Pisces - Expanding Our Reality

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #168, February 26, 2010
Planetary Alignments
Virgo Full Moon and Jupiter in Pisces

February 28th, at the Virgo Full Moon, Jupiter and the Sun conjunct in Pisces. Venus and Uranus are also conjunct at 21° and 25° Pisces respectively. When the Sun/Jupiter conjunction happens, Jupiter is charged with solar energy. Usually an outer planet changes signs when the Sun is in that sign. This initiates the sojourn of that planet in that sign. Because of its elliptical movement, Jupiter entered Pisces January 17th, when the Sun was in Capricorn. As a result, we will experience the real intensity of Jupiter after February 28th.

In less than 5 months, by June 6th, Jupiter rapidly moves through all 30° of Pisces. On June 6th, Jupiter enters Aries and, because it goes retrograde, stays there for 3 months through September 7th.

September 8th, Jupiter re-enters Pisces at 0° (while it is still retrograde), goes direct at 23° Pisces November 18th, and moves back into Aries on January 23rd, 2011.

Thus Jupiter is in Pisces for 4½ months, January 17th until June 5th and again for 4½ months, September 8th until January 23rd, 2011, making a total of only 9 months. Jupiter usually stays in a sign for about 12 months. All this to say that we are on a whirlwind tour while Jupiter is in Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces sets the spiritual tone for what is currently happening, and gives us a taste of what is to come when Neptune moves into Pisces April 5th, 2011 for 14 years.

Decisive Moments

We are in the midst of experiencing decisive moments in history. Many planetary alignments mark major turning points. Important things are being revealed, which may be entirely different than what we anticipate. Pluto continues to square Saturn, adding a sense of seriousness that we cannot ignore.

In April and May (and winter 2010) Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo and conjuncts Uranus in Pisces at the last degrees of Virgo and Pisces. When planets interact at the last degrees of a sign, we have important lessons to learn before we enter a new cycle, as they move into the following sign. (Uranus moves into Aries March 12, 2011 and Jupiter moves into Aries again January 23, 2011).

Uranus generates more intensity, and opens our channels to expand into the cosmos. Our psyche is being electrified. We can experience mental breakdowns and awakenings of consciousness.

At the Pisces New Moon March 15th, the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Mercury all conjunct in Pisces (plus Jupiter is in Pisces). This Pisces blast creates breakthroughs in perception, that make it possible to rediscover what is always there, what is always true. We gain new insights that open doors in our minds and heart.

Mars Direct

When Mars goes direct March 10th at 0° Leo, we get a jump start to move forward with our projects, which could have been on hold while Mars was retrograde.

Because of the retrograde activity, Mars is in Leo for almost 8 months, instead of the usual six weeks - Oct 16th, 2009 through June 6th, 2010. During this time, we discover that each of us is a special divine spark, with a unique destiny to fulfill. We are invited to tune into, and act upon, directions from our heart. It is a time to gather courage to be authentic and creative, and to recognize the value of our special contribution. What are you going to create next? Whatever it is, make sure you define your life from your dreams, not from your fears.


"Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and radiates more heat than it receives from the Sun".(1) In traditional astrology, Jupiter rules the spiritual archetypes of Pisces and Sagittarius. Both Sagittarius and Pisces are always in the uncomfortable position of knowing that there is more to life. Both feel the limitations of physical reality, yearn for more, and want to expand their horizons.

Jupiter is about expansion, higher understanding, personal development, faith, generosity, and our search for the truth. Jupiter encourages us to risk and to venture beyond our current pastures and mindsets. Jupiter does its job by revealing uncomfortable truths that steer us on the right path. Even if we don't like the truth, it will set us free. Jupiter helps us find deeper meaning and acquire inner wisdom and freedom.

Jupiter is considered a benefic planet, but Jupiter is not Santa Clause. The good and the bad news about Jupiter is that it presents us with opportunities, that we can choose to take advantage of, or not. Jupiter opens doors that we can walk through, but Jupiter does not push us to the other side. Saturn and Pluto will push us kicking and screaming. Jupiter is different. If we do not take advantage of an open portal at the appropriate moment, the opportunity can be lost. We can feel good under the Jupiter influence, and then wonder what happened with the warm fuzzy feelings disappear.

