Numerology for 2011 - Who is Your Guru?

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #178, January 30, 2011

(see also Issue 186 on Transformation, Transitions and 11-11-11).

Planetary Alignments
Understanding the Dynamics of 2011 - Preparing for the Aquarian Age

Wow! We are living 2011! By some calculations, 11/11/2011 is the transition date from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. The calculations for the beginning of the Aquarian Age vary by over 200 years. Because the shift between ages occurs only every 2000 plus years, the 'entry' into the new age is both gradual and intense. What we do know for sure is that something powerful is happening, and we better get with the program!

A common question is 'What is going to happen on 11-11-11?' Are we going to be catapulted through a cosmic portal? Instead of speculating about a magical transformation, let's ask the questions - How am I preparing myself to upgrade and align my personal energy configuration, so that I can thrive in Aquarian Age frequencies? Can we lift the veil of fear by 2011? Better yet, let's make it our goal to lift the veil of fear by 11-11-11!

The numerology of 2011 gives us very good advice on how to use this year to align with the higher frequencies of the heart, so that we can participate in creating a heart-centered Aquarian Age.

Summary - Planetary Recalibration

2011 is about recalibrating our psyche, and establishing our personal resonance with the frequencies of love that are infusing the planet. We must adapt to the new frequencies that resonate with the heart chakra. Our job is to upgrade our vibration so that we connect with, and operate in, the new energy grid. As we recalibrate our own energy field, we participate in co-creating and grounding the paradigm of love on the planet. As we release our own fear programming, we help release mass consciousness from the matrix of fear, and help install a new matrix of love on the planet.

2011 is a directional year, i.e. we have to choose how to direct our consciousness. Basically we have 2 choices - we can direct our energy towards fear or towards love. Our major task for 2011 is thus, to extricate ourselves from the fear-based consciousness that keeps us in darkness, ignorance and suffering, and to cultivate a consciousness of love.

The numerology of 2011 directs us to cultivate our neutral mind, and to use the technology of sound. Divine mantras clear our energy and cut fear-based cords, making it possible to detach from negative emotional conditioning. In the clear space of our neutral mind, we can see the truth behind our stories. We can find more respectful, loving and elegant solutions that lead us to the heart.

Technologies for the Aquarian Age

Yogi Bhajan's mission was to teach us technologies that upgrade our frequency, so that all aspects of our being can synchronize with the higher love frequencies available in the Aquarian Age. His comprehensive system of teachings includes Kundalini Yoga and devotional Naad Yoga, or the technology of sound.

Yogi Bhajan offered us the technology of sound, because he knew that the higher vibrations of Divine mantras would work to pull us into the frequency of the new age. He offered us the ten body system to help us understand the path to higher consciousness.

The question of the relationship between Sikhism and Kundalini Yoga sometimes arises. Many of the mantras taught by Yogi Bhajan are part of the Sikh path, which incorporates divine sounds that are part of the paths of Hinduism, Sufism and Christianity. Many spiritual paths use Divine mantras to elevate us into oneness consciousness. Whatever the path, the universal sound current is the root of all divine mantras. Our common goal is to align with, enjoy and live from oneness consciousness.

The Aquarian Age is not about hierarchical forms, organized religion, or external authorities. To successfully operate in the Aquarian Age, we must leave behind these dysfunctions of the Piscean Age. Instead of organizing our mind and lives around the dogmas, ideologies and belief systems, we must cultivate our own experience and direct connection with universal energies. Moving into the elevated expressions of the Aquarian Age, requires eliminating divisive organizational structures based on exclusivity, marginalization, subservience and exploitation, that serve only to divide us, and keep us attached to forms that undermine our personal empowerment. As we cultivate our personal experience of oneness, we are able to operate from heart-centered consciousness, and work together for the good of all humanity and Mother Earth.

Numerology of 2011

The numerical components of 2011 are 2, 0, 11 and 4.The sum of this year's numbers equals four (2+1+1 =4). Two and zero are millennial numbers, i.e. they set the context for this millennium. Eleven and four set the tone for 2011. Eleven that is not reduced from the addition of two other numbers only happens once a century. 2011 offers us a special opportunity to evolve into an 11 state of universal consciousness, and to move into the next phase of human development. Four represents the neutral mind - the aspect of our being that we must cultivate to attain eleven consciousness.

