Aries - Ego to Soul Consciousness

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #191, March 19, 2012
Astrological Events - Monitor Your Mood and Energy

The New Millennium Being looks at the movement and interactions of the Sun, Moon, and planets, and how they impact the way we think, influence our moods, and create energetic challenges and opportunities. This knowledge helps us navigate our lives. The cosmic energies affect everyone, although each one of us is impacted in our own special way according to our personal soul blueprint, which is set out in our birth chart. Our level of consciousness also plays an important role in how we react to cosmic energies. The same energy can make one person angry and feel like a victim, and empower another to create a work of art.

The monthly sojourn of the Sun through each of the 12 Zodiac signs, and each New Moon and Full Moon, are major energy events. Also, each time a planet changes signs, goes retrograde, or turns direct, we feel the effects, and have different energies to work with. There are 3 such shifts between April 4th and 10th. Mark the following dates, monitor your energy and reactions, and do your best to take advantage of the gifts from heaven.

Planetary Alignments
Planetary Context for Change

The sign and interaction of the outer slow-moving planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) set the tone of our earthly playground, and define the dynamics of our on-going evolutionary process. Last issue we investigated 'the Neptune and Chiron in Pisces factor'. This issue we focus on the 'Uranus in Aries factor'.

The Uranus in Aries Factor

Uranus, the awakener, is in Aries for seven years (until May 2018). The Aries archetype is about the development of our individuality and the discovery of our soulful self. The shocking style of Uranus impacts us in dramatic ways, to wake-up to our soul identity.

Wherever we are on the scale of asleep to awakened consciousness, we are being confronted and supported to learn more about ourselves, to create from our unique identity, and to take more responsibility for our lives. The intense Uranus in Aries energy affects us in many ways. As with every archetypal energy, it expresses in both lower unconscious ways, and in elevated conscious ways. We can feel angry, confused, conflicted, over-stimulated, overwhelmed, and self righteous. We can also feel energized, empowered, creative, bold, and fearless.

As we wake-up to how we have limited ourselves and fallen prey to victimization, this vital fiery energy can unleash inner anger. It can also inspire us to pursue creative endeavors, to act from our heart-felt convictions, and to enjoy the self-confidence and self-love that comes from honoring our unique life, and from our inner connection with our soul. The underlying theme is our desire to be free to express, and to enjoy, our authentic selves.

Seven Uranus-Pluto Squares - June 2012 through March 2015

The Uranus in Aries factor is intensified by the upcoming Uranus-Pluto squares. June 24th, 2012 is the date of the first of SEVEN exact squares of Uranus and Pluto that take place through March 2015. Squares demand change and action. Denial, and hiding out to avoid the storm, are not options. We either consciously participate and make our own choices, or the Universe will serve us 'wake-up opportunities', which oblige us to respond.

Pluto (in Capricorn until 2024) exposes our naïveté, illusions, and areas where we live in denial of our personal power and truth. Uranus, the unpredictable archetype, shatters illusions about our identity, so that we can wake-up to an expanded and more empowered sense of self. Uranus and Pluto are a tough team, relentlessly pursuing an uncompromising agenda - the evolution of consciousness.

Clarifying the Concept of Ego

Successfully dealing with our personal challenges requires, and results in, the development of our sense of self. As we pursue our journey to upgrade our identity, it is critical that we define the concept of ego, and understand its different meanings. Traditional spiritual paths espouse 'giving up or killing our ego'. Guided by this advice, we can:

  1. become very confused and frustrated,
  2. misunderstand the nature of our goal to establish our spiritual identity, and
  3. misdirect our spiritual training.

The negative definitions of 'ego' attempt to address the human challenge, of moving out of our unconscious state into more aware states of consciousness. Awareness proceeds in stages. As a child we develop an ego structure to differentiate ourselves, and to form the foundation to take action, and to make decisions, for ourselves. In this initial phase of our human development, we experience our identity in relationship to our personality, our body, authority figures and our environment. To move into adulthood we need to expand out of this limited concept of reality and who we are. Yogi Bhajan called this unaware state and identity "limited ego".

We can think of our limited ego as training wheels, which we must shed when be become an adult. The wheels helped us in the first stages of learning how to ride our bicycle, but at some point they get in the way. Our maturation process involves identifying the limitations (training wheels) of our childhood ego identity.

We must get in touch with the fact that our 'limited ego' was formed in response to childhood challenges, and dictated by social conditioning. As a consequence, our limited ego is now subject to our subconscious programming, which no longer serves our highest good. By its very nature, it causes us to think, feel and act in self-sabotaging ways that create problems and dramas. It is this limited view of ourselves, and our childhood programming, that we are trying to give up, or transcend, so that we can expand into soul consciousness.