Intense High Frequency Energies

We are not trained to deal with the intensity of energies that are currently infusing the planet and coursing through our being, and we are not familiar with, and therefore do not know how to process, the high frequencies. This is a time of expanded sensitivity. We are being affected whether we like it or not, choose it or not. Everyone is being impacted in one way or another.

Our culture has trained us to look for and prepare for permanence, security and stability, but the current energies get us in touch with impermanence, instability and rapid and unexpected change. Willing or not, the times demand that we deal with chaos and unpredictable change. We must find another mode and approach. The energy of Jupiter in Pisces can help us find another way. To take advantage of this destabilizing and transformative energy, we have to play by new rules.


The Pisces archetype is misunderstood because this abstract, nebulous energy resists understanding. The Pisces archetype represents the Infinite, which is vast beyond comprehension. Pisces takes us beyond what we currently know and experience.

When Pisces energy prevails, we cannot predict or control inner and outer events. In general, we feel insecure about what we cannot control, but when we are immersed in Pisces energy, we must equip ourselves to surrender to that which defies our control and understanding.

The Pisces learning process is not initiated by us. We learn in unexpected ways, through synchronicities that break our routines, challenge our habits and oblige us to view reality from a vaster perspective. As we are brought into contact with new dimensions of reality, we realize the limits of our worldview. What is revealed requires us to expand our mind and heart beyond our current boundaries.

Illusion and the Passive Principle

Pisces lessons oblige us to make ourselves available to experience life as it happens to us, not as we make it happen. Pisces introduces us to the passive principle, which does not mean 'do nothing'. The passive principle recognizes that there is a force, and a reality, that is way beyond our control. This concept invites us to let go of control, to surrender to and to trust a mysterious Force that is all-powerful and pervasive.

The misinterpretation of 'do nothing' is part of the unevolved side of Pisces and Neptune - illusion, laziness and inattentiveness. If we don't pay attention, we lose (or never establish) our Divine Connection. If we don't make the effort to tune into our neutral channel, an experience of the Infinite can totally elude us. If we are lost in our dualistic mind, we remain victims of our limiting beliefs, wishful thinking, and guilt/shame/blame stories. Our dualistic mind builds and fortifies the wall between ourselves and Spirit.

Pisces knows that we can never be completely prepared for what happens in life. Under the Pisces influence, we are in wonder, amazed and shocked, as our boundaries, situations and beliefs are dissolved by a nebulous inexplicable power, that shifts realities without warning or explanation. There is no way to define, influence, manipulate or hold the energies that are obviously impacting us, and beyond our ability to rationally explain.

As the last mutable sign, Pisces is able to adapt, to flow with the current, and to adjust to what is happening in the moment. Pisces shows us that we must be WILLING to align with forces, and accept circumstances, beyond our control and comprehension. The key word is WILLING. When we are truly willing, we are able to allow our will to align with Divine Will. Only then do we attain the peace, bliss and freedom promised by the Piscean archetype.

New Territory and Awareness

We can feel overwhelmed by the 'acts of God' that command our attention, and reorient our psyche and our lives. The question is - can we handle what is being delivered to us, or do we try to hide and escape into denial and victimhood, because we are controlled by our fear of the unknown. Do we end up mismanaging what should be gifts and losing out on opportunities?

Under the Pisces influence, our inner journey takes us into new territory, that changes our perception of reality and ourselves. We have to have courage to embark on an adventure into the unknown, where logic and the rational mind simply get in our way. We must use our intuition and natural instincts to guide us. We must engage our subtle sensory faculties to FEEL what resonates with the truth of our soul. If what we feel rings true, we can then get in touch with courage to dare to do what is outside our comfort zone, and to let our heart lead our way.

Paradoxes and Warnings

In Pisces' infinite space, paradoxes are always at play. Deception is the dark side of Pisces. The less mature Pisces can be easily fooled and taken advantage of. Fantasy-prone, Pisces has a tendency to live in denial. The Fish can be a victim of unscrupulous con artists, who take advantage of our kindness and compassion. Pisces' desire to help those in need can leave the naïve, empathetic Fish feeling worn out, used and abused - and wondering what happened! 'Why does being nice make us feel bad? Pisces' polarity, Virgo, teaches us to discriminate so our service does not deteriorate into slavery.

Uranus in Pisces affects our behavior, and presents us with special challenges. Uranus has been in Pisces since March 2003. Uranus is by nature a disruptive force. Pisces, under the influence of Uranus, is like a drunk adolescent. It can make rash, muddled, illogical and emotionally driven decisions, that can get us in unforeseen and unintended trouble.

