Index - Alphabetical

23"I Am" Leo Meditation on the Self
20012/12/12 and 12/21/12 Shift
78A Gratitude and Giving Game
41A Prosperity Paradigm Shift
40A Time of Connection
123A Time of Profound Transformation
51A Time to Let Go and Feel Loved
56Achieving Inner and Outer Peace
03After the Eclipse
171Anchor in Love - Chiron in Pisces
156Aquarian Journey - Set Yourself Free
167Aquarius - Do Only what Only You Can Do
81Aquarius - Me and My Tribe
189Aquarius 2012 - Freedom in Your Heart
144Aquarius Lessons - Wake-Up the Collective Heart
59Aquarius New Moon - Awaken to Your Destiny
101Aquarius Set Myself Free
12Aquarius: The Divine Revolutionary
191Aries - Ego to Soul Consciousness
15Aries - I am Myself
180Aries - Identity Reframe - Serve Your Soul
169Aries - One and Oneness
158Aries Journey - Reassessment, Reorientation and Rebirth
146Aries Lessons - I am Consciousness, I love Me
85Aries New Moon - A New Beginning
103Aries Within - Connecting with Our Force
82Be My Own Valentine
06Bear Mode and Mercury Retrograde
19Cancer - In the Sanctuary of my Soul
161Cancer - The Feminine Polarity of My Soul
194Cancer and Mother Love
135Cancer Lessons - Retaining Your Emotional Power
172Cancer Mother Awakens Us to Wholeness
149Cancer's Journey - How to Find Love and Heal
188Capricorn - 2012 and Physical Reality
11Capricorn - Ascent up the Mountain
100Capricorn - Leader of My Own Life
166Capricorn - My Universe
10Capricorn - The Descent into Stillness
69Capricorn Full Moon and Male/Female Polarities
128Capricorn Initiates the New Year
155Capricorn Journey - Master of Our Own Life
143Capricorn Lessons - Spiritual Transformation
201Capricorn, Authority and Truth
183Cencer - The Flowing Mode
142Claim Your Gift and Come Home
45Containment - The Lesson of the Crab
77Cultivating Self-Love
96Death's Divine Embrace - Thank You Yogi Bhajan
39Devotion and Destiny
53Divine Doggie Grace
33Earth - Taurus Connection
137Eclipses - Transformation and Change
90Feng Shui Your Inner Environment
95Five-Pointed Stars Light Up Our Lives
22Follow Your Dreams
60Full Moon and Saturn/Pluto Completion
72Full Moons and Cosmic Fireworks
70Full Moons and Integration of the Polarities
18Gemini - My Inner Child is my Twin Soul
182Gemini - Playful Wisdom and Truth
160Gemini - The Path of Humor
134Gemini Lessons - Listening and the Inner Observer
148Gemini Lessons - The Path of Humor
193Gemini Loves Life
89Gemini New Moon - Celebrate Life and Rebirth
105Gemini: Upgrade Your Inner Conversation
74Harmonic Concordance - Face the Light of Your Soul
61Heart Love or Head Fear
36Here Comes the Sun
107Holding a Space for Your Truth
132Honoring Death and Dying
24Humanology Shift to the Aquarian Age
79Inner Allegiance to the Infinite
37Inner and Outer Peace - 9/11
115Inner Aquarius - Our Authenticity Revolution
117Inner Aries - The Journey of Self
106Inner Cancer - Creating a Space for Your Truth
114Inner Capricorn - Reclaiming Our Free Will
108Inner Leo - Embracing the Unknown
111Inner Libra - Inner and Outer Relationships
116Inner Pisces - Surrender to the Infinite
113Inner Sagittarius - Evolution of Self
112Inner Scorpio - Master of Self
118Inner Taurus - Welcome to Inner Reality
109Inner Virgo - Mastery in the Moment
28Jupiter - Santa in the Sky
38Knowledge, Worldviews, Astrology and Kundalini Yoga
92Leo - Embrace Our Inner Lion
21Leo - I am The One
173Leo - Let Your Inner Sun Shine
184Leo - Soul Awakening
162Leo - The Light of My Soul
136Leo Lessons - Let Your Inner Sun Shine
150Leo's Journey - Our Heat is Our Sun Center
195Leo, Heart and Creativity
73Libra - Connecting with Our Neutral Mind
197Libra - In Relationships with Everything
94Libra - Relationships Begin in the Heart
174Libra and Scorpio - Relationship with Your Truth
139Libra Lessons - The Neutral Channel Opens Your Heart
04Libra's Balancing Act
152Libra's Journey - Accessing Our Neutral Mind
46Live and Love in Consciousness
76Love Yourself Today
66Lunar and Solar Eclipses: Catalysts of Change
55Lunar Eclipse and Taurus Full Moon
91Making the Divine Your Companion
65Manifesting Prosperity by Working with Our Emotions
32Mars - Deliver or Destroy
71Mars in Pisces - Time for Change
34Mercury - Messenger of the Gods
49Mercury Retrograde - Deep in the Heart Chakra
35Moon Shine and Enneagrams
58More on Mercury Retrograde
31Neptune - Me and God are One
190Neptune's Pisces Journey - 2012-2026
68New Moon in Gemini: New Reality
57New Year Self-Evaluation, Mercury Retrograde
178Numerology for 2011 - Who Is Your Guru?