In sum, the general concept of ego can be defined as an identity structure that is absolutely necessary to think, operate, make decisions and take action in the physical world. Our spiritual path is about cultivating conscious awareness, that makes it possible to evolve from limited ego to soul consciousness. To live our life more effectively, and with more depth and meaning, we develop an 'aware ego' or identity structure that identifies with, and is guided from within by our soul.

Upgrade, Not Kill Ego

The main problem with the 'kill the ego' strategy is that it doesn't work. Without an internal identity structure, we can't operate in 3-D. To survive in physical reality, it is absolutely necessary to have a mechanism that is vigilant, discerning and able to make wise choices, including the choice to listen to our heart and soul, and not to our wounded inner child. We will call this our 'aware ego'. You can give it any name you wish.

To move from limited ego to 'aware ego' we must:

  1. get in touch with the mechanism and forces that are currently guiding our life,
  2. understand what motivates us and influences our choices, and
  3. identify what we believe about ourselves and how the world operates.

With self-examination, we realize that our limited ego reacts to random thoughts that are set off by subconscious programming - including emotional stories, fear and shame-based conditioning and inappropriate training. We also realize that there is another voice or authority that operates independently of the forces that control our limited ego.

Awareness of our conditioning, and awareness of a voice of consciousness, is a pivotal step in building an aware ego. With awareness, we can train ourselves to become more conscious of how we make decisions. We can train ourselves to shift our attention from our programmed thoughts, and responses, to the messages from our heart. Even a drop of consciousness gives us the power to begin to listen to our soulful self, to trust and follow our intuition, and to serve our soul.

Intuition, Inner Authority and Freedom

The 'kill ego' attitude reinforces a critical and unsupportive attitude towards ourselves. We remain in our dualistic mind, where our inner voice is controlled by negative programming. Our negative mind speaks to us, not our soul. Developing an attitude of self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance is part of (and a wonderful result of) our self-empowerment process. Giving ourselves value is required to experience personal freedom, and to connect with, trust and follow the voice of our soul.

When we listen to and follow the voices of our limited ego, our subconscious programming is in charge, and we operate from blind faith. Doubt and fear end up getting the upper hand. We turn to external authorities, and become a victim of forces outside ourselves. Self-initiation is about empowering ourselves from within, and extricating ourselves from all forms of victimization, subjugation and external control. Our inner journey is about learning to use our intuition as our inner guidance system. As we do so, we let go of external manipulation and our soul becomes our trusted authority. In the process, we liberate our free will to express our soul blueprint, and to co-create with cosmic forces.

From Dualistic to Neutral Mind

We escape the conflict in our dualistic mind by accessing our neutral mind, where we can listen to our intuition - the voice of our soul. Changing channels from our dual mind to our neutral mind makes it possible to:

  1. outgrow our limited ego,
  2. upgrade our ego structure to an aware ego, and
  3. realize our identity as a transcendent soul. We understand that our earthly personality is representing our soul in an in-the-body experience on Planet Earth.

The process of evolving from limited to aware ego requires serious training. We have to practice identifying the voices of our limited ego, and then stop ourselves from believing, or following through, on their suggestions. Stopping creates a vacuum which can be filled by our intuition. We must be patient, wait and listen, and not fill the gap with more thoughts and calculations. Being able to access and trust our intuition gives us mental and emotional security. We are reminded that our soul knows and communicates our truth. What a relief!

Our Will and the Infinite Organizing Power

Like ego, 'God' is also a concept with many meanings. The goal of every spiritual path is to experience the reality of the 'God' concept. The purpose of our spiritual practice is to cultivate an experience of the Infinite within our own being, and to synchronize our individual psyche and energies with the universal field and infinite energies. Again, call this force whatever works for you. The name doesn't matter, but awakening to your personal experience of the Infinite Force is absolutely essential.

Perhaps our most debilitating human belief is that God is a force external to our being. This belief, and state of perceived separation between ourselves and the Infinite, reinforces our limited ego and creates doubt and fear in our psyche. Our forgetfulness, and limited experience of ourselves and reality, lead us to believe that we must control everything. (Being in control and taking action are two different things).

To experience our oneness with the Infinite, and to release our 'need to be in control' programs, we have to take the time to:

  1. witness how the Infinite Organizing Power works,
  2. accept the Divine play, and
  3. let the Infinite Organizing Power work for us.

In sum, we have to let go and give God a chance. We participate in the co-creation process when we allow ourselves to be intuitively guided as to when, and how, to take appropriate action.

It is our 'aware ego' that makes it possible to tune into the Infinite Presence, and to join forces with universal energies. We become conscious of the fact that "God and me, me and God are One" is simply an energetic reality. As our aware ego becomes conscious enough to have these higher level experiences, we are humbled in the presence of the Infinite Force. Our upgraded ego connects with the deep desire of our soul to enjoy, and live in, oneness with our Source. We want to align our will with the flow of universal energies, which is a simpler way of saying 'aligning our will with God's will'. Again, call it what you wish. When you have the experience, your heart smiles. You no longer need words or an explanation.

