The Libra Path - Finding Balance in Neutral

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #124 - October 5, 2006
Planetary Alignments
Libra - The Second Air Sign

Libra is the second air sign. The three air signs teach us how to understand, use, and move toward mastery of the mind:

The Libra Evolutionary Journey
Ambivalent, indirectClear, direct
Look outside self for opinionsInner authority
Self doubtSelf trust, secure within self
Take things personallyMaintain emotional boundaries
Over-sensitiveAware and detached
No centerInner equilibrium
Look outside for balanceFind balance in neutral center
CodependentIndependent/supportive in empowering partnerships
Intellectually cold and isolatedHeart-centered and willing to connect
JudgmentalNon-judgmental, tactful
Hidden agendasHarmonious presence
Project inner conflictProject inner peace and harmony
Superficial imageConscious, take a stand for justice and peace
Focus on appearanceFocus on substance
Fear-basedSelf-confident, personal integrity
Please othersListen to others
Nice to not offendHonest, fair perspective
Fear of not saying the right thingKnow what's right and honestly communicate it
Mr./Ms. Nice PersonTrue diplomat, fair mediator
Compromise true feelings and needsHonest about feelings and needs
Compromise to get agreementHold space for harmonious alignment
Creates resentment and manipulationCreates cooperation and unity
The Neutral Mind

Our mind has two channels - the rational lower mind and the neutral higher mind. We live most of our lives in our rational mind. Libra symbolizes the neutral mind, where we find a point of balance for the negative and positive swings of the rational mind. The neutral mind is:

  1. the place from which we can evaluate without judgment
  2. the source of intuitive responses and information
  3. the balance point for mental and spiritual alignment
  4. the anchor and focal point, that brings stability to the endless activity of our mind
  5. our inner compass that points us in the right direction
  6. the channel where we experience peace, harmony and oneness
  7. our personal rabbit hole to the Infinite and universal mind

When our rational mind does not have access to the neutral mind, our judgments can bias, distort and exaggerate the facts. In neutral it is easier to perceive what is actually happening. We tunein at a deeper level, where we get a more accurate read of a situation, and can listen to and trust our intuition.

Libra's path is to cultivate the neutral channel and use it to:

  1. notice and appreciate what is aligned and build from there,
  2. find support when we don't know what to do,
  3. find peace when we are confused,
  4. invite in universal assistance,
  5. establish our Divine connection and
  6. create divine alignment.
Libra Introduces Us to the Concept of Relationship

The birth chart is divided into 12 houses - six below the horizon and 6 above the horizon. The first six represent areas of life experience that correspond to the first six signs of the Zodiac. In the first six stages (signs and houses) of human development, we are concerned mainly with our personal growth.

In the second phase of our development (signs and houses 7-12), we address how to function in an expanded reality that includes much more than ourselves. We begin to learn about the dynamics of social and inter-personal interaction and partnership. The seventh house and Libra, both ruled by Venus, symbolize our first encounter above the horizon. We actively seek companionship, intimacy, and friends. We want to share, cooperate and interact harmoniously.

Every sign represents an archetypal theme. Libra's theme is the concept of relationship. Libra teaches us how to be in relationship, and not just relationship with a partner. Libra's wisdom is necessary to cultivate an authentic relationship with our mind, our soul, partners, friends, associates, the world and the Cosmos. Libra's path is how to have a relationship with relationships.

Each sign demonstrates how we play out the dysfunction, or immature expression, of that theme, as part of the process of developing the empowered expressions. Libra's biggest illusion is that relationship is about another person. As Libra matures, it realizes that relationship is about ME IN relationship, and how I am in relationship to others, situations, the world, and the Universe.

Libra teaches us that we are ALWAYS in relationship with someone or something. Libra asks: "What is the NATURE of our relationship? Conflictual or harmonious?" Our task is to figure out what we feel and why. Then it is our responsibility is to establish HOW we can feel aligned, comfortable and free in relationship with ourselves. Libra's life path is to learn how to keep a whole and harmonious state of being in all interactions and circumstances. When we get thrown off, we lovingly bring ourselves back to our own peaceful center.

