Full Moon and Saturn/Pluto Completion

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #60, February 10, 2003

Resolution of the issues brought up by the Saturn/Pluto opposition is close at hand. But not until we have passed through the final meltdown on the Full Moon February 16th. There are a lot of planetary alignments that day, which make for very intense energy from now until after the date.

What is Happening in the Sky?

The Full Moon February 16 is at 3:51pm PST at 27° Leo.

The Moon opposes both the Sun and Uranus (surprises and wake-up calls), which are conjunct (in the same place in the sky) in Aquarius.

Jupiter is opposite Neptune. Mars is tightly conjunct Pluto at 20° Sagittarius.

Both Mars and Pluto are within 3° of opposing Saturn. This is the last hurrah of the Saturn/Pluto opposition that stripped us naked to the truth in 2001 and 2002.

What Does that Mean?

The Full Moon in fiery Leo will stir up inner anger, the selfish ego and feelings of self-importance in unconscious beings. More conscious beings will be stirred to increase their connections with their unique creative expression, and take steps to figure out how to share it with the world.

The atmosphere and energy are intense because of all the oppositions. The most serious opposition is Pluto AND Mars opposing Saturn. Pluto makes sure that transformation takes place through death and rebirth. Mars is the primal male energy that requires action. Saturn resists change and holds on to old institutions, belief systems and ways of doing and being. Unconscious, unhealed Pluto/Mars energy expresses itself in rage, violent arguments and even war. Unpredictable Uranus adds the element of uncontrollable outbursts and shocking, unexpected events.

Oppositions create either conflict or integration of polarities. I have been talking a lot about polarities since Issue 43, where I dealt with the Saturn/Pluto Opposition. Now is the time to practice integrating the resolution of opposites in your psyche. In relationship to the issues that have confronted you in the past 2 years, you have probably noticed that nothing works short of honoring both points of view, and then moving to a higher perspective, and to the deeper level of understanding that is found only in the heart. Now is the time to identify the deeper meaning of what has been happening in your life, and use the insights to catapult you to a higher level of consciousness and way of being.

At the same time Jupiter can expand the Neptunian compassion. The Sun can amplify the generosity and concern for humanity of Uranus. There is a lot going on. How these energies play out will be determined by what is in our consciousness and how we use the energy.

Mars and Male Energy

The Mars factor indicates that decisions must be made and action must be taken. If we sit around and try to hide, something will still happen. Mars energy must be expressed in some way.

Mars is the archetype of male energy. Typically, Mars is associated with war and destruction, but this is the lower consciousness expression of Mars energy. We are not obliged to use Mars energy to destroy and inflict pain. We can use it to deliver us to a higher state of affairs. We can use it to take positive action that serves humanity. We can use it to find completion, make peace with the old, and energetically move on to new and more rewarding situations and relationships.

The parameters of our choices reside between consciousness and unconsciousness. We can deal with the confrontive energies internally in our own psyche, or we can act them out in our relationships and in the world. We can fight inner wars or we can fight outer wars. If we are wise we will chose the inner route, not only because it is less destructive, but because our internal shifts create a solid foundation for shifting the energies and using them in positive and constructive ways.

In terms of the issues we have all been facing these last two years, we can take our power, enjoy our new consciousness, be grateful for our rebirth, and step forth in our new life. Take time to congratulate yourselves for having dealt with the intense pressures of the time in the best way you knew how; and then prepare yourself for the next round. The intensity of the times in increasing. There are no escape routes.

How We Use the Energy

All this Pluto/Saturn/Mars energy reminds me of a time about 25 years ago. My mother got an astrological reading from a neighbor, who said that on a certain date she should essentially stay in bed to avoid all the bad things that could happen to her. Now understand, my mother is a very intense and strong woman. She has both Pluto and Saturn on her Sun so she has lived with this confrontive energy her whole life. She also has a Scorpio Moon. She is a woman of conviction.

When she heard the prognosis, she got very indignant and decided that this special day would be one of the best of her life. She set this intention weeks in advance. The night before, she programmed herself to wake-up early so she could get in all the great activities that she had planned for the day. Everything went very well and she reported to me that she had a fantastic day. Moral of the story - it all depends on how we use the energy, and the conviction behind our intentions.

A Shift has Occurred

How we navigate the next few weeks will illustrate our progress in the last two years. We have all been challenged in many ways. We have either taken advantage of our challenges to change and grow, or we have resisted the inevitable flow of evolution. I have noticed that some people have been unable to get past their ego trips and sabotaging programming. If you have noted the news, I am sure you have made the same observation. However, obvious to some or not, Saturn and Pluto have definitely busted some major fantasies. It may take us a while to catch up with what has happened, but the planet Earth is a different place now. A new consciousness is required for the paradigm shift that has occurred.

The openings presented by the Saturn/Pluto opposition will close by the end of February; but not to worry, there will be other dances between the planets that will impact our reality. For those who have tried to retrench into safer and more familiar territory, there will be more serious wake-up calls and more disturbing alarms. We won't be out of the conflict zone for over a decade.