The Ten Bodies System

To understand the numerology of 2011, I will first summarize the components of the ten body system. Each number represents an aspect of the energetic make of our human vessel. Their sequence defines our evolutionary journey.

The ten bodies include our physical body, 3 aspects of our mind and 6 non-physical energy bodies. As we activate and consolidate the energies of our ten bodies, we are better able to navigate our human journey.

  1. Soul body
    Our soul body is the pure light consciousness of our soul.

    Number one initiates our journey, and sets our goal to use this human life to experience and live from soul consciousness. Numbers 2-10 define our path to reach this goal.

    First we seek to understand the human mind, and how we can use it to expand our awareness and to serve us. The human mind is our mechanism of consciousness. In the ten body system, the human mind is divided into 3 minds. The negative/protective and positive/expansive minds deal with the duality of physical reality. The neutral mind operates in non-dual reality.
  2. Negative/Protective mind
    Our negative mind is a protective and preventative mechanism. It warns us of danger to prevent undesirable results. Our negative/protective mind is our analytical mind, which is able to calculate, measure and figure things out. In its undeveloped expression it frightens us, and makes us cynical and pessimistic.
  3. Positive/Expansive mind
    Our positive/expansive mind gives us information about possibilities and evolutionary outcomes. It is creative, optimistic and expressive. In its naïve state, it avoids making realistic choices, and escapes into denial, fantasies and wishful thinking.
  4. Neutral mind
    Our neutral mind or peace channel takes us beyond duality, to a place where it is possible to access higher states of consciousness. In our neutral mind we are able to perceive reality beyond our external senses and mental manipulation. Our neutral mind awakens our intuitive knowing, and gives us access to the universal mind.
  5. Physical body
    It is important to note that numerically, the physical body comes after the mind and before the last five subtle bodies, which are activated by the proper care and alignment of our physical body, and require awake, alert mental attention.

    We must be consciously present in sensitive awareness in our physical body to move into the functional expression of our (6) arc line, (7) aura, (8) pranic body, (9) subtle body and (10) radiant body. While we are on Planet Earth, our human experience and all aspects of manifestation happen in our body. Our goal is to optimize, not escape or squander, our precious human experience.

    The anatomical systems of our physical body include - circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, endocrine/glandular, nervous, muscular-skeletal, immune and reproductive systems. All these systems must be stimulated, aligned and taken care of, in order to maintain a healthy body. Their optimal functioning is critical for emotional balance, and for the awakening of consciousness.
  6. Arc line
    The arc line is the halo of light around our head, which illuminates our connection with the Divine. The clarity of our arc line makes it possible to perceive the Truth, and to lift the veil of illusion and fear. Through our arc line, we can establish a stable, pure connection with the universal mind, and attain God consciousness. The arc line includes the throat, ajna and crown chakras.
  7. Aura
    Our aura is the electromagnetic field around our body. It is a composite energetic statement of our mental, physical and emotional condition. Its frequency and coherency determine what we attract, how we interact, how we are influenced, and our ability to contain, and express with integrity, our soul identity.
  8. Pranic body
    Our pranic body is the mechanism that breathes our breath - our inhale and exhale. Our pranic body receives life-giving energy/oxygen and gives back carbon dioxide to feed plant life. Our pranic body continuously connects us with the universal source of all life.
  9. Subtle (emotional) body
    Our subtle body corresponds to the evolutionary energetic field of our emotional body, and to higher states of energetic sensitivity. Our subtle body expresses for the flowing polarity of our soul, which includes our feeling and instinctual awareness.
  10. Radiant body
    Our radiant body is the golden light around our aura that protects us, and makes us magnetic. When our radiant body is strong, we feel safe, contained and courageous. We can act and speak our truth. Our radiant body simultaneously registers the expansion and containment of our Soul Self in our body. An activated radiant body consolidates and projects an integrated sense of wholeness. When our radiant body is strong, we can hold the pure light of our soul for healing ourselves, others and our environment, and we magically attract to us what serves our destiny path.
  11. Eleven
    Bodies 1-10 represent the faculties of human consciousness and our evolutionary path to higher soul consciousness. It is the higher functioning of all our ten bodies that makes it possible to access an eleven state of consciousness.