Libra symbolizes our orienting mechanism for all types of relationships. Libra's symbology is the Scales, representing the place of balance in our mind, and indeed our life. Without the centering balance point symbolized by the Libra Scales, we are apt to go in the wrong direction, to be thrown off balance, and not know who we are in relationship with, or why. The goal of Libra is to establish our internal balance mechanism as our touchstone for determining the workability, integrity and appropriateness of our inter-personal relationships. Our inner harmony, or the absence thereof, is our indicator of what works for us, what meets our needs, and what matches our values and what does not.

Libra Introduces Us to Neutral

Libra moves us into the world and beyond in a whole new way. When we reach our Libra stage, we can't hide and we don't want to. Our attraction mechanism kicks in. We want to interact and connect with others. Our job is to learn how to be effective and appropriate in relationship, and how everyone can get their needs met, in a way that is fair and just.

Above all, Libra seeks peace, harmony and fairness. Libra's testing ground is in relationship.

Libra asks - How can we be fair? How can we create harmonious cooperation in relationships? How can we come from a harmonious place ourselves? Libra's answer is to be in the neutral mind where:

  1. it is possible to accurately understand and evaluate situations
  2. we can process beyond judgment so that we do not distort, bias or exaggerate the facts
  3. we can access a clear, harmonious space inside ourselves
  4. we can trust our intuition and inner knowing
  5. we can have our own position and be our own authority.

Libra teaches us that the more firmly we establish our neutral space, the stronger we become, and the easier it is to build and keep boundaries. Being in neutral is the only way we can maintain our balance. In neutral, we can observe and access what we are doing in relationship, to who and what, and understand why we are doing it.

What Libra Wants and how to Get It

In terms of inter-personal and intimate relationships, Libra wants:

  1. harmonious partnership,
  2. to know what others want,
  3. to be treated fairly and to treat others fairly,
  4. to be recognized as an honest and harmonious person.

One of Libra's main lessons is to learn how to achieve balance and fairness of exchange in relationships.

Immature Libra has a tendency to behave in ways that are compromising and manipulative, to achieve the peace and harmony that it desires. In the role of Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Nice Person, Libra naïvely expects others to be the same, and to accommodate to this superficially inoffensive mode.

Immature Libra demonstrates that when we use niceness to get what we want, our communications can end up being manipulative, resulting in both artificial harmony and resentment.(1)

Libra learns that people react negatively, to manipulative hidden agendas to attain apparent harmony. On the other hand, people respond favorably to the genuine objectivity, integrity and fair play that flow from a neutral mind. Libra teaches us that if we want to create harmony in relationships, we must be able to access and stay in our neutral channel. In neutral, we are able and willing to communicate the truth as we perceive it from a higher perspective. Our neutral stance is neither offensive nor confrontive. In fact, our neutral stance creates a field of harmony within which everyone feels safe to be honest, and is willing to be fair.

Libra's Path - The Quest for Justice and Fairness

At the personal level, Libra is concerned about a positive social image. In the bigger scheme of things, Libra is concerned about justice, equality and social change.

As Libra matures, it realizes that both sides getting an equal portion does not necessarily mean that everyone is being treated fairly, or that the final outcome will be just. Both sides may be attempting to control the other for personal gain and power.

What Libra can contribute is not measured by tit for tat. Libra contributes the space of harmony from which justice and the highest good can emerge. In the neutral channel, we can intuitively perceive fair solutions and offer our detached point of view. From neutral we can access and offer a higher truth to a situation, creating an atmosphere where cooperation is possible.

Libra teaches us to offer an independent point of view - independent from our own emotional sensitivity and immediate personal needs. Libra's ability to do so is what makes its role as a negotiator and leader so valuable. Libra's real need is to play this role so effectively that higher order, and the highest good for all, is achieved. In doing what Libra does best - creating peace and harmony in social situations, Libra can get its personal need for harmony met.

Attaining Internal Harmony

Libra is highly sensitive to discord and aggressive behavior. If confronted, Libra can be emotionally very touchy. Others may feel that they need to tiptoe around Libra, and Libra may tiptoe around others, in order to not disturb anything or anybody. The problem is that Libra may compromise its own position and sense of fairness in order to appease others.(2) Libra's unstated expectation is that others will reciprocate by compromising their position, in order to achieve an appearance of harmony.