44One Sacred Moment in Time and Space
177Our Inner World Creates Our Outer Reality
63Paradigm Shifting with the Mul Mantra
48Peace in the Heart
176Perception and Truth - The Sagittarius/Gemini Polarity
157Piscean Journey - Living in the Big Pond
83Pisces - At One with the One
168Pisces - Expanding Our Reality
102Pisces - Fantasy or God Channel
13Pisces - Wake-Up and Stay Awake
14Pisces Addendum - Surrender
145Pisces Lessons - The Urge to Merge
84Pisces/Virgo Full Moon
170Planetary Wake-Up Call 2010
27Pluto - Soul Growth and Soul Lessons
179Reality Shift 2011 - My Inner Reality
199Sagittarius - Expansion and Truth
187Sagittarius - Gift Consciousness
08Sagittarius - Life Goals
07Sagittarius - Vision for the New Millennium
154Sagittarius Journey - The Arrow of Destiny
165Sagittarius Journey to Higher Consciousness
141Sagittarius Lessons - Spiritual Transformation
98Sagittarius: Path with a Purpose
29Saturn - The Alchemy of the Soul
43Saturn-Pluto Opposition
164Scorpio - My Emotional Body and Breaking Old Habits
198Scorpio - Torment or Power?
186Scorpio - Transformation, Transitions and 11-11-11
140Scorpio Lessons - The Emotions and Evolutionary Change
97Scorpio New Moon - Past Demon or Future Ally?
05Scorpio, Born Again and Again
80Set Yourself Free - the Power of Neutral
01Solar Eclipse and the Grand Cross
67Solar Eclipse: Emotional Meltdown
99Stillness and Silence at Solstice
87Taurus - How do I Grow My Garden
16Taurus - I Desire the Light
104Taurus - Self-Sufficiency and Manifestation
175Taurus and Scorpio - Cycles of Transformation
159Taurus Journey - Inner Anger, the Fire of My Soul
147Taurus Lessons - Prosperity, Creation and Magnetism
192Taurus, Prosperity and Earth Mother Love
129The Aquarius Path - Set Yourself Free
131The Aries Path - My Unique Experience of Myself
52The Aries/Libra Dance - Self and Relationships
120The Cancer Path - Emotional Security
181The Earth and Taurus - Rebirth of Feminine Archetypes
119The Gemini Path - Mental Reality
75The Harmonic Concordance Explained
121The Leo Path - Activate Your Heart Light
124The Libra Path - Finding Balance in Neutral
130The Pisces Path - Devotion to the Divine
126The Sagittarius Path - Spiritual Workshop called Life
125The Scorpio Path - Hidden Truth and Treasures
153The Scorpio-Aquarian Election
17The Taurus Party - Aspects & Cycles
133The Taurus Path - Enjoying Our Physical Experience
54The Taurus/Scorpio Dance
122The Virgo Path - Spiritualizing Matter
20Three Eclipses in One Month - More Good News!
30Uranus - Wake-Up and Stay Awake
62Uranus in Pisces - Reality Revolution
26Venus - Goddess of Attraction and Higher Love
88Venus Makes Love with the Sun
196Virgo - Get Real
185Virgo - Integrating Matter and Spirit
25Virgo - Perfecting Humanness
163Virgo - Service and Sadhana
138Virgo Lessons - Align with Natural Flow
47Virgo New Moon
151Virgo's Journey - Our Field of Reality
93Virgo's Mission - Spiritualizing Matter
02Virgo's Path to Perfection
86Who We Are is What We Get
50Wholeness and the Dance of Polarities
09Winter Solstice - Full Moon
127Winter Solstice and the Holiday Season
64Yogi Bhajan Speaks, on War and Inner Peace