The Virgo Journey - Our Field of Reality

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #151, August 22, 2008
Planetary Alignments
A Time of Transition and Transformation

The solar and lunar eclipses last month created awakenings and major transformation in our lives. These transformational energies are still active. During the month of Virgo we have a chance to ground in our new realities, and to make practical adjustments in our lives. Moving forward is supported by the direct movement of both Jupiter and Pluto, September 7th and 8th respectively. Jupiter direct opens new opportunities, that align with our expanding perception of what we now consider possible. Pluto direct is making us feel psychologically ready to make big changes in our lives.

Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn trine each other 3 times in 2008. (January 21st, September 8th and November 21st) Because of retrograde activity, the two planets closely trine each other from August 20th to December 11th.(1) Saturn and Jupiter are our social, collective planets. Their interaction prods us to make our individual contributions to the world. Trines are 'soft' interactions. They support change by reducing resistance. We have to furnish the fire, be resourceful and judiciously use our time and energy. Whatever effort we expend can ride the tail winds of the easy going trine energy, so take advantage of times of smooth sailing and get on your destiny ship.

The three outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - again empower the Pisces Full Moon. Take note of your willingness (and maybe even eagerness) to make significant changes in the way you view yourself and your role in the world. The outer planets subtly shift our perspective. When we look into the world with a different perspective, our attitudes change, our resistances disappear, and our experiences become richer. We are being aroused from the weighty trance of societal conformity and old programming. It is easier to let go of old assumptions, rules and behaviors. We want to dance our own dance. We are driven deep within by an imperative to move on, to change and to evolve.

Virgo's Journey is to Feel Whole

It is interesting how the skills related to one sign are necessary or prerequisites to acquire the skills we need to develop in our next phase. The Leo archetype teaches us to connect with and follow our heart. Virgo teaches us to serve from our heart. Without the heart, Virgo can be cold and calculating, and what could be service becomes drudgery.

Virgo's quest is to experience wholeness. Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and the last stage in our individualization process 'below the horizon'. (On the astrological birth chart, Aries through Virgo are below the horizon. Libra through Pisces are above the horizon). 'Above the horizon' we enter the sphere of relationships, and become interested in a more expanded view of and interaction with the world. Before we 'take on the world' we must:

  1. contain and embody our light energy,
  2. consolidate our identity, and
  3. ground ourselves in physical reality.
  4. We must become conscious of how we create our reality. To do so we must examine the relationship between our soul center and what we experience and create in the world, i.e. our field of reality.
  5. We must also be able to listen to and act according to the directives of our internal guidance system.

All the above faculties are important to us at our Virgo stage of development, as we figure out how to maneuver appropriately in the world. Virgo's journey is to learn how to operate effectively and efficiently in the physical world. Virgo hones and tests the above abilities in the workplace, and in some type of service.

The Relationship between Our Center, Circumference and Field

The discussion below is a continuation of our discussion in Issue 150 on the Leo Archetype. To become more conscious of how we create our reality, and to be able to participate more fully engage in creating our lives, we must become conscious of:

  1. our operating center,
  2. the circumference (boundaries) of our being,
  3. the field of our reality, and
  4. the relationship between our center and what we create in our lives.

The following points help us understand the relationship between our center, our circumference and our field. As we cultivate in-the-body experiences of this relationship, we simultaneously cultivate an experience of our innate wholeness.

[1] The Essential Role of Our Center

First, we must appreciate the essential role of our center. Both the circumference and the field of our life are a product of what is generated at our center. Our center determines what we project. What we project in turn determines the extent of our circumference, and what we create in our field. What we hold in our heart determines what we bring into our field.

[2] The Relationship of Causality, Limits and Containment

The solar symbol (the circle with the dot in the middle) indicates that there is firstly causality, secondly limits, and thirdly containment, in the relationship between the center, the circumference and the field.

Both our center and our circumference exist only in relationship to each other. Together they define the relationship between our manifest world (the field within our circumference), and the primeval cause (our soul center) of our personal reality. Nothing is random. The cause, limits and containment of what we create in our lives are defined by our inner Sun, our inner fire, which must create and evolve.(2)

[3] The Creative Impulse of Our Inner Sun

Our Sun center is the basic creative impulse in our life. Its nature and qualities are reflected in every aspect of our lives. Our being, and our many expressions, all emanate from our central core. Everything in our life is a result of the externalization of our primary essence. Whatever exists in our external world is a manifestation of the pervasive and unique impulse of our inner Sun, which also nourishes our creations.(3)

[4] The Awakening of Our Inner Sun

Our center awakens, and becomes more active, as we become more aware of it and more loving toward it. The process of awakening and the blossoming of our soul expand our periphery and enrich our field. What we create and how we evolve changes as we wake-up to, and are able to express, our core qualities and talents.

[5] The Flowering of Our Potential

We live in a state of perpetual creation and evolution. What we create, and how we evolve, is generated from our soul center. We expand from within to without. Our creative/evolutionary impulse externalizes what is contained within our eternal, immutable Soul.4 We are each like a unique bud which contains our full flowering potential. The self-generating creative/evolutionary force of our solar ray makes it possible for our bud to become a full blooming flower.