However, not everyone shares Libra's acute need for harmony, and certainly not at the expense of their own needs and integrity. This manipulative approach can leave Libra in a compromised position, not getting what it wants, and certainly not feeling very peaceful inside. When Libra's manipulate for peace approach backfires, Libra's repressed emotions bubble to the surface. In an abrasive manner, with a cold, independent attitude, Libra vents its wounded feelings.

Libra learns, that if we are dependent upon the agreement of others to find our own internal state of harmony, we put ourself in a very precarious and untenable situation. The reality is that not everyone likes what we like, has the same needs, or wants to cater to our need for harmony. We will always be thrown off center if our center point is not firmly established inside ourselves.

Libra learns, and eventually accepts, that disharmony and confrontation cannot always be avoided, and are a normal part of life. The question is not how to change external situations so we feel comfortable. The question is how we can feel comfortable with ourselves while living in the world. The answer is NOT:

  1. to stuff our feelings,
  2. to deny our needs,
  3. to appease others to reduce our discomfort, or
  4. to try not to offend others by saying what we think they want to hear.

All the above can lead to situations where we feel taken advantage of. The fact that we are not being honest with ourselves, or others, leads us to believe that others are not being honest with us, and this may be so, as we witness our projection being mirrored back to us.

Libra's most important lesson, is to realize that the answer is to find peace and harmony within ourselves. Instead of pussyfooting around to try to make everything OK, we can go into neutral and hold the sacred space while life plays itself out. The answer is to give up the unsuccessful ways to try to obtain peace. Instead, we can use our neutral channel to orient ourselves, to listen within, to keep cool and calm, and to let our inner harmony nurture us.

Whose Emotional Energy? - Creating Boundaries

Libra is an air sign, and thus gets easily stuck in the mind. All the air signs have a habit of intellectualizing (and ignoring or denying) emotions. A mental approach to emotions cannot deal effectively with this energy, and that is one of Libra's most serious challenges - to deal with emotions in a non-intellectual, in-the-body way. When Libra gets emotionally distraught, it can go off on mental tirades (albeit rarely), which leave others totally at a loss on how to reach this wounded animal. Others do not know how to penetrate our defenses(3) because we have effectively blocked our own internal experience of our emotional energy. Others can't trust us because we can't trust ourselves.

The source of the problem is how Libra deals with emotional energy in general. Libra's first strategy is to be in denial about what it feels. Then instead of dealing first with its own emotional responses, Libra (especially women) unconsciously processes the emotional responses of others. Libra does not know it does this, just that it feels very uncomfortable. In order to create external harmony, Libra tries to compensate for others' disharmony, by internalizing the discordant energy.

Acting as the processor of external disharmony comes with a price. What Libra is essentially doing is absorbing others' emotional garbage. A lot of people don't want to and don't know how to process their emotional energy, so they fling their emotional garbage out on projections and outbursts. Libra must give up the nasty habit of receiving the negativity of others. Libra must create emotional boundaries. Libra must refuse to do others' dirty work. (And learn how to do its own.)

The Marriage of Mind and Emotions

Ironically, Libra can create disharmony in relationships, not intentionally, but as a result of its internal disharmony. Libra's first relationship goal is thus to establish a relationship between its mind and emotions. When this relationship is established, inner and outer peace is possible.

Libra must also do its own emotional work, and learn not to project its internal disharmony on others. To do so, Libra's mind must ascend to the neutral channel, where it is not dependent upon others for a sense of completeness, and does not try to get others to change to create a sense of harmony. Libra must learn from Aries to be an independent entity, complete and whole within itself.

Our neutral mind is our saving grace for finding a place from which to process our emotions.

When Libra finds the place of peace and harmony within its mind, it is able to let go of the self-assigned task of dealing with others emotions, which comes from the need to find peace in relationships. It can also be in a position to be with its own emotions in a way that is comforting, non-judgmental and compassionate. When Libra reclaims its emotional space for itself, it can use its neutral space to embrace its own emotional body, and its authentic responses.

