The Scorpionic-Aquarian Election

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #153, November 8, 2008
Planetary Alignments
An Historic Election

This issue examines the energies and messages of what I call the Scorpionic-Aquarian Election. We have witnessed an historic American election, that will significantly impact how we enter the Aquarian Age. We will explore the planetary energies that have lined up to support and guide us on our journey there.

This election is both the continuation and the beginning of a long journey. There are so many aspects to this journey. What I would like to focus on is our quest to:

  1. open our hearts,
  2. experience oneness with others, and
  3. become more conscious and responsible human beings.

At the beginning of any journey, we set out with hope, faith and some fear of the unknown. At pivotal points along the way, our hope and faith is renewed, but no matter how we gauge the distance we have traveled, there are always challenges that must be faced to move forward. Most importantly, this election reminds us that, ultimately, our journey is to find and live in our heart. Once there, no matter where we are in our physical travels, we have already reached our goal.

The Election of Hope and Transformation

The United States presidential elections are always held when the Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio and its ruling planet, Pluto, demand an in-depth and honest look at reality. If we are not able or willing to be honest and truthful with ourselves and each other, but instead we go into denial, we make serious mistakes, and have to live with the pain and suffering that we cause ourselves, others and the world.

Eventually, when the pain we have created is just too much for us to bear, we give up our illusions and surrender, sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly, to the necessity of change. Fundamental change requires a transformation in consciousness.

If is often said that things have to get really bad for us to be willing to change. We have reached that point in the world. It has taken the current world economic crisis to wake us up. We see signs that the apathetic, checked out, victim-oriented collective consciousness is dissatisfied with the way things are. There are people everywhere who seem to want to be part of something new. There is palpable hope in the air.

Uranus Opposes Saturn

In the United States, the 2008 presidential election seems to have cracked our attachment to the old and our resistance to change. What is the nature of the change that is upon us?

The most auspicious and interesting planetary alignment of this election was the exact opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. A Saturn/Uranus opposition happens only every 40 years. The last time Saturn and Uranus were in opposition was in 1965-67. This was a time of volatile and profound political and social turmoil. This was the time of impactful civil rights and anti-war demonstrations.

Because of the retrograde movement of the planets, there will be 3 exact oppositions of Saturn and Uranus. The first occurred November 4th, making this election just the beginning of another period of profound social and economic change. The next exact opposition is February 5th, 2009, when Saturn is retrograde. The third opposition is September 15th, 2009 when Uranus is retrograde.

So what is the nature of the relationship between Uranus and Saturn when they oppose each other? Saturn represents stability, convention, the status quo, the past, tradition, conservative values, and resistance to change. Uranus symbolizes reform, rapid change, transformation, unconventionality, progress, self-empowerment and freedom. Their opposition dramatically highlights what does not work and why. We become aware of the necessity to radically alter structures that no longer serve us. The challenge is to artfully use wisdom and experience to keep what works, to throw out what does not work, and to support radical transformation where necessary. When Uranus confronts Saturn, change happens!

In this election, John McCain, a 72 year old Virgo, represented Saturn. If elected, McCain would have been the oldest elected president. Barack Obama is a Leo with Gemini Moon and Aquarius Ascendant. Obviously, at 47 years, Obama represents youth and change.

The Forces of Evolution - Opening the Doors of the Aquarian Age

When Saturn and Uranus work together, they can combine both pragmatic (Saturn) and progressive (Uranus) qualities. Note the graceful and heart-centered concession speech by McCain. There is nothing so honorable as a good loser.

Virgo is a hard worker. But Virgo can also be very critical and cynical. Pisces (Uranus in Pisces) has its loving and fluid way of helping us transcend our knit-picking view of the situation, and connecting us with the universal energies of love. Pisces makes it possible to experience our oneness. Uranus works toward the collective good, and wants everyone to play their part in the collective effort. Note Obama's acceptance speech, when he talked about every calloused hand and every person playing a part, in creating solutions to our current challenges.

Pluto forces us to eventually move from resentment to soul-searching. We can no longer afford to mourn the past. We have to embrace the unknown future. We have to give up victimhood, and take responsibility for what we create.

The uplifting message is 'Come from the heart'. Obama, a Leo, embodies the Sun energy of the heart. (Obama has Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and the North Node in Leo). Aquarius says include everyone. Everyone is important. Everyone has a role to play. Obama has Jupiter(vision) in Aquarius and Ascendant/Rising (how we view the world) in Aquarius.

Pisces reminds us that we are all one. We all have the same need to be loved. Connection with the Divine gives us hope. The experience of our oneness expands our mind and our heart space.

Neptune went direct - forward movement - November 1st at 21° Aquarius, supporting us to embrace the ideals of the Aquarian age. We can feel it - the willingness to collaborate, the desire to do our part, the feeling of equality, the respect for freedom and the absolute necessity for change. Collectively and individually, we are being impelled to take a giant step forward.

