), Gold represents an enlightened state, where we have attained a purified state of consciousness and are no longer identified with our limited human ego, or confined to a purely physical perspective of reality. We have awakened to the existence of our soul and the eternal presence of the Divine and live in this consciousness.

Scorpio, and its ruler Pluto, provoke profound revelations and cause fundamental reorientation in our lives. All of which seems like a good thing, once we have found ourselves in the Light at the end of the tunnel; but first we have to go through the tunnel to get to the Light. This is the challenging and sometimes scary part of our Scorpio journey.

Taurus Full Moon - October 25th

Full Moons expose the shadow side of each sign. Immature Taurus falls into the traps of materialism, possessiveness, complacency, low self-esteem and depression. Scorpio can get sidetracked by desire for wealth, power, intrigue and sex. Scorpio can also get lost in the overpowering emotions of depression, vengeance and rage.

The Scorpionic intensity is jacked up several notches at this Taurus Full Moon because, on October 28th, Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in exact alignment with the Galactic Center at 26° Sagittarius. This is the third and final alignment. The first two were December 28th, 2006 and July 17th, 2007.

The Galactic Center is the massive black hole at the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is four million times bigger than the Sun. It not only absorbs but also transmits enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy.(3) The alignment of Pluto with the Galactic Center acts like a catalyst for releasing blocks, and for creating openings for evolutionary change.

Transformation happens when space opens up and energy moves. Space and movement require releasing resistances in the form of beliefs, behaviors, mindsets and all kinds of attachments. This Full Moon invites us to examine where we want to expand, and to identify the next step on our soul's journey. It is helping us let go of the old so we can evolve, and we can do what we came here to do.

Scorpio New Moon - November 9th

The Taurus Full Moon helps us look at our options. At the Scorpio New Moon we have to make choices. We need to be well aware that we have to live with the consequences of our choices. Will we choose to evolve to the next level, or will we choose to dig in our heels and stay glued to our old ways? Scorpio helps us identify how we attach ourselves to old identities, beliefs and dramas. Most of us profess to want to change. At least we talk a lot about what we want. Scorpio puts the two pieces of the puzzle together. If we want something that remains beyond our reach, we are going to have change our inner programming to get it. Scorpio and Pluto expose that inner programming.

If we want to venture beyond familiar territory, we have to expand in some way, and maybe even radically shift our paradigm. We have to step out of our comfort zone in order to move into unknown territory. We have to get rid of what no longer fits. We have to be willing to live on the evolutionary edge. To do so we have to examine our relationship with ourselves, our profession, others and the world. Scorpio and Pluto remind us that change is inevitable, that what may seem like a death is a rebirth.

Fear of the unknown, and holding on to what longer works, creates suffering. The descent that exposes our darkness may be necessary, but it is not the end result. Our goal is greater awareness and self-empowerment. Emotional confrontations with our dark side help us shift our perception, remember our divinity, and orient ourselves toward the Light. Fear is not a black hole. It is a doorway to another state of consciousness. The trick is we have to go through it to get to the other side!

Mars and Mercury - Retrograde and Direct

Mars activity is impacting us at this time. On the New Moon, Mars in Cancer trines the Sun and Moon in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces. Trines are flowing, supportive energy. The water signs can make us feel more loving and compassionate, AND they can bring up intense emotions.

Six days after the New Moon, on November 15, Mars goes retrograde until January 30th. Mars will move back through Cancer until December 30th, when it returns to Gemini. The outer planets retrograde each year. Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year. Mars goes retrograde every 26 months. Mars in Cancer brings our attention to our emotional well-being. Are we beating ourselves up or supporting ourselves? This is a time to assess our relationship with our feelings, our past, our inner state of affairs, our home, our environment and Mother Earth. Check several degrees around 12° Cancer to see what Mars retrograde is activating in your chart.

Mercury went retrograde October 11th in Scorpio, returns to Libra October 23rd, and goes direct November 1st. After returning direct, Mercury will again be in Scorpio from November 11th through the 29th. Mercury's extended time in Scorpio obliges us to get in touch with unconscious motivations, that impact our actions and our reality. In Libra we identify misunderstandings and resentments. The best way to get unstuck and move forward is to treat ourselves kindly and lovingly release blame, guilt and regrets.

Where is My Scorpio?