    Eleven is a master number. Eleven represents an elevated state of consciousness, involving the higher expression of all our ten bodies. It is challenging to get there and to stay there. We achieve a state of self-mastery when we can consciously stay connected to the Word - the universal vibration of Love.

    Eleven represents the Universal sound current. We experience eleven as a non-physical electric or charged vibration - a sound and feeling. Under everything and IN everything is the ever-present sound current or the universal force (the Word). We experience this force through our subtle listening and feeling sensitivities. Being able to hear and feel 'the Word' makes it possible to have the experience of oneness.
The Numerology of 2011

Eleven and Two

Eleven has a very special dynamic. Eleven is tricky, because it is unstable. Eleven obviously reduces to two. To remain in eleven, 1 + 1 have to equal 1. This means that we have to experience our oneness with the universal energy that flows through us and all life. If we are unable to do so, we revert back to 2 - our negative mind.

TOUCHSTONE - When we merge with the One, we FIND ourselves. We do not LOSE ourselves.

In 11 we can rise above the fray and flow with the cosmic current. If not, we fall back into the lower expressions of the negative mind - judgment and negativity. In our dualistic mind we are unable to use or trust our intuition. We try to figure everything out 'rationally or logically'.

As we release ourselves from the grip of our rational mind's obsessive need to analyze, control and manipulate, we prepare the way to move into 11 consciousness. The more we operate out of our innate intuitive knowing, the easier it is to stay connected to our higher mind eleven operating system. In other words, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes.


Our journey from 1 through 11 is progressive, interactive and evolutionary. Our TOUCHSTONE is - are we spiraling up toward love or are we stuck in the traps of fear and anger?

When all our activated bodies are able to consolidate in our tenth radiant body, we can spiral up to eleven. Weaknesses in any of our ten bodies prevent this higher activation from occurring. We remain in the cycle of lessons, learning to activate, and to optimally use, the faculties of our ten bodies. Gradually we align with and keep our vibration synchronized with universal vibration of love. As we do so, we are able to abide longer and longer in a receptive and magnetic state of oneness.

In stage eleven we are liberated from the conflicts and confusion of our dualistic mind. We attain 'God and me, me and God are one' consciousness. We experience that our will is aligned with divine will. We can finally relax into the eternal flow of life, and enjoy this blissful state of existence.

11 is Our Guru

The sound current is the connective frequency, that unites our individual consciousness with universal energy. The numerology of 2011 instructs us to make the sound current mantra(s) our guru. We use the technology of guru mantra to achieve a state of mastery. As we consciously connect with the universal frequency of Love, we continue to use guru mantras to maintain and enjoy deeper and more pleasurable experiences of oneness.

Our DIRECTIVE for 2011 is to make our default reaction the recitation of a guru mantra. Whatever your choice (and there are many to choose from), make it a habit to call upon a mantra(s) of your choice. Invoke 'your guru mantra' to:

The Sound Current is the Manifestor

The sound current is the essence energy of all reality. Everything IS and happens through variations of the universal vibration - the Word. We use the sound current, through our thoughts and speech, to create both positive and negative outcomes. Our negative thoughts and intentions create pain and suffering for ourselves and others. Black magic uses the sound current to manipulate physical reality, but why? What is our benefit?

In Kundalini Yoga, we use the sound current to raise our consciousness, to acquire the ultimate gift of Divine connection - where we can trust, surrender, flow with life, know we are supported and experience the ecstasy of Divine love.

2 and 11 Relationships

Eleven is about our relationship with the Infinite. Two is about relationship too, but with others. Two is more mundane. There many dynamics in our human relationships, but ideally they lead us to our hearts, and to connect with each other's souls.

