Cancer - The Flowing Mode

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #183, June 20, 2011
Planetary Alignments
New Moon Eclipse and Cardinal Grand Cross

The Cancer New Moon, Solar Eclipse on July 1st is the third eclipse in a row! Also, this is the third consecutive year that eclipses take place in the sign of Cancer. Eclipses open doorways that expand our consciousness and precipitate profound change.

This new moon eclipse is intensified by the formation of a cardinal cross involving the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. A grand cross has 4 branches and thus multiple planetary interactions, which amps up the intensity and impact, and creates a lot of energy that we must deal with.

A cross is formed by planets at 90° and 180° angles - in squared and opposing relationships to each other. This grand cross forms six squares and 3 oppositions. planets opposing each other create conflict, until we figure out how to use the complementary forces to cooperate and support each other. Squares are crossroads or turning points that demand action and choices. When we come to an intersection, we have to decide where we want to go next.

The cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are action-oriented and indicate new beginnings. Where there are six squares all at once in cardinal signs, our lives will be re-oriented, we will change direction and pursue new endeavors, either by our own choice or by imposed external imperatives.

Touchstones for Self-Evaluation

Note how the key words and concepts outlined below resonate and define the challenges that you face at this time. Use them to tune into your own truth, to move forward, to release resistance and to allow yourself to embrace new adventures.

Three outer planets - Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are involved in the grand cross. The energies represented by the outer planets impact everyone, and oblige us to undergo evolutionary transformation. We can feel out of control, yet we are forced to deal with how we feel, think and act. There is no hiding. We must respond. We must change.

Saturn in Libra demands that we take responsibility for how we create and interact in relationships. If the relationships we are in aren't working, we must be honest and take action based on our truth. If we hesitate, the Universe will help us out and force a showdown.

Uranus is the volatile force of chaos that stirs things up, so that we can break free from the old and wake-up to something new. In Aries, Uranus initiates innovation, rebellion, reform and independence. Uranus stations retrograde July 9th, and remains retrograde through December 9th. (During retrograde our chaos will be more internalized). While the Sun and Uranus are squared off, our restless feelings are intensified for a week before and a week after their exact square on June 26th.

Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries) are squaring each other for over two months, during the summer. The key words are turmoil, liberation, new priorities, reform, restructuring of collective institutions, and creativity.

Uranus and Pluto aligned in a conjunction in the 1960's, initiating a new evolutionary phase of global turmoil, awakening and revolution. (In the mid 60's Saturn also opposed Uranus and Pluto). Now Uranus and Pluto have moved into their first square, supporting and demanding implementation of the ideas for freedom and reform that were birthed in the sixties (and not just tie-dyed shirts. Systemic transformation is the name of the game).

Capricorn Full Moon, July 14th

The Capricorn Full Moon challenges us to initiate ourselves into a new and expanded perception of who we are, our life purpose, and how we operate in the world. As evolution quickens, we are advised to take special care of our emotional and physical bodies. To avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, we are encouraged to nurture ourselves and to spend time in nature. We must stay centered and aware within, so that we can tune into higher states of consciousness and listen to our inner guidance. As we enter unfamiliar territory, both within and without, we must trust our soul and draw upon universal support to accomplish our goals.

Change Our Modus Operandi

We can experience all the intense energies as pressure, stress, strain, frustration, anger, conflict and being pulled in different directions. We know we have to do something about the current life issues that stare us in our face. The trick is to avoid succumbing to feelings of victimization, and to use the pressurizing energy to take action to support ourselves. The times call for courage, persistence and the activation of our will. They also oblige us to let go and to accept what is happening.

The volatile forces expressed in the eclipse and full moon force us to act, but in Cancer we are directed to change our M.O. Force is counterproductive, stressful and not fun. Cancer invites us to tune into our instinctual awareness, follow our intuition, and go with our own flow. The Universe can support us if we release our resistance and relax into a state of allowing.

The Cancer archetype awakens us to the fact, that our emotional and physical bodies are key ingredients to our transformational journey toward wholeness and love. It is critical that we understand, and take responsibility for, how our inner reality creates our outer reality. If we move forward voluntarily, we can experience a new level of satisfaction, inner authority, self-confidence and freedom.

Reintroducing the Divine Feminine/Mother Principle

Three consecutive years of eclipses, while the Sun is in Cancer, serve to reintroduce the Divine Feminine/Mother Principle into our psyche and the collective consciousness. We are experiencing the awakening to the flowing feminine force, which has been repressed and unavailable in our collective psyche for way too long. We are becoming more sensitive to our feelings, our emotions and Mother Earth. This is an energetic shift that we should appreciate with deep gratitude.

