Chiron in Pisces and the Dynamics of Love

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #171, May 18, 2010

In the past few issues I have been explaining the dynamics of the planetary interactions that give us clues about what is transpiring in our personal and collective lives. In this issue I add one more piece to the cosmic puzzle. Mix these all together and we have the formula for a major turning point in human history.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, June 26th is one of the major planetary alignments of 2010. Only a few days after solstice, this Full Moon forms a grand cross in the four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun and Moon are all involved! To help understand the significance of this event, this grand cross forms 12 squares and 6 oppositions! That is a lot of interactive dynamics all at once. This increases the intensity of our challenges, but it also increases the potential for quantum leaps and profound transformation of consciousness.

In this issue I will discuss the impact of Chiron entering Pisces for 9 years. This is good news. Being activated is a deep desire to:

  1. experience love,
  2. connect with the Divine, and
  3. live from our hearts.

To ride the wave of love, it is important to do Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to align, and prepare ourselves to be vessels of the paradigm shift from fear to love. Our goals are firstly to open our heart, and to have an inner in-the-body experience of healing, peace and love, so we secondly can be grounding rods to anchor in the frequencies of love to Mother Earth. In the process, we will heal our karmic wounds with personal, group and cosmic love. Suggestions and directives for you Kundalini Yoga practice are included below.

Planetary Alignments
New Territory and Awareness - Pisces

When Pisces enters our space, our inner journey takes us into territory that changes our perception of reality, each other, and of ourselves. Under the Pisces influence, experiencing oneness with the Divine becomes our most ardent desire. Our inner Pisces is currently being activated. Have you noticed deep yearnings for oneness? An awakening of your heart? Compassion for yourself and others?

Accept these feelings with joy and trust. What you are feeling is not temporary. We are undergoing a permanent shift in consciousness. Embrace your soulful urge to embark on an adventure into the unknown, where logic and the rational mind simply get in our way.

In the mystical territory of Pisces, we must use our intuition and natural instincts to guide us. We must engage our subtle sensory faculties to FEEL what resonates with the truth of our soul. If what we feel rings true, we are then called upon to:

  1. trust a force greater than our limited ego,
  2. dare to do what is outside our comfort zone, and
  3. to let our heart lead our way.
Profound Transformation

We have all noticed that the energies on the planet are extremely intense. Deep transformation is imperative. The question is 'HOW can we benefit from this opportunity and evolve into higher states of consciousness?'

To thrive and to enjoy this special time, we must participate by anchoring in the higher love frequencies that are infusing the Planet. We can ride the wave of love into the Aquarian Age, if we answer the call to serve as the grounding rods to anchor in the love energies to heal Mother Earth.

To serve as grounding rods, we must align our mind, body and emotions with the heart-centered frequencies that are now abundantly available. We must train ourselves to:

  1. receive these energies in our body,
  2. vibrate with them, and
  3. ground them into the Earth.

The more we are available to be receptive links between the cosmic heart energies and the Earth, the gentler these intense high frequency energies will be integrated, into our own being and into Mother Earth, and the less personal and planetary upheavals we will experience.

Chiron and Neptune

Now I will explain several other planetary alignments that are supporting moving into heart-centered consciousness. Two major players are:

  1. Chiron, which represents karmic healing, and
  2. Neptune, which represents our desire to experience oneness with the Infinite.

Chiron and Neptune have joined up in conjunction in the late degrees of Aquarius during 2009-10. Chiron obliges us to heal our deepest inner wounds. Authentic inner healing is required to:

  1. clear the way to be fully receptive to the spiritual power and ecstasy of oneness (Neptune and Pisces),
  2. embody and ground in the higher spiritual frequencies, and
  3. fully participate in anchoring in the love energy into Mother Earth.

The Chiron/Neptune conjunction is one of the driving forces behind the revelation of religious abuses. People are discovering that they can't hide their pain anymore, and they don't want to! Everyone wants to heal and to experience love!

Chiron in Pisces for Nine Years

The sense of urgency to establish our Divine Connection is increasing, with Chiron moving into Pisces on April 19th for 9 years. Chiron is an asteroid with an elliptical orbit, which takes it between Saturn and Uranus, and sometimes outside of Uranus. The Chiron archetype is half-man and half-horse. Chiron represents:

  1. the integration of our human and animal natures, and
  2. the alignment of our body and instincts toward our spiritual goals. The Centaur aims its arrow toward the heavens.

In other words, we are healing our humanness. Chiron in Pisces teaches us that healing our human wounds requires firstly our direct experience of the Infinite, and secondly being present in our body. No escapism to avoid pain (or pleasure) is allowed!

Chiron in Pisces exposes physical barriers, and emotional pain, that prevent us from connecting with universal mystical oneness. Chiron in Pisces inspires humankind to live and breathe love, compassion and peace in ourselves and for all beings.

More Love than in the Sixties

Chiron was previously in Pisces between 1960 and 1968, which opened the hearts of many to the need for love (the hippy and anti-war movements), and the collective need to express more civility and compassion towards all human beings in the US civil rights movement.

The impact of Chiron in Pisces is amplified by the Chiron/Neptune conjunctions during 2009-10, and the triple conjunctions of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune during 2009. Because of these 3 connections, the transit of Chiron in Pisces will be more potent than in its previous transit. More love!