Like all the signs, not everyone has planets in Scorpio, but the Scorpio archetype, the soul desire to experience and release our darkness and to evolve toward the Light, is a primal drive of every soul. There are several ways to identify where and how the Scorpio impulse plays out in our lives:

  1. The eighth house is the territory associated with Scorpio. Any planets in our 8th house are driven by Scorpio energy. The sign on the cusp of the 8th house indicates HOW we interact with our deepest emotions and instinctual drives.
  2. Locating the house or houses that contain planets in Scorpio, or have Scorpio on the cusp, helps us identify the arenas in life where we confront our Scorpio issues, and display our Scorpio traits.
  3. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. The sign, and house placement, of our natal Pluto, gives us essential information about where our Scorpio issues are most likely to surface. We can also observe Mars, especially if our natal Mars is retrograde, to identify Scorpio issues, but Mars also rules Aries, so the sign and aspects to Mars will influence whether it acts more like Aries or Scorpio.
  4. It is important to keep in mind, that in addition to Sun in Scorpio, those with Scorpio rising (Scorpio on the cusp of the first house), a Scorpio moon, several planets in Scorpio, or several planets in the eighth house, will strongly identify with the Scorpio path and challenges.

See Issue 125 - Scorpio Path - for the chart of Scorpio's evolutionary journey.

Scorpio Traits and Themes

As the Earth passes into fall, and then winter, we make our descent into Pluto's underworld, represented by the Scorpio archetype and the eighth house, or death, transformation and rebirth.

When we enter Scorpio territory, we leave behind Libra's quiet, calm equanimity and serenity. Scorpio (the second water sign), hangs out in the turbulent murky waters of the emotions and the unconscious.

Scorpio is secretive, withdrawn and inward, and also a brave soul. Scorpio is vulnerable to doubts, depressive moods and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. At the low end, Scorpio is cynical, negative, devious, suspicious, deceitful, controlling and manipulative. At the high end, Scorpio is about psychological transformation, resurrection, enlightenment and immortality.

Scorpios have depth, an uncanny instinctual awareness, and psychic abilities. They can attune to the unconscious, and intuitively pick up on things without knowing where the information came from.

Scorpio takes life seriously. Nothing is frivolous. At some level, Scorpio knows that there is much accumulated karma to be resolved this lifetime, and is committed to the clean up task.(4) Scorpio knows that dedication and commitment are required, to transform habits and to release imprints that have been with us for lifetimes.

Internal Transformation

When we are deep into the Scorpio leg of our journey, we are subjected to disruptive transitions and profound transformation. Scorpio territory is not a comfort zone. But if we are willing to be authentic, it is a power zone. In this arena we learn how to access and use our soul power that is embodied in our emotions. The transformative alchemy happens deep within us. It often transpires in the context of intimate relationships.

In our Scorpio phase of development, our negative emotions are exposed. We are obliged to learn how to be in touch with the energy of fear, anger, rage, aggression and sadness. Our lesson is to embrace these primal emotional energies, and to transmute them to their higher expressions. We are drawn to spiritual practices that involve Tantra or sacred sexuality, and the activation of the Kundalini.

Scorpio's Hidden Territory

Scorpio is a mysterious and individualistic sign. Scorpio symbolizes a hiding place, a cavity, or a hole where something precious is hidden. It represents a deep opening to the power center of the Earth, and an access route to the psyche of the soul. Anatomically, Scorpio is associated with the genitals and the anus. When properly activated and managed, the Scorpio archetype leads to the unfoldment of charismatic, mystical and psychic powers. Misuse of these powers, i.e. black magic, emotional and sexual abuse, and illegal activities, can get us into deep trouble.

The Scorpio impulse causes us to experience both inner and outer conflict, chaos and upheaval. This is not because it is inherently negative energy. It is because this energy churns within us, creating turmoil and upset until it is activated, and consciously available to use for the evolutionary unfoldment of ourselves and others. When this power is denied or suppressed, it internalizes and externalizes in disruptive and destructive ways. It can manifest as vindictiveness, revengefulness and selfishness.

Scorpio is motivated by its deep internal struggle, to befriend and to creatively use this powerful energy of the soul. The strength of this energy gives us determination, tenacity and imponderable depth. These attributes reflect the fact that Scorpio is a fixed sign. Despite that fact that it is the main archetype of death and rebirth, it holds on and resists change, but its fixity also helps it consolidate, focus and fight until the battle is won.

The Kundalini - Becoming Conscious

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars (Mars also rules Aries). When Mars is expressed through Scorpio, we devote our lives to exploring the hidden aspects of life, and the inner depths of our soul. We search for the Truth. We investigate the mysteries of life. We seek to uncover the hidden laws of nature. The Scorpio archetype is about developing concealed power, and accessing our divine potential. The Kundalini must be activated to bring about this profound transformation in consciousness.

