The Earth-Taurus Connection

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #33, April 28, 2001

In Issue 16 (Taurus - I have Myself and I Desire the Light) I discuss the more conventional view among astrologers, that the ruling planet for Taurus is Venus.

Who Rules What?

Before the discovery of Uranus in 1781, Neptune in 1848 and Pluto in 1930, except for the Sun and the Moon, each planet ruled two zodiacal signs:

After their discovery, Uranus was assigned to Aquarius, Neptune to Pisces and Pluto to Scorpio. This leaves Venus and Mercury with dual rulership. The debate continues among astrologers, who favor allocating one planet per sign, about whether there are yet undiscovered planets that could be assigned to Virgo and Taurus. There is speculation that Vulcan - an undiscovered planet named for the Roman God of Metallurgy - could be assigned to either Taurus or Virgo.

I propose to assign planet Earth to Taurus (see also Issue 181). Virgo can have Vulcan and this can end the debate. I think we have missed the most obvious fact of the planetary system. Everything about Taurus represents the Earth. Taurus personifies the productivity, wealth, fruitfulness and sensuality of the fertility goddess. Who else could the fertility goddess be but our own lush planet Earth? Where else does life grow and flourish like on planet Earth? Certainly not on Venus.

In her book "Venus - the Evolution of the Goddess and Her Planet", Ronnie Gale Dreyer(1) states that most astrologers agree that Venus has never been properly defined as the ruler of Taurus. In her book, Dreyer advances her argument that Venus is ruler of both Libra and Taurus. For me, her delineation of two very distinct interpretations of the Goddess of Love, simply supports my hypothesis that the two goddesses embody very different aspects of Love, and deserve their own planets. Venus is indeed a planet of love. Earth too is a planet of love. The sooner we realize that Earth herself is the physical manifestation of universal love, the sooner we will find the happiness and the love we crave.

Alan Oken does discuss the role of planet Earth, but he believes that Earth rules Sagittarius. I find it difficult to imagine Earth ruling the fiery centaur, although he could use some Earth energy to ground his spiritual quest.(2) I have not read anywhere else where Taurus is associated with Earth. If anyone else has, I would be most interested in the reference.

I have tested my hypothesis on my Taurus friends. The responses range from a relieved and exited "YES!" to a smug "of course". Every Taurean so far has been in agreement. I originally speculated that Taureans were so aligned with beauty that they might feel deprived if they thought Venus was no longer their goddess. However, Taureans are so innately connected to the Earth and her beauty, that to take away Venus is to deprive them of nothing. Recognition of the Earth goddess supports Taureans in being who they are, and affirms the legitimacy and the importance of their role in promoting the experience of love to our human lives.

Position of Earth in our Natal Chart

The position of planet Earth in our natal chart is always 180° from our Sun, or exactly opposite our Sun. Thus if your Sun is 2° Aries, your Earth is 2° Libra. The correspondences are as follows:

Aries - Libra; Taurus - Scorpio; Gemini - Sagittarius; Cancer - Capricorn; Leo - Aquarius; Virgo - Pisces.

Earth will thus always be in the house opposite the Sun, i.e. if your Sun is in the first house, your Earth is in the seventh, etc. Traditional astrology would thus say that the Sun and the Earth oppose each other. I like to view this relationship as complementary. The integration of the two polarities facilitates our achievement of wholeness.

The placement of Earth in our natal chart indicates our terrestrial path or where we must engage in human activities. Our Earth helps define how we serve humanity, our inner journey, and where we must grow and develop as a human being. Our Earth path exposes the battle between our animal nature and our soul, and facilitates the synthesis of our complex natures into a whole being. The position of Earth in our natal chart indicates the area of our life where we can anchor our soul into our daily existence. The house placement of Earth also indicates "where the work of the present incarnation has to be expressed, via our physical presence and influence on others".(3)

The Role of Earth and Saturn

Our Sun is our basic energy and the "creative equipment" we have to work with this lifetime. Our Earth is where our equipment "lands" and how our energy can be properly used. Our Earth reveals the nature of our personal life experience,(4) and where our personal development will bring about the growth needed to make our contribution to humankind.

Saturn and Earth are partners on the earth plane. Saturn represents our karma. Earth represents our dharma. Saturn is how we work out our energetic obligations accrued through the law of cause and effect, this lifetime and in previous incarnations. Earth gives us an opportunity to rise above karma by doing our dharma. Dharma can be understood as (1) our way of life or lifestyle that is in accordance with universal and natural laws, and (2) what we have to accomplish this life time and how we go about accomplishing it.

Our Earth represents our personal path, that is required to continue our unfoldment of soul consciousness and self-mastery. The sign and house placement of Earth in our natal chart indicates the energy to be used, and the area of life where we must deal with physical reality. Earth indicates the experience we must gain this lifetime. The importance of this experience should not be underestimated. The goal of our life experiences, as defined by Earth, is to facilitate the experience of Love through our earthly endeavors. Our ability or inability to master our Earthly path, will determine our success or failure, in terms of our ability to connect with universal Love while in a physical body.

Discovering our Earth Path

I personally felt both challenged and relieved when I started to understand my Earth path. I see the many ways that I have both naturally fought and followed this path. I recognize that I have been on this path since I was a child. I see the logic and reasons for this aspect of my physical journey. It incorporates growth, that is part of my empowerment and necessary for my planetary success. I am relieved, because now I am enjoying it instead of resisting it. I can see the potential power in embracing this path, and how it facilitates both my personal growth and professional expansion. It is no longer simply a "must do" to survive. It is a "get to do" to live a more fulfilling life. I feel I have discovered a missing piece in my puzzle, and it is so obvious it is almost embarrassing.

