Virgo - Get Real

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #196, August 21, 2012
Planetary Alignments
Entering New Territory

The most important astrological event coming up is on September 18th - the second of seven exact squares of Uranus and Pluto, occurring between June of this year and March 2015. June 24th was the first time Uranus in Aries was exactly 90° ahead of Pluto in Capricorn. I am sure you can feel the intensity building again.

Virgo's practical advice during this intense time is to stay grounded, connect with nature, take one day at a time, be practical, and 'get real'. No fluffy dreams allowed in Virgo territory.

Squares - Action or Argument

Squares indicate crossroads. We have to make decisions and choose new directions. Squares are challenging. The intent of this intense energy is to wake us up, and to move us off from positions that don't work, so that we can flow into new territory. The lower expressions of square energy are confrontational and argumentative and lack rationality. Extreme polarization, disrespect and even lack of common courtesy are some of the dark expressions of the square energy.

If we don't use this energy to take appropriate action, we fight with ourselves and each other, instead of moving on and using our energy creatively. Ideologies, and fixed ideas of how things 'should be', are our greatest enemies, because they create inner conflict, pit us against each other, and distance us from reality. They fuel destructive inner and outer wars that yield only disaster.

The Cosmic Wildcard

Uranus, in fire sign Aries, adds unpredictability and revolutionary intent to the collective consciousness. The ubiquity of mass social media means that mobile telephones, the Internet, and social networking increase the power of the people. The possibilities of working together for the common good have increased exponentially. The new technologies make it possible for everyone with a cause (good and bad) to connect with others of similar persuasion. This instantaneous interconnectivity means that whatever universal energy dynamics are active, not only does everyone feel them, everyone magically synchronizes, and can link up with each other to make things happen.

Technology (Aquarius) has created a globalization that empowers the masses, and threatens the power of the top-down hierarchy.(1) No one, or maybe everyone who chooses, is in charge. This is, of course, the good and the bad news. Both crazy and wise people can impact millions within a few hours. Large numbers of once disempowered people can be mobilized for social action. Never was the level of consciousness more important.

The outer slow-moving planets set the tone, and the stage, for longer term historical cycles. The quickening of the global feedback loop through social media opens the global stage to the quicker, more spontaneous, and broader reaching impact of the inner planets - Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Without social media, these short term energy shifts could pass without major impact or disruption. However, Mercury, Venus and Mars can and will effectively activate and define the issues of the Uranus-Pluto revolution/evolution between 2012 and 2016. In other words, there are more cosmic triggers, more responses from the masses, more awakening, more calls to action, more chances for common people to have an impact, and a greater threat to the status quo.

Virgo and Pisces - Get Real and then Surrender

Every phase of our journey on Planet Earth introduces us to uncharted territory, and moves us out of our comfort zone. Our routine is disrupted, our plans are upset, our sense of security is shaken, our goals are thwarted, and our sense of being in control is undermined by unexpected challenges. There are always new situations that require more learning, more skills, more adjustments and more consciousness.

In all the above situations, Earth Mother Virgo reminds us to get real in our relationship to physical reality. The Virgo/Pisces polarity pair teaches us that distortions and delusions in relation to our identity, beliefs, power and invincibility, can be lethal. To deal with these life challenges more effectively, we must continually work to acquire an inner base that is unattached, unconditional, compassionate, humble, and transcendent.

We need an inner foundation to deal with the inevitability of vulnerability, and sense of powerlessness in face of cosmic forces. We need both a strong identity structure (Aries) and authentic connection with the Divine (Pisces). We must experience that Universal Forces don't just act upon us, they are the essence of our being. Because they are both in and around us, we can develop a conscious relationship with them (IT.)

Virgo teaches us that we have to realistically deal with physical reality, take action, take care of our physical body, and get the necessary training to support ourselves. We can't just space out and hope for the best. Virgo's polarity, Pisces, exposes the limits of our egocentric actions, perceptions and need to control. Pisces obliges us to surrender to, and invites us to become one with, the omnipotence of cosmic forces. Pisces shows us how little we really know, that we can take nothing for granted, that there are no absolute certainties in physical reality, and that ultimately a Force greater than ourselves is in charge.

