Sagittarius and Gemini - Perception and Truth

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #176, December 5, 2010
Planetary Alignments
Cosmic Awakenings

This is the second issue of New Millennium Being exploring major themes that set the tone in these transformational times. In Issue 175 we discussed Endings and Beginnings - a major theme of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity pair. In this issue we investigate the theme of Perception and the Truth, the archetypal messages of Gemini and Sagittarius.

The 12 Zodiac archetypes pair off into 6 polarity sets, each representing universal formulas for transcending duality and conflict, and living authentic, soul-directed lives. The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair teaches us how to direct our mind toward the truth. Air sign Gemini represents our dualistic mind - how we deal with opposites, how we interact in daily life, and the power of our thoughts and spoken words.

Fire sign Sagittarius represents our higher mind - how we use the fire of our soul - our passion - to search for meaning, fulfillment, wisdom and the truth. Sagittarius teaches us how we spiral up from our dualistic mind into our neutral mind, instead of looping back into our subconscious programming. (see Guru Rattana Online video class on this topic, below).

The 12 astrological archetypes represent energetic patterns that express specific combinations of universal energies. They form cosmic matrices that provide structures and pathways, to both focus our attention and direct our behavior. The evolution of consciousness is about clearing our perceptional mechanisms, so that we can perceive, integrate and operate from the highest expressions of these cosmic templates.

Levels of Consciousness

The highest expression of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is thinking, speaking and acting from impeccable truth. This means:

  1. no little or big lies,
  2. no manipulation of the truth,
  3. no exclusion of some of the facts,
  4. no naïve illusions, and
  5. no dogmatism.

The light through which we perceive reality must be unobstructed and clear - no foggy or colored lenses allowed. "The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God". Fortunately, cosmic energies are clearing pathways and opening portals, that make is possible to get closer to this elevated state of consciousness.

Our level of consciousness determines the degree to which we can perceive the truth. There are many levels of perception ... and there are many levels and interpretations of the truth. Yogi Bhajan talked about:

  1. personal,
  2. circumstantial, and
  3. universal truths.

We will avoid an intellectual discussion about what is truth. We do not want to let our mind indulge in diversionary tactics, which only serve to distract us from our task of becoming more authentic, real and truthful.

The bottom line is - We know the truth. We do not prove the truth. 'The truth' is revealed as we clear our mind, cleanse our physical and subtle bodies, and make ourselves receptive and available to receive clear communications from our soul and universal energies.

The Illusion Is Over

The most basic truth of the times is - The Illusion is Over! This is true both collectively and individually. Our collective and individual realities are inseparable and interactive.

Collective Illusions

Our collective truth is that we live in a new world. The illusions that some of us enjoyed, indulged in and suffered from, are being revealed. One of the main illusions (and all of its manifestations) is that external satisfaction can create, or substitute for, internal peace and happiness. Another illusion is that we can borrow from the future and get away with it. Collective illusions include the following:

  1. Pillaging the resources of Mother Earth, with the ILLUSION that we can maintain a sustainable ecosystem,
  2. Going into debt to finance wars, and using borrowed money to finance social needs, etc., under the ILLUSION that a healthy, expanding economy is a given that we can take for granted,
  3. Believing that we have an exclusive pipeline to the truth, and that those not sharing our belief system are misguided.
    ILLUSION - Others will catch on (through force, conversion or magic), and we will be able to create world peace.
  4. Allowing economic structures based on greed, manipulation, injustice and inequity to control the world economy, under the ILLUSION that we can avoid serious economic collapse.
Individual Illusions

Individually we suffer from our personal versions of the same illusions:

  1. We can abuse our body, and it will keep serving us without serious health issues.
  2. We can live on borrowed money, and somehow our financial affairs will be taken care of.
  3. Our limited view of ourselves, the world and the Universe, is an adequate foundation for prosperity, peace and success in life.
  4. We can let our life be controlled by fear programming and somehow be happy.

I remember one lady telling me about her experience in bankruptcy court. The judge asked her why she accumulated so much debt. Her answer was "I really believed that one day I would have the money to pay". Her hopeful attitude was not supported by any realistic plan to change her financial situation. This illustrates how, in so many ways, we sincerely believe in our fantasies, which are fed and encouraged by our economic, social and political systems.

We naïvely believe so many things that lead us to make poor decisions. Another common illusion is that once we find the 'right' partner, we will be happy. We need to seriously examine our belief system, because it can be, and often is, the foundation for perpetually not telling ourselves the truth.

Fantasies and Lies

Neither our global nor our personal challenges are simply going to magically disappear. We are going to have to seriously look at how we created this mess, and do some fundamental restructuring. To do so we have to transcend our illusionary mindset, which includes the following fantasies:

  1. If we don't look or pay attention, unpleasant realities will go away.
  2. The situation and pain is temporary.
  3. More regulation (control) will help,
  4. Or less regulation (going with the flow) is the solution.
  5. The world is going to change, because I (many people or even everyone) want it to.