As you explore our own Earth, I invite you to examine some of the same issues:

  1. In what ways have you resisted this aspect of your life?
  2. In what ways have you embraced it?
  3. How have your life experiences forced you to grow in this area of your life?
  4. How might your life be easier and more fulfilling if you were a success in this area of your life?
  5. Is this a missing piece that could create a major breakthrough in the achievement of your life goals?
  6. How could you change your attitude toward your Earth path?
  7. Note if a shift, on any or all of the above, creates more peace and experience of Love in your life.
A Proper Place for Planet Earth

I concur with Alice Bailley, who wrote in Esoteric Astrology that modern astrology gives very little importance to planet Earth, even though "the energy which emanates from or radiates from Earth itself" is of paramount importance. She writes, "Astrologers have always emphasized the incoming influences and energies as they beat upon and play through our little planet, but they have omitted to take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities and forces which are the contribution of our Earth ... to the larger whole".(5)

There are many explanations why Earth has not been given its proper role in astrology. A male dominated, externally oriented, culture certainly plays a role. The victim perspective that we are acted upon dominates our psyche. The domination, egotistical, "the Earth is here for us to exploit" attitude, does not lend itself to treating the Earth as an entity with value in and of herself. If we view ourselves as separate from the Earth, the other planets and the Universe, we will naturally feel acted upon. If we identify with the above and experience our interconnectedness, we will explore a relationship that promotes a reciprocal and beneficial partnership.

The highest expression of masculine energy is the right use of will and true individuality. Although we give lip service to free will, very few people take the time to master this aspect of being. This expression of the masculine has been degraded to control and manipulation, to get your own way and aggressively going after what you want, both of which are adolescent versions of right use of will. The depreciation of the status and role of women and the feminine is also a factor. Without the sensitivity of the feminine, we don't even notice the subtleties of our emotions and our bodies, let alone the Earth.

One unconscious reason for ignoring the role of planet Earth, could be that the placement of Earth is where we must tread new territory, learn new lessons and grapple with our earthly lessons of success and failure. We often don't feel totally comfortable with our Earthly path, and the experimentation required to master it. I have only begun to examine the role of Earth in natal charts, but my first impression is that we often resist our Earthly path.

Relationship of Earth to the Rest of the Universe

What is the nature of the Earth in relationship to the rest of the Universe? Over five hundred years ago astronomers determined that Earth and the other planets revolved around the Sun, instead of the latter revolving around the Earth. The Earth is, however, the center of astrological inquiries. The main concern of astrology is to discover how the laws and energies of the Universe affect life on planet Earth, and how can we make practical use of these laws and energies. Astrology asks how do the Sun, Moon and the planets influence life on Earth? Although this question is of critical importance, the geocentric point of view of astrology has contributed to ignoring the influence of planet Earth itself. We are fish who have forgotten that we swim in water, and that our existence emanates from and is determined by the water itself.

Many of the mysteries of life would not appear so mysterious if we were to reconnect to our Earthly source. Many of the answers we seek would be forthcoming if we were to communicate directly with our Earth. Much of the healing that we need would be forthcoming if we were to embrace the Earth as our Mother. Much of the depression and insecurity we feel could be alleviated if we would reconnect with Earth as our home. Much of the deprivation we experience could turn into abundance if we were to simply respect and wisely use the Earth's resources. Our inability to meet our basic emotional and material needs could be replaced with prosperity, wealth and blessings, if we would accept with love and gratitude the generous gifts of our Mother Earth.

If we would return to the arms of our Mother, we would experience a peaceful sense of well-being. We would receive pleasure from every breath. Our stress and depression would give way to vitality and enthusiasm. Our bodies would give pleasure instead of pain. Our emotions would feed our soul. All our faculties and sensitivities would be enhanced. We would realize that we are living in an exquisite garden, not a prison.

Our soul would awaken if we were to invite it into our body through proper nourishment, alignment, activation and care. Our Kundalini would awaken if we would prepare our body and psyche, and anchor our existence to the primal power of the Earth Mother.

The problem is that we have not only taken the power of the Earth for granted; we have distanced ourselves through excessive mental activity, and a disproportionate reliance on masculine attributes and pursuits. Our disregard for the feminine and women has resulted in leaving the Earth out as well. Our spiritual quest is directed outside ourselves. God and Spirit are out there somewhere. We look for something or someone external to ourselves to save us.

Our Relationship with Our Planet Earth

Humans, animals and planets are all dependent upon the soil of the Earth, for their sustenance and well-being, yet we pollute the atmosphere which is our source of air, the soil which is our source of food, and the water we need to drink. We plunder natural resources, pave the ground that connects with the Earth's vibration, and destroy natural habitats to serve our selfish greed. We have severed our energetic relationship with Mother Earth. As a result we have no understanding of how to relate to her, how to respect her, and at the same time enjoy and be nurtured by her gifts. Our lack of direct relationship with her has led us to view her as unpredictable. We watch as she peacefully absorbs our abuse, and then are distraught when she rebels and punishes us with floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. We try to predict what she will do, without attempting to understand or accept our responsibility in the cause and effect relationship between our Mother and her children.

Basically we have lost touch with the Earth, with our bodies and with our emotions. We have severed our connection with the feminine. The result is that we live in fear, feel insecure and perceive lack. This mindset leads us to hoard and squander resources, and to seek to control and manipulate others. We are unable to experience true empathy, and we suffer from unrefined and course sensitivity. On the other hand, connection with the feminine and the Earth opens us up to the possibility of experiencing, that there are enough resources for all of us to get our basic needs met, and enough opportunities for everyone to prosper. We will also be able to experience a deeper connection with others. and enjoy a more refined sensitivity in our own awareness.

Earth and the Quest to Experience Love

Since we all incorporate all the frequencies of the Zodiac in our being, the recognition of Earth can only facilitate our soul's quest to experience love. The burden of being human and having a human body can now be reassessed. Taurus and Earth are here to embellish our journey with riches, pleasures and gifts available nowhere else in the Universe.