In eleven energy, we need time to be alone and to cultivate our personal relationship with the Infinite. When we have established our personal Divine connection, we can embellish this connection through our sacred human relationships. However, we must keep in mind that maintaining 1 + 1 = 1 is a tricky business when we are alone with our ego. It is a very, very tricky business when we are in relationship with another human being - two egos!

Here is a handy TOUCHSTONE to measure our ability to maintain 1 + 1 = 1 in relationships - When we 'merge' with another human being, we must FIND ourselves, NOT LOSE ourselves.

At stage eleven, we can see God in all. We can feel supported by cosmic energies and allow them to work for us. Our open heart keeps us in a state of compassion. Yogi Bhajan's words can help us be non-judgmental. 'From God's perspective, everyone is a fool ... and He keeps on giving'.

Two Represents the Negative/Protective Mind

During the 21st century we are challenged to work with, and to evolve into, the higher expressions of the negative/protective mind. The unevolved state of the negative mind creates negativity, conflict and separation, which feed blame, guilt, and a victim/victor, win/lose mentality. Here are some guidelines to direct your negative mind into useful and supportive activities and attitudes.

Three is the positive mind

We are happy when we know, speak and live from our truth.

One evaluation technique I find useful is to rate any annoyance or problem one to ten. If I determine the importance of the matter to be in the low numbers, I thank the Universe for such a minor problem, chant WAHE GURU and move on.

Four is the Neutral Mind - Number for 2011

The composite number of 2011 is FOUR - the neutral mind. Try this for 2011 - DON'T BE POSITIVE. BE NEUTRAL. This simple directive can profoundly change your life. It is a prerequisite for opening our heart and for cultivating our Divine connection. In our neutral mind we can simply listen and observe. We can hear our intuition. If we follow it we can choose wisely.

We need 4 to stay in 11, i.e. we need access to our neutral mind to cultivate our relationship with the Infinite. Our neutral mind is our exit door from our dualistic mind and the gateway into our peace channel. Our neutral mind is our access channel to good fortune and spiritual gifts.

Balance, Stability and Boundaries

Four holds the balance. To achieve internal balance, we have to build a stable internal structure, that helps us maintain a sense of order in our psyche. Our neutral mind is our stable base. The secret to dealing with and taking advantage of the electric, quick moving environment of 2011, is to have a stable center from which to deal with life. Above all else, cultivate the qualities of stability and neutrality and you will thrive in 2011.

To maintain our balance, we have to have strong boundaries and we have to be honest about how we feel. Our feelings give us valuable information to guide our choices - including choices about relationships, which can always throw us off balance.

Guidelines for Decision-making in 2011

The numerology of 2011 offers us some important guideline for making decisions and commitments:

Take one step at a time. Test the waters before jumping all the way in. Don't commit before you know what you are getting yourself into.(1)


Zero represents 'All or nothing - Zero and Infinity'.

Zero symbolizes the nature of the game for this century. Can we make it to God consciousness or not? Zero helps us establish boundaries. We learn to contain Infinity in our body space. The sphere of zero represents feminine energy, which is all-inclusive. Infinity includes all. In this century, we will see all aspects of the feminine reintroduced into our individual and collective psyche.


If all this seems like a lot to remember, there is a simple FORMULA: "Be kind to yourself and others. Bless and forgive yourself and everyone else. We are all doing the best we can!"

Two Handy Mantras

Here are two mantras you might want to keep handy:

  1. In response to any negative self-talk, self-criticism or judgment, recite ten times on one breath UNG SUNG WAHE GURU.

    This means 'the ecstasy of the universal vibration resonates in every cell of my body'.
  2. In response to challenging situations involving others, chant five times, or as a many times as needed GOD BLESS US IN THE NAME OF GURU RAM DAS.

Whatever mantra you choose, chant it until you can feel the energy shift, and your negative thoughts are neutralized.