We are being obliged to confront the reality of what is actually going on, and that level of truth can be very uncomfortable. We are used to being comfortable (or at least we do everything we can to avoid experiencing discomfort). We are are also used to being unconscious. Our unconsciousness supports a global system that is structurally cold, uncaring and self-destructive. Our disconnected mode of operation also supports being a victim of our own dysfunctions, systemic manipulation, and fear-based mass consciousness.

Structural Lies

Our collective and personal belief systems create structural dishonesty in our economic, political and social systems and within ourselves. Structural violence, lack of integrity and dysfunction create a pervasive fog, which results in most of us being totally unaware of how disconnected we are from our authentic truth. We are each only one of billions of fish swimming in the same muddy waters.

It is important to keep in mind the nature of the herculean the task of freeing ourselves from the web of deception. During your process of awakening to your truth, be kind to yourself. We are in the process of transforming from our core. The good news is that the more we get connected to our truth, and open our hearts to ourselves, the more honest we become ,and the happier we will be.

Pluto in Sagittarius supported a speculative mindset, impulsive actions, and a lottery or free lunch mentality. Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1995 (except January -June 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn) through November 27, 2008 (when Pluto entered Capricorn until 2014). The illusionary Sagittarius days are over. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn obliges us to get real and practical, and to operate within the confines of natural laws and physical limits. This is actually good news. I am personally relieved to be in an energetic field, that supports me in being more realistic and down to earth. How about you?

The Stress of Lies

It is stressful to live in both inner, and outer, worlds based on lies. It is hard enough when we lie to ourselves, but when the global system is founded on unreality, we are seriously in trouble. It is important to understand that we are subjects of a global system, that basically needs planetary citizens to be unconscious to function. If we were all awake, conscious of what is happening, and felt empowered and safe to take a stand for the truth, things would change very quickly.

We have gotten used to living in a system based on falsehoods. We may not want to face the facts. Well, too bad. The time of reckoning is upon us.

Remember the TV show 'Truth or Consequences'? That's what we are facing at this time, both collectively and individually. You have to have noticed the current phenomenon of 'instant karma?'

Facts that We Have to Face

One obvious set of facts that we have to face, is that we have run into a wall in our pursuit of external gratification. We can't keep buying on credit. Our credit cards are full, and with high interest rates it will take us years to pay them off. Drugs, alcohol, codependent relationships and other addictions don't offer us an escape route. Perhaps worse yet, what used to cover up our wounds no longer gives us even temporary satisfaction. We can no longer buy, hypnotize, rationalize or drug ourselves out of our predicament. To shift out of the illusion of external satisfaction we must do the following:

  1. We have to unplug from the paradigm of fear. It is fear that makes us lie to ourselves and others, and accept external manipulation and control. We have to stop running down the tunnel of fear. There is no light and no cheese at the end of this tunnel.
  2. We have to find a new way to communicate with ourselves and others, which is based on both compassion and the truth. This way is available only in our hearts.
  3. We have to objectively look at the facts, not manipulate them to try to stay in control, or to perpetuate denial.
  4. We have to get in touch with the fact that, when we lie to ourselves we feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Our discomfort and frustration grow into inner anger, self-loathing and self-abuse.
  5. We have to notice and become aware of what we avoided, or what escaped us before. We have to notice others' hunger and pain. We have to notice our own hunger for our soul, and our own pain of separation from Divine Love. When we do so, we notice we aren't alone. We notice kindness and a willingness to share. We open our hearts and help others do so as well.

The process of examining the truth can be painful, but it can also be interesting, enlightening and liberating. It is fortunately still true that the truth can set us free.

Sagittarius New Moon - December 5th

The Sagittarius archetype represents our search for meaning, wisdom and the truth. We gain insights and knowledge by exposing ourselves to different points of view, and by broadening our horizons. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, we have to expand our perceptual boundaries, so that we are able to understand and grasp that which generally eludes us. There is a universe of truth that exists beyond our mental cage of limited awareness. Vast amounts of information are excluded from entering our mental receptors. A major goal of our spiritual practice is to activate our input mechanisms, so that we are able to become more and more conscious of expanded realities, and thus deeper levels of truth and wisdom.

The planetary alignments around the Sagittarius New moon, December 5th, support us in making leaps in consciousness. More light is available to help us become aware, of how our old patterns of perception perpetuate limiting beliefs and dysfunctional behaviors.

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Pisces, active through December and January, amplifies the potential for awakenings, breakthroughs and revelations. Conjunctions initiate new beginnings. Jupiter and Uranus are in exact conjunction at the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse, January 4th, 2011. We will receive wake-up calls from this pair through January 2011.

Magic Is Available

December can be a magical month. Uranus in Pisces goes direct just 8 hours after the Sagittarius New Moon December 5th. After five months retrograde, the direct motion of Uranus intensifies the urge to free ourselves from confining situations, stifling relationships and restrictive mindsets. All planets are direct for a short window, between December 5th and 10th, at which time Mercury goes retrograde until December 30th. Information, insights, answers and discoveries are available the whole month. Mercury retrograde will facilitate awakening to our truth and opening our hearts.