I support the belief that humans come to planet Earth to experience love in the human form. As difficult as this may be, and as long as it has taken to awaken our consciousness to this fact, our past failures to achieve this goal in no way negate the divine intention for humans to experience universal love. I believe that we will begin to accept this idea more and more as we move into the Aquarian Age. We are actually getting closer to this goal as the vibration of the Earth quickens and resonates at the heart center. The more our hearts open, the more we will tune into and honor the sacredness of our own planet. In the process, we will recognize her as a planet of Love and accept her obvious rulership of Taurus.

A friend of mine told me this story. He was meditating in the mountains in Spain, and the soul of his sister-in-law, who had died during the Spanish civil war, came to him. He asked her what she was doing. She replied, "The Earth is the most beautiful place in the whole universe. After we leave our bodies, we like to come back every chance that we get". It is a gift to get a body and come for a visit to planet Earth, where we can actually feel physical pleasures, touch different textures, taste so many foods and absorb the nurturing energy of the Earth and the Sun. Planet Earth is a treasure house of goodies, from gemstones to flowers, plants and trees, to thousands of species of wildlife, to a myriad of landscapes and bodies of water. Taurus teaches us that Earth is a very special place and that we should enjoy our short, sacred journey.

I think it is time to embrace the obvious, and begin to give planet Earth the dues she deserves. Of course, it is always beneficial to recognize and honor your own mother, but beyond the benefits that could accrue to the Earth if we would care for and protect her, are the benefits that we humans could receive. Turning our attention back to our own source could empower us in ways that have eluded us for millennia. We could stop looking outside ourselves for salvation and experience our own divinity. We could end victimization in our own psyches and in our economic, political and religious systems. We could tap into the power of Earth and receive physical and emotional healing. We could begin to enjoy being in our bodies, and stop using them as simply a means of transportation, a bothersome mechanism that needs to be fed, and a puppet that we get to ornament. We could enjoy the profound satisfaction of personal empowerment and sacred sexuality.

Taurus and Earth

Taurus and Earth, who are associated with the second house of the natal chart, teach us through direct experience. Taurus is cautious, practical and supportive of the human ambitions, material security and physical pleasure.(6) Taurus inaugurates spring. It is a time of new life, great activity, awakenings, births and creations.

Associating Earth with Taurus validates the earthly qualities of Taurus. These include:

  1. her need to create and sustain a self-contained environment where she can get her needs met, monitor events and energies that impact her life and process at her own slow methodical pace, and
  2. her desire for predictability and certainly so she can have the time and space to be productive and creative.

The most compelling argument for Earth as the ruler of Taurus, is that the qualities embodied by Taurus reflect the qualities embodied by Earth. Taurus is practical and logical. Taurus moves at a slow, comfortable pace. Taurus is "motivated by the need for physical pleasure, productivity and economic well-being".(7) Taurus is interested in the acquisition of material assets, and the accumulation of land and wealth, as well as the development of personal skills and talents, which she can then use to attain emotional and financial security. Taurus has a natural affinity to nature, desires to live in a rural environment, and enjoys physical pleasures - food, sex and beautiful things. She loves to give and receive love.

The regenerative earth goddess played a leading role in civilizations dependent upon agricultural cycles for their subsistence. It is Taurus' relationship with the Earth that allows her to be self-sufficient, resourceful, productive, practical, and the bestower of wealth. Arts dependent upon the Earth and her resources are associated with Taurus - gemology, architecture, music, sculpture, pottery and painting. The celebration of life through dancing, music, singing, acting and lovemaking is also associated with Taurus. Taurus loves all the refinements of life. Voluptuous, elegant and amorous Taurus is fond of ornamentation, gardens, incense, fine food and wine, and agricultural festivals.

Taurus Attributes: Peaceful and Fiery

Taurus is associated with the proud, victorious aspects of the feminine principle. Taurus is associated with prosperity, personal strength, fertility, productivity, autonomy and the capacity for self-love. Taurus enjoys the pleasures of the body. Through her magnetism Taurus attracts love and wealth to herself. She is self-sufficient and independent. She can support herself and meet her own emotional needs. Her capacity for self-acceptance opens her to the delightful possibility of enjoying the pleasures of life, without being attached to the form or person delivering the goods.

Taurus is the Earth Mother who surrounds herself with the bounty of life. She attracts abundance and unabashedly enjoys it. She knows she is here on a very short visit, and she makes the best of her sojourn to planet Earth. Taurus knows beauty, but it has a different flavor than the delicate, serene perfection of Libra. Taurean beauty is earthy, indulgent and luxurious.

Taurus also embodies the fierce, and even belligerent, qualities of the Earth and the early fertility goddesses. All are very patient until pushed beyond their limits. When provoked beyond reason, the Bull will attack. When abused to excess, the Earth will erupt. Her stubborn and persevering qualities make Taurus a financial success, and the Earth the endless cornucopia of visual and editable delights. The Bull and the Earth both represent personal power.

Although the Bull is a symbol of male potency, and a source of empowerment of the fertility goddesses, I prefer to consider the Bull as a representation of the power of the goddess, for she embodies a perfect blend of masculine and feminine power. Taurus gets her sense of autonomy from her ability to embody both masculine and feminine powers.

The love, beauty and sensuality of the classical Venus has been stripped of masculine powers, and become the embodiment of delicate feminine attributes. It is not necessarily bad to have one planet represent the more refined feminine qualities. The problem is that, over time, male dominated cultures have stripped the feminine of her strength and power, and have made her into an object of pleasure and exploitation. Venus is a safe archetype to use to manipulate man's desire to dominate women. Earth is NOT a safe archetype to play this game with. The Earth is too real. The Earth is ever present in our bodies and our psyche. The Earth is capable of vengeance if she is not loved and respected. The Earth can fight back and does.

