Mercury Retrograde - Inspiration and Guidance

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #173, August 17, 2010
Planetary Alignments
A Time of Opening Our Hearts

I remember the day I had the realization - I was born this way! My quirks are not my mother's fault. I brought my fears, as well as my passion, with me when my soul was born into this body. Obviously, our parents and environment impact our lives, but we are each born with our very unique soul blueprint. We come to Planet Earth to undergo a series of life challenges, to have specific experiences, and to learn certain lessons. Each of our life experiences helps us to know ourselves, to identify our preferences and our priorities, and to uncover our gifts.

Aquarius/Leo Polarities

The Leo archetype reminds us that an overriding goal of our journey is to identify, to cultivate, and to share our special gifts with the world.

It is important to understand the interactive dynamic of the Leo/Aquarius polarity axis, which is an all-encompassing theme as we make our transition to the Aquarian Age. Aquarius holds the space for community, but how do we feel part of the bigger community? We offer our gifts! When we are making our contribution we feel valued, validated, and at one with the greater whole. If we aren't offering our special piece, we often feel alienated and alone.

For the Leo/Aquarius dynamic to optimally function, we all have to participate in our own special way. It is very important to operate out of the reality, that everyone has their own unique offering. We cannot get in touch with our piece of the puzzle by listening to what others want us to do. We cannot allow ourselves to be controlled by how we think society and external authorities wish us to conform. Aquarius dictates that we must choose for ourselves. Leo teaches that our heart knows.

2010 Intense Transformation

All the intense dynamics, indicated by the 2010 astrological configurations, stimulate and oblige us to connect with our inner sun and let it shine. I suggest re-reading the previous 4 issues (#169 through #172), from the perspective of you own personal journey. The following guidelines will help you get in touch with your inner Leo - the path of the heart:

The Pisces Full Moon - August 24th - will be the last Pluto/Saturn square, which is the main indicator of the intense, heavy energies we have been feeling this year. This is the last grand cardinal cross line up. Soon after this time, we will experience that something has shifted inside ourselves. New pathways are opening up. We are already feeling an eagerness to move forward into unchartered territory.

If we let our hearts lead the way, we will line up with our soul blueprint, and welcome the next leg of our journey. We will discover that the excitement of the unknown has more power than the security of the familiar. Old stories lose their grip when our heart opens to ourselves, and we feel deep self-love.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo goes retrograde August 20th through September 12th. A few days before Mercury goes retrograde, our momentum seems to grind down to a halt, so if you are wondering what happened to all the energy you had to move forward and to get things done, you can recognize how the cosmic energies are influencing you.

Instead of getting frustrated and trying to push against the currents, allow yourself to adapt and to relax into what you are experiencing. The Universe has set it up so that we have 3 weeks, 3 times a year when our mind can let go and we can listen to our hearts. Welcome and wisely use these 3 weeks to listen to your heart, and let it inspire and guide your way.

This is a perfect time to evaluate your process and progress this year. A lot has happened already in 2010. We have all been pressurized, challenged, bottom lined and more! In the process, we have grown. We have let go of karmic imprints. We have left old ways and beliefs behind. We have willingly or unwillingly gone through a crystallization process. Do you feel lighter, more conscious and more awake? Time to Connect with Your Heart

It is very important during these 3 weeks to communicate deeply with yourself. In the past, in some way, we have all lived our lives from a story imposed or adopted from outside ourselves. When fantasy stories direct our lives, we can never be truly happy. We cannot live up to the imposed expectations that the fantasies dictate. We make choices that create tension inside our fragile bubble. When, one day the illusionary bubble bursts, we wonder what happened. A lot of bubbles have burst in the last months. The good news is that, outside the bubble we are free to be our authentic selves.

Devote the next 3 weeks to being authentic with yourself. Look at your life as a very special and sacred journey that brings you closer to your soul. We can be happy if we are at peace with:

  1. who we are,
  2. our preferences, and
  3. our uniqueness.

Maybe it is true that no one can really understand us, nut it is also true that we can understand ourselves. Something profound shifts when we honor the unfoldment of our special life path. Our heart opens as we exercise compassion and kindness toward ourselves. Our inner Leo rejoices - it is all sacred and nothing is really that serious.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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Directives for Your Kundalini Yoga Practice

It is always critical to do our daily spiritual practice - Sadhana. While Mercury is in retrograde, heart opening kriyas and meditations are highly recommended. There is a very special series of heart opening kriyas on pages 75-81 in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition.

During these 3 weeks place your hands on your heart 2 times every day, for 5-11 minutes. Our guiding directive is to listen to the pulse at your heart, and to feel and be attentively aware of the sensations in your heart, and in your spine at the level of the heart chakra. While your hands are on your heart, chant long Sat Nams - calling upon your truth.

Whatever activity you engage in, pay attention to your heart chakra. When you are talking, focus on your heart. When you are thinking, bring your attention to your heart. This is all very transformational, because by feeling our heart chakra, we are moving out of our heads into our body, and into expanded feeling (not thinking) consciousness.

Keep a journal or in some way monitor your journey between August 20 and September 12. Remember we only have 3 weeks, 3 times a year when Mercury/our mind supports this heart opening exploration. Give your mind a rest, and give your heart a chance!

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