Achieving Inner and Outer Peace

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #56, December 1, 2002
Assessing Your Spiritual Progress and Soul Satisfaction

Tuesday December 3, at 11:34pm PST (USA-CA), the New Moon beams out at 11° Sagittarius. Except for those West of California, we will be celebrating the New Moon during our morning Sadhana, Wednesday, December 4th. Both the Sun and the Moon are in the sign of the Archer, bringing our undivided attention to our spiritual path, progress and goals. You will experience the most impact wherever 11° Sagittarius falls in your natal chart and where you have planets in 8 to 14° of another sign.

Solar Eclipse

The impact of this new moon is deepened and intensified by a solar eclipse. When the Sun is eclipsed, or hidden by the Moon, our deep emotions and subconscious are exposed for examination. A lunar eclipse, which we experienced two weeks ago, is often easier to deal with. During a lunar eclipse, when the Moon is hidden, we see the joy of our Spirit, without the tormenting undercurrents of our emotions. However, during a solar eclipse, the Sun does not protect us from being in touch with our deepest insecurities and fears. We get a chance to be real honest with ourselves. We get to identify how we are sabotaging ourselves. Optimally we will align with the empowering essence of our emotional energy and use it to align ourselves toward positive transformation and change.

Interpreting Emotional Energies

Dealing with emotional energy is tricky business. We have to learn to distinguish between dysfunctional programming and valid information and warning signals. We have to be able to tell the difference between imprinting from mass consciousness and the true longings of our soul. Disempowering programming and the veil of fear control our emotional body through conditioned responses. Our journey toward self-empowerment requires that we reclaim our emotional body, and use it for its intended function as the sensory system of the soul. (see The Taurus/Scorpio Dance.)

Fear is one of the natural warning responses of our soul. Fear is also currently the primary energy of mass consciousness. Fear energy, translated into a social order of shoulds, shouldn'ts is used to manipulate and control us. Fear as a control mechanism prevents us from tuning into the natural responses of our soul's communication system.

The underlying assumption of fear consciousness, is that we cannot trust ourselves or anyone else to act with integrity, without an elaborate set of rules and regulations. The problem is, that without trust we perpetuate a reality of fear. Our emotional energy continues to slavishly respond to the should mentality of mass consciousness. Integrity with our soul is compromised. Connection with our heart is suppressed.

Releasing Karma and Achieving Inner and Outer Peace

We have to listen to and follow our soul, in order to choose the appropriate life experiences to release our old programming, work out our karma, empower ourselves, and liberate ourselves into the full expression of our essential selves. We listen to our soul by paying attention to our emotions, as expressed as the sensations in our body. Negative karma is locked into our soul through our emotional body. We have to work with our emotional body to release our karma. The more we experience peace in our emotional body, the more karma we release, and the closer we get to the true essence of our soul. The more satisfaction we experience in our emotional body, the more we achieve integration of our personality with our soul, and our soul with pure Spirit.

When we react and act out of programmed fear, we choose life experiences that perpetuate fear, and create more negative karma! We also miss out on important life experiences that are essential for our growth and happiness. In the consciousness of fear, it is impossible to get our basic human needs and soul desires met. We just create more pain. When we don't get our basic needs met, our emotional experiences are dominated by fear, anger, sadness, shame and guilt. Controlled by fear, these emotions never get transmuted into the positive expressions of our primal energies - vitality, aliveness, peace, joy and all other forms of satisfaction.

The reality is that the current system confuses us, and is designed to lock us into inappropriate behavior. The pervading energy of fear thwarts our soul expression and development. It is our job to change the system that allows and promotes the conscious separation between our personality and our soul. It is up to us to shift the fear-dominated morphogenetic field of the planet, which fosters our apparent disconnection from the Divine. We each make our contribution by taking care of the human expression of our soul, so that it feels loved, happy and at peace.

Achieving Satisfaction

Lets take Arena Two below as an example. We have a basic soul need to feel physically secure and satisfied in our human expression. This relates to the basic need for financial security, physical shelter and sensual touch. As we find the appropriate human experiences to satisfy these needs, we have the sensory experiences of feeling satisfied and content in our body.

Mass media and an economic system based on greed exploit these basic needs, by conditioning us to be insatiable. We continually feel dissatisfied, because we are programmed to want more and more. To try to satisfy our desire for endless goods and material objects is not possible. If we respond in fear consciousness, and condemn our desire to shop at Walmart (insert your favorite compulsive shopping places), we just end up expressing this energy in other ways. Maybe we feel guilty and complain or chastise ourselves. Maybe we feel deprived and justify our righteous actions by judging others.