I feel that fear of feminine power partly explains why the Earth has not been recognized as the ruler of Taurus. Denial of Earth as a vital and pivotal player in the astrological world, has been an unconscious way to try to suppress women, Taurus and the feminine in men. However, Mother Earth is the source of all life. Humans have bodies. Women are over half the human population. Women give birth to both sons and daughters. Women are the source of creation on planet Earth. The power of women, the Earth and the feminine cannot be suppressed forever.

The Taurean Age (4000-2000 BC)

To understand Taurus, and the Bull's relationship to planet Earth, it is useful to outline the symbolism and the cultures that existed during the Taurean Age. Sacrificial bulls were one of the archetypal images of the Age of Taurus. The Sun's journey through the constellation of Taurus corresponded with an agricultural era and the Bronze Age. The peaceful matriarchal, agrarian communities that flourished during this time, in Egypt, Crete and Sumer, were characterized by the flowering of goddess worship in the form of fertility deities. These egalitarian communities were productive, prosperous, self-sufficient and creative.

During the Taurean Age, the pregnant looking objects of adoration had big breasts, buttocks and abdomens. They personified abundance, fruitfulness and the strength of women.(8)

"The fertility deity glorified woman's ability to bring forth sustenance from the earth and life from the womb. Due to her participation in planting and gathering of the annual harvest, the epithet 'Mother Earth' perfectly describes the reciprocity between women and the land - the two esteemed sources of life".(9)

"While Taurean qualities of perseverance, craftsmanship, precision and planning are particularity apparent in the innovative and lasting accomplishment of these civilizations. - Sumer gem-cutting, the Egyptian pyramids - the Taurean insularity, stubbornness and resistance to change were also reflected by the decline of the Epoch's dynasties"(10)

The Bull, in the matriarchal societies, radiated a magical aura. She was gentle, charming, generous and sensual. The aggressive qualities were added during the Age of Aries, when the attributes of aggression, possessiveness, violence and unrestrained sexuality were actually esteemed. The patriarchal motif, of man's need to triumph over nature, gradually replaced the matrifocal identification with the natural environment. The belief in the superiority of the intellect over the natural world(11) led to a disassociation with and separation, from not only the Earth, but also our bodies, our emotions and the value of the feminine. Over time, the goddess of fertility was transformed into a goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite, who replaced the fertility deities, became the patron of prostitution and sexual favors.

Evolution of the Goddess

During Hebrew and Greek times, goddesses lost their places to gods, and became less influential and authoritative. Homer transformed Aphrodite into "a carnal deity seen to evoke lust in men and women".(12) In the Odyssey, Aphrodite "is represented as a narcissistic deity, whose carnal indulgence wreaks havoc and tragedy".(13) Greek legends portray Aphrodite as a femme fatale, lonely and isolated, because she was disliked, feared or shunned by other goddesses.(14) In the patriarchal cultures, the love and sexuality that once empowered the fertility goddesses of the matrifocal cultures, was defined in moralistic terms as obsessive love and uncontrollable passion, that was the source of her downfall.

The Greek philosopher Plato (428-347 BC), who advocated personal and political freedom (for men), transformed the goddess into a symbol of inferiority.(15) (Thanks a lot, Plato). Plato theorized that the love goddess was really two distinct deities, who each represented two different types of love - sexual and non-sexual. Aphrodite represented erotic heterosexual love. Ourania personified friendship and spiritual love - an ideal form of devotion which, according to Plato, could exist only between men. "Because homosexual love was both physical and cerebral, Plato believed it to be superior to heterosexual love, which he theorized, lacked intellectual companionship owing to woman's purely sexual nature".(16)

Roman goddesses, for the most part, were not belittled, or relegated to a purely sexual role. Venus was not only Rome's goddess of love; she was Goddess of Victory and the Divine Matriarch. She was an authoritative, benevolent, jealous and protective mother.(17)

Sacred and Profane Love

The advent of Christianity, and the glorification of Mary as both the Mother and the Virgin, saw the further demise of sexuality as an expression of love. Sex was accepted only as a procreative act. The sensual qualities of the goddess were transferred to Magdalene, the maligned prostitute to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection.(18)

During the Middle Ages, Christian themes dominated art, literature and the human psyche. The main goal in life was to pursue a devout existence, that could lead one to redemption and salvation after death. As much as we would like to believe that our belief systems have evolved, it is amazing, and even disturbing, how the concept of guilt and sin, and the idea that we must somehow redeem ourselves, still prevails in our culture and in our psyches.

The Renaissance (14th through 17th centuries) took a step toward the acceptance of the human body and sexuality. The new Humanism gave more value to human experience, explored the concept of human will, and advocated the enjoyment of the physical world within a secular framework.(19) Exploring the human condition, biblical figures and pagan deities were portrayed as mortals, with human attributes and emotions. The leading philosopher in the debate over intellectual purity and the quest for love, Ficino, "eliminated the sinful aspects of the earthly Venus by placing equal value on both aspects of love and no moral judgment upon those who partook of either".(20) Venus was the principal female character for many Renaissance painters and sculptors, whose works often exemplified the perfect marriage between spiritual and physical love.