Scorpio/Mars is related to sexual energy, as well as the Kundalini. The very nature of Kundalini energy is hidden from normal asleep consciousness. The activation of the Kundalini awakens us to soul consciousness. The awakening of the Kundalini can be cultivated, but it cannot be controlled. There is an anatomical explanation, but the actual arousal is not calculable or predictable.

Kundalini energy is related to sexual energy and transforms it. Ordinarily our sexual energy flows downward. To activate our Kundalini and awaken our consciousness, our sexual energy must be reoriented upward. After the ascent, this Light energy must descend and be integrated into our emotional and physical bodies. Our goal is not to understand the Kundalini, but to experience its liberating effects, and to integrate them into an embodied awakened state. Then we can operate from an elevated state, and excel in constructive and creative endeavors.

The Mysterious Eighth House

Scorpio is related to the eighth house. The eighth house is secret territory: the place where the hidden aspects of our life hang out, and the storehouse of latent creative energy. In the mysterious depths of Scorpio and the eighth house, we find information and experiences that are difficult to understand and impossible to analyze. We become very sensitive to emotional impulses, and to the currents of our soul essence. These energies are intense, profound and honest. If we are brave enough to look, our mental conflicts and emotional programming are exposed. If we dig deep enough and shine enough light, we also find hidden wealth, esoteric knowledge and the primal qualities of our soul.

The Scorpio seeker is deeply motivated to pursue the path of profound spiritual evolution. We are led to explore mystical paths, and to pioneer in areas of knowledge that open up unexpected and meaningful opportunities in life. Our spiritual journey, which is arduous and disciplined, is the focal point in our lives. Our committed practice unveils the deeper meanings of life, transforms karma into dharma, and delivers us to our destiny.

Scorpio's Arduous Path of Purification

Scorpio represents our active quest to explore the inner depths of our being in order to access our latent potentials. In Scorpio, our inner emotional turmoil is too much to ignore. Nothing external can pacify the inner churning, or satisfy our longing. The outcome of the internal war that ensues is uncertain. We can find poisonous venom, and use it to destroy ourselves and others, or we can find divine nectar, and use it to liberate ourselves and inspire others.

Scorpio's quest is to find a precious hidden jewel. Scorpio's story is about the trials that we must go through to uncover it. Our struggles focus on releasing ourselves from unconscious emotional programming, accumulated from this and previous lifetimes. The Scorpio impulse embodies the restless urge, to traverse the seven chakras up from the base of the spine to the crown, where individual consciousness is merged with universal consciousness, where our Self merges with the One.

The Scorpio path is not easy. Spiritual discipline is required, to undergo the purification necessary to open the way to liberation. This is a difficult path where we encounter frustrations, disappointments and suffering. The urge for spiritual freedom drives Scorpio to do what it takes, to cleanse and spiritualize its mental, emotional and physical bodies. Scorpio knows that it is under intense pressure, so that we crystallize our being into an awakened state.

Scorpio delivers us to the realm of the occult. The Scorpio influence reveals the mystical power that is concealed within our physical vehicle. The Scorpio path is about unveiling our hidden subjective reality, or the vital energy of our emotions and our soul. The end goal of the churning of the cosmic ocean within us is to release the divine nectar of immortality. Once this nectar flows, our consciousness awakens. The once hidden truth of cosmic unity is revealed to us. We are no longer possessed by ignorance. The Light of our Soul guides our way home.

Liberating Our Soul Potential

Scorpio represents the movement toward, and liberation of, the soul power concealed within us. Our emotional, mental and material attachments must give way to find soul consciousness. Our limited ego-self must die, so that our cosmic Self may be born.

Scorpio reveals our divine potential, and our capacity to expand beyond our limited perceptions, of who we are conditioned to believe we are. When we realize that we are more than our appearance, thoughts and personality, we desire to find our essential nature, and to experience the essence of our soul. As our understanding of and reaction to physical reality shifts, we begin to recognize the latent possibilities of our soul. We desire to experience more profound aspects of ourselves, and to develop our hidden powers.

The reorientation of our life toward spiritual goals brings with it many human challenges. As the nature of our quest shifts, our life intensifies. Necessary readjustments disturb the equilibrium in relationships, career, health and other life situations. Our new spiritual direction requires new alignments. Emotional conflicts arise. Psychological problems are exposed. Physical circumstances and relationships change. Conscious awakening can be scary, disturbing, revealing and profound.