The above guilt trips, self-righteous opinions and externally promoted neurotic behaviors, all confuse us, and lead us away from the important job of taking care of our soul during its human experience. At the soul level, we do have a basic need to take care of ourselves financially, materially and sensually. If we are not able to do so, we feel insecure, anxious and afraid. These feelings are totally legitimate. They are messages from our soul, that we need to take action to provide for our basic physical and nurturing needs. When we do so, our soul experiences contentment and satisfaction. The happier we feel, the more we disconnect from the morphogenetic field of fear, and the more we contribute to replacing fear with love. The more we experience the pure energy of love, the more our energy contributes to changing the current system. When we cannot be controlled, our energy is withdrawn, and no longer supports exploitative economic and political systems.

Taking Stock at the End of the Year

I used to be very uni-dimentional in my assessment of the past year, focussing on the area in my life where I had made the least progress. Over the last few years I started evaluating the evolution of my consciousness and my emotional status, in terms of peace and stress. This year I have systematized my evaluation criteria. Below I have listed 12 basic soul goals or needs, and the sensory experience that we have as we get each need met. I have also added the negative pole so we can evaluate where along the continuum we exist, act and respond.

I have already started to take stock of my progress during the past year in each of these areas. I am feeling gratitude for the growth I have accomplished during that period. I am taking enough time to feel the increased levels of satisfaction, harmony, peace, freedom, etc. in my body. I know it is very important to integrate these feelings in my physical and emotional bodies. If I just mentally note them, I won't get the full benefits of my progress. My body must nonverbally incorporate these feelings into its sensory reality. It takes time and care to imprint these feelings in a way that they replace the old programming. If I don't do so, I not only do not get the full benefits of my year's work; my attention goes to the issue areas where I recognize needs that are not being adequately fulfilled. On the other hand, any satisfaction, peace, joy, clarity, etc. that I feel deeply, wonderfully supports the challenged areas.

As you carry out this assessment process for yourself, make sure you are present to the sensations in your body, and not just thinking about them in your mind. There is a big difference between feelings and thoughts. When you are in your feelings you can be in your heart. When you are thinking you are in your head, and your heart alludes you.

Intentions for the New Year

After I have bathed myself in a sense of self accomplishment and pure pleasure, I am noting areas where I would like to devote more attention in 2003.

As you set your intentions for the New Year, keep in mind that we attract and create our reality through our feelings and emotional body. If we set our intentions while we feel negative, disempowered or victimized, we create more of what we do not want. The more we feel positive, empowering sensory experiences, the more we are able to manifest experiences and relationships that we really want in our lives. Practice aligning your goals and intentions with satisfying sensory experiences.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a good time to begin this process of evaluation and intention setting, which for me lasts through to the Chinese New Year. Sagittarius (November 22 through December 20th) is about our spiritual path, quest, perspective and goals. The archer aims his arrow at the bull's eye of the truth of his own soul. He pierces his own heart to expose his own truth. He is one-pointed and on target. He gets satisfaction from knowing his own truth, and from progressing steadily and unflinchingly toward the Light of his soul.

Soul Goals and Sensory Experiences

We are here on planet Earth to work out how to get all our needs met, so that our emotional body experiences total satisfaction, joy and peace. So don't expect to go through the following list and not identify any areas demanding attention.

As you evaluate where you are on the continuum of sensory experiences, note how each is a nuance of the choice between being a victim and being self-empowered. To release yourself from victimization programming, practice focusing on yourself and inside your own being. Observe when you focus on others and outside yourself, and succumb to judging situations instead of being in touch with how you feel. Practice finding and retrieving yourself out of dispersed, undifferentiated energy. Reclaim yourself energetically by being present to the sensations in your body. Being present to your emotional energy will help you establish your clear identity and create protective boundaries

I have categorized our soul goals and sensory experiences roughly according to the twelve houses of the natal chart. As in Issue 54 The Taurus/Scorpio Dance, I call these the Arenas of Life. The following list is neither definitive nor inclusive. The basic emotions - fear, anger, sadness and joy can be experienced in all the arenas. Feel free to add your own categories that suit your experience and align with your unique path.

Arena One - Aries

Arene Two - Taurus

Arena Three - Gemini

Arena Four - Cancer

Arena Five - Leo

Arena Six - Virgo

Arena Seven - Libra

Arena Eight - Scorpio

Arena Nine - Sagittarius

Arena Ten - Capricorn

Arena Eleven - Aquarius

Arena Twelve - Pisces

Kundalini Yoga - Exercise for Listening to the Heart and Soul

The trick in working with emotional energy is to be able to listen to our heart and soul, and not to our programmed emotional responses. The following exercise helps us access our neutral mind and connect it with our heart.

Before doing this exercise, define the area on which you wish to get clarity, or to be in touch with more deeply. Set your intention to listen and receive information from your soul on this matter. You can do this after you tune in as well, but after you tune in you may lose track of what you were thinking about. This is good because one of the goals of tuning in is to get out of mental processing.

Tune in with ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO.

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Prayer to Release Fear of Mass Consciousness

If you need support in your quest for fearlessness, and want help creating an energetic barrier between yourself and mass consciousness, check out Jaap Saahib (below).

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