For Titian, the nude female embodied earthly sensuality and luxuriousness, in an appealing yet tasteful manner. Others, like Botticelli, idealized the Goddess of Love as an ethereal model of tranquility, perfection and beauty. These women offered "not the fulfillment of sexual desire but the attainment of heavenly bliss".(21) "Titian's acknowledgement of full-bodied sensuality, paved the way for painters such as Rubens (1577-1640), and Renoir (1841-1919), known for their erotic, favorable portrayals of well-developed women".(22)

The point I would like to make is that the debate about the nature and role of women continues. The inability to embrace and integrate both sacred spiritual love and profane sexual passion, which are equally important aspects of woman beingness, shows the extent, in a patriarchal world, to which the debate takes place at the intellectual level. Unless they have been totally brainwashed and oppressed, most women accept and enjoy the complex nature of their essence. They know there is no separation between their sexuality and their spirituality. Men who experience their own feminine are able to explore and appreciate the reality of complete femininity. Woman is complex: she is both a vitally passionate and also a highly spiritual being. A woman in touch with her power knows how to integrate all aspects of her being. Connection with the Earth and the essence of Taurus can help facilitate our discovery of woman's magnificent multi-faceted essence.

Active Intelligence

In esoteric astrology, Earth and Saturn are associated with the Third Ray, which is the Ray of Active Intelligence. Universal intelligence is inherent within all matter.(23) This active intelligence gives humans the ability to know that they are participatory, conscious expressions of universal intelligence, to think and act consciously in the world, and to act as co-creators in their activities on planet Earth. The Earth domain is matter and the creation of physical form. The intent, is for this creation to take place in harmony with the cosmic dance of universal energies and universal laws. Humans are given the powers of the mind to conceive ideas, the physical body to bring ideas into physical manifestation, and the emotional body to enjoy their creations.

Earth and Saturn teach us to learn, and grow through experience, mistakes, failures and victories. Our ultimate goal is to become conscious co-creators with universal energies. The overall theme is consciousness. We must learn to act consciously. and make conscious decisions. This is, of course, an awesome task, as I am sure everyone has noticed. Those who have not are really asleep. Life on planet Earth is about waking up so that we can live conscious lives. The evolution of consciousness is facilitated by knowing some of the basic principles that govern the game.

Basic Principles that Govern Life on Planet Earth
  1. Free will. Humans are given the gift of free will. This means that we are at choice to make our own decisions. Within the parameters of physical limits, and our own soul path, we have the power to decide at every moment the course of our lives.
  2. Discrimination. To make the most appropriate choices for ourselves, we must learn to discriminate, so that we can select activities, relationships and experiences that are in our highest good.
  3. Responsibility. We are responsible for the results of our choices. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, we are the ones who pay the price or reap the benefit.
  4. Cause and Effect. Every action produces a reaction. Every cause produces an effect. We do not operate in a vacuum. Whatever we do, say or think is imprinted in the universal psyche, and produces a vibration that will impact us in one way or another. This is often referred to as the law of karma. Most people think of karma in terms of bad karma, but there is also good karma. We can reap the rewards from loving acts just as we are subject to the feedback from negative actions.

    To operate in physical reality, it is of vital importance to understand how energy moves.
  5. Economy and Least Resistance. The Law of Economy operates at every level of existence - universal, planetary, human and atomic. All connections and relationships take place through vibrational rhythm. In relation to form and creative manifestation, matter always follows the path of least resistance.(24)
  6. Energy Follows Thought. Since the mind is the foundation of creativity, it is extremely important to pay attention to how we use our mind in all our human activities. The mind is our focusing lens through which we create forms. It is through the mind and our thoughts that we create painful limitations to our self-expression, or exhilarating ever-expanding parameters for our creativity.
Right Use of Will and Right Use of Love

Consciousness and right use of mental energy are critical if we are to play by these rules. Sleeping innocence is not an acceptable excuse in the tribunal of either Saturn or Earth. In fact, excuses simply create more negative karma, because we are violating the principle of responsibility.

As co-creators of our daily lives and our destiny, Saturn requires the right use of will. Earth requires the right use of Love. Saturn governs the mental plane. Earth governs the emotional plane. The right use of Will and Love must be appropriately applied in the areas governing physical reality. The power to manifest on the physical plane requires a blending of willpower and loving wisdom. This combination allows ideas to be birthed that benefit humanity. Saturn and Earth are concerned with the manifestation of the Divine Plan in physical reality. Its key concepts include matter, form, intelligence, activity, experience, humanity and individuality.

Mastery on Planet Earth

The concepts that we must master on the earth plane include the following:

  1. Value and money. Money is energy and must be handled wisely. Resources are energy and must be respected and used appropriately, without waste or hoarding.
  2. Time, Cycles and Space. Time is not to be wasted. Each moment is precious. Yet filling every moment with useless mental clutter and draining activities is an inappropriate use of time. To master time, we must master timing. To master timing, we must tune into and co-ordinate our activities with planetary, seasonal, and other cycles. To master time, we must master space. Time is masculine. Space is feminine. In the motionless silence of space, we are able to intuitively know when and how to take action. Those of us, who are not consciously connected to the energy inherent in both time and space, have a tendency to worry about time, and be overly concerned with details. Basically we're afraid, because we feel out of control, and cannot plan and calculate every life situation. From this vantage point our fear is justified. It is true we are not in control of time and space. The answer to our distress is not to control the uncontrollable, but to align with the energy of reality, so we can be directed and operate in the most efficient way possible.
  3. Presence and Groundedness. The earth plane requires our conscious presence. We must be aware that we are in our body. We must feel our emotions. We must constantly observe our thoughts. We must resonate with the Earth Mother as we walk on her terrain. Those who are not energetically connected to her, have a tendency to believe that they can manipulate matter in unscrupulous ways. Those who consciously align their vibration with hers, deal with material in ways that benefit and serve humanity.
  4. Action and Experience. The evolution of consciousness takes place on planet Earth through experience. To have experiences, we must take action and be involved in activities. Without discrimination and appropriate choices, we end up in a rat race of energy depleting activities. We fall prey to the delusionary attitude that we must be constantly busy. We become a "masquerade in motion", glamorizing activities, rather than focusing on the experience that they have to offer us. When we appreciate the value of experience, we are able to relax in our physical activities, because we are appropriately channeling our abundant mental and physical energy.
The Five Sins

The original five sins are "sins", not because they are inherently bad; they are "sins" because they cut off our conscious connection with universal energies, or with God. They get in our way of aligning our vibration with the vibration of universal love. They condemn us to live in the vibration of fear. To live in peace on planet Earth, we must be able to liberate ourselves from undue worry about insignificant matters. To manifest, we must maintain a clear intellect, and be able to logically plan. To align group endeavors to serve humanity, we must be able to communicate non-violently, and clearly articulate our views and vision.