Aries Evolutionary Themes and Developmental Stages

Every archetype takes us on a journey to become functional, empowered and conscious men and women. In this issue we use the seven developmental stages and evolutionary themes as I set out in Issue 190 on Pisces to explore our Aries journey. In future issues we will discuss the other Zodiac signs as they are being impacted by the Neptune/Pisces factor and the Uranus-Pluto squares.

Aries Archetype

Aries, the first archetype, launches our journey through the Zodiac. In each arena of life, we:

  1. define and identify a deeper and more empowered sense of self,
  2. become conscious of creating from our unique, individualized identity, and
  3. evolve from ego to soul consciousness.

The Aries archetype awakens us to the fact that who we are, and how we live our life, is our first and on-going order of business. We are challenged to know, and to empower, ourselves in order to survive. We must learn to make appropriate choices and to use our energy wisely. As with every archetype, we grow through the various stages of our developmental and awakening process.

[1] Innocence and Naïveté - Illusions

In our unconscious, naïve state, we experience, and enjoy, unrestricted freedom without limitations or obligations. Our free-spirited and untamed nature makes us feel that we have the right to do whatever we wish, and that we will be taken care of without effort. In our blissful ignorance, we see everything from the perspective of self. The world is our playground and we are here to enjoy the adventures that it offers us.

[2] Wake-Up and Pain - Circumstances

It doesn't take long for the realities of life to challenge our assumption that we are free to do as we please, without consequences or responsibility. We wake-up to several harsh realizations:

  1. Our existence does not entitle us to a free lunch.
  2. We must put forth serious effort to survive.
  3. When we disperse our energy with endless activities, or allow our efforts to be used by others, we can feel exhausted and drained.
  4. Because there are limits to our personal energy and resources, we must make wise choices about how we engage in life.

During this wake-up process, we:

[3] Accepting the Evolutionary Nature of the Human Journey- Effort and Lessons

Our brutal awakening to the nature of Earth School is followed by accepting the inevitable, embracing our challenges, and taking on the responsibility of learning our lessons. We are motivated by our desire for freedom, and the promise of enjoying the rewards of our efforts. The curriculum is demanding, but we are up to the task. We:

[4] Ego Definition, Separation and Individualization - Empowering Self

All of the above empowerment lessons help to build our aware ego, and to facilitate our individualization process.

[5] Developing Awareness and Consciousness - Higher Soul Perspective

As we develop an aware identity structure, we become conscious of our Self as an entity. We begin to engage in life from a soul perspective.

[6] New Territory and an Expanded Reality - Spiritual Connection

Our expanded awareness opens the door to experience the Infinite as the force that animates our being. Our Divine Connection makes it possible to trust and surrender to a higher power.

[7] Work is Worship - Mission and Destiny

In aware consciousness, we become a fearless warrior for life and truth. Without attachment, self-righteousness or fear, we humbly dedicate our life to a higher purpose. Our presence helps others to find their purpose, truth, and soul.

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - Be in Your Spiritual Center

To build our identity structure from within, we must be able to focus our attention inside ourselves. We need to be able to 'be in our center'. The question is 'Where do we find our center?' We often think that we find our center at our heart or our third eye. This is true, but we notice that we cannot maintain our focus at either place for very long. Our attention moves somewhere else, and usually we just space out or get absorbed in our thoughts.

To maintain self focus, we need to expand our concept and experience of our center. We need to include our whole body. Here are some tips to cultivate your full spine as your center:

  1. Relate to your spine as your center. Spinal awareness includes our body and all our chakras.
  2. Cultivate your experience of your center line in the front of your body, and in your spine, with spinal flexes, rootlock, and most leg lift and abdominal exercises. Check out the Nabhi Kriya, Lesson 10 in my free online Kundalini Yoga course. Being on your back, moving your legs out to 60° while also moving your arms out to your sides, is very effective in feeling your center line in the front of your body. Do the same leg movements while moving your arms above your head.
  3. Actually, all physical exercises activate spinal awareness. Our job is to pay attention to the sensations in our spine.
  4. The chakras that activate our centering faculties are the navel and third eye. While you are doing breath of fire, feel the pulse at the navel and also the pulse at your third eye. As the energy at the third and sixth chakras consolidates, feel the two centers connect through your spine.
  5. Once you experience the connection between your navel and third eye, include the base of your spine and your heart. This awareness may automatically happen.

By maintaining their spinal center, my students in San Diego experienced these powerful results - more efficient, less energy drain, more peaceful, more truth, pulled inward, not outward, safe to open heart, feel supported, self acceptance, inner space clears up, inner space opens to infinity.

Enjoy your experiences! Sat Nam!

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