It is from a stance of inner harmony and wholeness that Libra is then in a position to find harmony in relationships. When Libra deals with its own emotions and lets others do the same, its mental ability to be detached can be a powerful asset in providing a neutral space, where everyone can be honest without dumping. True intimacy is possible when emotional projections are absent, true emotional needs are expressed and everyone takes responsibility for integrating their emotional energy into the space of higher love.

Libra's Maturation Process - Finding Neutral

Our real inner Libra journey begins when we discover our neutral mind. Our task is to establish neutral as the anchor or focal point for our mind. Neutral is our tool to keep us from getting distracted and pulled off center in relationships. Neutral is where and how we find balance. Neutral is where we can let go to find depth, connection and direction.

As we build our neutral core, we no longer ask "Is everyone else happy and pacified so I can feel comfortable?" We make sure we are comfortable inside ourselves, and at peace within ourselves in our neutral mind. When our connection is strong, others can align with that space or not, but we remain at peace. From this stance we can truly be comfortable with our point of view and our decisions. We know what we want and stick with it. Life goes on. Our connection and peace remain and get stronger.

In neutral we can be our own authority. Indecisiveness disappears, because we have to have an inner authority to listen to, to communicate with, to trust and to follow. When we can say what we need to say, and stay focused in our own place of peace, then we can communicate straight and direct, and feel comfortable doing so.

Once we take responsibility for finding our neutral zone, from which internal balance is achieved, we realize that we no longer have to compromise our own position in order to try to find balance. We no longer need to be propped up by the agreement and accommodation of others, in an attempt to meet our need for harmony. We quit expecting others to fulfill a need that can be fulfilled only by ourselves. Once we realize that harmony is created from within, we no longer waste our time trying to get others to do what only we can do ourself. Our externally directed energy and mind are freed up to focus on establishing a relationship with our internal core.

Finding our own peaceful inner space is a very liberating and empowering moment for our inner Libra. From this point on, we can focus on cultivating our own harmony and completeness within ourselves. We can attune to our real feelings and intuitions, and express them without fear of losing our own sense of balance.

Libra's Social Contribution

Libra's training ground is relationship, but Libra also needs a goal, or project, to develop and use its organizational, diplomatic and negotiating skills. In the process of getting support for its goal and participation in implementing its project, Libra brings forward its gifts. Libra can be direct, objective and act with total integrity. Libra can hold the space for the outcome to be in the highest good for all concerned. As Libra engages in its mission, it learns to honor and trust its special ability to hold the space, where the higher order is in charge and manifests.

From the deep knowing of this capacity of the neutral mind to bring harmony and order, Libra attains self-respect and a fearlessness, which allows it to tell the truth, and to assert itself regardless of possible negative reactions. Once Libra stands firm in the center of the Scales, it attains the confidence to voice its neutral and independent point of view. Libra is then able to replace its wishy-washy indecisiveness with an inner equilibrium, from which it can trust and express its own perceptions. The mature Libra is valued and appreciated above all for its harmonious presence, which brings peace and harmony to all situations.

The ability to hold the space of the truth, and to act from this integrity, makes Libra a magnet for people who wish to cooperate on projects, and simply be around this pure energy. Even more magical, the capacity to go deep into the neutral mind and to hold the balance, stability, calmness and peace, that is available to us only in silent connection with our soul and Spirit, creates the space for others to find this space within themselves. The power of our space empowers others to find this harmony within as well. It is in this place of peace that we achieve authentic connection, and higher states of intimacy with each other.

Libra's Communication Lesson

Immature Libra feels that its survival depends upon emotionally accommodating others. This real or perceived need to please others to survive, obliges Libra to compromise its true feelings and needs. Our inner Libra lesson this lifetime is to learn how to authentically be and to honestly express ourselves in the context of relationships.(4) To do so we must:

  1. be aware of others, and our own, feelings,
  2. identify our needs and
  3. be able to clearly express them verbally.

A dynamic of relationship requires equal exchange and open communication. Both partners must know and express their needs, so that both can get their needs met in a way that is mutually satisfactory. Libra must participate as an equal partner in relationships, and not fall into the Libra trap of making peace at one's own expense.

