Five-Pointed Stars Light Up Our Lives

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #95 - September 29, 2004

During the month of October there are four major astrological events.

The Solar Eclipse/Libra New Moon October 13th - See Issue 94.

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio October 27th - See Issue 96.

A five-star pentagram formation October 1st, between 10:02 and 3:22pm GMT.

A five-star pentagram formation October 27-28th, between 6:47 and 11:49pm GMT, the same day as the Lunar Eclipse.

Harmonic Concordance II - Two Pentagrams in the Sky

These four events, which happen within a period of 28 days, are being referred to as the Harmonic Concordance II.(1) Kabbalist Gurunam Singh writes that the pentagram of October 1 initiates the fifth time in the history of Planet Earth that the universal karmic clock is sounding the alarm of transition. We will either choose to wake-up and evolve into God-conscious beings, or we will destroy ourselves.(2)

On October 1st, as the Moon passes from 13° to 15° Taurus, it will position itself as one of the legs of the five-pointed star/pentagram formed also by the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus.

On October 27-28th the pentagram is formed by Jupiter (replacing the Sun), Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and the Moon, as the latter moves between 12° and 14° Taurus.

The formation of pentagrams are rare occurrences, snd it is still rarer that a total Lunar Eclipse appears on the same day. One astrologer has not found this same formation for the next 2500 years of her research to date.(3)

Pentagrams or quintiles forming the five-pointed star are significant symbols in esoteric schools. A symbol of immense power in Kabbala, it is a sign of absolute and universal synthesis.(4) The pentagram represents the integration and synthesis of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether. The top point of the star is Spirit or the ether element, which presides over the other earthly elements.

So what is the nature of energy and what are the implications of these events? First, I view them less as events, than as openings in consciousness. It is a time of awakening and transformative spiritual growth.

Drive, Desire and Determination

The aspects, indicating the distance between the planets, are quintiles and bi-quintiles (144° and 72°). This aspect can either be destructive or creative. Transformation is the theme. The energy present opens up potentials and abilities to bring creative ideas into concrete manifestation. This is a time when we can align our will with Divine Will to spiritualize matter, i.e. bring Spirit into our bodies and worldly endeavors.

There are three main energetic themes:

  1. Drive: We will experience an inner-directed drive to create, to actualize our dreams, and to take action to make things happen.
  2. Desire: We will also desire to move ahead in our spiritual transformation. The impulse of consciousness that was lurking before will now move into full gear.
  3. Determination: Both our drive and our desire are being fueled by an intense determination to manifest at a more inspired level and to transform our consciousness so that we can operate at higher octaves of spiritual awareness.

I am witnessing that we are already experiencing these energies, which will only continue to get stronger. We may feel a sense of impatience and urgency, to get on with projects that have been brewing for a long time. We may wake-up to a new path that calls us to reorient our lives in a totally different direction. Some may start a new career instead of retiring. Everything will seem more real and more alive. The ostrich with the head in the sand routine is no longer an option. We have to squarely face both our neuroses and the call of our soul.

Our spiritual transformation involves every level of our psyche, making it possible to experience wholeness and contentment. We are being obliged:

  1. To examine our subconscious in order to achieve emotional balance and strength. (Pluto)
  2. To release restricting beliefs and attitudes so we can experience freedom and enjoy our individuality. (Uranus)
  3. To align with our true essence so that we can exercise our free will from the purity and light of our soul. (Sun)
  4. To examine how we restrict ourselves so that social and self-imposed rigidity no longer impedes our ability to manifest our dreams. (Saturn)
  5. To get in touch will our deepest desire for love and Divine Connection, so that our emotions can direct us to Spirit, and not distract us from the power to heal ourselves, others and the Planet. (Moon)

The second Grand Quintile or Pentagram includes Jupiter instead of the Sun. Jupiter adds optimism, expansiveness and generosity to the above themes. The impulse for spiritual transformation and the drive to realize our dreams will be magnified and intensified.

Spiritual Awakening

Some are saying that between now and 2012 we can experience personal and global enlightenment. The energy is certainly available for spiritual awakening. Obviously, both individually and collectively, we need as much consciousness on the planet as we can muster. There is an open menu in every area of our lives. Everything is possible, but what we each choose individually is up to us. However we opt to use our free will, rapid and intense change is inevitable.

Certainly, what is available is the chance to move to a higher octave of our personal and collective existence. We can choose to orient our lives towards our spiritual destiny. Instead of fear, we can experience hope. Instead of anxiety, we can experience optimism. The veil of illusion or darkness on the planet is being lifted. A higher frequency of love, light and wisdom is being made available to all. Although the higher frequency energies are available, we have to prepare our body, mind and spirit to receive and take advantage of them. We have to renew and cleanse our body, mind and emotions so that we vibrate with the frequency of Love.

The key now is to commit to our spiritual growth, physical health, emotional healing, and destiny path. The more committed we are, the more support we will receive, and the greater clarity we will have. The support, the clarity, and our heart-felt impulse to transform our inner and outer lives, will all work to make it possible to empower our inner authority, to reclaim our will, and to take responsibility for our personal destiny.

In sum, doors will open. Walk through them. Opportunities will present themselves. Open your mind to them. This is not a time to hesitate; it is a time to take bold and wise action. Our minds and hearts will experience higher spiritual awareness. Enjoy the grace. Do not negate it through the neurotic need for explanations. Open your heart and follow it. Every day enjoy the magic and miracles of your journey.

Kundalini Yoga - Healing Meditation

The meditation I recommend for this time is RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG. This mantra joins the Earth and the Heavens by bringing spiritual energy onto the Earth plane.

There have been several CD recordings of this powerful mantra. Check out Ra Ma Da Sa from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) - below. You can also chant in monotone.

The Healing Circle and the Healing Meditation are explained on pages 174-5 in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition.

A full explanation of Healing Meditation: Heal Yourself and Heal the World is also given in Lesson 23 of my free online Kundalini Yoga course.

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