New Freedom

In the next few years we will be both nudged and forced to redefine our beliefs, reorder our reality, release our weakened grip, and surrender to the uncontrollable Force. Letting go and releasing our resistance are our only options. Understanding and accepting that the Universe and our soul create challenging, unexpected and, initially, unfavorable situations for us to grow and evolve, helps us adapt, accept, be unattached, acquire flexibility, and move on. We learn to cooperate with and be receptive to the tides of change. We can lighten our load, if we can operate from the understanding that this learning process is ultimately very empowering and satisfying.

Realizing the limitations of our ego definitions, desires, and efforts can be a relief. Not because we have permission to forego responsibility for our lives, but because we are offered an opportunity to upgrade our existential reality and how we operate in the physical world. It may be shocking, at first, to have the lies of parental, religious, educational and other collective conditioning exposed, and to recognize the myths that have served as false and misleading guides to unattainable happiness, success and well-being. However, acknowledging the absurdity of values, desires and aspirations that we held so dear, in fact sets us free to pursue higher levels of awareness, meaning, and pleasure from the intangible world of Spirit.

There is More!

It is exhilarating to realize that there is more to life than the ordinary to which we have become accustomed. We realize that there are no random accidents. Everything serves a purpose, and connects us to the higher Forces that direct our lives.

We realize that there are limits to what we can control. It is ultimately very empowering to:

  1. learn to live with uncertainty,
  2. let go,
  3. trust, and
  4. surrender to a higher power.

When we are born, we each set out on a lifetime journey full of experiences, that eventually get us to where we want to be. Only through our direct personalized experience can we:

  1. connect with the Infinite,
  2. become one with its eternal qualities,
  3. know its laws, and
  4. relax into the Flow which moves us through transformation and evolution.
How to Deal With the Unexpected

With the Virgo/Pisces polarity pair as our guides, what are our most appropriate responses when we are faced with unexpected outcomes, that contradict and subvert our well-thought out plans and best efforts? Virgo and Pisces team up for the best advice.

  1. Acceptance
    The first thing is to accept our current reality as what IS. We are not asked to like it. Often, and at least initially, we may not be pleased with circumstances that interfere with our desires and ways of doing things. Without acceptance, we cannot move forward. We remain attached to our ideas of how we wish things were. We disconnect ourselves from the essence of the moment. Our life force is consumed by stress and resistance. We live in the painful state of illusion.
  2. Discriminating (neutral) Investigation
    Acceptance makes us available to see the truth, and to be open to resolution. In a state of neutrality, we are able to penetrate beyond both the obvious and the illusive. In an observer state, we can become aware of more subtle information that reveals a deeper understanding of events, and makes known the lessons that we need to learn.
  3. Illumination
    At some point, 'we get it'. We realize the truth in the situation. This illumined moment dissolves our illusions. We expand into a more honest and meaningful understanding of ourselves and our life. Our soul speaks and we listen. Our limited ego is gratefully relieved of its attachment to untruths. We are free to move on, and to enjoy greater levels of maturity and consciousness.
  4. Effective Responses
    Virgo teaches us that discrimination is king. In our neutral stance and illuminated perspective, we liberate our mental and emotional energy, so that we are able to respond more effectively. The most appropriate responses run the gamut from doing nothing to deliberate action. Whatever our response, it will be based on a more profound realization of what is happening, and what is needed to evolve into deeper states of peace, love, and freedom.
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Kundalini Yoga - Connecting with Mother Earth

While the Sun shines in Virgo, we are supported to connect with Mother Earth, and use Her energy for healing, manifestation, and bringing Spirit into our physical form. While you are lying on your back either doing exercises or relaxing, feel your spine connected to the Earth. You will be infused with energy and start breathing with the Earth. The synchronization is very powerful.

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