Our task now is to stay focused with a clear mind, and to deeply listen to our heart (see Candle Meditation below). The more we do so, the more we can receive guidance and know our own truth. The goal of our yoga and meditation practice is to make ourselves more and more available, to receive guidance on how to meet our current challenges, and how to move forward in new directions.

Spiritual wisdom is abundantly and everywhere available. Our soul truth is encoded in our heart, and vibrates in every cell of our body. The more we can free ourselves of the blinders of restrictive belief systems, negative emotional imprints, the stranglehold of mass consciousness, peer pressure and cultural impositions, we more we can touch what is real for us.

The Shadow and Light of Gemini and Sagittarius

The dynamic of full moons illuminates the shadow of each sign, and opens the possibility of the alchemical integration of the two complementary polarities.


The shadow side of Gemini is manipulation of the facts, duplicity, cold rationalization, no heart, no feeling and gibberish communication.

The highest expression of Gemini includes:

  1. Objectively identifying the facts without bias or distortion.
  2. Communicating objective truth from the heart, not talking ideas from our head.
  3. Listening to ourselves, others and the Universe without judgment, so the truth can be revealed.
  4. Interaction with many people with diverse interests, needs and points of view, which exposes us to our commonality and oneness, and opens our heart.

The light side of Gemini is also not taking everything personally, or so seriously. Gemini says relax, let go, enjoy the myriad experiences that are available every day ... and have fun!


The shadow side of Sagittarius is dogmatism, religious fanaticism, righteousness and gullibility, and being overly indulgent, over enthusiastic and not cautious.

The Light expression of Sagittarius is purity, purpose, commitment to the truth, and spiritual awakening.

Shifting Our Perception

Together Gemini and Sagittarius expand our perception of reality, by revealing the truth that magically resonates in every detail of daily life.

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - Winter Solstice

This Gemini lunar eclipse is the third of five consecutive full moons that happen at the very last degree of their sign. The end degree of a sign signifies a time of transition. We are called upon to reach for the highest expression of this archetypal energy.

During an eclipse, there is an interruption of the electromagnetic stream of energy from both the Sun and the Moon. The Earth's energetic patterns, the matrix of mass consciousness, and our own mental structures, are interrupted enough to create openings for shifting gears, bypassing old mindsets and changing habitual programming.

The total lunar eclipse of this full moon comes on December 21st, right at the Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice in Southern hemisphere), amplifying transformative possibilities. We can experience the dissolution of the past and the forming of new pathways, options and opportunities.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the mutable, organizing or adapting signs. The mutable grand cross at this full moon opens the space for radical change in how we interact with and relate to each other. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct, oppose Juno (the asteroid representing the path toward equality in relationships) and square Pallas (the asteroid representing wisdom and creative intelligence). The Sun, Mercury, Moon and North and South Nodes join in to form 5 oppositions and 12 squares. Take notice, as cosmic openings facilitate the process of changing the 'rules and roles' of relationships, and creating the space for more freedom, equity, fairness, honesty, satisfaction and fun!

End of the Year Assessment - Your Truth

2010 has been intense and tumultuous. It is time to evaluate our progress. Take advantage of the year's end, the Gemini full moon eclipse and Mercury in retrograde to:

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - Candle Meditation

Here is a candle meditation to open and connect your head and your heart. Each part takes attention and time to go deeply into the experience. Don't just jump from one part to the next. Take as much time as you wish on each part, or concentrate on one part if that is what draws you inward that day. These are the skeleton instructions. You will be guided as you do the meditation.

  1. Stare into the candle flame for several minutes (or as long as you like), and then close your eyes. See and focus at the flame or the image that appears at your third eye. Keep your focus strong by added focused attention at the root of your nose. Stabilize at your third eye.
  2. When you can maintain the third eye focus, squint your eyes until you see a beam of light coming from the flame of the candle. Notice that this beam goes straight to your heart. Allow the beam to awaken your heart. Build your feeling awareness at your heart.
  3. Be aware of, and simultaneously feel, the stability at your third eye and the feeling sensations at your heart.
  4. Move your mind into your heart. Deeply feel and listen to your heart.

Start now, and practice this meditation every day while Mercury is retrograde December 10th-30th.

Practice listening to your truth and then speaking your truth to yourself.

Sagittarius Classes - Guru Rattana Online

To connect with our own truth, we must be able to direct our mind to our truth channel.

Check out the Guru Rattana Online class on 'The Expansive Mind and Happiness', which you can find in the fourth section The Spirit/Fire Element - Awakening the Heart and Kundalini.

In this class I talk about the dynamic of Jupiter, Sagittarius and the Expansive/Positive Mind. In the kriya, we practice expanding our mind into our neutral channel, so that we can break the self-sabotaging loop back to the negative mind and subconscious programming.

The kriya I use to create these experiences is 'Heart Connection' on page 76 Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition. The meditation is 'Happiness in the Circle of 8' on page 158 of the same book. I love this meditation. It can take you out of the blues and depression.

If you haven't already subscribed to Guru Rattana Online, you will need to do so to watch the class. For a low monthly rate you can enjoy unlimited viewing of all the classes. The links for the Gemini classes are listed under 'The Mind/Air Element - Awakening the Mind'.

References and Footnotes

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