Dealing with Libra's Fears and Needs

Libra's fears include:

  1. not getting its needs meet,
  2. having to compromise its needs,
  3. rejection and losing a relationship,
  4. not saying the right thing and being shamed, and
  5. not having its ideas accepted or respected.

(1) Fear of not getting our way or our needs met comes from a programmed assumption that others are not interested in us getting our needs met. This assumption builds resentment and creates defensiveness, both of which we project in our communication.

(2) Fear of having to compromise on what is important to us makes us unable to relax and simply be ourselves. Instead we are constantly on the alert, trying to decide if it is in our best interest to resist or accommodate the needs, requests and demands of others.(5)

(3) The fear of rejection and losing our relationship, leads us to cater to the emotional demands of our partner in order to create harmony. The problem is that in trying to please another, we suppress our own needs, and lose touch with our own identity.

Recognizing these basic fears, and how we allow them to manipulate us into compromising ourselves in relationships, are critical steps in creating the harmonious relationships that we desire. Next we have to take responsibility for getting our own needs met, and realize that there are many ways and many people who can help us do this, including ourselves! We must release any one person from the burden of meeting our needs.

When we stop projecting neediness and responsibility for our happiness on another person, they are better able to hear our requests, and can be more willing to participate in a give and receive relationship. We have to learn to be in a position where we share our concerns as equals, without demanding or projecting expectations. Again, the neutral stance is a necessary foundation for creating balanced and harmonious relationships. In neutral we can work things out amicably and retain a compassionate disposition.

The Libra Solution is Neutral

(4) Fear of not saying the right thing comes from the fear of rejection. When we are controlled by this fear, we monitor what we say by the responses that it illicits. We look for acceptance and agreement, instead of an honest response. Our mind gets entangled in a quagmire of considerations, leaving us confused and indecisive. We withhold expressing what we really want to say. In the process we compromise our integrity, lose our clear perspective, and throw ourselves off balance.

The solution to every Libra issue and dilemma starts by finding internal balance in the neutral mind channel. In neutral we can be honest with ourselves, and find and share our own point of view. What is special about Libra's independent opinion, is that we can discern what needs to be said, which may or may not be what others want to hear, but it can contribute the justice, truth and balance required by the situation. Libra has a natural talent for diplomacy and communication, that spontaneously restores harmony without compromising any sense of personal integrity.(6) Libra has the gift of being able to communicate with others in a way that they can truly listen. To do so, Libra must communicate the truth, not what others want to hear.

(5) If we fear acceptance of our ideas, we can withhold our valuable insights that are inspired by a true sense of justice. The problem with not honestly sharing our opinion is that we add to the confusion and conflict. We project our inner conflict instead our inner peace. Appeasing others is counterproductive - we add to the external chaos, end up doubting our capacity to contribute, and feel bad about ourselves. Again, the solution is found by tuning into our neutral mind, where we can listen to and accept our own ideas, before sharing them with the world.

Libra's Path - Its Values and how to Achieve Them

Libra values truth, justice, fairness, equality, peace, harmony, beauty and partnership. Libra's path is to experience these qualities within itself, in partnership and in social situations. To evolve into this higher state of being, Libra must commit to these ideals, and do the inner work necessary to achieve them. Libra must embody a personal experience of harmony, in order to manifest it in relationships, and to move social situations in this direction. The objectivity of the neutral mind is an absolute requirement for both personal and interpersonal success.

Libra's path is to move beyond tenuous, superficial harmony, to authentic, heart-felt harmony. Libra must quit playing the role of Mr. Nice Guy and take a stand for justice. Libra's gift in social situations, is the ability to clarify the nature of injustices and outline a fair solution:

People know when they hear the truth. Their desire for harmony and peace elicits their cooperation.

Libra achieves a sense of deep satisfaction by sharing its gift of direct, honest communication, and its heart-centered organizational skills. Libra has the natural ability to dissipate tension, create ease in social situations, and to unite people around a common goal. Libra demonstrates that without personal bias and hidden agendas, reconciliation and collaboration are possible. When Libra is able to hold a harmonious alignment within itself, it can achieve miracles in relationships and in the world. Libra's generous sharing, and tolerant and tactful interpersonal skills, win hearts and influence people.