The five "deadly sins" actually cut off our life force in the first four chakras.


Lust is a dysfunction of the second or sexual chakra. Lust makes us overly active and nervous. We don't know how to appropriately use our energy, so we end of wasting it on stress, unloving sexual pursuits and mental fantasies.

Sensuality is the appropriate use of this emotional energy. Sensuality includes the direct emotional experience of the multitude of gifts born from the Earth. This includes nature and our bodies and sacred sexuality.


Anger is a dysfunction of the third or navel chakra. Anger makes us into victims. We blame others to avoid taking responsibility for our own lives. Anger is displaced fire energy, which is available to experience life with passion and to go for our dreams.

Action and the right use of will is the appropriate use of this fire energy, which gives us the power to break and make habits, commit to our goals, and follow through with directed action.


Greed is a dysfunction of the first chakra. When we are not grounded in our bodies and connected to the Earth, we have difficulty taking care of ourselves and meeting our basic needs. When we feel that we cannot take care of ourselves, we feel insecure. When we feel insecure, we attach ourselves to things and possessions in an attempt to create security. Our insecurities lead us to squander personal energy and common resources.

The appropriate expression of the earth energy of the first chakra is abundance. When we are connected to the Earth, we know that her abundant cornucopia of resources can take care of all of us. We also experience that, as co-creators with the Earth, we can manifest what we need, not only to meet our basic needs, but also to carry out our destiny path.


Pride is a false expression of individuality and the third chakra, and an indication of a closed fourth or heart chakra. Pride leaves us with a feeling of isolation and a tendency to be critical of others. Instead of being wisely self-focused, we selfishly manipulate others and indulge in mind games.

Self-love is the appropriate expression of the heart chakra. When we truly experience a sense of our unique individuality (third chakra), we feel full and complete. Tolerance, empathy and openness to the ideas of others, are not qualities that we cultivate in isolation. They come as a result of self-acceptance and self-love.

The more we cultivate the art of focusing on ourselves (third chakra), the more we develop the mental power of concentration (sixth chakra). As our mind relinquishes its role as the protagonist, it is available to support us in our creative endeavors and worldly pursuits.


Attachment is a dysfunction of the first, second and third chakras. Attachment comes from identification with something outside us. The more we identify with our soul identity, the less outside forces pull our attention away from ourselves. The more we connect with the Earth as our provider and mother, the more we experience our independence from external diversions. The more we relate to our own power, the less influence others have over us, and the less dependent we are on others for energy and validation.

The appropriate use of our vital energy is to attach ourselves to God, to the experience of life in our own bodies, and to the nectar of love that flows in our own being. The internal experiences of devotion, gratitude and appreciation replace our external focus.

Earth in the Signs and Houses

Planet Earth teaches us that we can and must take care of ourselves. She demonstrates that there are plenty of resources to do so. Planet Earth teaches us about self-sufficiency. Earth and Taurus governed the second house of the natal chart. In the first house and Aries we tune into our vital life force and experience that we are alive. In the second house we discover that we have a physical body and must take care of it.

Earth through the houses and signs teaches how to identify our comfort zones in the different areas of our life. Earth wants us to relax, be comfortable and enjoy our human journey. Since the second house corresponds to our developmental phase before words, emotional security is an important aspect of creating our comfort zone. Earth invites us to be totally present, to "be here now" before we leave.

Earth teaches us that we will find the peace we are searching for if we interpret all our experiences in relationship to our quest for love, and learn to interact with everyone, as an embodiment of the Divine and everything as sacred. Earth teaches us that our most primal relationship is with our own body, emotions and the Earth herself. As we develop these relationships which are instinctual, sensual and non-verbal, we will discover why we have a body and why we are here.

Aries and the First House

The mission of Earth in Aries, is to awaken oneself to the vital experience of life force and god consciousness. Earth in Aries ignites our connection with the primal fire of life. Earth in Aries connects us to the molten core of planet Earth, where the flame of life smolders. Earth in Aries brings Sun in Libra back into the body, and back into the present unequivocal moment. "Rejoice, I am, I am" is the simple refrain of Earth in Aries. The mantra of beingness reminds Sun in Libra that the basis of any relationship is two unique and self-identified human beings. Without clear boundaries and individualization, so called relationships express themselves as codependent and dysfunctional enterprises. Earth in Aries reminds us to stay anchored to our own internal flame, and dance only with others who have lit their own pilot light.

Earth in Aries and the first house teaches us "It is all about me." In the beginning and in the end, we create our own realities. Earth is a planet of free will. Our job is to cultivate the right use of will.


Taurus and the Second House

The challenge of Earth in Taurus is to break down and unblock forms and structures that do not transmit Light and Love. The mission of Earth in Taurus is to "reveal the inner truth of the spiritual reality hidden all too often within the context of terrestrial life and material forms".(25) Sun in Scorpio is often so preoccupied with the intensity of death and rebirth through the examination of emotional dramas, that he forgets to smell the roses. Earth in Taurus teaches Sun in Scorpio that pure connection with the Earth facilitates the purification that he craves. Earth in Taurus knows, that the intensity that Sun in Scorpio lives for is present in our bodies, and in all the beautiful gifts that Mother Earth endlessly bestows upon us.