[6] Rhythm, Pattern and Order

There is a rhythmic movement and coordination between our center and what we externalize. What we create reflects an exquisite pattern of dynamic change and unfoldment. Our evolutionary growth unfolds in perfect order with perfect timing. This orderliness enables us to find meaning, and to uncover the guiding principles which operate in our lives. A certain amount of predictability helps us sustain effective action in the world, and gives us hope for our future success.(5)

[7] Expansion as We Grow and Evolve

Our circumference and field can be extended to the extent that we are:

  1. willing to learn and grow,
  2. can sustain new activities, and
  3. meet new challenges.

[8] Our Soul Has Its Own Law

Even if we change direction, our actions will continue to flow from the center of our being. The essential nature and relationship between our center and our creations will not be compromised. Our soul always behaves according to its own law. Our expressions will always be governed by our soul blueprint.(6)

[9] Home Is Always Our Heart

From any point in our manifest life, we can always find our way back to our center.

Consciousness - Shining Light into Darkness

If our soul center is this magnificent ray of pure Light and Love, why aren't we creating only loving relationships, satisfying experiences, and comfortable prosperity? Why we are creating dysfunctional relationships and unpleasant circumstances?

The answer is that is that whatever is in our unconscious controls our reality. Our solar ray is distorted as it is externalized ,because it is superseded by unconscious emotional programming. Our evolutionary journey involves releasing the darkness that casts a shadow on our light. We must work through the darkness that expresses as negative emotional imprints and programming, to become conscious of the light of our soul.

Our evolutionary journey is about working toward manifesting from a pure consciousness of our inner light. To get there, we have to confront the wounds and programs that keep our light from shining in full radiance. Our evolutionary journey is about bringing more Light into our darkness, until one day the candle of our soul illumines our whole life.

Ego to Soul Application

Our evolutionary process involves 3 interactive steps:

  1. We have to become more and more conscious of our soul center and experience the pure qualities of our soul.
  2. From our pure soul center, we can see/observe the current state of our manifest self and field:
    • We can identify what programs we are operating out of.
    • We can feel our wounds, watch our reflexes and observe our behaviors.
    • We can see what controls our energy and how it influences what we are attracting.
    • We can observe the current state of our energy and how we are using it.
  3. We have to acknowledge and change our behavior to create transformation. We have to train ourselves to think, feel, listen and act from soul consciousness. We must use our free will to make different choices.

Part of changing our behavior includes using the healing energy derived from our solar radiation to love ourselves. We can utilize our sun energy through self-love to transmute darkness. We individualize and evolve toward our own soul essence through compassion toward self - not shame, blame, condemning or beating ourselves up.

Becoming Conscious of How We Create

Our ability to be conscious of our center and our field, what we are attracting and how we are creating our reality, makes it possible to:

  1. create appropriate boundaries,
  2. shift how we create our reality,
  3. be more appropriate in what we attract into our field,
  4. be more at choice in how we interact with others, and
  5. magnify our magnetic (and prayer) power.
Virgo's Experiential Goals

During the month of Virgo, it is most beneficial for our evolutionary journey to concentrate on cultivating two experiential goals:

[1] Heart Center Set

The first is to tune into and to create a conscious relationship between our Sun center and our field. The interactive nature of this relationship can be felt by tuning into the fire element and the earth element.

[2] Strengthening the Aura Set

Our second goal is to experience a sense of wholeness, by consolidating, containing, embodying and grounding our soul light in our body. These tasks are very important lessons of the Virgo archetype, because we must feel whole and operate from our wholeness to effectively operate in the world.

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - Creating a Relationship between Your Sun Center and Your Field

You will find the Heart Connection Kriya on page 76, and the kriya Strengthening the Aura on page 116 of Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition. This lesson is also available by economic subscription as 1 of 76 streaming video classes on Guru Rattana Online. Once you sign up you can take Guru Rattana with you wherever you go!

Tune In

Heart Connection Kriya

  1. Pay attention to and focus on your heart. Activate your heart light.
    • Be with your energy and sensations from your heart.
    • Be present to the rhythm and continuous flow of your breath in your chest.
  2. Feel your Light body and solar center at your heart. Be present to its purity and its power.
    • Allow and accept what you are feeling. Burn away darkness with your light.
  3. Become aware of the energy of the earth and gravity, which make it possible to ground our being in physical reality. The earth element gives our body substance and stability. Feel your body contain your light.
  4. Feel the fire of your solar ray in your body.
    • Become aware of the heat in your body.
    • Feel how the fire of your soul gives your body life force and light.
  5. Breathe deeply and let each inhale expand yourself from inside out into your body.
    • Let each exhale release, relax and let your field be filled with Light.
    • Then let your attention be pulled back into your heart center.
  6. As you experience your Sun center, expand this feeling into your body. Expand only as far as you can feel the breath and the sensations. Your limit is your circumference or your boundary.
  7. Contain all your sensations in your body. Feel your consolidated presence in your body. Feel your whole body become your center, as an expression of your heart.

Strengthening the Aura

The kriya for the aura strengthens our electromagnetic field and helps us become aware of our auric field.

  1. Expand your light from your center, and infuse your field with this Light.
    • Use awareness to feel the changes in your field as you generate and expand your light.
  2. Consolidate your light in your field. Develop a sense of contained presence and establish a sense of boundaries with your radiant body.
  3. As your aura gets stronger and you become aware of your energetic field, feel the simultaneous pull toward your center.
    • Experience the concentric circles of your heart, body and field.
    • Feel your magnetism when both our aura and heart light are strong.
    • My body is my center in the world.
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