Jupiter in Pisces tends to nurture wishful thinking, and to inflate abstract promises. When our dreams disappear into nothing, we feel deceived and let down. The emotional energy can be manic depressive. We get our hopes up and have high expectations, and then we feel disillusioned when nothing, or the opposite, happens. This emotional roller coaster is hard on our immune system. Virgo and Saturn remind us to be realistic. Pisces warns us not to be attached to our expectations. If we try to control the end result or the process, we can lose, and wonder why all that hard work didn't produce concrete results.

Immune and Nervous Systems

Pisces rules the immune system. A defining question is - What are our immune and nervous systems capable of handling? Are we equipped to go through the tests of the times? We must all take care to strengthen our immune and nervous systems. And we must rely on our intuitive knowing to evaluate what we can, and cannot, do. As we nurture our body we gain courage. If we feel fear and are overwhelmed, maybe our physical and emotional bodies cannot endure the journey. This is when we bow out gracefully. We do not have to travel to a distant country, or undergo harsh circumstances, to evolve. Our spiritual journey is always inside ourselves, right where we are in our current life situation.

Saturn continues to remind us not to be tempted by glitter. There will be no gold if our physical health, and adequate resources and support, are not available. Our power to wisely discriminate, using our intuition and instincts as guides, is absolutely critical at this time. Adventure and caution must travel together.

In sum, our ability to expand is determined by:

  1. the strength of our immune and nervous systems,
  2. our physical and emotional stamina,
  3. adequate physical resources and support, and
  4. our inner connection with our soul and the Infinite.
Virgo Full Moon and Pisces/Jupiter New Moon Themes

The current energy is both exciting and scary, and can seem overwhelming. There is tremendous potential to travel to new ground, but our mental constructs can get in our way, and block out opportunities and openings. Consciousness is the key. The more our awareness expands, the more we are able to flow with, surrender to, and trust the evolutionary forces that awaken our hearts. However, we try to explain or define it, a paradigm shift is in the making. The following themes can help you monitor and guide your own paradigm shift:


Touchstones to deal with the Uranus, Jupiter, (and soon Neptune) in Pisces, include:

  1. Stay centered and grounded.
  2. Don't try to create a salvation to compensate for the loses of the past.
  3. Don't be attached to your ideas of what the outcome should be.
  4. Don't hope to be saved from your lessons and spiritual growth.
  5. Surrender to the unknown, and gracefully accept what you cannot change.
  6. Embrace the wisdom of insecurity and adventure.
  7. Be humble and realistic. Be aware of ego and egomaniac tendencies.
  8. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Do your daily spiritual practice!
  9. Let go of control in small ways. Don't try so hard.
  10. Stop creating stress out of the bad habit of putting yourself under unnecessary pressure.
  11. Trust your soul and the Infinite.
  12. Let the truth be and set you free.
Sexuality and Spirituality 2nd Edition by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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Kundalini Yoga - Awareness and Feeling Exercise

In Pisces territory we must be guided by our intuition and instincts, i.e. our subtle sensory system. We can make quick progress cultivating our sensitive awareness if we practice every day.

Do any Kundalini Yoga exercise or meditation for 1 minute or more, and then sit and BE AWARE, LISTEN and FEEL. When you drift off or start thinking, do another exercise (or the same one) for the length of time that you choose. Then again sit and be aware of the space, silence or stillness inside your head, AND the sensations in your body.

Simply practice - firstly exercise, secondly PAY ATTENTION, BE AWARE, LISTEN AND FEEL. After each exercise, take as much time as you wish to look and listen inside your skin, and to feel your body.

Between exercises, you can also focus on your peaceful space, your breath, or be with the ever-changing sensations cursing through your body. You will identify which experiences pull you inside, what is pleasant to feel and comforting to be absorbed in.

Do this during your daily Kundalini Yoga practice: 5-30 minutes every day and you will make significant progress. After a few days, you won't believe how easy it is to stay present in LISTENING, FEELING AWARENESS.

Keep in mind that the domain of mental or upper chakra awareness is elusive and slippery, and must always be balanced and integrated with grounding in physical reality, which happens by feeling the sensations in your body.

All Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations work! Try the sets on page 103 of Sexuality and Spirituality, 2nd Edition "Neck and Thyroid" and "Thyroid and Parathyroid".

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