Inner Alchemy

For Scorpio, the emotional body is our alchemical laboratory. The air signs and Virgo fight primarily mental battles. Scorpio's struggles play out in the solar plexus and the belly - in the passionate emotions, in the depths of the instincts, in our sensual desires and sexual drives.

Both Pluto and Mars influence Scorpio. Pluto is the lord of the underworld and rules the unconscious, which is the home of our deep emotional programming and attachments, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and our instinctual drives. We bring many of these from our past lives, and re-live them until we are able to release them by bringing them into consciousness.

Mars' energy motivates us to take positive action. Aries Mars is outspoken, direct and aggressive. Mars associated with Scorpio is more akin to retrograde Mars. Scorpio Mars is our inner warrior, who takes a stand against negative patterns, ideas and moods. Scorpio Mars is more subtle and inward. Its fighting spirit is devoted to the daunting task of empowering the Self, by liberating us from limited ego perceptions of self, selfish and destructive motives, and debilitating imprints.

Our evolutionary transformation requires deep psychological growth and personality reformation, that reflects our soulful Self. The inner alchemy necessary to achieve this level of transformation requires a focused will, that is capable of shifting our focus from darkness to Light. Scorpio is brave enough to undertake this task.

How We Use Emotional Energy

Immature Scorpio is controlled by its negative emotions. It can get very depressed and despondent, and it can use its emotional energy to focus on betrayal, revenge, and getting even. It is obsessed, inflexible, and narrow minded. Scorpio and Pluto taunt us, until we become conscious of the karmic futility of repeating the same patterns, and fighting the same battles with the same people, for yet another lifetime. Letting go of our self-destructive habits is not easy, but it must be done to achieve the freedom that our soul desires and deserves!

Our primary Scorpio Lesson is about developing a relationship with our emotional body. How we deal with unconscious emotional energies plays a pivotal role, in whether we regress or progress this lifetime. To evolve we must deal with our own karma and shadow, and not use our emotional energy to fight vindictive, or righteous, outer battles. We have to meet the real enemy, which we find within ourselves. Lovingly embraced, our emotions help us discover our soul.

Scorpio/Pluto Fate

Where Pluto and Scorpio reside in our natal chart, we are drawn to our inescapable fate. Our Scorpio demons include the hounding fixations of what we think we must have, and the frustrated desires that keep us endlessly tormented. Our attempts to deny, or kill, these demons just causes them to multiply. The only solution is to patiently and lovingly bring them into the light of consciousness.

However, we have to do more than identify our demons. We have to stop feeding them. We have to quit dwelling on our obsessions and brooding over our wounds. We have to replace them, with something else that fills our needs in a more positive way. Identifying and satisfying our deepest soul needs is an essential Scorpio lesson. Until our soul needs are fulfilled, the nagging compulsions and unsettling feelings are not going to go away. The serious, honest Scorpio archetype makes sure we LEARN to distinguish, between basic soulful needs and immature neediness.

Scorpio/Pluto Themes must be made Conscious

Our inner Scorpio/Pluto voices determine our happiness, and have the power to make us miserable. Even if we succeed in the other eleven Houses of the chart, but we fail in Pluto's House spiritually, psychologically or financially, the unconscious keeps reminding us of our failures.(5) Pluto in the seventh house will remind us of relationship issues. Pluto in the tenth will hound us about our career. Pluto in the first house aims its criticism at self conceit. Pluto in the second house wants to be financially free.

However, don't worry. Wherever Pluto resides and wherever Scorpio rules, our inner voices will surface to consciousness. After we have made ourselves miserable enough, we will listen below the screaming voice, to uncover the real message of our soul. Instead of blaming fate, others or God, we will empower this voice to serve, rather than sabotage us.

Lessons of Patience, Trust and Accepting Divine Timing

Our heroic ego desires to be free, and to achieve its destiny goals set out in our Mars, Pluto, and Scorpio houses. In the arenas where Pluto and Scorpio reside, we are first required to face and liberate our deep emotions (obviously a progressive, long term, and never ending project!) As we do so, our magnetic ability to attract increases, and we are able to better serve others in these areas of life.

For Scorpio, talking doesn't cook the rice (Tibetan saying).(6) For Scorpio, talking about problems often feeds its emotional fires. Scorpio knows that we communicate and develop a relationship with our emotions through non-verbal feeling, not through mental dialogue or analysis. Emotions must be felt in our body, especially in the solar plexus and belly. Scorpio also knows that breakthroughs in consciousness are nothing that anyone else can do for us. We do our own inner alchemical work, at our on speed and in our own way. Scorpio may seem to hold things inside, but this is part of its awakening process. Scorpio's secretiveness comes from being protective of its deep emotions, and from honoring the personal nature of its psychological release work.