Soul Satisfaction

It has been a rocky road. Believe me, I know it has not been easy. Saturn and Pluto don't know the word easy. Pluto means uncomfortable and Saturn translates as hard work. Pluto spells anguish and Saturn spells difficult. But if we have honesty moved through the death and rebirth process that Pluto has forced upon us, we can claim a new sense of dignity. Saturn rewards our grueling efforts with inner strength, maturity and wisdom.

Thoughtfully review the issues you have confronted from a higher perspective. Whether you are aware of it or not, these are undoubtedly carried over from past lives. We must work through them to take our power. We must release ourselves from the karma to move forward on our destiny path. We must free ourselves of the past patterns in order to attract more meaningful relationships with ourselves, others, a partner, our community and the world.

There is something awesomely satisfying, when we feel a new level of inner strength in our psyche. There is a deep sense of accomplishment, that comes from observing that we really are more mature than we were two years ago. There is a most welcome peace that comes from shedding our naïveté for wisdom. There is a wonderful sense of relief in realizing that we are less asleep and more awake than before.

More in Control of My Reality Now

In some ways we may feel like a new born. In the next week or so, take time to take stock of what IS in your life. What has changed that will never be the same again? Take time to celebrate these changes. Carefully define your new reality. Be clear about what is over and completed. See the openings that have been created and the opportunities that lie ahead. Prepare yourself mentally to move on with greater clarity. Prepare yourself emotionally to move on with greater awareness of your instinctual guidance system. Consolidate your expanded identity in your consciousness, and make sure you take it with you wherever you go, and use it in whatever you do.

Great and Full
Yogi Bhajan

Take time to revisit your hard times through the eyes of the following wisdom of Yogi Bhajan: "As we grow up there is one thing which makes us old, weak, and sometimes miserable and that is the memory of the past. I have seen it in many people. They don't remember all the great things, all the good things that happened in their lives. They only remember the bad things. If you remember all the bad things of the past, the good things of the future cannot touch you. It's a very costly behavior because when you do not remember the good things, you are not grateful. Grateful is a very beautiful word. 'Great' and 'full'. I know in my heart everybody wants to be grateful, but they don't understand grateful in that way. They want to be GREAT and EMPTY and that doesn't work. Just look at the expression, 'I am great-empty?' How does that make you feel?".(1)

The Master's Touch by Yogi Bhajan

The Master's Touch by Yogi Bhajan is a must-have book for all truth-seekers who want to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and mastery and of its philosophies.

It will give you an inside look into the mind of Yogi Bhajan, and will have you thinking and pondering questions about the mysteries of life for days afterwards. It contains a superb collection of pragmatic spiritual teachings from his Master’s Touch courses. In it he explains the path of the teacher using wit, compassion and a practical sense of the challenges of everyday life faced by us all.

The great thing about expanded consciousness is that we actually start feeling full inside.

There will be moments, starting sometime after February 16, when you will know that the Saturn/Pluto cycle is complete for this time around. You will acknowledge the intensity of the process. You will feel a sense of completion and that you are ready to move on to the next phase of your life. You will also experience a sense of liberation and freedom. When this happens, please indulge in the relief, the peace, and the lightness of being. Being with yourself in this way will consolidate your new space. It will make you feel delightfully full.

The Next Round

Our human tests are designed to move us to the next level of empowerment. We release fear so we can recognize and tell our own truth. We identify our stories, acknowledge our emotional patterns, and learn from both so we can get closer to our soul.

Saturn, the planet par excellence of tests, is moving on to a new arena, from Gemini to Cancer in June. Cancer will define our next set of Saturn issues for two years. The good news is that this will happen without the nagging participation of the life or death anguish of Pluto. Saturn will be dancing with Uranus in Pisces for the next two years. In Issue 62 I will discuss how this configuration will revolutionize our lives.

Expanding consciousness is the name of the game no matter what flavor it takes. With slow moving Pluto in Sagittarius (spirituality) until January 2008, issues of integrity and truth are still on the table for all of us to see. One thing is for sure, baby food and half-truths do not work anymore. Lack of integrity on any level is bound to get us in trouble. We can't claim innocence and get away with it anymore. To survive and thrive, we all have to grow at quantum speed.

Kundalini Yoga - How to Deal with it All?

One thing is for sure, there is plenty of energy available at this time. Use it to take action for yourself. You won't feel so stressed out and you will get a lot accomplished. Anger sets and meditations that pump the navel, and breath of fire are recommended. There is a great set to rechannel anger in Relax and Renew 2nd Edition on page 96 (page 56 in 1st Edition).

Relax and Renew, 2nd Edition, by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Relax and Renew by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. takes stress reduction to the level of spiritual resolution. The techniques offered in this book don't just cover up the symptoms, they completely cure the problem!

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When you feel stressed and confronted, remember that you are at choice. If you don't know what to do, WAIT until you feel that you can act from a place of peace and clarity. You do not have to know or take action immediately. With patience, and even without it, the answers will come.

The sequence I suggest is the following:

References and Footnotes

"A Brief Tour of 2003 - The Top Ten Astro-Events of 2003", Tem Tarriktar, p. 18, the Mountain Astrologer, Issue 106, Dec.2002/Jan 2003)

(1) Excerpts from Yogi Bhajan lecture 10/5/02 and The Master's Touch. Prosperity Paths, Issue 48, December 2002.


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