Libra's Evolutionary Quest for Balance in Relationship

Immature Libra attempts to attain and maintain emotional security by being pleasant, and by adhering to socially accepted values and standards. Looking good can be an attempt to cover up deep insecurities. Libra's quest for balance starts within. Libra's quest for relationship also begins within, and the two go together. Without inner balance, Libra creates codependence, loses itself, and is constantly thrown off-center in relationship.

Libra begins its inner journey the moment it realizes, that it is its own internal state that creates its experience of harmony or disharmony in relationships. Libra's path is to identify and eliminate the fear programs that foster inner disharmony, and to cultivate an inner state of balance that is immune to the shifting moods and attitudes of others.

As a mental air sign, Libra can be emotionally insensitive, and settle for emotionally shallow relationships. Libra's big leap comes from facing the isolation created by a solely intellectual approach to relationships. When Libra has integrated its opposite polarity, Aries, in its psyche, and knows and accepts itself enough to trust itself to be vulnerable in personal relationships, it can let down its guard and allow intimate connections with others. It is the sense of joy and expansion that comes from getting to know another, and ourself, in intimate relationships, that Libra is ultimately searching for. The self growth and self confidence that Libra gains in relationships is an important part of its evolutionary path.

Secure within ourselves, we are able to engage in relationships without being thrown off balance. From a place of inner balance, we can commit to honestly sharing our point of view, and simply observing the responses of others without taking them personally. Libra's ability to be both detached and heart-centered is an invaluable asset in all social interactions. Without qualifying justifications and judgments, Libra can speak the truth, in a way that others hear with relief and gratitude.

From Fantasy to Freedom in Relationships

Libra can fall prey to an idealistic, fantasy-based model of relationship. When fantasies of perfection meet reality in the form of another person, disenchantment and disappointment can be intense. If we are constantly measuring others by an unrealistic ideal, we are not only disappointed; we block ourselves from experiencing the essence of another, and shut off possibilities of true intimacy.

Relating to a fantasy is always unfulfilling and precarious at best. Exploring the depths of another's being can be fulfilling in ways we never dreamed of. If we let go of our preconceived notions, and simply trust and encourage the highest expression of our human partner, we can enjoy the unending discovery of each other, ourself, and the dynamic third force that unfolds as we evolve and create together.

If our focus is on controlling and holding on to relationships, we may end up resenting the fact that we have created a relationship that we don't even want or enjoy. Our relationship goals should not be the achievement of a perfect fantasy, but the continual journey to explore deeper levels of intimacy, empowerment and freedom together. To reach these deeper levels, we have to surrender to the process of growth and higher purpose of our relationship. We have to be willing to go through confrontations and purifications, to move up the evolutionary ladder toward authentic intimacy.

Libra Needs Aries

Aries is the polarity that complements and balances Libra. Aries teaches us to experience and embrace ourself as a complete and separate identity. As an independent being with our own voice, we are able to create and enjoy a true partnership, where both people support and appreciate each others' uniqueness. Aries teaches us to engage in all types of relationship from a perspective of personal empowerment and freedom. With individuality as the base, the concept of partnership can be expanded, out of traditional patterns and idealistic expectations, into spiritual union in the context of commitment to personal freedom and growth.

Aries teaches us to accept and embrace our journey together, as a means for each partner to achieve self-mastery. The evolution of our consciousness is advanced within the context of the relationship. Being honest with ourself and our partner allows us to maintain both our personal integrity and the integrity of the alliance. The unfoldment of mutual power is our goal.(7) Giving up the desire to control our partner and the nature of the relationship, frees us up to maintain an honest and stable relationship both with ourself and each other.