Leo/Aquarius Polarities

Aquarian New Moon and Leo Full Moon

Both the Aquarian New Moon, February 2nd, and the Leo Full Moon, February 18th, are heavily dominated by Aquarian and Capricorn energy. The Aquarian archetype is about the future, global consciousness, new ideas, innovative change and transformation of our global community through grassroots efforts. The Water Bearer holds a pitcher, from which an endless supply of streaming water flows. The water symbolizes the gifts of life - prana and consciousness - which are universally available without discrimination.

The Leo Full Moon is the last of five full moons that take place at the very last degree of the sign. The vital lesson to be learned from the Leonid archetype is that talent is not the problem. Everyone has gifts to share. Our challenge is to persevere through our personal transformation so that we can uncover and fearlessly and confidently offer our unique piece to the whole.

Archetypes come in pairs. Aquarius and Leo are polarities. The Leo archetype represents the specialness of each individual, and the creativity that expresses through each of us. For the Aquarian collective to operate at an optimum level, each individual must make his or her special contribution. The shift from hierarchical and domination structures to grassroots and collaborative modes of organizing and serving the general populous, can happen only through the empowerment of individuals.

The Leo Lion teaches us to open our hearts to ourselves, to accept and enjoy discovering who we are. Self-worth, self-value and self-love open doors to opportunities and blessings, that are not available in any other way. When our hearts are open, we transcend the self-righteousness attitude of thinking we know best for everyone else. We tried that in the Piscean age with disastrous results.

The Aquarian Age and Group Energy

The Aquarian Age is about the collective and the power of the group. We work together to achieve common goals. We meditate together because the group synergy gets us out of our self-absorbed funk, and offers us healing and an uplifted space. It is interesting to observe that more and more people realize that we can't, and do not want to, do it alone. We recognize and want to be part of the power and potential of group energy, intention and action.

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Kundalini Yoga - Awareness and Paying Attention

Our most important inner task in 2011 is to cultivate our neutral mind, from where we can access a state of oneness, peace and love.

We must have access to our neutral mind to be able to lift the veil of fear, and thus to move out of the illusions that keep us in darkness, ignorance and suffering. Yes, chanting Divine Mantras is our master technology, but equally important is cultivating awareness. Paying attention is required to awaken our neutral mind, where we can access reality beyond illusion.

The process is simple - Close your eyes and look into your inner space. Whatever you see, hear or perceive when you close your eyes is IT. Common experiences are darkness, space, cave, nothing, void, light, etc. Whatever YOU see, pay attention to that - dark, stable, peaceful, nothing. Don't distract yourself with 'is this it?' It is through paying attention, to whatever is there that does not change, that the awakening happens. Simply pay attention to what is, not to what you want and not to what you think 'should' be there. Do not contrive a mentally or emotionally directed visualization.

Over time, you will discover that you are paying attention to much more than space or blackness. All the qualities that you have been searching for are the essence qualities of your neutral mind - peace, stability, neutrality, non-judgment, stillness, silence, etc. Focus on these qualities until you experience them in your being. These essence qualities exist in every cell of your being (ung sung wahe guru) and in the whole universe. They are always present. Allow yourself to be absorbed into these qualities (one at a time), and you will experience the oneness that was always there and always will be there. All you have to do is pay attention to IT.

Take time between exercises, and after a kiva and meditation, to pay attention and to go deep into your experience. You will find your essence, unity, oneness and Love. The more you pay attention, the more familiar you will become with IT.

You will begin to experience the reality of IT - Take one step toward God and God takes many steps toward you. One step is paying attention. Notice the difference between searching and paying attention. Grabbing or searching take energy and lead you nowhere. Paying attention takes the same energy, but you get something wonderful back - the gifts of inner peace, stability, neutrality and love.

The Pineal Gland Kriya on page 77 in Sexuality and Spirituality, 2nd Edition is one of my very favorites for cultivating the neutral mind. Also see the Meditation Facilitators included in my other manuals. All arm exercises help us access 'the space'. The key is to pay attention after doing the exercise.

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1. Khalsa, p. 2. Hari Nam points out the importance of including Omega-3 in our diet. Omega-3 supports your nervous system and higher brain function. We need these essential nutrients and healthy food to cushion our response to stress.


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