2008 is the year that the doors to the Aquarian Age open. Now we must walk through these doors in a new spirit of responsibility, respect for each other, and willingness to live in our truth, with integrity and commitment to our ideals and values.

Barack Obama

Here are a few more observations about Barack Obama's birth chart.

Deep Presentation to the World - Obama has Scorpio on the midheaven or top of his chart, indicating that he presents himself to the world in a deep penetrating way. No fluffy winks for Obama. During his campaign a major theme was, that if we focus on superficialities, gaffs and mud-slinging, nothing will ever change. If we get honest, we have a chance to build a better America and a better world. He also has Neptune in Scorpio in the ninth house, indicating that only profound truth will deliver us out of our illusions. The ninth house represents spirituality and foreign travel. He called for mending our foreign alliances in his acceptance speech. He is going to have work to do get America out of its foreign policy illusions.

Service - Obama's chart is focused on service. His Mars and Pluto are in Virgo. Mars indicates where we use our energy. Virgo is service, attention to details and hard work. Obama's Sun and Mercury, both in Leo, are in the sixth house of Virgo and service.

Relationships are Important - Obama has Uranus and North Node in Leo, and Pluto and Mars in Virgo in the seventh house - the house of relationships. Uranus in Leo can create surprises from the heart. The North Node in Leo is new territory for Obama - he is learning how to be heart-centered in his relationships.

Aquarian Spirit - Obama's Ascendant, South Node and Jupiter are in Aquarius. He sees the world from Aquarian eyes. The South Node represents gifts he came in with - he holds strong on Aquarian spirit. Jupiter is what expands us and leads us into the future. His mission is to help bring in the Aquarian Age.

Saturn Tests - Obama's Saturn is in Capricorn. It is not surprising that his Saturn trials and tests relate to social and economic structures.

Sometimes Aloof and Deeply Inward - Once in a while we get that warm Leo smile from our new President, but often he may seem aloof. Aquarius is a mental sign, and one of the most aloof of the Zodiac. Aquarius is connecting with the universal mind, to try to pull in new solutions and answers to collective problems. With both Jupiter and Saturn in the twelfth house of Pisces, more is going on inside Obama than we can observe. He is constantly reflecting and connecting with higher energies and wisdom.

Playful Spirit - Obama's Gemini Moon gives him a playful spirit, a love of people and a gift of communication. He is always on the move. His Venus in Cancer is in the fifth house of Leo fun. Venus in Cancer means that what he loves is his family, his home, the Mother Earth and his country.

Heart-Centered - As mentioned above, Obama's Sun, Mercury, Uranus and North Node are in Leo. Leo has a big heart, an ability to self-focus and a very brilliant aura. He is going to need all for the daunting task ahead.

Mr. Obama, we send you blessings for stepping forward to take on this task.

Personal Transformation

The American nation and the world changed November 4th, 2008. But the impact of the planetary alignments not only impacted our collective consciousness, it impacted each of us. In some unique individual way, we are being invited and even forced to change:

One day we will look back at this point in history and realize, not only did something change in the collective psyche, we each personally experienced quantum shifts. The transformation that we are currently experiencing is sudden, evolutionary and permanent. The past is gone. The extent to which we can let go and not hold on will determine the level of our empowerment, creativity, happiness and freedom.

The Consequences of Our Choices

We are a part of a moment in time when, more than ever, our choices make a significant difference in our individual and collective future. The Scorpio and Pluto archetypes wake us up to the importance and the consequences of our choices. They remind us that we are in constant metamorphosis. We are always in the process of dying and being reborn, but at certain times in the cycle, the moment of birth is upon us. We have to decide if we will cling to the old and create more pain for ourselves, or let go and move toward greater freedom, peace and love.

Pluto represents the descent into the unconscious, the unknown, and the underworld where there is no light. We can extricate ourselves only by shining light into the areas of our lives where light is needed. Will we shine the light of hope or will we transmit the frequencies of fear, revenge, victimhood and apathy? As you make your moment by moment choices, always remember that, without light, we miss our mark. Without light, we cannot find our way out of the darkness.

Now our challenge is to beam more light into our darkness. The task upon us is to face our personal and collective realities with brutal honesty, and a commitment to finding and living our truth.

Transform and Heal Your Wounds

The combination of forces, activated and available at this moment, support us in healing our wounds. We are being nudged to hold the space of love for ourselves, each other, our community, our country and the world, during this exciting, but challenging and intense time.