Earth in Taurus and the second house teaches us how to take care of our emotional and physical needs by utilizing our primal energies and the resources of the Earth. She teaches us how to use our body as a source of emotional and physical pleasure. She teaches us that our body is what we have to work with - an instrument of our soul, and a tool for achieving soul consciousness. Earth in Taurus activates the emotional and physical component of our sensory system, by making us aware of the sensual, sexual and emotional pleasures that can be experienced in our human body.


Gemini and the Third House

The mission of Earth in Gemini, is to bring awareness to the duality between material and sensual desires, and the urge to align with spirit. Earth in Gemini makes us aware, of how the lower self of the personality dissipates and misdirects energy through unconscious attempts to satisfy unidentified motivations. As the individual awakens, he or she becomes keenly aware of the disparity between learned values and goals of the personality and those of the Soul. The house position of Earth in Gemini reveals the area of life where this duality is most obvious.(26)

Yet, this inherent duality is ultimately not a cause of despair, for the ultimate goal is to experience the merger of the two realities. Gemini marvels at the thought of the merger of matter and spirit, and is filled with joy when he actually experiences this alignment. Thus Earth in Gemini brings Sun in Sagittarius back to Earth. Earth in Gemini brings the Sagittarius arrow back to physical reality, and in the process demonstrates that every dimension of reality is spiritual.

Earth in Gemini helps us use our mind and breath to tune into our sensory system. She teaches us to listen, so that we can know and to ask for what we want and need. She teaches us to enjoy diversity, and the multitude of experiences that we are privileged to witness every day. Earth in Gemini teaches us that we are not the only one in the world. The richness of interactions embellishes our journey.


Cancer and the Fourth House

Earth in Cancer connects us to the morphogenetic field of the planet and mass consciousness. Earth in Cancer must learn to create a sacred inner space in her own psyche, and feel secure in her emotional body, and safe in her physical body. Until she accomplishes these daunting tasks, she will unconsciously "take on" the problems of the world. She will continuously feel drained because she is processing for millions of people. Of course, stoic Sun in Capricorn may deny this is happening. It would, however, be wise to examine if this might contribute to the unidentified burden and responsibility that fills his being. The destiny of Sun in Capricorn is to create structures that bring Light and Love to the Planet. The dharma of Earth in Cancer is to clear the psychic waters so that these higher goals can be accomplished.

Earth in Cancer teaches that our body and Earth are our cozy homes. Earth in Cancer teaches us that we can connect with the Mother and the divine feminine through our bodies, the Earth and our inner space, which is the womb of creation. She teaches us to go inside to find comfort and solace. In the process we embody the Mother.


Leo and the Fifth House

Earth in Leo must develop a powerful sense of self-consciousness. Sun in Aquarius is the undaunted revolutionary, who fearlessly steps into the unknown and brings innovative changes to the world. Sun in Aquarius propels evolutionary transformation by "pushing the envelope." To be able to carry out his pioneering destiny, Sun in Aquarius must anchor his identity in his own heart. Earth in Leo facilitates this task, by pulling the soul force into the body and anchoring it to the earth plane. Earth in Leo activates creative self-expression, and promotes the simple joy of using one's capacity to create as a means to find oneself.

Earth in Leo teaches us to play, to enjoy life, to enjoy our sexuality. Earth in Leo loves passionate sex and every other way of expressing her creative urges.


Virgo and the Sixth House

Earth in Virgo teaches us to perfect and heal the human body. Earth in Virgo teaches us that we were given this body for a reason. We can experience perfection if we properly align and activate our human body, for the physical body is the instrument of our soul. Earth in Virgo teaches Sun in Pisces that we must experience the vital activation of our bodies, to achieve the feeling of perfection that we crave. We must engage in earthly endeavors, and experience oneness in our daily routines, before we can give it all up. We must make life whole and feel completeness, before we are qualified to surrender to non-physical realities. The mission of Earth in Virgo is to merge physical and non-physical realities, through the experience of the omnipresence of the Divine Mother.

Earth in Virgo obliges us to figure out how we fit into the scheme of things, through our work situation and "on-the-job training" We must either have a job, or we must be engaged in some form of service. It is through our selfless service to humanity that we will experience love. At the same time, we must take care of our physical body. Earth in Virgo is preoccupied with physical healing and perfection of the human instrument, through yoga and other physical disciplines.


Libra and the Seventh House

Earth in Libra teaches Sun in Aries how use his mind to direct his fiery impulses. Earth in Gemini has already helped us identify the duality of the mind. Earth in Libra teaches us how to constructively use both the negative and the positive minds, and how to find the neutral mind, and use it as the arbitrator and higher inner authority. Earth in Libra teaches Sun in Aries how to identify God's will in the higher mind and then, by connecting the navel center (Aries) with the third eye (Libra), experience that "Thy will and my will are one". Earth in Libra teaches Sun in Aries that he can expand his joy of existence, by cultivating relationships between equals, and sharing his love with another.

Earth in Libra demonstrates that everybody is in relationship with everyone else. Our relationships are mirrors of ourselves. Every interaction plays out some aspect of ourselves. She teaches us about the delicate balance between individuality and merging, and demonstrates that we must first master the former before the latter is possible.

The touchstone is LOVE AND BE LOVED.

Scorpio and the Eighth House

Earth in Scorpio connects Sun in Taurus with the underworld. Through the deep connection with emotional and material realities, Earth in Scorpio uncovers the most profound quality of love, and the most significant understanding of meaning. Earth in Scorpio penetrates to the core of existence. Earth in Scorpio breaks down all resistance to the most profound connections that Sun in Taurus can have with physical reality. Earth in Scorpio reorients the values of Sun in Taurus, and in the process releases her spiritual will. Detachment, release, sacrifice and intense healing prepare her for self-realization of wholeness. The desire nature is transformed. Outward and superficial desires are replaced with the desire to experience the soul. In the process, Earth in Taurus becomes a magnetic, soul-centered being.