Something significant has been happening since the first of three eclipses in Cancer in 2009. The grinding of consciousness intensifies with more feminine energy, because we not only think about what we experience in our mind; we have to FEEL it in our emotional and physical bodies. The increase in intensity is accompanied by an increase in realism, and a feeling of hope. Hope comes from a knowing that it is possible to achieve inner peace, to become more conscious, and to experience in a more meaningful way both our humanness and our soul identity.

BTW, the daily news reports some of the grosser manifestations of energetic shifts. Men can't get away with abusing women or suppressing their own feelings anymore. Women are standing up for themselves, instead of playing the victim and wimpy accomplice role. It takes two to play the game. Remember the polarities are inseparable and interactive.

Expanded Experiences of the Polarities

The influx of high frequency energies on the Planet makes it possible to access, and to anchor in, the functional expressions of both the male and female polarities of our soul. Both consciousness and truth, of the male polarity and the evolutionary creativity of feminine flowing energies, are becoming more available. We can experience more stable space in our neutral mind and less rigidity. We don't hold on so tightly to our old ways. It is easier to let go.

In our neutral space, reality shows up differently. We discover a flow, an unfoldment and a fluidity in reality. When part of reality is not fixed, we discover that we can influence what happens to us. Quantum mechanics has been telling us that the observer changes what he/she observes. This means that we are co-creators of our reality. How we perceive the world and ourselves influences how we create our lives. A perceptual reframe in our neutral mind, awakens us to the possibility of participating in a different way in choreographing our own dance. There is more freedom, not only because we have choice, but also because a lot of arranging is done for us if we allow the Universe to work for us, instead of resisting or closing ourselves off to its support.

The more we are attuned to our soul, the easier it is to release emotional programming. The more we synchronize with the cosmic flow, the more universal energies will move through us perfectly orchestrated with our soul design. The increased sensitivity of our mind, and subtle and emotional bodies, makes us more available to know our truth, and to compute what is happening in our environments. We know what is right and we feel the truth pulse in our being. We are now being challenged and supported in transcending denial, deception, fear and fantasy, and acting in integrity with our truth.

Intense Feelings and Emotions

The intensity of the planetary alignments is similar to that created by the eclipses and grand cross last year. What I shared last year about how we are experiencing these intense energies is again very relevant. (See Issue 172).

  1. Higher Frequencies
    The dynamic tension that most of us are feeling, is partly a result of being forced to adapt to the higher frequencies that are infusing the planet. Higher frequencies of both the male and female polarities are more and more available for us to experience, and use, to enter the dimension of the heart.
  2. Awakening of Feeling Sensitivity
    We also feel intense emotions because we are less and less able to escape into our minds. We can't simply release our negative emotions by projecting them outside ourselves. We are obliged to feel our feelings in our own bodies. The more we feel them, the more we get in touch with our negative emotional conditioning. As we become aware of our subconscious programming, we can release it and free ourselves to 'be real'. It serves us well to allow and move through this transformational cleansing process.
  3. Out of Mental Denial
    The intensity of our feelings is obliging us to experience the feminine/feeling polarity of our soul in our body. It is challenging for those who are used to mental denial, and who avoid actually feeling their uncomfortable emotions in their bodies. However, it is empowering, and necessary to go deep into an authentic experience of our constantly changing energy of motion - e-motions, where we connect with the flowing, evolutionary polarity of our soul.

    The good news is, that it is easier to move beyond thinking into subtle sensitive feeling awareness. We can't experience or figure out our feelings in our mind, and when our mind is in our duality channel it is co-opted by, and collaborates with, our wounded emotional conditioning, keeping us in a state of inner conflict. As we access our neutral awareness channel, we are able to non-judgmentally, and lovingly, pay attention to our feelings as they express through our emotional, physical and subtle bodies.
Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - Access and Anchor in Neutral and Rhythm

Our focus at this time should be on using the current energies, and openings, to experience the elevated expressions of both polarities of our soul. Our most important tasks are:

  1. To access our neutral mind.
  2. To anchor into our body feeling awareness of the peaceful qualities of neutral.
  3. To awaken to the natural rhythm of our feeling polarity.

During these intense and transformational times, it is critical to have a daily spiritual practice.

Whatever Kundalini Yoga kriya you choose to practice, take time between exercises to tune into the neutral space in your mind, and to experience your feelings in your body. Build your experience by being aware, listening and feeling.

As your body feels the peaceful nature of your neutral channel, it will begin to relax and let go.

There are many ways to awaken to the natural rhythm of our feeling polarity. (see Issue 161). One way is to feel the rhythm of your breath as it breathes in your body. Be with the rhythm of your breath as it breathes in your chest and heart. Feel your skin breathing. Focusing on the rhythm of your skin breathing will awaken you to the peaceful natural flow, in both your emotional and physical bodies. Above all, relax and enjoy being alive!

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