Jupiter and Uranus Oppose Saturn

Two other planetary dynamics also support the Chiron in Pisces influence - Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets. They rule opposite forces. Jupiter rules expansion and Saturn rules contraction. Jupiter (and Uranus) oppose Saturn and square Pluto all summer 2010 through early 2011. Jupiter opposes Saturn three times in May and August 2010, and in March 2011. Jupiter is in Pisces most of 2010 through January 22, 2011. Jupiter is in Aries for 3 months - June 6, 2010 through September 8, 2010.

In opposition, they squeeze the truth out of us! Anyone feel squeezed? And they expand our understanding of fundamental issues and basic truths. The squares and oppositions create a stand off that forces issues to the crisis level.

These planetary interactions create an interesting stage for Chiron in Pisces. They create tension and stress during a time when we yearn for spiritual connection. The transformation that we are undergoing, is simultaneously extremely difficult and awesomely wonderful. This combination forces us to finally get it! Love, an open heart and our Divine Connection are all necessary components for all our healing.

Cancer Mother - Healing the Past

The Cancer archetype grounds these chaotic and inspiring energies, in our emotional body and in Mother Earth. Cancer provides a compassionate wisdom and motherly caring to our challenging transformational process. Our deepest thoughts and feelings are revealing our personal, soul and collective karmic issues, that can now finally be resolved.

We witness that wounds from the past are surfacing and becoming not only relevant, but also available for healing. Seriously pay attention to issues that are reoccurring in your life. Insights from the past offer us wisdom and perspective. This time around, if we learn our soul lessons we can accomplish deep healing, and release ourselves from these karmic imprints.

For eons, our species has been afflicted with the crippling disease of fear. Our collective malaise has caused us to experience and create horrific situations and travesties against each other, ourselves and our planet Earth. The current planetary alignments tell us that this must stop. We live in a pivotal lifetime for our planet, for our civilization and for ourselves. This time we have to make different choices. Making different choices requires moving out of a fear-based consciousness into a love-based consciousness.

It is easier to let go of fear and to feel love. Taking care of our physical body is required for grounding in the higher frequencies. We need a strong nervous system which we can strengthen with Kundalini Yoga. We must get enough sleep, have a healthy diet and exercise appropriately.

Personal Healing Creates Planetary Healing

Know that your personal healing makes a greater contribution than you can know to planetary healing. Your personal healing is opening the space for others to heal, and facilitating planetary healing as well.

Ask yourself, "What event or situation in the past went wrong, simply because there was a lack of caring, attention, support, acknowledgment or appreciation - a lack of heart?"

A Story of Reconciliation

A while back, I visited the 80 year old lady next door after her heart surgery. She told me about divorcing her husband almost 40 years ago. She told me "He never appreciated anything I did. I couldn't take it - being used - anymore". Both have lived alone for almost 40 years. The mother now lives with their daughter in San Diego.

Recently the daughter brought the father to stay with them while he gets some healing medical treatment. I noticed that they all seem to be getting along. The other day I noticed that both mom and dad were dressed up, and mom was driving dad to the healthy living clinic. The daughter was super-pleased at the healing that was taking place between her mom and dad. "I told my brothers, we have lived to see the reconciliation". She also told me that he commented recently, "We had everything". He was wondering what had gone wrong.

She told me "Dad appreciates what Mom is doing for him". It is obvious that appreciation and gratitude was the missing piece, and the reason why her mother had divorced her husband.

You know your issue that is up for healing from the heart. Now is the time. Life is so beautiful when we experience love in our heart!

The Master's Touch by Yogi Bhajan

The Master's Touch by Yogi Bhajan is a must-have book for all truth-seekers who want to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and mastery and of its philosophies.

It will give you an inside look into the mind of Yogi Bhajan, and will have you thinking and pondering questions about the mysteries of life for days afterwards. It contains a superb collection of pragmatic spiritual teachings from his Master’s Touch courses. In it he explains the path of the teacher using wit, compassion and a practical sense of the challenges of everyday life faced by us all.

Directives for Your Kundalini Yoga Practice

Kriya: Heart Connection - Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition p.76 - or practice any other kriya and meditation to awaken the heart. There are dozens in this manual.

Meditation: To Open the Lock of the Heart Center and to Increase the Power of Infinite Wisdom, The Master's Touch, p. 25.

Whatever set you choose, in the spaces between the exercises, and at the end of your practice, focus your attention on the following:

  1. Experience your deep desire to connect with the Infinite.
    • Allow yourself to feel this yearning in your heart and body.
    • Accept and trust this feeling.
    • Embrace your soulful urge to adventure into the unknown.
    • Accept that your intuition and instincts will be your guides.
    • Trust the cosmic force and your heart to lead your way.
  2. Accept your human issues as part of your soul's journey to love.
    • Let the truth be known to you.
    • Awaken to a deep understanding of what has happened in the past.
    • Admit that all you need now is to accept the past with love, and let Infinite love flow through your being.
    • Allow your human wounds to be healed with love.
    • Let your karmic past be healed with love.
    • Release fear with every breath.
    • Breathe in love with every breath.
  3. Anchor in the higher frequencies by being in your body, and feeling your body as the grounding rod to infuse healing love into Mother Earth.
    • Receive the love energy, vibrate with it and give it to the Mother Earth.
    • Be a receptive link between the cosmic love energies and Mother Earth.
    • You are one with the Infinite and with the Earth.
    • Give love to the Mother, and receive love from the Mother.


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