Earth in Scorpio awakens us to the evolutionary perspective of life, death and rebirth. We must confront our deepest fears, insecurities and neuroses, so that we can be liberated into higher and higher levels of power and consciousness. She teaches us to embrace the profound mysteries of life so that we may attain mastery.


Sagittarius and the Ninth House

Earth in Sagittarius pulls Sun in Gemini to higher spiritual awareness. Earth in Sagittarius helps Sun in Gemini find and commit to his spiritual path. Sun in Gemini finds his anchor in his spiritual path. Once he is grounded in his path, his human efforts are more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling. Once Sun in Gemini has directed himself toward the Light, he opens the way for others to follow. He is able to translate his experiences into useful information for many others, and effectively communicate simple, but valuable teachings to diverse groups of people. Sun in Gemini becomes credible and inspirational, once he has planted his feet into the Earth with the Sagittarius centaur and directed his journey with the Sagittarius arrow.

Earth in Sagittarius engages us in life as a spiritual path, and helps us find existential meaning. She facilitates the expansion of our boundaries, our perspective and our knowledge of life. She helps us find a universal system from which to understand life, and live by universal laws and principles.


Capricorn and the Tenth House

Sun in Cancer needs to be rescued from her inability to separate herself from identification with mass consciousness. Earth in Capricorn is the ticket out of the amorphous watery quagmire. Cancer is referred to as the gate into earthly incarnations. Capricorn is referred to as the gate out of ordinary incarnation.(27) How does Capricorn "get out"? The answer is through self-mastery. Not exactly an easy solution, but never-the-less a solution, and for most, if not all of us, a critical piece of the liberation pie. Sun in Cancer is well-advised to grab on to Earth in Capricorn, and commit to patiently learn her lessons step by step. Earth in Capricorn offers Sun in Cancer solid ground upon which to build her personal identity, and an anchor at the center of the Earth so that she will certainly not get lost again in mass consciousness. Earth in Capricorn also offers Sun in Cancer a mountain to climb, where she will find a safe haven from the energetic distractions that pull her away from herself.

Earth in Capricorn teaches us about self-initiation. We are challenged to properly use our body and our life force, and to structure our life activities so that our being and our actions align with both Earth Mother and Spirit. As we climb up the mountain of initiation, there is no room for duality. Every choice must keep us firmly fixed on our path, and be made from one-pointed focus on the Light, which shines on and penetrates through all illusions. The climb is not easy, but it is possible.

Earth in Capricorn teaches us to use the resources of the Earth to make our unique contribution. She teaches us to patiently take each step up the mountain of life to achieve mastery of ourselves.


Aquarius and the Eleventh House

Earth in Aquarius teaches Sun in Leo to offer his life to the whole, and to use his creativity for a higher purpose. Earth in Aquarius teaches Sun in Leo to use his mind to connect with innovative concepts that can advance the evolution of humanity. Earth in Aquarius then encourages Sun in Leo to use his capacity to create from the heart, to add value and joy to the human experience. Sun in Leo's ability to experience the heart-centered joy that is part of his essence, is magnified exponentially when he embraces Earth in Aquarius, and makes innovative contribution his dharma. His developed sense of self-consciousness is mirrored around him, and his sense of wholeness is embellished as he inspired others to identify their soul identity, and transform the world in their own unique ways.

Earth in Aquarius teaches us that we must change the world in some way so that we participate in evolutionary change. Earth in Aquarius encourages us to be innovative for the benefit of all humankind. We can do so from a position of detachment because we have achieved self-mastery in Capricorn.


Pisces and the Twelfth House

Earth in Pisces teaches Sun in Virgo to make the healing of humanity her dharma. Earth in Pisces teaches Sun in Virgo to turn her workaholic energies toward selfless service. All endeavors must have the goal of helping people release themselves from the aspects of the earthly struggle, that inhibit the flow of universal love. Practical idealism is the touchstone of Earth in Pisces, who offers us the vision that makes tedious work not only possible but also worthwhile.

Earth in Pisces teaches us that where we bow, we will be blessed. She teaches us to detach ourselves from our worldly goods, and identity and merge with the Divine. She teaches us how to die, so that we can fully live.


Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Connect with the Earth

Tuning into the energy of the Earth is enhanced while the Sun is in Taurus from April 19 through May 19th.

Cultivating the earth element requires attention to the sensations in the body, to the feet and legs, and to the first chakra or base of the spine. Paying attention to the feeling of gravity, and its pull on the body toward the Earth, is very useful. The goal is to experience a heaviness that becomes a feeling of stability and stillness.

Working with the root lock is a very powerful way to connect with the body and the Earth. The following exercise gives you energy and relaxes the nerves:

  1. Sit in easy pose. Inhale, hold the breath in. Pull and release the rootlock 3 or more times. Exhale. Repeat for 1 or more minutes.
  2. Inhale, exhale, hold the breath out. Pull and release rootlock 3 or more times. Inhale. Repeat for 1 or more minutes.
  3. Inhale, exhale, hold the breath out and pull and relax rootlock 3 times. Inhale, hold the breath in and pull and relax rootlock 3 times. Alternate for 1 or more minutes.

    Stretch legs between exercises as needed.
  4. To end, unite with energy of the Earth and feel the current raising up your spine. Let go, if only for an instant. The union between Earth and Universal Spirit happens when you let go. The union cleanses stress and negativity. Practicing rootlock when you are thinking too much or afraid, helps release fear by connecting you to your physical source and by activating your own energy.

Rootlock in this exercise is done by gently pulling the muscles at the anus. As you pull the rootlock, feel that you are pulling energy up from the core of the Earth.

For a detailed explanation of the locks or bhandas, please refer to Lesson 8 of my free online course in Kundalini Yoga.

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