When Pluto and Scorpio are involved, our evolutionary unfoldment is slow going. Our Scorpio journey obliges us to deal with our deep emotions, which is never a quick and easy endeavor. We are released from our inner struggles by gradually LETTING GO of our own pain and resistances. Letting go is not necessarily a consciously willed process, although we must usually become conscious of what we are holding on to. Emotional empowerment involves getting in touch with, learning to work with, and releasing primal emotional energy.

During this intense inner process, we have to learn to BE PATIENT, to wait for and to TRUST DIVINE TIMING. When we have adequately prepared ourselves to use our soul energy productively, the Divine schedule allows a release. We experience the joy of profound transformation, and are unleashed to manifest the next stage of our destiny. Despite our sincere inner work, when these profound inner shifts happen it feels like Divine Grace.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Vol 1 by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Vol 1 by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., Begin and Deepen Your Practice, contains a comprehensive and easy to follow but detailed explanation, of the basics that we must all learn and perfect, to raise our Kundalini and achieve higher consciousness.

Useful tips to help you design your personal practice and optimize your progress.

How to direct your attention and tune into the subtle energetic aspects of your being.

Gain a better understanding on how your mind works, so you can successfully meditate.

Kundalini Yoga - Deepening Our Spiritual Practice

The practice of Kundalini Yoga can facilitate our Scorpio journey by:

  1. helping us befriend and integrate emotional energies into our body,
  2. transmuting lower expressions of emotional energies into their higher expressions, and
  3. awakening our consciousness by activating our Kundalini.

The inner alchemical journey of awakening our soul is a very personal journey. It is most important to pay attention to your own energies in your body. Below are some ways to deepen your spiritual practice.

The Neutral Mind

It is fascinating how the Zodiac archetypes lead us progressively through the journey of inner transformation. In Issue 139 on Libra, I set out guidelines for accessing the dimension of peace and love. I include them again below, because working with your energy in this way is essential for feeling safe enough to enter your emotional depths. Please note that this interpretation of the Libra process is from the upper chakras down.

  1. Tune into the neutral channel inside your head, and contemplate its attributes: peace, stability, neutral, non-judgmental, no stories.
  2. As your desire to immerse yourself in this peace deepens, let your body feel the attributes and get involved in this experience.
  3. Engage all your senses to infuse yourself with this peace.
  4. Feel all your sensations inside your skin to contain this love.
  5. Every day connect with and maintain the stable, peaceful space within.
  6. Lovingly hold yourself in the space, as you release resistance.
  7. One day we discover that this space is everywhere. IT is Infinite. It is higher love.

When we have our neutral mind in place, it is easier to deal with our intense emotions, which will of course not feel comfortable. However, being in our neutral channel, and allowing ourselves to experience uncomfortable feelings without judging them, is a powerful way to calm and align this volatile energy.

The First Three Chakras

Emotions are energy that moves. When our emotional energy is stuck or uncomfortably agitated, we need to rhythmically move our body. Moving the energy in the first three chakras is critical to dealing with emotional energy. A basic set that balances our emotions is Nabhi Kriya. The exercise where you are lying on the back and moving the arms out to the sides and the legs out and up to 60° is especially potent, and can be done every day to help keep emotionally in shape.(7) Spinal rotations are also a simple and easy why to work with emotional energy, and re-establish your own rhythm. Walking and running with coordinated breath can work wonders. If you haven't already, try Gurucharan Singh's book Breath Walk.

The Locks and Spinal Alignment

Awakening our Kundalini is required to profoundly shift our consciousness. We normally think this as a long term goal, which it is, but we can also shift our consciousness in the moment, by applying the locks and moving our energy, from the navel and base of the spine upward to the third eye and crown chakra.

At any time, we can practice the following sequence:

  1. Slightly pull in the navel,
  2. Pull up on the muscles at the base of the spine, and in the perineum, and
  3. Adjust your neck, so that your spine is pulled up and heart is open.

Pull and release to generate feelings of energy waves in your spine. Do while slowly breathing. There are many variations using the breath. Experiment and see what gets your energy flowing. Do this periodically during the day, while driving, waiting in line, standing or sitting at your desk. Experience how you can change your moods and energy level this way.(8)

Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya is, of course, the classic Kundalini Yoga exercise, to redirect sexual energy up the spine and activate the Kundalini. Even 3-5 minutes a day can change your life.(9)

Sat Nam!!

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