We are being asked to quit complaining and judging and to use our energy more productively - to get to work and do our part - both Inner and Outer. We are being asked to open our hearts to ourselves and each other. During the challenging times ahead we will need to:

  1. use our expanded sensitivity to connect with Spirit and our Soul,
  2. listen to and be guided by higher reason, truth and our heart, and
  3. remember to experience and to act from the perspective of our oneness.
Taurus Full Moon - November 12th

The Taurus Full Moon is a SuperMoon, when the Moon is closest in its orbit to the Earth. "SuperMoons function like laser beams, focalizing the constant stream of electromagnetic particles into more coherent channels of energy. SuperMoons also increase gravitational pulls, generating more extreme tides, weather and emotional reactions".(1) The effects of this Full Moon are intensified by the shift of signs of Pluto, and the beginning of 'the Sixth Day' of the Mayan Calendar.

Pluto Enters Capricorn - November 11th

November 11th Pluto definitively moves into Capricorn until 2023. Pluto gnaws away at whatever does not work and exposes the reasons why. Pluto in Capricorn demands a truthful look at the state of our economic, political and social structures, and a total revamping based on an honest look at what we have created and what must be transformed.

Individually we are being asked the question - Who am I in the world?

Hope - The Mayan Cosmology

According the Mayan cosmology, 'the Thirteen Heavens, divided into seven days and six nights, represent the fundamental stages of creation'.(2) The Fifth Night was between November 18th, 2007 and November 12th, 2008. During the time of the Fifth Night, we experience economic upheaval, the breakdown of superficial materialistic values, and hierarchical, patriarchal structures. The Sixth Day begins November 12th, 2008 and goes through November 7th, 2009. During the Sixth Day, it is said that chaos and darkness will give way to light and an enlightenment global consciousness.(3)

See God in All

The Obama draw is the energy of the Leo/Aquarius axis that he embodies. To move into the Aquarian Age, we must live in and operate from our hearts (Leo) and we must work together collectively to achieve our goals (Aquarius).

Yogi Bhajan said, "If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all"; and this is our greatest test and challenge at this time - to have such a profound shift in consciousness that we actually have this experience, and live in this reality. This is not just a good idea. It is a transformation in consciousness, that allows us to create a better world in the Aquarian Age.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is a rich and unique compilation of the core teachings and Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations of Yogi Bhajan.

The new Second Edition, revised and updated,is ready to welcome a whole new generation of students to this life-changing technology. It offers powerful and effective techniques to both teacher and student, to empower your lower chakras and open your heart to unconditional love.

Contains literally dozens of meditations to access heart and soul consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga - In the Heart We are One

When our heart chakra is open, we awaken to a space of love where:

  1. There is no discussion or judgment
  2. We feel and can operate out of compassion for ourselves and for others
  3. We are not dependent upon others to have an experience of love
  4. We can hold the neutral space of love, independent of what others are thinking, feeling and projecting
  5. We can offer this space without attaching conditions, expectations or neediness
  6. We enter the realm of simply being love, and enjoying the state of love
  7. We experience our oneness, and it feels good!

Oneness Meditation

There are many kriyas to open the heart in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition. The one that I choose for my latest Guru Rattana Online streaming video class is Cleansing the Lymph Glands on pages 88-89. The Magic Mantra Meditation is on page 182.

The kriya wakens our heart so that we can consciously live in the space of love. The Magic Mantra Meditation uses the sacred mantra EK ONG KAR SAT GURPRASAD SAT GURPRASD EK ONG KAR. This means that the true gift is that we are all one, and all made from the same creator. Magic happens when we have this experience of oneness.


To practice this meditation, sit with the hands together, palms up, cupped in front of the heart center. The sides of the hands and the Mercury fingers must touch so there is no space. If there is a gap between your fingers, adjust them so there is no gap. The thumbs are comfortably out to the sides. With the eyes closed, look into the cupped hands. Repeat in a monotone

There is no special breathing. Simply let the breath adjust itself. To feel the results, it is best to chant this meditation for 31 minutes, but 11, 15 and 22 are OK too.

Effects and Powers of this Mantra

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, explained that there is nothing equal to this mantra. Chanting this mantra 'elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of the Spirit. It will make the mind so powerful that it will remove all obstacles. We call it the magic mantra because its positive effect happens quickly and lasts a long time. But it has to be changed with reverence, in a place of reverence. When you meditate on this mantra, be sure that your surroundings are serene and reverent, and that you practice it with reverence'.

Attention and Intention

As you chant, be gracefully aware of building a space of love. When you have completed the chanting, sit quietly and hold the space of love inside yourself. Anchor in this feeling, and set your intention to take this space with you into the world. You will recognize others in this space, because you will experience our oneness.


After tuning in with ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO we usually chant the protective mantra AD GURAY NA MAY, SAT GURAY NA MAY, SIRI GURU DAY VAY NA MAY.

However, you choose to participate in bringing in the Aquarian Age, your participation is requested and required. Our touchstone is Oneness.

Sat Nam!

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