Aries Full Moon - October 6th

Full moons can be experienced as an expression of complements trying to integrate one with the other. Part of the merging process is revealing the dark side of each sign. Libra's dark, or unevolved, side is the focus on appearance rather than substance, peace at any price, and the preoccupation with what others think. Like all air signs, Libra risks over-reliance on the intellect, and loss of connection with the body or feelings.(8) The shadow side of Aries is self-centeredness, to the extent of being oblivious of others feelings and needs, aggressive behavior, and inappropriately expressed inner anger. Libra needs Aries' ability to focus on itself, to know what it wants and needs, and to go after it. Aries needs Libra's sensitivity to others' requirements, and points of view, and desire to cooperate to achieve mutual goals.

During this full moon, we are invited (by Libra) and confronted (by Aries), to examine where we are out of balance in ourself/relationship dance. Where do we need to listen to other points of view and pay attention to their needs? Where have we gotten out of balance within ourselves, by not listening to our heart or paying attention to our own needs? What begs to be clarified and redressed within ourselves and with others? What partnerships and friendships need to be re-evaluated or re-kindled? Our rational mind is unable to give us answers to these questions. Only in our neutral mind and heart will we find answers, resolution and peace.

Libra New Moon - October 21st

At this new moon, the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are all conjunct (together) in the last degrees of Libra. The 29th degree of all signs represents a completion. The Universe is testing us, and examining our proficiency in dealing with the challenges of this sign. How are we doing in the relationship arena? Are we able to maintain our center, while fairly interacting with others? Can we act on our inner truth, without fear of what others think or say? Can we stay in neutral as we deal with our own emotions, and observe others as they play out their own games?

Each sign prepares us, to take on the lessons and challenges of the following sign, with more competence and grace. Examining our Libra skills is of particular importance at this time. Several days after the Libra New Moon, the Sun, Mars, Venus and the Moon (for only 21/2 days) will join Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio. Because Mercury goes retrograde October 28th, it will be in Scorpio from October 1st through December 7th. Scorpio is the truth or consequences sign. All this Scorpio energy intensifies the T-square in fixed signs, that we discussed in Issue 123.

Both Mercury and Jupiter are squaring Saturn in Leo (exact October 18th), challenging us to align our lives with the directives from our heart. The energy and the encouragement are present to bring our visions (Jupiter) into form (Saturn.) Both faith (Jupiter) and effort (Saturn) are required to do so. The Saturn/Jupiter square, which began in December 2005 is now complete. Our lives have been reoriented and reorganized around a new reality. It is time to get to work to offer our contribution to making this world a more equitable, just and harmonious place, for all humankind.

Libra Touchstones
The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is a distillation of the wisdom and experience she has gained from a lifetime of study and practice of Kundalini Yoga. This book should occupy a prime position on the bookshelf of everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and understanding of meditation and its role in spiritual transformation.

•Easily accessible for beginners

•Illuminating for those who want more

•Profound and penetrating for seasoned practitioners

Kundalini Yoga - Meditation on Neutral

To access your neutral mind, you have to pay attention with your sensory awareness inside your head. The directives there are to LOOK, LISTEN AND FEEL. When you have located your inner space, you can create a deeper and more stable space by meditating on the following:

  1. Identify the quality that you experience that makes the inner space more real and available to you, and focus on your experience of that quality. Qualities that pull your attention inward include open, space, stable, still, quiet, dark, deep, etc.
  2. Absorb and integrate that quality or qualities into your body by feeling it in your body.

The goal of all meditation is to access the neutral mind, and to cultivate and establish inner space. While we are meditating, whether it be silent, mantra, Pranayama or even active meditation, our focus should be inside our head, with awareness of our inner space.

Dhrib Dhristi Meditation (page 138 in Relax and Renew 2nd Edition) is excellent for connecting with our inner space.

Lock the tips of the front teeth together. Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose, with the tongue touching the upper palate. From the third eye, silently project the mantra SA TA NA MA.

Beam out the mantra, as you stay aware of how this sound creates internal harmony.

Coordinate the silent repetition of the mantra with the breath - one or two repetitions of SA TA NA MA with each inhale and each exhale. Whatever your choice, have the same number of repetitions on both the inhale and the exhale.

This mantra was first taught by Yogi Bhajan on the eve of a full moon, when the effects are the greatest, as the subconscious mind is then fully open to its vibratory action.

Practice this meditation for at least 15 minutes per sitting. 31 minutes will take you even deeper.

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